2010-04-19: Good News Bad News


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Summary: Things start looking up—then return to the status quo. Rashmi, Connor, and Robyn are nearby as Jono gives James some news

Date: April, 18, 2010

Log Title Good News, Bad News

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Library

Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

Early afternoon, and the Fortress of Knowledge has been built up around Rashmi's chair at one of the study tables, yet again. This time, however, the building blocks are not textbooks, cram material, or anything like; storybooks, as much epic fantasy as could be gleaned from the shelves (barring the first edition Tolkien, one does not read priceless treasure) stacked up in a less than stable set of walls around her. Sometimes, it would seem, the redhead takes her leisure *seriously.*

Taking his leisure time mush less seriously, James meanders into the library, purple folder under his arm. On a mission, the creature seems to be following his nose—and following it right towards Rashmi's table. With a somewhat 'worlds away' expression on his face, James taps the table to get her attention—as if a 7' gnoll padding in wasn't enough. "Hey," he starts, "Long time no see."

At the tapping sound, Rashmi's head pops up over the stacks, curious and happy to see James. But at the almost casual greeting, from someone who'd spent the last month twitchy and slightly unstable and severely out of joint, her lips split in a broad, sunny grin, and she rises quickly from her chair, throwing her arms about the hyena's waist and squeezing tightly. "Good to be back?"

Connor has arrived.

The folder drops to the floor, spilling some paperwork onto a chair as James hugs Rashmi back, his large arms pulling her in tight, "Heard, did you?" He lays his head on top of hers and nods, "Yeah…" There's a sigh, but the grip doesn't lessen, "Sorry. Not my recent best."

"Everyone has their bad days," Rashmi murmurs, enveloped by gnoll. "What matters is that you're better. …I just sor of wish you *had* told me when you were going to see Addison like you asked… But it's okay." There are a few moments of silence, as the simple contact is given its due appreciation, then her eye cracks open, turning down to the spilled folder. "Oh… You dropped something?"

The door to the library opens and closes, the person coming into the area unseen for a moment, but the more sensitive ears catch footsteps carrying around the far side of the library, along the far wall and then settles into one of the computer desks. It's the back of Connor's head, a couple physics books sitting next to him where they've been quietly settled. Either being considerate of the two, or just wrapped up in his own thoughts… the newcomer seems more intent on looking for something in the directory.

James shrugs, "Argument with Jono put me at the top of Addison's list. Wasn't a chance to tell you. He just showed up." He tilts his head to look at the papers, "Ehh, just something to slap Jono in the face with when I find him." He drops the folder on the table and grabs the loose sheets whole keeping a hand on Rashmi's shoulder. With that task completed he looks over toward the newcomer, "What did you think of the movie, Connor?"

"Slap Jono with?" The way Rashmi's nose wrinkles says she's not entirely happy with that thinking, but for a change she doesn't seem too set on contesting it. As James turns to collect the papers, she turns, leaning back against the table and for the moment listening to James and Connor converse.

Connor blinks a few times at the screen he's on and then looks up and back, not quite having realized that other people were here. With a bit of an 'oh' face before shaking it off, and then says, "In the end? I kinda wish Godzilla had defeated Kiryu… sort of like wiping the slate clean… let the new generations tussle it out… but otherwise it was pretty good." When his eyes flick back and forth, he then adds, "Hey Rashmi… Nice to see you." The greeting kind of falling flat as he turns back to the screen, minimizing the screen as if not wishing others to see what he was searching for.

James shakes his head, eyes closing a little, "Not literally." The phrase marks what may be the first time he's said that since he arrived. It gets followed with, "However, him and I are going to have a talk. No violence." Another first! He pulls out a chair and settles into a heap of fur and fangs. He looks over to Connor, "I dunno…I think there was something poetic about the end. But, that's just me." Quick claw tap on the folder and a look at Rashmi, "Junior leader access if you want it. Otherwise, you can take my word on things."

"You too… um… Connor," Rashmi replies, trailing off as the boy turns around. Puzzled, certainly, but not terribly upset, she glances down at the folder, then at James, raising an eyebrow. "…Better question; d'you *need* me to look at it? If you don't, honestly? I don't mind trusting you."

