2011-03-08: Good To Blow Stuff Up


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Summary: Daisuke and Shane talk about video games till Sophie comes in.

Date: PG

Log Title: Good to Blow Stuff up

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Evening, and with the day's classes over, and dinner a recent memory, Shane has staked out a corner of the couch, earphones on and eyes locked firmly on the starship weaving in and out of enemy fire, spitting out scores of missiles at a time with little rhyme or reason.

Walking into the living room wearing a dark purple button down shirt with checkered kind of vest over it and a spotted tie over a pair of jeans is Daisuke. He's got a mug of some kind of hot drink with him and he plops down on the couch, closing his eyes for a second before noticing someone else is in the room. "I hope I'm not interrupting you." He says to Shane.

Shane bounces slightly as the other side of the couch suddenly accepts the weight of a person, the game paused almost immediately. Turning her head to look at the Japanese man, she raises an eyebrow, deliberately pulling back one of the cups of her headphones. "…Huh?"

Daisuke shakes his head. "I was just saying I was hoping I wasn't interrupting you or anything." He says leaning forward to put his mug on the table. "It's just there was a really loud pool game going into and I needed a quieter room with a squishy couch."

Shane grunts, nodding once. "…Well the sound's on my headphones. If the screen bugs you, just say something." And with that, she goes back to playing her anime space combat missilespam armageddon game.

Daisuke shakes his head. "Don't worry about it, and if you want to put the sound on the speakers I don't mind the noise. It's better than..well that in there." Daisuke says motioning in the direction of the rec room. He opens up the messenger bag he brought in with him and starts going through some tutor plans he has for a few of the students.

Shane lifts a shoulder, silently working through her game, eyes locked on the screen. "'S no big deal," she says after a few moments and the spectacular explosion of a capital ship, "Rather not have the speakers on anyway."

Daisuke nods. "Okay, just if you want to be alone let me know. I got these stupid things to plan out for the students. So what video game is it that you're playing?"

"Project Sylpheed," Shane mutters, darting out of the way of a swarm of missiles. "Sometimes you just wanna blow stuff up, right?

Daisuke nods. "I never heard of that game but I know what you mean. I always liked the fighting games like Soul Caliber but I haven't really played any fighting games in about five years." He says fully understanding the need to blow stuff up.

"Mmmn," Shane replies, distracted. "Not big on fighting games. Mostly cos I suck at'm."

"My brother and I used to play them together a lot. He was usually better at them but sometimes I think he'd let me win." Daisuke says with a sad smile on his face as he continues looking through papers. "It's just not the same playing a fighting game against an A.I."

Shane lifts a shoulder, rolling to one side and loosing a storm of missiles. "…Never liked two-player games much. Same for MMOs, they're always bugging you to group."

"Two player games were always something Shuya and I did together." Daisuke says with a shrug of his shoulder. "And I never got into MMOs, not really my thing. I used to play some RPGs but honestly, I've never beaten one."

"Too bad," Shane replies. "'S like watching a really horrible soap opera. … …With explosions."

"I never had enough time before coming here to finish one and once I got here it's hard to find television time without someone walking in and wanting to watching something stupid like one of those dancing or singing shows." Daisuke says making a face. "Though now that I actually have my own room here maybe I can actually get a video game system."

"S'probably a good idea," Shane says, leaning against the arm of the couch. "Might wanna do the research first though. Lotta games aren't up on every system, sucks to want a game you won't ever be able to play."

Sitting the couch Daisuke looks through some papers in his lap while Shane is focused on her video game. Daisuke nods to her words and runs a hand through his hair as he seems to ponder something on the page. "Thanks for the advice. I used to have a Playstation and Playstation 2, well the PS2 was Shuya's but I didn't really keep anything when I came here."

"Mmn. PS2 had all the good games. Probably want a 360 then, 's about the same." Soundlessly the space-borne explosions light up the screen as Shane's game goes on, the sound piped directly into her oversized, noise-cancelling headphones.

A soft tapping sound precedes Sophie's appearance in the living room, as the blind girl probes the way in front of her with her cane. She carries a book in her other hand; a fairly meaty looking read, no less. She comes to a stop just inside the living room, and clears her throat softly. "I hear voices," she murmurs. "Who is there?"

