2009-06-23: Grand Finale


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Summary: Its time for the final showdown with Dr. Sting! Will out adventurers get back home or be lost before they were even born?

Date: June 23, 2009

Grand Finale

Rating: PG-13

The White Room - Location and Time Unknown

Time travel comes with an abrupt stop this time. Nothing like being thrown to the floor or anything, just a feeling like it was rushed. And once more, Julian, Jared, Jordan, Eddie, and Daisuke are back together. Eddie and Julian appear to be dressed like prep-school students, Jordan's in an army uniform, Dai's dressed in a smaller version of Banshee's costume, and Jared's in a lot of what looks like leather. And they all seem to be in a rather quiet place. It's all white, stretching out as far as the eye can see. No walls, nothing in the sky, just endless white and the feeling of being watched.

"Alright. This place is creepy," Eddie says quietly, tugging a bit nervously on the tie around his neck. Skeets meanwhile blinks and starts displaying information rapidly. Most of it seems to be about how all five of the mutants have gathered and a temporal disturbance nearby. Following the data provided will point to something about thirty yards away. Some kind of odd, robotic bee about the size of a cat hovering and watching the group.

"Great. Another jump into some place and some time I don't know about. Don't you have any control over yourself?" Jordan asks the talking jewelry he refuses to call Skeets. After all, where he comes from, that's not a good thing. "We're all together again?" He asks, looking at the others nearby. He tugs the cap on his outfit.

Daisuke dosen't open his eyes for a few seconds not wanting to see where he is now. It's not until he hears Eddie and Jared's voice that he opens his eyes. "Oh thank you, we're all together again." He says sounding releived, well for a second. He looks at what data points out and sighs. "Can't this damn thing give us a read out on what hell we're in now before something attacks us?"

Jared blinks as he jumps again, dressed in a little more leather than normal for him grinning as he can feel all of his friends this time. "Dai!" He calls out before rushing to give his boyfriend a quick hug before he actually looks at his own Personal Electronic Annoyance. "Yeah, a little warning would be nice. Who knows, when Stark makes a working version of these things he will take that into effect too."

Skeets' initial reply is a static noise. The words 'THE WHITE ROOM' display on the location read out. "Control… Unit frag-fragment…" a pause for another static noise. "approaching rapidly!" the AI manages to get out. And to those watching the robo-bee, it's started to fly towards them, it's obtics glowing blue.

"What the hell is it talking about?" Jordan asks, making sure to move nearer the others. He's not growing or shrinking, but remaining in his normal size for the moment. After all, neither is much protection… for now. They may prove useful.

Daisuke returns the quick hug to Jared before turning as the talking braclette says that it's approching rapidly. He tries to get towards the center of everyone and throw up a sonic barrier between them and whatever is approching. A low thrum comes from his throat as the wall of sound goes up and Daisuke hopes it protects them.

Jared turns his powers on the mechanical bee thing, just to make sure its not a cyborg alien thing or a small person in a robot vehicle. As the sound barrier goes up he grins a little and pulls the metal tonfa's he picked up from the strange Regen guy. For just an instant Jared wonders at the way the human mind works, lost in time in some place called the white room about to face a giant robot bug and the one thing that keeps intruding on his thoughts is how hard it is going to be to get permission to keep the pair of metal tonfa.

The sonic barrier from Dai is joined by one of Julian's telekinetic barriers and the bee just seems to glow brighter. True enough, the bee turns out to be one hundred percent robot. And about a foot before reaching the barrier, the robobee vanishes in a flash of blue light. Left behind is a swirling mass of that same light. Skeets statics up again. "Control unit fragment…loc-location unknown."

Eddie peeks out from behind his arms and blinks. He looks from Skeets to the light to the others. "What just happened?"

"Really couldn't tell you." Jordan says, size beginning to fluctuate a little in his annoyance. But still, even though ONE person knows his shrinking ability, he prevents himself from getting smaller. "How are we supposed to figure anything out without his knowledge, since he seems to be glitching." He says, glancing to the others behind the shields with him.