Connor leaves the two to talk as he reopens the window he was in, and sits back, one hand on top of the two books he'd brought in with him, drumming his thumb and pinky back and forth, before finally he starts checking something else. A look is tossed over his shoulder… his face seeming pensive in comparison to the normally relaxed and smile-laden casualness most have come to be used to around him. Trailing back off into the shelves, he selects something, but keeping it covered, he returns to his spot at the computer, attempting to sandwich the selection between the other two books chosen without notice.

James shrugs at Rashmi, raising a lip in what's probably an unreadable expression, "No. But it won't stop me from offering." The folder gets forgotten about for now—especially when Connor starts acting funny. "So…I miss anything in my absence?" It's a question for Rashmi, but his eyes are on the other boy, "Tara still being herself?" And, 'tada'—‘mostly’ no disparaging comments!

"Well, we had actually a pretty fun Danger Room session a couple days ago," Rashmi says, eyes also on Connor's sudden furtive reorganizational habits. "…For a given value of fun, anyway… I'm really glad it wasn't the real thing, you know? But looking back, it was really pretty interesting to try and figure out how to coordinate things with your ears blown out…"

From behind, you both can see his jaw go down, and his face shift back in a stretch… a yawn… and then a shift of Connor's shoulders as it settles back away once more. Staring at the computer screen for a few more moments, he stands up, and then picks up the books, turning to see both of you watching him. He stops a moment, and shifts himself so the books are facing away enough where the covers aren't readily visible, "Sorry… didn't mean to interrupt anything… I'm just looking something up for class…"

"Ummmhmmm," James says idly, giving a sniff Connor's way, "Sounds like it." There's an ear twitch from the hyena, his eyes already on the other male, "Oh yeah? What class?" He grins just a little…but suddenly remembers something from the other night and drops the subject. His attention fades, going back to Rashmi, "Well…Monday's a new day. And I'll be there for practice. Just need to talk to Kenta first. And about 20 other students…staff…"

Rashmi bobs her head, smiling at James. "I'm sorry it's going to be difficult… but you don't need to worry with me, all right? Just keep that in mind." Looking back to Connor, she tilts her head, brow furrowing. "You weren't interrupting at all, Connor. Is, um… everything okay? …And feel free to tell me if you don't want me asking, by the way."

Connor's eyes flick over to James for a moment, and then his shoulders sag a bit, "I'm just not sleeping well here… especially not since… well, what happened." It peters off without the usual casual eloquence, and then he gives a half-hearted smile, "What… I'm not allowed to have an off-day?" Eyes shift back to the door, taking a deep breath before he finally adds, "I… I don't mind you asking. I'm just not used to it…"

James watches the discussion between Rashmi and Connor take place, keeping out of it for the moment. In time, he interjects an , "Ehhh…Time I got. An unlimited number of 'get out of jail free' cards, I do not." With that out of the way he follows the other boy's gaze to the door and then back to the source, "Well…in that case…what's going on?"

Rashmi chuckles, nodding. "It's okay… honestly it takes a while to get used to the weirdness that happens around here. This many mutants, I guess, stuff is just bound to collect, you know?" Lifting a shoulder in a half shrug, her cheeks begin to redden. "…Though if you told me last month I'd be yelling at Magneto about politics… Well I'd've said you were crazy."

Connor closes his eyes for a moment and leans back, balancing himself on the chair he was sitting in earlier with one hand, books hanging somewhat limp at his side, "I was there… and you were… well… brilliant. Me… I kinda snapped. I always go to default… which is of course… keep talking until it all gets sorted out." He doesn't meet either of your eyes as he says a bit more softly than probably intended, "It's a book on diagnosing certain conditions… just in case… something happens…" The vagueness emphasized by a tightness of the jawline.

James looks between Rashmi and Connor, a tilt to his head, "Okay. Pretend like I've been missing for three months. 'Cause…it's kinda true in a way." He's probably talking about the Mags thing and Connor's remark about 'and you were there.' He squints a little, gaze still on Connor, "So…what's going on?"

