2009-06-15: Graceful Water



Summary: What happened when Drew touched the Gem.

Date: June 15, 2009

Graceful Water

Rating: PG

As Drew picks up the blue gem things start to change, the island they're on and the others fade out of view and he's left standing in an empty sort of arena, that on closer inspection looks to be a circus tent of sorts. He's the only spectator standing in the middle of rows and rows of empty seats. One asian girl with long hair braided down the middle of her back, is alone in the center ring going through a series of complex acrobatic manuvers.

Drew is always known for one thing more than anything else. Take it as it comes. Let it all flow. He turns around, looking over the circus with a bit of a curious air. As he turns to see the woman, he pauses. Or rather, the girl. "Wow. Never been to a circus before. Don't know how I got here or anything, but hey. Nifty." he says with a chuckle.

Hearing the voice, the Asian girl turns and looks at Drew. "Oh, it you." She says in broken English, her Chinese accent thick. "You replace me. I water too." She says a friendly smile on her face as she walks up to meet Drew. "Angelie said you come." She doesn't look that old and is aboug four foot ten if lucky. She's dressed in a leotard and tights, her practice clothing.

Drew looks down at himself as he realizes the clothing is a little… tight on his body. "Replace you?" He tilts his head, moving closer. Fear? He's rarely afraid, just being so comfortable in who and what he is. "Angelie? Who's she? And where's this?" he asks, just looking around and taking it all in.

"This is work." She explains. "I am Ehuang, I am water, like you." Ehuang explains with a bow to Drew. "It is not bad thing Drew, replace good." She says with a smile, accepting the flow of the cycle of spirits. "Angelie is friend, she is only one I met like us. You know what us is?"

"Not really. You… feel like the others do. Kaden, Keith, Dmitri, and Xane. So, you control water? Or… did?" Drew asks, thinking about things. "Can I meet Angelie? If she's like us… how many of us are there?" He asks, looking about a little bit more.

Ehuang reaches out and pokes Drew in the chest with a smile. "I do, or did. Like you Drew. You and I both water." She explains with a nod. "We both flow like water, linked with water, /are/ water. You, I, this worlds water. The element needs someone, you are that someone." She says with a nod. "Sorry, you can't meet Angelie, she not here. And there are five of us, I only know her. The spirit or the spirit. Five good ones."

"Ooooh. I… think I get it." Drew says with a nod. "Five, and you never met? Wow. All five of us live together, or close enough to BE living together." Drew says with a nod. "Are water? You mean like… elementals?" Drew's read his share of fantasy. "Wait. Good? There are others?"

"Yes, elementals. You, we, do not just contorl water or have connection with water, we are water." Ehuang explains as she starts to do a few back hand springs down the stairs and her movements are fluild. "We are water. I am Acrobat, I move like water." Then she raises her eyebrows at Drew and smiles. "You all meet? All five? I wanted to meet others but I could not." Then her face grows sad. "Yes others, I only run in with Disease. We fight, Angelie help, neither win." She says softly as she looks at her hands and two blue, watery fans apear in them. "Fight hard."

"Hmm… that explains a lot." Drew says, with a quick nod as he ponders things. "If you never met the others. And they never met… but we are… with the world in the shape it is…" He stops. "That doesn't sound like it's leading somewhere good." Drew says, with a sudden nod. He looks at the fans and grins slightly. "Bladed fans?" He asks. Video Games, eat your hearts out.

"Bad spirits, afraid you meet them soon." Ehuang warns Drew as that's about all she can tell him. "You not die until old like me. And you heal hurt people." Ehuang says with a nod before breaking out in a smile at the questions. "My fans, they are linked with me but to help against bad spirit, here." She says handing the pair of bladed fans to Drew. "Link to you now."

"Heal hurt people? What do you mean?" Drew says, not quite com… or does he. "Why didn't I think of anything like that before? Water makes up most of their bodies… I should stop faking stupid. It's affecting me." He says, sighing and looking down. As the fans are pushed towards him, he blinks again, reaching out tentatively to grip them.

Ehuang reaches out a finger to poke Drew on the forhead. "Yes, if you want, think, water heals." She says with a nod. As Drew's hands take the pair of fans they change shape, the water moving fluidly to form one long water whip. "Speical weapon for you." Ehuang says with a nod.

Drew laughs softly at Ehuang's reaction. "I got it. I got it. Think. Stop letting the world just go around me." He really does understand things, despite his actions sometime. He looks at the whip and ponders. He cracks it off to the side with a chuckle. "Well, I guess that's what it assumes is best for me." He… has used water like a whip before, so why not?

"Whip fluild like water." Ehuang says with a nod. She puts both hands on the side of Drew's face and looks up at him. "We water, we emotional, we love lots, we flow, we accept. Think but continue to just go with flow. You do good." She says as she leans forward to kiss his check just as the circus tent starts to fade out.

"I'll try." Drew says with a nod, blushing at the kiss. "It was… nice to see you." He says, offering a firm grim towards the girl. He doesn't know what brought all of this on, but to him, it was necessary. He has to stop certain parts of his actions. He understands that now. The others? he doesn't know what they are dealing with, but he knows it's something big, if it's anything like his.

Ehuang smiles and nods. "Go Drew, you be good. I have faith." She says with a nod right before the world fades and Drew's back on the island with his water whip.

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