2011-06-23: Good Night


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Summary: Being at the wrong place at the wrong time results in death.

Date: June 23, 2011.

Log Title: Good Night

Rating: R.

NYC - Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is easily identified by the white Washington Square Arch. This park in Greenwich Village has a relaxing fountain in the middle, and benches all around for people to sit and people watch, read, or draw. It is common to find the occasional political protest in this park, as Greenwich Village is one of the more Liberal Area's of New York City.

Mason is excited that classes are out. Time to have fun for the summer! And what better way to have fun than to take Giea out? Lunch was a nice sitdown Italian place, and now a walk in the park. "There's lots of flowers right now," he tells her. "Can you hear the fountain yet?" he asks as they walk closer to the center of the park, hand in hand. It's a beautiful day to be in the park, the sun is shining and birds are chirping, isn't it all just grand?

Giea seems quite happy to be out and about, "I can smell that, the air is a touch sweeter! I love the smell of flowers." She smiles and says, "But… I'm not sure if I can hear the fountain yet. I'm getting a lot of crowd noises in the background." She reaches to the watch on the hand gripping Mason's, adjusting it slightly. "Oh, I think I hear it, is it over there?" She points. She's wrong.

Cloud came into the city earlier to check out the apartment building in Mutant town Emma suggested to him and now he's figured that he might as well look around New York for a presant from Star's birthday, he's dressed in jeans, red converse, a red and white t-shirt and a black jacket, while shopping he figures he might as well look arounf New York more as he's gonna be living there, thats what's brought him to the park and walking towards Mason and Giea from the opposite direction.

In the distance a commotion can be heard. Gun fire. Distinctive gun fire followed by screams and people running from the scene of the crime. Police sirens can be heard along with a voice over a loud speaker. "Stand down, I repeat Stand Down or we will return fire!" The response is more gunfire.

Mason reaches out and repoints Giea's finger. "No, that's the playground, it's right up here, directly ahead." He leans over to give her a kiss on the cheek. "We're almost to it n — " he stops. His eyes scan the park, looking for the source of the sounds. "There's something going on over there," Mason says. "Sounds like a lot of trouble. Maybe we should come back later." His grip moves from Giea's hand to her shoulder in a bit more of a protective stance, and changes their course. "Sounds like gun fire." He starts walking away from the direction of the sounds, and quickens his pace a little.

Conspiratorially, Giea says to Mason after being corrected, "Children must sound an awful lot like water." She smiles at the sensation of lips against her cheek, and then while Mason is scanning she says, "My hearing aid's making popping sounds… Hm." She lets herself be guided, though, even as she fiddles more with her watch, but when told that it's gunfire, her eyebrows raise in surprise, "Oh, no, I hope people will be alright…"

Hearing the sound of gunfire coming from somewhere in the park Cloud's first instinct is to run straight towards the sound and check it out, however as he's been told his first instinct is usually the stupid one, ignoring that impulse he continues to walk quickly down the path almost stopping when he spots Mason, ah two Xers in one place no wonder something is going down, he catches up with the two, "Hey Mason, you hear that?", he looks at Giea realising she looks familier, "I've met you before havn't i?"

The gun fire continues as police start to come into the park and try to clear it of people. Shouts and screams can be heard as people try to get out of the area. Running towards where Giea, Mason and Cloud are, three men in suits with what look like automatic rifles run by, shoving Giea aside to get by. "Run boys, the pigs will be following us once they realize the distraction is just that."

Mason holds on to Giea as she's shoved to keep her from falling, and quickly moves to the side of the men rushing past. "Look out, Giea!" he yells a bit louder than necessary. "Yeah, maybe we can catch up in a second, Cloud, let's get out of here before we get caught in the crossfire."

To Cloud, Giea says, "Well, I'm not sure. I have difficulty recognizing vo- Oof!" Giea stumbles as she's pushed, and thinking it's just someone running away from the commotion, says, "Hey!" She holds on tight to Mason's hand to keep her balance. "What's going on?"