"Well," Rashmi begins, clearing her throat, "this was just like a couple days ago. And, um… I sort of… started yelling at Magneto, when he started going on about how respect and fear are pretty much the same thing…" Shaking her head, the redhead hunches her shoulders a bit. "It wasn't all *that* awesome, really… actually sort of pretty stupid, now that I think about it… But, anyway."

Connor uses the change of topic to keep away from his own issues at the moment, looking out one of the windows, and then says, "She's playing it down really… This was Magneto… and she was pretty much in his face about the fact that he came onto the property, tore up the courtyard for some weird metal arm, and then decided to lay into her about how futile her line of thinking was. I came running from the sound… I think it was a mistake on my part… but… I couldn't leave you out there on your own… I mean… c'mon…" Still not looking, "He was itching to throw down… words or otherwise… if I could do something… I should.

James' eyes shift to Rashmi, a readable smile crossing his face, "Rash…that's why I love you. You're so awesome." But he quickly corrects, "Love in that family sorta way…!" He listens to Connor's description of events and shakes his head, "'That' is why people get kidnapped and end up like Jono and I. The mansion has a big sign somewhere that says, 'Super villains allowed. Please kick the students.'"

Rashmi coughs, cheeks only growing redder. "…It wasn't *that* awesome," she mutters. "and if Connor hadn't been there, probably I'd've been smart and just run. But he was *furious* about something, and the last thing I wanted was to have Magneto in your face, you know? So…" Another half-shrug. "Anyway… I'm not sure he'd've done anything serious, you know? I mean, he used to head up this place for awhile. So I guess the students still mean something to him… or at least the school does… even if he is kind of a little *seriously* a jerk about it."

Connor suddenly blurts out, "He's not a villian… and he's not a jerk. If you were even half paying attention, you'd realize he's just… He's just doing what he knows… he's fighting because it's how he's had to live. It's not the best answer, and it's not the only answer… but you can't convince him because he doesn't want to be convinced. I think he KNOWS it's not going to work… but what is he supposed to do… grab a rocking chair and sit on the sidelines while he sees things he thinks are injustices in the world go by without so much as a word? C'mon! You can't judge a person by what you've heard. Only by what you've seen yourself." His eyes do come back up, the blue-green irises now glimmering brightly, enough to nearly drown his pupils out before he finally catches himself, and stops, "Sorry… I.. I went too far."

James' ears go back as he listens to Connor vent. There's a glance at Rashmi…but that's all. No negative reaction. No threats for an ass kicking. Just the look that Connor gets afterwards, "Hey…chill…we're all friends here. We're entitled to our opinions. Yeah…he's done good things. And bad. But…regardless he 'is' dangerous. And waltzing on campus is just…not how it's supposed to be done. But…yeah. I hear you."

Rashmi's eyes flick up to meet James' look, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "…You know, I think I like him," she murmurs, chuckling. "You don't need to be sorry, Connor. Like James says, we're all friends here. Besides… It's just more fun to have friends that don't agree with everything you think, you know? You get some good arguments that way."

Connor looks back and forth for a few moments, the aura in his eyes fading somewhat, "… I… I just…" Is finally what he says, "Look… you can't tell anyone else… please." Wincing his eyes shut once more, "Rashmi… my powers have a bad side effect… I came here hoping to find something to help me get some peace with it. But every time I use my power… the more often, the stronger… there's a chance I'll start seeing and hearing things that aren't there. And that… other things my happen. I told James about it last night because of something he said. Something…" He sighs softly and looks up at the hyena, "Something that for once made me feel like someone got me. That I didn't have to talk, or make nice, or use little social tricks to be friendly. I could just… be."

James clicks his tongue and watches Connor for a moment, before looking up at Rashmi, "It's true. We talked about it. I sorta wondered if it was related. But…" He shrugs, "Doubtful." He looks back at Connor, "So…wanna tell us everything?"

Rashmi nods slowly, turning her chair around and sitting back down facing Connor, the Fortress of Fantasy Novels flanking her on three sides at her back. "I promise, Connor," she begins, sincere and earnest, "whatever you say won't go past us."

