2010-02-17: Gordon Bennet!


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Summary: Jono Explodes! But nobody dies from it.

Date: February 17, 2010

Log Title Gordon Bennett!

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Atrium

The Atrium is large room with four corridors leading off in diagonal directions to the classrooms and dorms. A large window looks over the front courtyard. The Atrium has also been turned into a social area for students and teachers, with chairs, tables and a television set. Since its a main area of passing, it is encouraged that people keep things to a respectful volume.

Jonothon has actually been avoiding people the last few days. This gets in the way of his work of course, but he's somehow managed to sulk through all of it as briefly as possible. Kind of obvious when he's not feeling well too, for his appearance suffers. The worse he feels, the messier he looks. Today isn't as bad as it can get, but he's rumbled, mussed, and all but trailing around a storm cloud piddling on his head. Jono can angst with the best of them. (Show these kids how it's done! ..Ahem.)
Right now though he's standing in the main pathway through the Atrium, which makes him a bit of a jerk. Thankfully he's skinny and doesn't take that much room. Phone in hand he works in a message. Frowns the whole while too. The air around him is heavy, and fire lurks in his eyes. It's a happy day, can't you tell?

Coming out of the art room, having missed a few spots on his face from cleaning up clay, is Robyn. He's lost track of time so he's just now going from the art room to dinner. He figured it was time to eat once his stomach went from rumbling to hunger pains. Seeing Jono standing in the middle of the pathway through the Atrium, he stops. "Hey Jono, how you've been, I haven't seen you in a while."
Perhaps perversely, several of the students most troubled of late have been having surprisingly good days of late. Emerging from the Atrium with book in hand, and on her way to who knows where comes Rashmi, humming faintly under her breath, long plait flicking back and forth at the ground behind her as she walks. Of course, Jono's presence in the middle of the hallway, as with Robyn, brings the redhead up short. "…Hi, Jono," she says, head tilted slightly. "Um, what he said."

Halo is invisible, as usual, but Mike is feeling all angelic and stuff. The usual aftermath of his semi-secret web call back home. Papa did the Lenten service for him on camera, though it was a bit difficult doing the "imposition of ashes" part. Especially without scratching paint.
Mike wanders into the Atrium on his way to … oh right, no reason to go to dinner, might as well go to the garage instead.

The motion is a little jerky as he lifts his head for the voices. The puppeteer caught distracted. Jonothon's brown eyes are glowing through the tangled curtain of his hair, disappearing and reappearing with each blink. «…» Not quite sure what to say as he shrugs. A shrug that has him wincing over. The right shoulder shifts back and then rolls. Phone lowers as he hesitates. «I'm fine.» Yeah, it's so obvious, isn't it? «Not been in the mood to be social.» The words are slow, and he trails off as Mike arrives. Yes, he is being awkward, albeit unintentionally.

Looking up at Jono, Robyn nods. He's a teacher figure so it's not like he can press him and push to see what's wrong like he would other friends. "Well…I missed seeing you around Jono." Robyn says as he scratches at an itch on his face, damn clay drying there. "Hey Rashmi, Mike, how's it going?" He asks as he notices the two walk into the area.

Rashmi smiles, bobbing her head at Robyn and Mike. "Good, thanks… um… You've got a thing on your eyebrow, too," she says, rubbing the general location on her own face. As her head turns to Jono, she frowns slightly, concerned in spite of the Brit's ever-so-sincere reassurances. As he states his wish to remain asocial, she glances around the main crossroads for the entire school, back at the Brit, and raising an eyebrow further, the question itself remaining unsaid.

Mike looks up at Rashmi and Robyn, "Hi, Robyn. You've got a bit of clay right here," and he uses his precious microfiber polishing cloth to reach for the stuff on Robyn's face, or will hand him the cloth if he wants it. He doesn't respond to Jono being awkward yet.