Daisuke makes a mental note that he'll have to research some things before buying a video game. He glances up and watches Shane play for a bit before he hears Sophie's voice and looks over to her. He's about to say something when he notices the blindfold. "Oh um..hi. I'm Daisuke but most people just call me Dai." He says preferring his nickname.

For a very brief moment, a look of annoyance flickers across Shane's face, but she remains silent. Drawing in a deep breath, she pulls her knees up to her chest, eyes riveted on the screen. "….Shane," she says, finally, in response to the question.

Sophie nods her head slowly. "It is good to meet you both, Senor Daisuke and Senorita Shane," she murmurs. Her tapping resumes, as she moves cautiously into the living room; she seeks out a chair, and checks to make sure it is unoccupied before sitting in it. "You are both students, I presume?"

Daisuke cringes at being called Senor Daisuke which is good that Sophie can't see it. "Just call me Dai, please." There's almost a bit of a begging tone to it. "No, I'm not a student. I'm a teachers assistant and if you need a tutor in any subjects I can help with most of them. Can I assume you're a new student?"

By contrast, Shane's answer is a neutral, uninterested grunt, *probably* an answer to Sophie's question but meaning little.

Sophie blushes softly. "Sorry," she murmurs. "Old habits die hard, si? It shall be Dai, then, as you wish." She smiles softly, as she settles herself in the chair and clasps her hands over the book she carries. "Yes, I am a new student. My name is Sophie DeCosta, I am only recently arrived from Spain."

"Welcome to Xavier's then." Daisuke says to Sophie before giving a small smile of amusement at Shane's response. "I've never been to Spain, or anywhere in Europe." He says as he decides to call it quits on the papers and puts them back in his backpack.

Shane says nothing, apparently absorbed in her game. Pointedly so, apparently, judging by the look on her face. Her earphones are still resting behind her ears, but it seems to be enough to allow her to hear what's going on.

Sophie giggles softly, "Well, I have never travelled outside of Spain very much until I came here," she replies. "I have been to France a few times, since I grew up not far from teh border; but never have I been further. And now I must get used to speaking English all the time; I suppose I am fortunate that I had already learned." She tilts her gade, cocking one ear in Shane's direction for a moment. "What is it that you tutor, Dai?"

"I've only been to Japan." Daisuke says as he leans forward to pick up his cup of tea and sip at it. "I grew up in a bilingual house hold. My father didn't like us speaking English at home so I can kind of understand. And I tutor anything for the most part. Sciences, Maths, History and other subjects. Also help people find study habits if they need it."

Sophie ahhs softly. "I understand," she replies. "I've never been to Japan… though I might like to learn to speak Japanese, sometime; I need to finish getting used to French braille first, though." She pauses, and shifts her cane to lie across her lap. "Braille was not difficult to learn, overall… which is good, or I might have gone insane." She tilts her head, and hmms. "Do you tutor the same American history, that is being taught here? In Spain I learned… Spanish history, as you might imagine; but nobody seems much interested in it here."

Daisuke gives Shane an odd sort of look almost after Sophie asks if he tutors the same American History that's being taught at Xavier's. "Um…yes, I tutor the same American History that's taught here." He says with some confusion in his voice. "I am a student tutor for the kids here at Xavier's. I better help with the same subjects. And just because I am Japanese and have been there, I was born in America. And we do learn some European History but most people have other things they'd rather learn about such as their powers."

Shane's eyebrow rises, an incredulous glance thrown Daisuke's way. Lifting a shoulder, she shrugs her way down further into the couch, studiously ignoring the conversation in favor of her game. Daisuke gets no help from this student.

Sophie shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it," she replies, "But I can well understand the preference. I do not yet know how my power works yet… only that for some reason or other, it does." fiddles with the piece of ribbon she's using as a bookmark, and turns the book over to tbe hte right way up. "I am not too worried, though… I am sure I will learn eventually."

"Well there are a lot more histories then just one country. With that statement it means that it's going to be repeated somewhere since it's not possible to learn all histories." Daisuke says seriously before he stands up and grabs his messenger bag. "Well, I have to be going now. I have to hit the library for a bit. If I have any questions about video game questions, I hope you don't mind me asking you Shane. And it was nice meeting you Sophie. Have a good night." He says to the two girls before going to leave the room.

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