Jonothon has arrived.

Connor shifts the chair behind him, and flops back into it with an exhausted look on his face, "I haven't slept well since I got here… I know there's a curfew and everything… but it's just hard. I've got so many questions I can't answer myself… and what's worse… I don't know if it's already started. It's KNOWING that's messing me up…" Tapping the side of his head, "I thought I could handle it… I mean what's the worst it could be. Then I met people like Mike… and then Chloe… and the rest… and I keep seeing the costs we're handed with these gifts… all that stuff just gets jumbled up inside and I'm stuck staring at the ceiling wondering when my turn is."

James listens to Connor, noticing the parallels to his own life a few months ago, "I'll be truthful…it's sorta up to the individual really and how well you can accept the situation for what it's worth and, most importantly, how much you're willing to rely on your friends." He nods over to Rashmi, "I'm not known for my overwhelming ability to talk to people. But I know Rash will listen. And, it helps a lot." He looks back over at Connor, "And, yeah…something 'will' happen. But when it does, your friends will be around to help…and apparently the staff is really good at helping put the pieces back in the right place."

Rashmi bobs her head, tugging her braid over her shoulder. "…It's true," she begins, fiddling with the ribbon tying her hair off. "There's always a tradeoff, you know? Even me… Just practicing with my powers has been changing the way I think, sort of. And I still get a lot of traffic jams, between what goes on in my head and what comes out of my mouth, so I end up coming off like a twit more often than not. But, James is right… That's why you've got friends, Connor. And if anyone in the world knows what it's like to be broken and how to put you back together… It's the adults here. So… yeah. Even with everything that's happened since I showed up, honestly? I'm glad I'm here. I'm glad this *place* is here."

Jonothon finds himself uncomfortable with being here, and in interrupting this conversation, and he finds himself approaching anyway. He's wearing his costume today, in as much as it may not look to be one. Long trenchcoat, dark shirt that covers to his jaw, slacks, and boots. Of course it's all black. «Sorry.» Offered first as he approaches. «James, do you have a moment?» Just being near Jono may make one's skin crawl. He's uncomfortable and is broadcasting that subconsciously. Could offer a feeling of something being wrong. Uncertain of how James will react to him, and uncertain of this news.

Connor blinks suddenly as Jono manages to appear from nowhere, and as someone with only one encounter with a telepath ever… it's fairly obvious to someone like Jono that there's a lot of turmoil in his own mind. Eyes still glimmer slightly brighter than normal, he looks over at Rashmi, and then says to her, "Thanks… I…" Stopping as he looks up and Jono, almost seeming guilty before he waits to see what James will do.

James grins at Rashmi, "I never get tired of hearing that. The part about me being right." There's another smile, the creature letting his legs sprawl out a little as he relaxes. But, he doesn't let the humor get in the way, instead he starts to say something else, mouth opened to add some comment or another, that falls silent when Jono enters. Immediately the tension starts as the hyena sits up in his seat, only to grow even stiffer as he's asked for. He looks over at Rashmi, eyes intense, "Ya…" He stands, saying to his junior leader, "Well, the reunion had to happen. Right? No violence. Promise." He half smiles and grabs the folder he brought in before walking over, "Yeah…I do. We need to talk." Its pensive tone.

Rashmi sits up as well, smiling gently at the uncomfortable X-Man, reaching up to touch James' arm. "Remember," she says quietly, "you were friends before anything else, right? That counts for something." Looking from Jono to James, then back at Connor, she draws in a deep breath and stands. "C'mon, Connor… Let's give them a little bit of space, all right?"

There's a smile for Rashmi. Or at least as much as he can put together. «Thanks, gel.» See, Jonothon doesn't yet know that Addison has helped James, and he's got some bad news to delivery. Sure it's so not going to go over well considering their last conversation. «Sorry.» A lifted hand and since James appears willing, the Brit heads off a ways to get some privacy. Sure he could just link with James and have telepathic privacy, but he doesn't feel that's right.