Daisuke lets the sonic barrier down as the thing disappears. "I don't nkow Jordan, I don't know. Maybe we should just start walking? It's not like much had made sense before this anyway." Daisuke says as he looks around and starts to take a few steps forward. "What do we have besides this." He holds up his hand with the device on it. "And whatever we have from time?"

Jared grins as he pulls most of Dr Sting's belt buckle out of a pocket. "Yeah, quick trip to the future, or at least our future, and I have most of the control unit. From what I gather Dr. Sting has the last bit and with it and this we can go home. That, and apparently I either turn into Scott or Mister Logan at some point over the next 15 to 20 years." Jared is not sure what to do given that he has yet to take part in any training session that would cover the current situation.

Eddie pulls the little iPhone looking thing out of his pocket and shows it to the group. "We got this thing when in the wild west," he says, the device displaying something suddenly. There are five green dots gathered around with one blue dot in the center. A red is moving away from the cluster and yet another red dot is moving towards them.

As the two barriers go down, Jared will sense something wrong and Julian hits the ground, a dart stuck in his arm. The healer-mutant will sense he's got a sort of paralyzin poison in him. More darts come flying for Jared and Daisuke but their powers will protect from the poison. Jordan and Eddie aren't targeted due to being behind Jared and Dai. Looking where the darts came from will reveal Dr. Sting. Armor damaged and holding a gun of some kind, the doctor is walking towards them slowly.

"We got this piece somewhere, too." Jordan admits, pulling the piece he got out of his pocket. As he sees Dr. Sting arrive, he sneers. "Dude, you started this, why don't you just lay off so we can go back home and go back to our lives?" He asks, growing and becoming incorporeal again.

Just because the poision doesn't have effect doesn't mean the darts don't sting when hit. He lets out a bit of a hiss and pulls out one of the darts. "Listen, we just want to go home, so why don't you save youself an ass beating and lets us go home."

Jared growls a little as he feels the sting of the poison darts. He moves to make sure as much of his body covers Eddie as possible. Of course as he does so he moves the hand that was holding the mostly fixed control device behind him hoping Eddie sees it and realizes he is trying a stalth hand off where Dr Sting can't see them. Jared does not say anything, or try to remove the darts since his healing factor will have his body pushing them out in a second anyway.

If Jordan and Jared combine their pieces they will find there are only two small holes left. One is shaped a lot like what's left of Dcctor Sting's belt buckle. Eddie drops the phone-thing as he's handed the piece from Jared.

"Oh, the games end here children. I'm through with you. With the control device fragmented, no one's jumping out of here. You're finished and then I'm going back to my mission," the doctor growls. "You see, you may have most of the control device but I separated the last piece. I have half and the other is well…" he gestures towards the mass of light behind them.

Mass of light? "Distract him." Jordan says softly at the others. He may have move quickly. And in a way the others haven't seen. After all, if he shrinks down, he's faster than any of the ones here, travelling a little past Mach 4 at his smallest size. "I'll look around and see what I can find back there." The others, other than Julian, don't know that side of him, but he's planning to do what he can to fix this. He passes his piece to Jared.

"Right." Daisuke says as he looks to Dr. Sting. "Sorry but we're going home and if you just let us go home the easy way, we souldn't have to do this." He says as he takes a deep breath and lets out a sonic scream but it's not a blast attack. He sets the pitch to try to stun Dr. Sting.

Jared plays his own version of the shell game, as he is obviously handed the piece of the control device that Jordan picked up he trys the stealthy hand it to Eddie move again. "Jordan, we should take out Sting first, we can follow the big bug later after we have enough of the control device that the bugs piece will let us jump home." If he can get the bit of the device Jordan handed him to Eddie, Jared will charge Dr Sting hoping to follow up Dai's stunning screach with smack to the side of the villian's head.