Yeah, he's being dreadfully obvious in this. Truthfully Jonothon was trying to get somewhere only to be caught in his tracks by that text message. Then he lost track of time. Now that he's reminded of where he is, he eyes the three of you almost balefully a moment before lifting a hand. It's a lame hello to be sure, but the attempt is made. And as that arm lowers the man drops his phone as he doubles over. The pain catches his entirely by surprise, and enough to have him radiate a strong feeling of pressure. While it's not enough to affect anyone else, Jono does a little slow motion in small ways. Hair lifts as he doubles over, yet remains there, floating.
«Christ.» The thought is so small, the pain intense, and without further warning he explodes. Eyes turn entirely to flame and a blast is released. Thankfully away from you all, and aimed low. It takes out several pieces of furniture, shatters a window, and sends a chair out into the courtyard beyond. The blast is strong enough to perhaps knock some people over. Not likely Mike, but those smaller, lighter.

"Thanks." Robyn says to both Rashmi and Mike with a smile as he goes to get what clay off his face that he can before Jono doubles over. "Jono!" He says as he starts to move forward to help him. He's stopped though by the explosion and knocked back onto his rear, at least he's not hurt. "Jono!" He yells again. "You okay?… Shit, should I get Mr. Summers?"

"Not a problem," Rashmi says absently, frowning in concern as Jono drops the phone. "Jono, you don't look so—" One good thing about the blast; she can't claim any sort of issues about her weight, as she is hurled backwards by the blast, skirt and hair and limbs flailing wildly. "Jonothon!" is the first thing she says, once she's managed to scrabble back to her feet. At Robyn's question, she looks from him to Mike, eyes wide and panicked. "…Um. No. Get Dr. McCoy first! We need to get him to Medical!" Not much in the way of immediate help, but it is A Plan, and one to which she seems more than happy to cling to.

Mike slides back a foot. "Woah! Jonnoo? AAre youO OK?" The earlier fluency with words has completely gone with this rather disturbing hiccup. He moves over to Jonothon without quite touching him… how do you take the vitals on someone who has just blown up, even if it was just a little?

People not being hurt will give the man hope later, but now all he can think about is the pain he's feeling and the harsh cold suddenly streaming in. Quickly on his knees, Jonothon is struggling to reach the spot on his back that hurts so badly. It's not easy for him, and to be honest even as he scrabbles over his shoulder blade he finds there's nothing there for him to grasp. Nothing to do to make it stop.
Psy-fire is soon wrapped around him, coiling around those who seek to help. Anyone the fire touches gets a glimpse of the pain, and his fear. Jono's right shoulder blade hurts, and he's kind of in shock. At the first touch he jerks away. Certainly not enough to stop anyone, but there's a feeling of surprise for it all. No one is stopped from trying to help. «…» Sorry, he can't quite answer yet. Give him a moment and he'll be able to answer.

Robyn does scramble to his feet and heads over to Jono, just to get kept at bay by the touch of the Psy-Fire. He doesn't want to feel Jono's pain and fear again so he keeps a few feet back. "Shit…Hank.." He says not really sure where to find Hank and he pulls out his school issued cell phone. "Rashmi?! How do I find Hank?" There's panic and worry in his voice.

"Medical!" Rashmi cries, moving forward without hesitation and taking one of Jono's arms, trying to tug it outward and over her neck, the shared pain and terror giving her face a tight, haunted look. "Go to Medical, he's usually there! Mike… help me, please! C'mon, Jono… we're right here, just… just nod if you can hear us, okay…?"

Mike touches the fire and is frozen in place for a second… this is no time for a flashback… please? He thinks very hard, as it worked for him before, and it comes out his voice box as well, "The pain is a distraction. Focus. Be who you are," as he tries to move, hoping to be able to just pick Jono up and carry him.

Pulled by his arm, Jonothon starts again. Surprised at the touch and motion. It allows him a little focus though and he stops leaning away from Rashmi. Might almost call it fighting her hold for a second, and then he's pulling a leg forward to try and put a foot on the floor in order to stand. 'Here. Hurting.' It's not quite telepathy and only those touching can hear it. Multiple people around helps. It especially does as Mike tries talking to him. Focus. Be who you are. «…Sorry.» This as Mike picks him up. Can't do much right now, but he manages that word. Focus past the pain, past the fear.
Then something hits him, cutting through it all, and Jono reaches for Robyn. Doesn't fight Mike, carry away, but he tries for the other. «Drain…» Drain him, Robyn.