Connor stands up from his spot, and moves quietly to where he can check out the book he'd picked up, looking towards Rashmi, and then gives a shrug, before saying a bit louder to James, "Hey… thanks, man. And… anytime you want to hang… talk… I… I owe you." Motioning with his head towards Rashmi, "Ready when you are." His smile coming somewhat weak in comparison to usual still.

James follows Jono over to the other side of the library, and leans up against the window. He gives the man a long look, arms crossing, "Sooo…" He flops down on one of the padded seats, "Addison scanned me." It's said rather dryly as an arm comes down to tap on the folder he has with him, "So, it's kinda in my ballpark now on what happens between us, next isn't it? How I describe what it is he found? I mean, I could be an ass…but how about, instead, I just say things are better and I'm sorry and I want things to continue to be better now that I’m fixed."

Rashmi watches James and Jono move to the other side of the library, glancing at Connor's chair by the computer and shrugging slightly. "…Or we can go ahead and stay here…" Crossing the aisle to a chair by Connor's station, she drops down, fiddling with her braid as she waits for the other boy to do the same.

Startlement is clear on Jonothon's face for that news. He stops near that window and looks shocked at James. Addison scanned him? Emotions war briefly, but he ends up wearing a frown. Not sure what to feel, but the air clears somewhat for that it's in James' ballpark. Jono's hair flutters of its own accord, and fire flickers at his chest even though it doesn't expand. «'m glad, and I've a slew of questions, but they can wait.» The Brit says slowly. So very much wants to know. The next part is for James alone. Not that it sounds any different to the Hyena.
«I've some bad news. Hank finished his results from your scans.» And made Jono come tell, the little toerag. Keeps himself from trying to get that folder too. Fingers are itching for it. «You're locked in this form.» Believing James will take this poorly. «Changing shape was too rough on your system, so it locked you as a Hyena to protect you. I'm sorry, James.»

James' mouth drops open, "What?" He tilts his head, "What do you mean I can't?" He laughs a weak chuckle, waiting for Jono to do the same. It's funny business, you know. But Jono doesn't. With every sense he has, James scans the brit over and over, waiting for the punch line as the pupils turn into tiny pinpoints. He starts reaching for the man, hand trembling, "You're not joking…are you?" In a quick motion he stands and grabs his headfur with his hands and wonders away a few feet like a drunken sailor, "Oh god…no. Anything but this."

Jonothon isn't joking at all as he watches James take this in. There's the shake of his head as he's asked that. No, not at all. James stagers off somewhat and the Brit gives Rashmi a pained look. If she sees it, well, she and Connor are the only ones who do. This hurts. «I'm sorry, James.» Then he turns to keep up with the Hyena. «Hank said changing shape was killing you, so your body made sure that wasn't a possibility. It's your regeneration. Hank thinks it probably didn't work as a human, but as a Hyena alterations could be made. Your own system removed that ability to protect you.» Repeating some, but he's upset at this new, and hurting for his friend. Jonothon knows well life's bitter disappointments. That isn't why Hank made him do this however.

Connor can't hear half the conversation, but then comes the stagger and the look from James, and he immediately looks back to Rashmi, left standing as part of him wants to go over and do something… anything… before finally he finally says to her softly, "I think we better stay… I…" Shaking his head, before he murmurs softly, "I feel kinda like a prick… I mean… everything James had going on, and I come in here and wear my problems on my sleeve…"

Rashmi nods, gesturing to the chair Connor had been sitting in. "You're probably right," she murmurs, biting her lip as the pained look from Jono registers. "But it's okay, you know? It's not like you don't have a good reason to worry about your problems… And anyway, remember what he said. That's why your friends are here, right?"

James doesn't make it far. The others in the library treated to the sound of upset furniture as the hyena crashes into a table, knocking a chair over in the process. Hands pressed hard into its surface, he holds himself up by sheer will alone, bent slightly over as he attempts to keep himself from hyper ventilating, each gasp deeper, more strained as his body betrays him just a little bit more. He closes his eyes, the world beginning to spin, blackness on the edge of his sight. Then tunnel vision. Then nothing. And with that, unconsciousness. The floor comes fast. But he'll never feel it.

