2010-11-05: Goodbye Mr Hyde


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Summary: Kenta tries to cure Troy from his changes but Heather doesn't agree with his methods.

Date: November 5, 2010

Log Title: Goodbye Mr Hyde

Rating: PG-13

Tegu-Haaz - Salem Town Square

The very epicenter of Salem Town Square is wooden structure called, The Gallows. A noose swings in the breeze casting shadows along the wooded structure and town center. Gas lamps line the streets in between the buildings that serve as shops and homes. There is a well off to the side, which serves as the town's main source of water. Four streets meet in the center of Salem Town Square, one road leads to The Moors, another up a dark hill, the third to the lake and the last onto farms that have long been over grown. During the day the town seems fairly quiet, shop signs blowing in the breeze, the smell of the water sweeping across the moors and the deserted buildings dark and desolate. At night the lamps come to life and flicker giving shadows a sense of life. Occasionally voices and lights can be heard coming from one of the buildings but once inspected it's always vacant.

It's night time out there's a partial moon illuminating the town square along with the gas lamps that cast long shadows along the town. Kenta is outside of the Slaughtered Lamb smoking from a pipe with some tabacco that he's found. He has an old musket he's found with him and is checking it out and seeing that it's not rusted or anything. Sure he doesn't know how to fire a gun but something that David said earlier combined with something that James did to him not to long ago has given Kenta a horrible idea.

The two-minded one… Leo or Troy walks along, carrying a flask that was given to him. It carries the Hyrulian Shield on the front of it. He walks slowly, running a hand through his hair. At the moment, there are sparkles coming from him, giving the appearance and potential knowledge of who it may be.

Heather doesn't really mind walking around alone at night lately, perhaps because of a total disregard for her own safety. Or maybe it's because she trusts the pickaxe she has slung over her shoulder a little more than dragging around someone who will slow her down and impede progress (whatever that is). As she walks down, she glances towards Kenta, "YouHvAGn?" While her wax case is strapped to her back, she doesn't feel it's yet worth readying for communication.

Kenta rests the musket on his lap and nods to Heather. "Yeah, I found it, I dunno if it works or not." He says as he notices the sparkly Leo come by. "Hey, Leo, how do you do against Darkforce?" He asks the teen since he knows he's one of living life. "David asked me something and I was wondering if you'd be able to test a little theory."

"I do fine, Mr. Gilpatrick. Are you ok this time?" Leo asks, cheerful as always. He bounces over, glitter building. "I've always been good around it." He says with a shrug. "After the whole thing with Owen…"

Heather listens carefully to the other two, tilting her head to stare at the ground while she tries to interpret their speech. And then, something occurs to her: the thing that David might have told Kenta. She looks to her teacher with a questioning look, before looking back over towards Leo and offering a relatively slow (for her) wave in greeting. She figures she knows what Kenta's theory is, but it's the exact thing she would do, so she only takes a few quick paces away from Kenta and smiles apologetically to Leo.

"Well, we learned something, how to get those that have been changed back to themselves." Kenta says almost dispassionately, like it's just business. "You have to kill what they've become. Like Mike, Frankenstein's monster, was cured by fire and me, I got turned into a werewolf and James shot me and I was cured, probably a silver bullet of some type. I didn't feel a thing except…better. So….what do you say Troy, should I shoot you or try Darkforce…."

"Wait, what the hell are you talking about?" Leo says, shrinking back a bit. His voice goes dark and angry. "Good luck getting a bullet through me." He growls, the light fading away completely, white falling out of his hair to tone it back to blond. "You come anywhere near me, and it won't be pretty."

Heather furrows her brow as Leo becomes Troy. Communication is not her greatest asset at the moment, but she tries her best: "KntaWhatKndVMunstrIsHe? CoodBeMportnt." She doesn't want to approach Troy, not yet, especially since she doesn't know what he's capable of. But she does ready her pickaxe.

"Well Leo there is Dr. Jekyll but right now we've got Troy or Mr. Hyde. Maybe a sword would be better than a bullet, after all, I really don't know if this thing works." Kenta stands up and looks at Leo. "You already aren't pretty so it's not gonna be a hard promise to fulfill." Kenta says grinning at Troy.

"No, I'm not pretty, but he is. You'll leave him alone." Troy says before rising into the air, with an angry growl. The ground around folks suddenly gets very sticky. To the point where it takes a lot of strength to pull feet up. "There's nothing wrong with us. We're just stuck in the same body. we're both real."

"HwDusMisserHydeDie?" asks Heather of Kenta when he gives the explanation. She then furrows her brows at Troy, considering his words carefully. Indeed, he does not seem to be as monstrous as some of the others. Dilemmas are so annoying. She tries to move her feet but can't seem to lift them off the ground. She uses the muscles in her hands and leg to pull her foot off the ground, standing on one foot, pickaxe still at ready despite her instability.