Robyn runs to the elevator and starts hitting the down button as fast as he can, trying to get to the medbay. "Come on, come on." He says looking behind him to see how Jono's doing, then he hears the voice. "Drain?" Then it hits him, almost the same time the elevators dings as it opens. And he rushes forward and reaches out to grab onto Jono, draining the psychic energy that he can off of him. "Please work." He says as his eyes flash purple as he drains it.

Mike is just moving as quickly as he can so would be keeping as close to Robyn as possible. And, he's repeating the words he hears, like he's trying to force himself to a closer connection while carrying Jono, but then he says, "wait, draain?" and pulls away from that while Robyn attempts to deal with the supercharge.

As Mike moves to bodily pick Jono up, Rashmi stops her attempts to be some sort of leaning-post, and simply walks at Mike's side, jaw muscles twitching as she clenches her back teeth against the pain, the terror, and shakes her head in denial as she combs the Brit's hair away. "Don't be sorry," she says tightly. "It's not your fault. It's… oh, God, it's the mark, isn't it?" Looking up at Robyn and Mike, the redhead nods. "Robyn is kind of a psychic vampire, he says… It'll probably help a lot if he can do it."

Draining Jonothon is kind of like trying to drink the ocean to stop the tide, but it helps. Psy-fire gentle disperses, and along with it that feeling of pain and fear. While he isn't aware of it, there's a grateful little emotion that leeks into it all. Good help, and he's glad. Thank you. With it gone, Jonothon no longer even radiates that heavy air. Mainly because he quietly passes out there in Mike's arms. This certainly makes it easier on everyone though. Just a skinny guy in black being carried to the elevator. Sorry about leaving those questions unanswered, Rashmi.

Robyn isn't 'kind of' a psychic vampire, he is one. Much like ones air to survive, Robyn needs to feed psychic energy from others to function. He keeps at it for as long as he can, even if it's too much he keeps trying to drain more. Whatever he can get, and he's pushing himself to the limit. Once it drained, he steps back and breaths hair, his eyes fading back to normal. "Wow. I feel…awake. We need to get him down staris, and what mark Rashmi?"

Rashmi shakes her head slowly, sighing with no small amount of relief as Jono passes out. "Thank God… um. He, um… he has this… tattoo, on his shoulder where it was hurting… Skyler said it was… because of some guy, Mr. Sinister? He's been really worried about it… and… I guess this is why…"

elevator to…

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Note, scene change joins with ongoing tattoo-removal scene with Mikhail and Mike, see the log here: ((log link))

Mike feels a LOT less pressure now that he's no longer being given flashbacks… At this point he's just muttering to himself, "remmember oh maan that thouu art duszt.." And as they enter the medbay, he rephrases it with a hint of humor, "or isz it 'remember o maszhine that thoou arrt ruszt, and to ruszt shall thee reeturnn.'"
But, no danger of that at the moment. He's carrying an unconscious Jonothon Starsmore in his arms.

Mikhail watches in astonishment as Hank removes the tattoo, his noes wrinkles at the burning smell, he smiles when it's finished, "Thanks Dr. McCoy, thats alot better", he nods, "Yes thank you the treatment worked", now he moves onto the other thing thats bothering him, "I might be poisonous, can you check?", he jumps up when Mike comes in with Jono in his arms, "Whoa, Mike what happened?"

Since Jonothon is unconscious he doesn't do a whole lot. Doesn't look like anything is wrong though, besides the normal lack of colored attire, and the complete lack of a comb used on his hair recently.

"The trick is calibrating the microwave pulses to the precise resonance pitch and wavelength to destroy the ink but not the surrounding tissue." Hank smiles, clearly enjoying himself. "Which was a fascinating bit of organic chemistry, applied mathematics and physics."
And then the room is invaded with the star invader being an unconscious Jono. "Oh dear, what happened here?" Hank pats Mikhail on the shoulder. "Glad I could help…twice. Do pardon me a moment, I think I'm going to need the exam table you're sitting on…"

Robyn walks in after Mike and Jono and seems…very alter. "Hey Mikhail, yeah, Jono kind of doubled over and exploded. I was able to help a bit cause I'm well, I'm a psychic vampire. So I was able to drain a bit and he passed out. Rashmi said something about the mark?" He's worried and has an abundance of psychic energy so he's mentally sharp right now.