He won't have to feel it either. Moving after James, Jonothon becomes more and more worried as the teen reacts. Means he's right there as James passes out. Psy-fire blossoms around Jono as he catches James telekinetically. «James?» Holding the other, the Brit moves in to check him over. «James, can you hear me?» This time the telepathic words can be heard. Fire riots around the two, looking agitated. It tells of the worry Jono is feeling. «Come on, mate, wake up?» Really, really hoping James only fainted.

Robyn has arrived.

Connor is up and moving the moment James hits Jono's arms, motioning to Rashmi before even thinking, "Get some water or something…" And comes over next to Jono, saying to him, "Let him down slowly…" Almost kneeling down next to him, the tension enough that his own eyes begin to burn with his own aquamarine fire and the new student looks up at Jonothon, "What happened? What was going on before he fainted, Sir?"

Water is probably a good idea, and in any other case Rashmi would likely have immediately obliged… but, this is James. And it being James, and Jono besides, she all but sprints across the room to kneel at Jono's side, terrified for her friend. "But he's just fainted, right? So… he'll be okay, sort of?"

In the back of the room, James is passed out and somewhat held up (and rescued from falling) by Jono's psy power. He's only gone for a moment or two, body responding with the twitch and occasional shake of someone fighting against a fog of unconsciousness. To the mental-only question, Jono gets treated to a rather drunk thought as the hyena makes his way back to the land of the living, «Why did you hit me with the table?» With Connor's suggestions, he'll find himself somewhat on the floor and somewhat against the teacher. He opens his eyes and lets out a "Gak!" as his senses return full throttle, hitting him like a wall. Sitting bolt upright, the creature gags, grabs his muzzle and waves everyone off, calling loudly for "Space!" And nearly biting his fingers in the process. He waves a paw at Jono, signifying something…who knows what.

A reversal if ever there was one. The other day it was James holding Jono, and now Jonothon cradles the Hyena in tendrils of fire. Close and carefully supported. «I don't know.» He answers Connor and Rashmi at the same time. The man simply doesn't know. «The news was bad, but I didn't think…» That's when he gets the thought from James. Some of that worry washes away into relief. «Because you bloody well deserved it.» Never mind he didn't hit James with the table. As James begins to flail, the Brit looks confused and wide-eyed. He shifts back a step, psy-fire pulling away. Sorry, James, but you have to support yourself now. It leaves the fiery tendrils lashing about somewhat, but mostly curling back over Jono's shoulders. «…??» Sheer confusion that thought. What? What? Did Timmy fall down the well, Lassie?

Robyn enters into the kitchen at the right time, or is it the wrong time, as he sees James in Jono's arms and it looks like something's happened. He just freezes in the door frame, the remnants of his black and blue nose now a nice brownish yellow bruise colour, as he just watches what's going on. In a worried voice he just asks those in the room. "Is everything okay?" Cause obviously it doesn't look it.
Rashmi blinks sharply as James snaps upright, eyes widening in realization. "Back back back," she says, waving a hand in the general direction of away, "too many smells too close, remember Jono?" Following suit and retreating a few paces herself, she looks over her shoulder, throwing Robyn a wan smile. "Could be better," she admits. "How's your nose?"

Connor watches and then hears the words by the hyena, and suddenly nods before grabbing Jono before the confusion can cause more chaos and possibly get worse. The pair seem to just vanish from view reality around them tugging in on itself to fill the space, making a strange ripple effect in the air, enough that James can feel the small sucking sensation on his fur before it settles once more. Ten feet away the pair reappear, and he helps Jono to standing, "Sorry… he needed us away… it was reflex… really…" Sweat beading his brow and having to take several breaths before settling.

James scrambles to his feet as the pair vanish, stumbling against the nearby table as he hits it rather solidly with his hip. There's a scramble of claws, and more movement than there needs to be, but the gnoll remains upright. Breathing a little heavy, he looks around, "The Hell?" He sees the displaced teacher, the student, and all the spectators. He makes a bee-line for the door, having to pass by Jono on the way. Plenty of time to be stopped. Especially with his stop to grab that folder.