Eddie blinks as he's handed another piece of the device. He looks at them and then over at Julian. "Uhh," he whispers. Watching Jordan, Eddie's surprised but says nothing.

Should Jordan fly through the light, it'll emit a loud SQEUAK noise before vanishing. The size-changer will get a quick glimpse of what appears to be Kang the Conqueror fighting the Avengers before there's another flash oflight and he'll find himself crashing into the Hudson River.

Daisuke's sonic blast staggers Dr. Sting long enough for Jared to hit him. The eye on the man's helmet cracks and the doctor smacks Jared with a backhand before throwing the now empty dart-gun at Dai.

In an instant, Jordan has shrunken down and darted into the light, to try to find the other piece that was hidden there, according to the other. Hmm. Two stops. Maybe he went too fast. Pausing as he's in the water, he holds what breath he has to get a better view of where he is.

Running forward Daisuke doesn't even give Dr. Sting a chance to recover. It's an empty dart-gun, so Howl easily ducks out of the way before letting off another sonic blast at him. He's not about to go easy on this guy, not even for a second. He's getting out some frustrations on being lost in time on the guy

Jared has learned a few things about fighting since he joined Xaviers, one of the big lessons he learned was from having Wolverine hand him his backside. The lesson, was too keep your opponent off guard and be surprising.

As Dr. Sting trys to back hand him Jared throws his body backwards to dodge while hooking his right leg forwards to try andhook it around Stings leg at the knee so that as he pulls his body back up right he can try and drive the villan to the ground.

Under the dirty Hudson River, there's not too much. But up above, high in the sky there are two points of interest. The first is what seems to be the superhero known as Nova fighting a slightly purple hued Thor. The other is the bee bot, it's eyes starting to glow again.

As Dai charges and unleashes another blast, Dr. Sting raises the arm with the undamaged armor and a shimmering yellow light consruct seems to just absorb the sound. Of course, he's not expecting Jared's attack and falls backwards. After a curse in German, the doctor points the glowing construct at Jared and releases Dai's sonic blast at the healer.

As this happens, Jared will feel a sudden increase in power. Triple his normal levels infact. Eddie, now dressed very much like Jared, is working on healing Julian it seems.

Fortunately, Jordan moves VERY quickly. That's the great thing at his small size. While the superheroic fight is interesting, he's got his own battle to wage. Moving as quickly as he can, he tries to tackle himself at the bee-bot. Sure, it'll be rather large to him right now, but… like Mr. Guthrie… he's nearly invulnerable while he's blasting.

Daisuke notices that the sonic blast is directed towards Jared and he just runs right towards Dr. Sting. Daisuke isn't much of a fighter but he's not happy. He just runs forward in an attempted to tackle Dr. Sting to the ground, very much in the fashion of a spear manuver. Just, Dai isn't that strong but he's that annoyed.

Jared's healing is on par with Wolverines at the moment, thanks to Eddie, but without the problems that come with super hearing and sonic based attacks. He takes the blast from the villian easily and is ready to attack the man he has nocked over when a balistic Daisuke flys right past him aimed for Sting. Note to self, don't anger boyfriend.

It's a good thing Jordan's so fast because he just avoided one bug-zapping from a villain-controlled Thunder God. When he impacts the BeeBot, Jordan causes another loud SQUEAK. The world shifts again, this time dumping them in the middle of what appears to be Times Square. And the city has seen better days. It looks like a riot went through the area and up on a nearby rooftop, Jordan might just catch a glimpse of the villains known as Carnage and Demogoblin. The robo-bee sparks and buzzes angrily on the pavement, wings broken by Jordan's attack.

As Dai goes pro-wrestling on Sting, the doctor falls back again. Growling, the partially armored man reaches down to pick Dai up and throw him at Jared. "Stupid children!"