Rashmi bobs her head, flanking Mike closely. "Yeah… It was the shoulder where that tattoo is, it started hurting… um… also when he exploded, he sort of threw a chair out through the Atrium window. Some of the other furniture got broken too…" A minor detail, but someone may as well hear about it. "He's going to be all right though, right? Oh, um… hi Mikhail. Are you okay?"

Mikhail jumps up and moves out of the way at Hank's command, the poison thing will have to wait, he raises a hand in greeting to Robyn, "Heya Robyn, is he gonna be ok?", he can't hear a heartbeat but he can never hear a heartbeat from Jono, so he's not gonna be much help so he just tries not to get in the way, he nods to Rashmi, "I'm good, tattoo removal, are you guys ok?"

Mike simply moves Jono as directed, until he's finished being a transport. Don't drop the patient, don't engage in volatile hand gestures, etc.
He nods to Mikhail though.

Once Jono is on the exam table, Hank gets to work, and his smile fades fairly quickly. "Oh dear me." Hands fly over the control surfaces he's working with, and soon a tri-d image of Jono's (non)physiology is projected to hover a foot over the unconscious Brit. On his back there's a glowing representation of a red diamond, and from it are extending fine lines of red in a web-like pattern. "This is not good. I'm sorry, you've all potentially been exposed…" And then he hits a switch, and seals the lab. "Until I can verify we're clean — which should not take long, we cannot leave." The web of lines is spreading, and the scary bit is that the 'native' Jono-cells are getting invaded in a rather viral fashion, and changed.

Robyn looks over at Jono for a while, a look of worry. After all Robyn's grown kind of attached to the teacher like one might a figurative older brother. After all Jono's really helped him in the past. Eventually he breaks his eyes from Jono and looks at Mikhail. "The Tattoo is gone Mik? Can I see?" He asks walking over to Mikhail to see how everything worked out. "You just got that one removed right?"

The sealing off of the lab prompts a startled squeak from the redhead, and she whips around to watck the doors close and lock. "Wait… exposed? Um, Dr. McCoy? …I mean, if any of us are infected… anybody could be carrying it? I mean since it's been hurting only just now, but he's had—" Turning back around, Rashmi's eyes widen. "Oh, God… Dr. McCoy, what about the others? Skyler… and… oh what was his name… oh! Brian! I know Skyler was marked, and Brian's shoulder was hurting really bad a couple days ago…"

Psy-fire manifests itself in a burst of energy rather like the explosion upstairs. Only it's barely enough to ruffle hair and clothing this time. Kind of like a PAF instead of a BOOM. «…AHHHHHHHHH……» Wordless pain and shock for a moment as eyes blaze red. It's just for a second though, and Jonothon comes back to himself rapidly. He lays there on the bed, blinking up at the projection of himself. Still hurts, but this time he's at least forewarned and able to focus. Anyone else would be breathless and panting, but of course Jono can't. The psy-fire shows it though, for it's agitated and restless. «Gordon Bennet.» What else do you say about this all? ..Ow?

Mikhail stares at the scan of Jono, he doesn't really understand what it means but from what Dr. McCoy is saying it isn't good, he freaks out slightly when the lab is sealed, hes not comfortble closed in, he looks round at Robyn when he talks and holds out his wrist, "Urrm, yeah sure, it was just the one on my wrist that i got removed, be careful of my nails, i might be poisonous", he freaks out even more at Rashmi's word, infected thats poison isn't it, poison is bad, he stares in shock at the psy-fire coming out of Jono, "Is he gonna explode again?"

Mike has been being furniture, in effect, standing back where he can assist if directed, listening as needed.
He does ask, "WHoo is Gordonn Bennet?"
Other than that, he's not concerned, because he doesn't have sense to be. Not biological should mean immune, RIGHT?

