2010-02-04: Goodbye


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Summary: Leo says goodbye to Xavier's.

Date: February 04, 2010


Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Lobby

A large chandelier causes light to shine over the polished surfaces of the Lobby creating a bright welcome. A few wooden benches blend in with the wooden walls. A large portrait of Professor Xavier is displayed on the wall. On each wall is a doorway that leads to a different part of the school.

Early afternoon. Nearing three pm. Leo's got his bags packed. Everything is ready by the front door, along with a few cards in his hands. He takes a deep breath as he double checks himself. He's doing his best not to let himself lose control. He's upset by other things, and by the loss of his… himself. His powers. He looks at his watch. He has about a half hour until the cab gets here. He's just going to wait up here. No use going back and getting teary-eyed. It was a good run.

From the outside, covered with flecks of snow arrives Kael; and shortly behind him would be Mike. Stopping by the dorms before the head to the Dining hall. A laugh comes from Kael before he spots Leo, then his eyes fall down to the bags. That smile and laugh fade away before he says in a soft tone, "So, I guess you're leavin' today then, Leo?"

Having been told of the fact that Leo would be leaving today, Owen's cleared his afternoon. Of course he's also been busy preparing something. The fuzzy teen in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt is lingering just inside the door leading to the hallway. He sighs and approaches Leo slowly. "Leo?" he speaks up, holding onto a small box that's got a good smell coming from it.

Mike is not sure how to react to the packed-and-ready Leo. He can't even send him off with a Cupcake Of Danger, because the substitute finally absolved him of having to make them so he hasn't been. Perhaps it was the salt instead of sugar that convinced her. Whatever, the robot boy stands back and away, writing something on a post-it-note.

There's a nod from Leo as he looks to Kael. "Yup. It's that time." He says with a bit of a sigh. "I gotta get back. I need to be with my family." He says. The normal happy side just isn't there. "And… I need to see about getting a doctor to make me feel right again. I know the school could, but my family misses me." He says, looking to Owen. He tenses slightly. "Owen." He responds.

Kael sighs once more, and nods. "I figured as much." He glances over at Owen with a soft smirk before he heads over towards his former roommate, offering a hand. "Thanks, for being a great roommate. Even if we didn't see each other for stretches of time." If that hand is taken, he'd pull Leo into a hug for a few seconds before letting go. Kind of a send off.

Owen shifts umcomfortably, trying to avoid looking at Leo at first. "Here…these are for you…" he trails off, holding the box out to Leo. Inside are a metal tin with a trio of homemade brownies inside, a picture of him and Leo during happier times, and a small plush bat. "Ah…Ah'm really gonna miss you, man…" he trails off.

Mike folds the note closed; the message is on the inside, On the outside it just says "Leo."

The inside, hoever, says, "Thanks for meeting me on my first day and for getting me a good start. I'm sorry we didn't know each other better, and I hope you'll keep in touch. If you don't mind, I'll keep you in my prayers, for travel and stuff —Mike Drakos

Robyn doesn't realize what he's walking into this afternoon, but he's just come inside and shivers off the cold. He notices the awkward moment and is quiet for a bit, just looking around. It takes him a bit to register what's going on and bites his lower lip nervously. "You're leaving Leo?"

Mike pages, "haven't gien you the note yet, will do in next pose, or slip it into your bags." to you.

Leo does shake the hand and accept the hug. He pulls a small card out of his hand and offers it to Kael. "Here. It's got my address and my phone number. If you're ever on the west coast… SoCal… look me up." He says with a bit of a grin. The smile, however, looks very pained. To Owen, he takes the box, and peeks inside. He starts to shake lightly. He also offers a card to Owen. It's got his address at home in it, as well as his phone number. He doesn't say anything though. He nods slightly to Robyn. His voice comes out strained and painful. "Yeah. I need to go. When the taxi gets here. Charter flight. Private plane is meeting us in an airfield outside of Salem." He says with a nod.

Kael takes the card, smiling softly as he lets out a soft laugh. "You know, it's going to be hard without ya here." Kael, along with Leo and other Xkids, helped switch powers back a while back. Was something that Kael remembers. His voice cracks a bit, "Promise to keep in touch, alright? Maybe I'll fly out and see ya one of these days." Yeah, waaaay in the future.

Owen takes the card and looks it over before stuffing it into his pocket. He fishes around in his own pocket for something and then hands over a slip of paper with his number and non-school e-mail on it. "Here…" he trails off. "Yeah…promise tah keep in touch an' not forget us," he says, clearly holding back on something.

Mike starts to offer his own note to Leo in lieu of a gift - he didn't know and wouldn't have been sure if it was appropriate to give more. But he doesn't want to intrude between him and the others, so he tucks it into whatever looks like carry-on so Leo can find it on the plane. Then, he stands back aways, because the metal kid is cold. Physically. Even in the starkly orange uniform he's wearing.

Robyn is surprised by what he hears, Leo's leaving? "Why are you leaving Leo? Is everything okay?" He's missed the first part of the conversation so he might be asking Leo to repeat himself. He doesn't know what to say to Leo after all, he feels kind of awkward around him. "Is it because of your powers?"