"I think he dies when he's Jekyll and gets run through or something. I don't really remember." Kenta says as he goes to fly up in the air but finds that he's a bit stuck on the ground the wings that appear behind him leave him on the ground. "Let's see, what can bring Leo back out from Troy…" Kenta asks Heather and himself as he tries to ponder it. "Hey Leo!"

"Nah, doesn't work that way. And no, Jekyll dies. Because he can't get the potion to reverse them." Troy says, angrily. "I won't let you hurt him, so he's staying in the background for now." Not happy, is the dual minded. "That, and you've scared the shit out of him." He begins zipping around in the air, randomly, looking for something to pick up and throw.

Heather looks towards the ground, shifting around to toss her wax case down. Well, she can't use it for communication at the moment, may as well use it for something. She steps down on it with her free foot, and pulls her other foot free in the same way so that she's standing on the case completely. She puts both of her hands up in a 'calm down' motion towards Troy. Which she knows is a ridiculous thing to do, since most people don't calm easily after being threatened to be shot.

"I never knew Leo to be such a coward, oh well, it's not like what I'm about to do is gonna hurt you." Kenta says as he forms a blade out of darkforce and hurls it at Troy followed by two more trying to project where he's going to move, almost leading him with the three consecutive dark force attacks. "I got shot and you know what, I got better."

Darkforce flying at him? That's not something that Troy can deal with. "Tag! You're it!" He shouts to the air as the sparkles come around and his hair bleaches out. But, he can't fly anymore. Falling down to the ground, everything unsticks. "It's not about that. I don't want Troy to die, and I don't want to die." He calls out, holding his hands together in the classic Hadoken style, and bursting a ball of light towards one of the swords still coming at him.

Heather hops off of her case as the ground changes, swinging around to pick it up and scratch with the nail of her index finger, <Kenta, do we need to turn him? We have to be sure he is a monster. But he has no lost memories. Or memories of this world. That I've seen. We should study.> She spends a few moments doing this, before turning the case towards Kenta to read, even if he may not be able to concentrate on such things at the moment.

Kenta stops and actually takes the time to read what Heather has to say. "Heather, from what I understand stand, we don't have much time to study or anything. David found something that might get us home and from what I heard, the longer we stay here the more lost to this world we become so it's permanent." He stops and looks at Leo. "Leo, I'm not going to kill you, I'm going to help you. It doesn't hurt, I went through the same thing, so did Mike. As long as you are alive, Troy is gonna live with you. If we don't do this, who knows what could happen to you. Troy could trick you and kill you.'

"Well, I have info YOU don't, too. And Leo might not remember it if you go through with this." The darker voice comes out. "Things I heard from Connor, about how you can't trust Alaric." He says, as Leo tilts his head. "You didn't tell me this." There's a chuckle. "He asked me not to. How do you think we got the flask?"

Heather furrows her brows at what Kenta says and then nods her head in a single quick nod. She's hesitant, but she shakes her head, scrawling on the wax, <Connor is damaged, but I already know Alaric is dangerous. Demon summoner.> She stands up and closes the case, tossing it onto her back and expressioning hardening as she looks towards Leo/Troy.

"This isn't about that assfuck who caused us to be trapped here this is about you Leo." Kenta says as he nods to Heather. "I know, right now, we need people like you Heather, who aren't infected by this place." He looks at Leo and smiles. "See, even 'you' are keeping secrets from the yourself. Let me ask you, do you want to go home where you don't have to worry about these things. Where Troy doesn't have to worry about finding a cigarette in a place where they don't exisit?"

"But what if it screws us both up?" Leo asks, plainly. "How do you know what you're planning will work?" The sparkles are heavy and bright right now. "How do you know you can actually do anything to help and not hurt?" He's not happy about the idea at all. "And he's not me. He's just IN me, there's a difference. And what do I have to go back to there, anyway? Nobody knows Nathaniel. Everyone's forgotten Owen. There's nothing for me there."

Heather shakes her head at Leo's worries on the matter. She quickly scrawls something out on the wax case, and places it down near Leo: <From what I've seen, it may separate you. Will work. Will be better for both. And you have a place. Even without a place when I first came to school, knowing nothing and nobody, I found one.> She backtracks and then shrugs. There's little more convincing she can attempt. Her interpersonal skills are just not that great. So it's only a matter of seeing how that goes.