Entirely unsettling, but this is something Jonothon's endured before. Being teleported hundreds of miles by Kurt.. well, he's familiar with teleporters. «No!» Reappearing a few feet away those tendrils of fire seek to wrap around Connor and push him away. Roughly. The whole air around the Brit fills with psy-fire as brown eyes shift to red. «I don't HAVE a scent!» It's an effect of Connor's power that brings his reaction. Thousands of whispering voices filling his head triggers memories of Jonothon's youth. Memories he strangles down at every opportunity. And with that, trailing fire, he strides back towards James. Not entirely steady either. «No, James, stop..» Fire spreads out around him, like fiery wings to catch. «Don't run away.» Please?

Standing in the doorway, Robyn just sees James making a beeline for him, and the door. He doesn't answer Rashmi or have time to ask anymore questions as he has to make the decision between stop James or move out of the way, Robyn opts for stopping James. He puts his arms in front of the doorway and tries to block it off. It's Jono telling him not to runaway with the combination of the psifire that leads him to this decision. "James, just wait a second.".

"Guys! GUYS!!" Rashmi stnds bolt upright, as chaos reigns in the Library. "Back. *Off!* Trapping him's only going to make it worse, okay?!" Connor and Jono's teleportation certainly registers as WTF in the back of Rashmi's head, and it takes her a moment to reorient on the two… But Jono's psyfire makes that a much easier chore.

"OOF!" Is about the only thing that Connor can say in response to Jono's words as the reflexive push by the psychic sends him flying and sprawling on his back several feet away. A bit dazed from the suddenness of it, he eventually sits up, and blinks several times, mumbling, "I said I was sorry…" Another couple of breaths as his sweat-touched brow flashes some, while he pans over the chaos now present.

James doesn't fight Jono. There's been enough of that going on as of late. Instead he stops at Jono's and Robyn's request, the look on his face unreadable. Enveloped by psyfire, the creature wraps his arms around himself, looking much smaller than he really is. After all, he's just a teen, and today he's received life's final insult. The expression fades, becoming much, much more tired and worn, "Jono…what do I do…? It's all gone. Everything. It was all a lie."

There Rashmi goes again, talking sense. Sheesh, woman! Her words register after he's asked James to stop, and with it Psy-fire fades. Jonothon sways a little as he turns his attention to the girl, but it isn't more than a breath or two before his eyes return to brown. Fire still flickers around his chest and head, but the huge spread is quickly gone. James is allowed to flee if he wants. That he doesn't has the Brit moving in close. Allow, James, and Jono reaches up to place hands to either side of the Hyena's head. «We aren't a lie.» Not everything is gone. The man is still reeling a little, but it takes a back seat at the moment. «Through it all we've been here for you. Look around, James.» Look at your friends?

Robyn moves so James can leave if he wants but one thing is very readable on Robyn's mind, worry. He's confused, he has no clue what's going on with James, but he's worried for his friend. To Robyn, one of his best friends seems like he's crushed at the moment so he just takes a few steps towards James' and puts a hand on his shoulder. He doesn't say anything, Robyn doesn't know what to say, but he wants to let James know there is some comfort there.

Connor pushes himself up to filly standing once more, and walks over to where James is, and says softly, "Don't you mean… what do we do?" Looking at all the others, and then back to James once more, before giving him a soft and apologetic smile.

Rashmi lets her hands fall to her sides, Connor's little smile touching off one of her own. Not having moved from her place in the Library, now she simply stands there, looking from James to the people rallying to support him. "Just a few minutes ago, James, you said something really, really sensible. … …Don't you think it should apply to you, too?"

James' looks away, eyes refusing to meet the Brit's, even with him now so close. But, with the room filled with several others, it's all but impossible to meet someone's eyes. So, he settles on Rashmi, his expression hurt, confused, and lost. Robyn's touch distracts before he can say anything to her, instead looking down at the other boy he calls a friend; back at Jono, even Connor, "I just…wanted to be normal." It's an exasperated sound. He throws his arms at his sides, one hand still holding that folder he'll eventually give Jono.