"George Bennet indeed." As Rashmi starts to fret, Hank looks at the readouts. "Okay…it does not appear to be infectious, though I'll need to see the others to see if their marks are also active." Watching the progress of the projection, he murmurs thoughfully. "That's almost like a circuit board — indeed, it is remarkably like a tracking device of some sort. Fascinating…" And then he grips Jono's shoulder. "Easy, Jonothon…I have a few ideas on how to proceed, but it will take some time. In the meanwhile you should stay down here." A smile to the kids. "Should be safe enough." He even unseals the lab. "But I will really need to speak to the others."

Robyn has no clue who George Bennet is but doesn't ask. Instead, he just watches Jono, worried. He doesn't want to as 'is he gonna be okay' cause he thinks he knows the answer. "Who are the others that are marked." Robyn asks curiously as he stays fixed to that one spot. He wants to be happy for Mikhail right now and that tattoo being gone, but right now, he's too worried about Jono.

Mikhail breathes a sigh of realif when the doors open, he also doesn't know who Gordon Bennet is, he walks over to Hank, "Is there anything i can do to help?"

Rashmi glances back over her shoulder as the lab is unsealed, frowning at the door. "Um… I only know about Skyler, and I think the other one… He said he was on the X-Force, though." Blinking, she looks askance at Mikhail, blushing faintly at having scared the poor kid. "Oh! God, I'm sorry Mikhail… no, we're all going to be fine. Even Jono, he's just kind of sick, you know?"

Jonothon stares up at Hank and then turns his head to find everyone else. They aren't hurt, and in being gathered there, he feels a huge surge of relief. Didn't hurt them. «..Alright.» To Hank as he looks back. The kids are okay and he's somehow in the medical bay. Oy. «Thanks.» This is to everyone, Jono looking back to the teens. So knows he didn't get here on his own. Would ask if they are okay, but Mikhail does. Sorry, thinking is a little hard right now, but he manages a quiet, «Gordon, not George. Gordon Bennet. It's a surprise phrase. Like good heavens or what… Why am I explaining slang?» Plaintive that. Whine. «What the bloody hell is going on?» For all he can see the mark in the hologram.

Mike looks at the circuit board-like image, of course, because, it might be a machine! He might … not ANYTHING to do with a car at all, is it? Nor an electronic ignition, nor a steering system? Oh well, then not interesting.

Hank does a quick search of the medical records database, and then nods. "Skyler…Jono, Brian, Daisuke and Lorna were exposed. And it seems that Brian was experiencing the same pain that is currently debilitating Jonothon." Hank smiles to Mikhail. "If you could help the others gather the people I just listed, that would be a huge help." Alas, it is a tracking device, not a motor. Though Moto-Jono sounds like a new Powerpuff Girls villain…which might be fun, another time. Turning back to Jonothon, he meets the other man's gaze. "Your diamond mark is active, and seems to be some sort of techno-organic virus. It is rewritting some of your cells,..the pattern suggesting a tracking device." A nod. "I have some ideas on how to counter it, but it will take time.."

Robyn walks over and looks at Jono and offers a smile. "Glad we were able to get you down here Jono." He's not really sure what to say. He looks at Hank and nods. "I'll go see if I can find any of them." He says giving Jono an second reassuring smile and going to leave. "Rashmi, Mikhail, Mike, I'll see you guys later." He says as he leaves the room. He's also leaving cause it's incredible awkward for him, the worry and the tension and he kind of wants to escape.

Rashmi nods quietly, moving first to the exam table and waving to Robyn. "Good luck! I'll look too, just, um… A little later. If it's okay, I'd like to make sure Jono's okay before I do any kind of looking. …Being worried is sort of really distracting, you know? Mikhail, you said you got a tattoo removed?"

That is so news he didn't want to hear. A virus. Then again he knew it would be bad. Jonothon's glad no one was hurt. «Thanks, gel. …Robyn» To Rashmi for staying, to Robyn for the smile, but since he doesn't know what else to say about the mark he falls silent. Hell, thanks everyone. Stares up at that hologram for a time. Then he realizes something and asks, «Painkillers?» Plaintive again. He really hurts.