Cloud nods "Good point", he looks around for the quickest way out of the park and has to stop himself from yelling something out at the guys who nearly knock over Giea before something said clicks in his head, "They just said something about a distraction, i think something else is going down, we gotta tell the cops".

As Cloud says that he has to warn the cops, one of 'the boys' turns around and aims his gun right on the him. "Well well well, looks like we have a narc here. How about we toast these kids so that way they don't go talking to any of them coppers over there." There's a chuckle from from the other two guys as it seems are heroes find themselves in a stick situation!

"Giea, run!" Mason orders the girl, Pointing her in a direction that is mostly clear of obstacles. The pop star releases her, hoping that she'll do as she's told. He ducks to the ground, and slaps the concrete. He pulls hard, and the ground shifts, like a rug from under their feet, if all goes well. "Cloud!" he calls out the other mutant's name, and hopes he gets the cue.

Giea doesn't need much more direction than that, saying, "Stay safe," and running off in the direction that she's directed and trying to free her cane from its holder so that she knows where she's going and doesn't end up tripping over. Her pace isn't particularly fast, her path isn't exactly linear, but she's certainly moving.

"Fuck", Cloud takes a step back and places a finger on the metal part of a bench absorbing, as usual his hair, clothing and body become metalic, knowing what Mason is about to do Cloud jumps as Mason give the cue.

As the rifles are trained on the teens the cops round the corner seemingly sandwiching them between the standoff. "Forget the brats, we got them coppers to worry about!" One of them yells as they open up fire, aiming at the officers. Automaic fire goes wild, bullets flying in several directions as the cops dive for cover, they're not about to return fire with kids in the way!

As one of the officers ducked for cover, one of 'the boys' followed his movements, firing shots after him. As the bullets hit the concrete, benches and other surroundings one happens to ricochet off the metal of a garbage can and strikes Giea right in her chest.

Mason leaps away from the fight rolling behind the very bench that Cloud used to transform. He isn't looking when Giea is struck by the bullet, but instead is concerned with getting himself out of the line of fire. He rips at the grass, then grabs up a handful of dirt, compacting it into a rock the best that he can.

Giea slows down and then comes to a stop, standing still for a moment before wobbling slightly and falling on her back, dark glasses made crooked by the impact. She puts a hand over the wound and mumbles, "What was that…"

Cloud doesn't appear to notice the bullet hitting Giea either, he's currently focused on the guys with the guns shooting at the police, taking a deep breath he charges at the closest of the guys firing, his metal skin protecting him better than the polices uniforms are them.

The police do notice Giea get shot and between Cloud charging them, Mason using his powers to knock them on their feet and the officers taking calculated shots at the three bad guys go down. "Don't move!" and "We need an ambulance!" Are called out from the officers as two run to make sure the bad guys are restrained an another goes to see if there is anything he can do to help Giea.

Mason turns his head to spot Giea. He drops the rock, and rushes to her side. "Giea?" He quickens his place, sliding to the ground next to her. "Giea!" he grabs her hand. "It's okay, it's gonna be all right, I'm here. Help is on the way." His words may be of comfort, but the tone of his voice is clearly frightened.

Giea says, "Mason?" She grips his hand tightly between hers, "I don't know what happens, I feel an ache, there's a taste in my mouth… but it doesn't hurt too bad… I should be… okay…" She coughs a couple of times. "I'm just feeling really tired. Wake me up… when it's okay…" After that, her grip loosens again, and her arm flops onto the ground as her breathing stops.
Cloud lets go of the man he's holding and steps back as the police take over, looking round to see where Mason went, his eyes widening as he sees the girl's arm drop, "Oh no", he walks away so he's no longer in the way.

"Giea? Nonono. Don't go to sleep. Giea? GIEA!" The teen tries hard to keep the girl from going to sleep, but without success. He starts to shake her. "Giea, no! Don't go!" He scoops her up into his arms, hugging her tightly. "Please don't." Tears stream down his face, and he buries himself into her shoulder, sobbing.

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