Normal. How often has he said that? How long as he longed for it? Letting his own arms fall to his side, Jonothon looks up at James. Odds are they wear a similar expression, no matter one is a Hyena and the other not. «I know, mate.» No apologies, for those never help. «I know.» Looking rather defeated himself, the Brit squares his shoulders after a moment and drags fingers back through his thoroughly mussed hair. «You take it one day at a time.»

Robyn and James have had the 'normal' conversation a few times and he just looks up at James and without a word gives his friend a hug. He's usually not the type to give another guy who isn't Jordan a hug like that, but it looks like James needs one. "I know James, I know." He says starting to understand what his friend is talking about. "If it matters anything, I think you're normal."

Connor looks around at the other people in the room, "Dude… What -IS- normal? Because… this is about as normal as it gets. Friends being there for someone… right?" Looking to Rashmi and passing the buck along, trying to nudge her speechifying into gear as he reaches out tentatively to touch James as well, on the arm, if allowed.

That's the point when Rashmi moves forward, nodding slowly in response to Connor's question. "I'm so sorry, James," she whispers, biting at her lower lip. "I'm sorry it can't ever be like it used to… but… for what it's worth, you've been a really good friend to me. And despite everything else… Well…" The redhead looks down briefly, shrugging. "…Maybe it's selfish, but, I'm glad you're here at all, you know?"

James looks around as everyone closes in, breathing getting tight once more. To much to respond to, smells, sounds, touch. Rashmi knows the look he gets, especially since he looks right at her, as he tries to keep up, "I know…and I thought it'd be better now, you know. Addison fixed me. This place was supposed to fix me." Little anger there. Eyes to Jono, an unsaid look that's almost pleading, "I need to go." He looks at Rashmi, Robyn, Connor…and shrugs, "Sorry guys…I didn't want to ruin the day. But I did through proxy…" Hardly true, but he's not in the right place to think otherwise. He looks down and the floor and starts pushing past people.

Jonothon doesn't have a lot to say about that. This place doesn't magically make anyone better. Just as Rogue. This goes unsaid however. Instead the man holds out his hand. He wants that file. «Then go, but may I have that?» Jono understands the need for space, if for different reasons. At James' age he was fighting to keep thousands of minds out of his own. «Sorry I had to tell you what I did.» Totally doesn't stop James, even if he doesn't get that file. And as James is leaving, the Brit gives Robyn a grateful smile. «Hey.» Sorry he couldn't say hello until now. Then to Rashmi. «Thanks, gel.» Connor? He gets a bit of a glower.

Robyn stands back and watches James go, and is debating going after him, but he figures he'll find James later. He doesn't want to intrude on his space, yet. "James, if you need someone, let me know." He says as he watches him leave before turning to Jono and nodding back. "Hey Jono." He says with a small smile though the worry is still written as clear as crystal on his face. "Hey Rashmi, Connor. And yeah, the nose is doing better Rash."

Connor pulls his hand back, and doesn't say a thing… instead he just nods somewhat solemnly, and then turns to gather up the books he'd displaced not several moments beforehand. Holding them close, he watches James depart and the look on his face seems almost… apologetic. To whom or what… it seems unclear as he doesn't really focus on anyone else, and as soon as James has exitted, he begins towards the door as well.

Rashmi watches James leave, drawing in a deep breath, letting it out in a slow sigh before nodding to Jono and Robyn. "Connor," she says, moving up alongside the boy before he can make his exit. "Was that what you were going to do if Magneto stopped yelling and started throwing things? Because if it was… well… *really* thanks, then."

James shoots Jono a look, "If you wanna come get it, feel free." These some aggression, no, a challenge. And it's directed at Jono as the hyena backpedals just a little over his relative, recent niceness. Odd thing is, the expression doesn't match. Maybe he's hoping the Brit will follow. Saying nothing more to the other well-wishers, he pads out, shoulders slung low and filled with the weight of the world.

continued in Reflecting on the News and And Better News

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