"I haven't forgotten Owen, Leo. I taught him how to use his powers before he left. People grow Leo but Heather here, she wants to help you, as do I. I promise you, this won't hurt. I need you to trust me." Kenta says reaching out a hand to Leo in hopes that the teen will listen to him. "We all thought you were dead Leo, there were several people who were upset about it. I didn't know you well at the school but I do believe you have a life to go back to there. There's even more nothing for you here."

"When I'm in that world, I don't have my powers." Leo states. "And I don't want to be powerless again." that much is a firm statement. "I don't want to lose what I've regained." Troy adds in, "And I don't want to be dependent on that suit again."

Heather looks towards Leo and shakes her head, trying to speak as low and slow as she can, but it still comes out in squeaky quickspeak. "BtIfWeStyHer MndsWilDie. SmtimesWeMustFaceOurFers. FrThBestVEveryone."

"Heather's right." Kenta says. "We do have to face our fears. Your mind will die if you stay here. There are already a few who are almost completely lost to this world." He says in regards to Connor and Robyn. "And you don't know what will happen when you go back home Leo. You have to trust us that we have your best interest in mind now…will you let me try this?"

"I'm not letting you do anything." Leo says, firmly. "If you do it, You're going to have to force it without my consent." He says, as his hands begin to glow, getting ready a burst. He's not the type to purposefully hurt someone, and he knows what Living Light does to Kenta. Though, he IS focussed on Kenta, not on Heather. She's not even important to him right now.

Heather makes a soft squeaking sound and zips straight up to Leo, reaching to grab him. "IHavNoPlacInThsWrld. ISpectThtWhenItBcomsPermnent. ThrWillBeNoPlceForThGirlWthNoFear. SoKillMe. PrefrableTDoItNowThnHavMeWatch. MineAndOtherMindsBeDestroyed. ThnSimplyTakeRisksOnARealWrldYouAreFraidOf." She looks at Leo and gives him a challenging gaze.

Kenta knows what Living Light can do to him and right now, he thinks getting hit by it is worth the risk of him losing his powers. He just hopes that Heather can distract Leo by zipping up to him and talking. He gives the two a moment before he quickly forms another blade from darkforce and quickly goes to shove it into Leo's chest with an apology.

Leo fires a stun burst at Heather as she grabs him, as it was already in his hands. But, because of doing that, he doesn't notice the darkforce sword attacking him. Not… a good thing. Darkforce and Living Light are an explosive combination at the best of times. Right now… who knows what will happen.

Heather reels and falls on her back at the stun burst, just staring up at the sky for a few moments with her arms splayed out. She just got smacked down. That's really all there is to say on the matter.

Kenta tenses a bit at being that close to the living light and has to fight to be able to follow through. The dark force blade goes through Leo but it doesn't hurt, or leave a wound. Leo would just feel a weight lift from his chest as he goes back to who he was, Leo with living light powers. The second side to the personality leaves him bringing Leo and Troy back to one person. "I'm sorry Leo…" Kenta says just standing there after what he did. "I had to."

Kenta tenses a bit at being that close to the living light and has to fight to be able to follow through. The dark force blade goes through Leo but it doesn't hurt, or leave a wound. Leo would just feel a weight lift from his chest as he goes back to who he was, Leo with living light powers. The second side to the personality leaves him bringing Leo and Troy back to one person. "I'm sorry Leo…" Kenta says just standing there after what he did. "I had to."

As it happens, the powers do return fully to Leo, but in a slightly different way. The sparkles suddenly stop moving, before coalescing above his body in a ring of pure light above his head, like a Halo. The light shines down upon his body. His hair bleaches to pure white once more. But his memory seals and puts itself back into one solid piece. He opens one eye, squinting a little. "I didn't… give you permission."

Heather slowly gets up and moves towards her wax case, and she looks up at Kenta as she scrawls, <Wanted to convince him. Now, trust may be lost. Hope it is for the best.> She shows the writing to him, and then closes the case. She reaches to put one hand on Kenta's shoulder for just a split second, in that not-very-comforting manner that she has, before she approaches Leo again and asks, "RyouOkay?"

Kenta shrugs to Leo and pushes his hair back. "I know you didn't but we need Leo for this. We need you." He says as he thinks they need Leo in his right mind to help them get out of here. "We should be able to find a way to go home so unfortunately things are being rushed." He says apologetically.

"I'm fine." Leo says, trying to balance himself out internally. "But right now, I think I just need to be alone." He states, sounding mildly angry. Which, for classic Leo, is quite odd. He was rarely angry. "I'll think about it. I don't know if I will or not. I don't know if I can trust you. The only person that's not tried to change me here, is Connor. And he… said that alaric isn't a summoner, but a demon. I might come back later." He says, before taking off in a burst of speed, even creating a small sonic boom.

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