Mikhail waves as Robyn leaves, then turns as Rashmi speaks to him, "Yes i got the tattoo on my wrist removed, Dr. McCoy was kind enough to help", he keeping an eye on Jono, from the times hes spoken to him he is nice, and nice people shouldn't get hurt.

Well. Techno-organic. Wasn't that what Magneto was muttering about in his vaguely evil but terrifyingly powerful way?
"What's this Techno-organic thing about? Am I made of that? Did I get infected? Is this going to try to make me go all evil and stuff? I already gave up slacking for lent, I don't want to give up free will."
The Boy Robot is NOT happy.

"Oh!" Hank looks deeply ashamed, and then vaults over to the medical cabinet. "Actually, I've tailored some meds to your particular non-physiology." He opens up a sealed container, and then returns with a modified pain-patch. Ah! Sweet relief. Hank smiles to the kids that are leaving, and then to Rashmi and Mikhail before he looks to Jono again. "One patch, every four hours, no more." And then he blinks and hastens to reassure Mike. "Oh dear me no, you're not at risk. First, the virus isn't infectious and second there's no vector for it to attack your systems through — it requires organic cells of Jono's particular type to sustain it." And then he makes sure Jono is okay before he goes to the main workstation and tries to work out a way to slow and/or reverse the progress of the stuff.

"Oh," Rashmi says, faintly puzzled, to Mikhail about the tattoo, "that was kind of him, yes… well, I'm glad you're doing okay, then." Scooting a chair up next to Jono's bed, she takes a seat, throwing Mike a relieved smile as Hank spreads the mostly good news. "Thanks again, Mike, for carrying him… It would have been a whole lot harder without your help."

Mikhail smiles at Rashmi before waving to everyone and leaving as well, he knows Daisuke's scent so it shouldn't be too hard to find him and to find Skyler he just has to find Dallas' scent.

Okay, that is soooo much better. The patch applied and Jonothon's eyes half-lid. The psy-fire too retracts and grows sluggish. Doesn't disappear, but it's a far less volatile thing. «Warned you.» Said kind of muzzily to Hank. Yep, that stuff feels great! Thanks. «Sorry, mate.» To Mike. Thankfully Hank knows the answers for the teen. And finally Rashmi, he looks to her. «You don't have to stay. I'm not going anywhere.» At least he's going to try not to. The psy-fire does poke experimentally at the hologram though.

Mike peers at the psy-fire. "Nnot really a problemm Jono, I oowed you ten or eeleven. But nnow I need fuel, and tiime to back uup my braain."

Rashmi shakes her head, face resolute as she drops into the chair. "I know I don't have to, Jono. But, I'm going to anyway. You deserve to have someone here for you too, you know?"

Back up your brain? «Heh.» A pause, «Cheers.» Good night, Mike. Jonothon looks to Rashmi after this, «Gel, I'm dangerous. You saw that. I appreciate it, but I'll be okay.» There's that assurance again. It's sure to be as empty as it was in the atrium. «I think I'll sleep a while anyway.» Not that he does so immediately. Nope, just resting there, pain free for the first time in a few days.

Mike slips out the door, making a noise that loosely simulates whistling to himself. "G'nite," he says with almost no distortion, as it closes behind him.

"You sleep, then," Rashmi says, voice almost dripping with gentle patience as she pulls a book out of her bag and settles down to read. "But please don't talk like I'm stupid, okay? I know you're dangerous… but so is everyone else here, in one way or another. Why should you be so special that you have to be left alone, mh?"

«Because I'm the one on the medical bed with the bloody virus.» That's why he's special. Jonothon is a special snowflake, yes. Just don't mind that his words are hazy around the edges. That's a really nice painkiller there. «Amrgh…» That's when it all really takes hold. He expresses a bit of disapproval for her just sitting there, but then drifts off to sleep. Enjoy your book, Rashmi.

"And that's why it's *really* important that I be here until you sleep," Rashmi replies firmly, unwavering. And so she sits, blithely ignoring any and all dirty looks thrown her way, until well after Jonothon's fallen asleep. When she looks over at his bed a bit of an hour later, she nods, smiling to herself, and slips out of the chair to creep back to her dorm.

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