Between everything, and all the emotion fluctuating, Leo turns to the door and slams a hand against it. "Damnit! I said I wouldn't do this!" His voice is angry, frightningly so to some before he stops. "Sorry. I'm sorry. I…" He shakes his head softly, turning around. His eyes are red and watery. "When I lost my powers, we learned that they had ruined my chemical receptors. I can't feel the natural endorphins and things that give you joy and happiness. My body doesn't produce enough anymore." He explains before looking at Owen. "Don't be stupid. How could I EVER forget you, Owen? You know I love you." Though he's never said it. "Keep pushing yourself, Kael. You'll master the winds someday." At Robyn, he nods softly. "They've… gone. And… I need to be away from here. There are other things too. I just… can't stay."

Kael took a step back when Leo slams his hand against the door, and he falls silent. He smiles softly as he nods, "Thanks, Leo. I definitely won't stop." His voice soft before he lets out a soft chuckle. Trying to keep himself a bit cheerful despite the fact that Leo's leaving. "Of course. Depending on who takes your place in the room. I'm going to be annoying you over emails. Just a forewarning." It's meant to be a joke.

Owen jumps as Leo gets angry. He stares a moment before his own eyes start watering. He hears the explanation but it's not his focus. The fuzzy teen moves to grab Leo in a big hug. "Ah love you too, Leo. An' Ah'm really gonna miss ya. Ah owe ya so much…" he actually starts to cry. "Oh man…sorry…sorry…Ah jus'…" he keeps his hold on Leo.

Mike watches apparently-impassive as Leo expresses his plight. OK, then. Something specific to pray about. He can do that. Still, he stands at a distance, like an automaton.

Robyn doesn't know what to say and he just nods. What else can he say except things that will bring up painful memories. He just walks over to Leo and nods. "Good luck Leo and take care. Don't forget us here, okay?" He says, wondering what happened with him and Nathaniel and how he's taking this. But Robyn's not the one to offer him comfort.

"Good. I know you've got it in you, Kael. And… make Max happy." Leo says softly before he's gripped by Owen. Leo's tearstreaked face turns to his friend, leaning forward. "I know, Owen. I know. I'm sorry about exploding the other night. I just… I couldn't handle what he was saying." As he curls in, there's a honk outside and he straightens up. "I gotta go." He says quickly. "My flight's gonna be waiting. Barker Brothers flights. All my parents use." He coughs, trying to move out of the grip before he brushes the tears away. He looks to Mike. "Good luck. You'll probably be luckier than Iwas. Just bad timing I guess."

Kael laughs softly, "I… I'll try, Leo." He bites his lower lip a bit before he looks out the door at the honk. He looks back inside for a second before he silently makes his way outside, his hair bleeding white as he moves to the door. As he heads outside, there's a rush of wind before Kael's gone from sight. Everyone deals with it their own way.

Owen resists letting Leo go at the first pull but does at the second, trying to give his friend a quick kiss. "It's okay. Ah understan' jus'…travel safe, alright?" he says, wiping his eyes on his sleeve. "Bye…"

Mike nods, does a scouting salute for Leo, who clearly isn't needing more emotion to make him feel worse. He looks at the luggage - and moves to pick up two of the heaviest pieces, tilting his head questioningly. If Leo nods, he'll continue, helping to move the stuff. It's not much of a gift really, but it's what he can give at the moment.

Robyn nods and watches everyone say their good-byes. He walks over and offers Leo a hand. "Take care." He never knew Leo that well but a part of Robyn knows he's involved in why Leo lost his powers. "I'm sorry Leo, that you had to lose your powers. Just, take care okay and you're still you with or with out your powers."

"I'm hardly me, but thanks, Robyn." Leo nods quickly before looking at Mike. "Thanks." He says, picking up two bags himself. It feels so strange to be… weighted. There's still two left. He carries them out to the car silently, not saying anything. He just… can't. He doesn't want to explode again.

Owen quickly grabs up the remaining bags and follows Leo out. The weight doesn't bother him in the least. The snow doesn't bother him either. He's quiet too and doing his best not to cry again.

Mike follows, lugging. That's probably why they call it that. Hopefully the cab driver won't freak too much.

The cab drivers around here know that Xavier's is… different. After all, the students don't have vehicles… so he's surely seen some interesting stuff. As Leo loads his stuff into the back, he gives a soft wave. "Thanks, guys. For everything." He says, before looking at Owen as he moves to sit in the cab. "Tell Nate…" He whispers. "You know what to tell him."

Owen nods, softly pressing his forehead to LEo's for just a moment. "Yeah…Ah will," he says. He lingers a moment and steps back. He remains quiet, just watching.

Looking up at Owen, Leo nods. "I'll call when I land. I promise." He says, giving a wave. "I should be there by midnight." He says with a nod. He gives one last stroke to Owen's cheek before he moves to close the door.

Owen nods and swallows. "Ah'll be waitin' up for it…"

With that, Leo closes the door and motions for the driver to take off. He refuses to look back.

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