Jordan doesn't let go, holding to the bee as best he can. "Look… Buzzbuzz. I need something only you can give me. So why don't you just work with me here? ARE you the other piece, or is it in you, or are you leading me TO it?" He asks, trying to look the thing all over as best hec an while not getting away.

Daisuke is kind of happy that Dr. Sting actually goes down, that is until he's tossed into Jared. He takes a few moments to recover and regroup himself, using the time to just study Dr. Sting. "I think we've got him Medic." Daisuke says as he just studies Dr. Sting, looking for a weakness.

Jared catches Daisuke and grins, "Oh yeah, he is going down." Jared lets the Tonfa in his left hand slip so that instead of holding by the handle like peice he is holding the end farthest from it so that he can use the weapon like a hook. Jared darts forwards again, swinging the tonfa as if he is going to hook it around Sting's knee and trip him agian in a faint while he uses the momentum of his twisting body and the strength increase from his powers being boosted to try and slam the long part of his right hand tonfa that is held along side his fore arm into the villian's head.

THe Robot Bee's answer is more angry buzzing. It dosn't seem to speak english. There is an answer in the form of a dome on the bug's back protecting what looks a lot like a piece of the control unit.

Sting's up by the time Jared charges. Seeing Jared go for his knees again, the villain unleashes a blast of energy at the healer's midsection. The tonfa blow will make it a grazing shot instead of point blank and it brings a lot of curses from Sting as the eye-portions on his armor shatter.

Doing what he does best, Jordan bashes… GENTLY… to try to get at the piece. After all, he's exceptionally strong at this small size. He's doing his best to control himself and take what he needs. Looking down at his watch. "After I get this thing, will you be able to get me back there?" He asks it.

"Don't for his mask anymore." Daisuke says to Jared as he screams again at Dr. Sting, this time aiming for his mid-section. "Why don't you just give up and give us what you need Sting, it'll be easier on you or else Medic and I will finish this fight since it looks like you're blind right now and your armour can't take much more."

Jared takes the blast of energy from Sting in the midsection and is nocked back several feet landing on his back as the tonfa held in his left hand slides a little ways away from him. As Daisuke gives the villian a chance to give up Jared stands up growling. most of the front of Jared's shirt is gone, and his stomach from just above the belt up to jsut below his pecks is a mass of burnt and bloody skin. As the healer moves to collect his dropped weapon his stomach is already healing, the blood has stopped, and the burnt flesh is slowly replaced by clean undamaged skin starting at the edges and moving inwards. "You gonna give up bub, or do I have to get angery?"

The dome shatters but not without bloodying Jordan's knuckles. Skeets crackles and statics again. "Unknown. Unknown," comes the reply. Apparently the piece Sting separated messed with poor Skeets' AI. There's a slight pause before a new voice comes over the line. "Hold on a sec, kid. I'm opening a portal by remote. You'll need to be fast though," comes a more human voice. And true enough, a swirling mass of light appears several feet away. The reason for the need for speed becomes clear when a whistling sound is heard. Looking up…one of Demogoblin's flaming pumpkin bombs is coming over the side of the roof with a glob of webbing stuck to the side.

Dr. Sting lifts his shield-arm again to defend against Dai's scream. Though the scream proves too strong in the armor's weakened state, shattering into fading sparkles. Sting skids back and starts ranting in german. Reaching up, he pulls off his helmet. Not an attractive man under there. "Just DIE!" he yells, lifting his arm and firing an energy blast at Dai. Meanwhile, another swirling portal opens in the air behind and above Sting.

Regardless of how fast it's travelling, it doesn't move as fast as the human Bullet. Jordan grabs what he needs,mindless of the damage to himself. With the taken piece, he slams his body into gear towards the point of light, trying to get back to the right time frame… or mid-range thereof. If he can, he's going to try to sneak around behind whatever's going on and grab the pieces he can and fit them together. Yay, tiny!

Daisuke isn't fast enough to dodge the energy blast, but he tries to dodge so he manages to get hit in the side instead of square on his torso. He holds back a cry of pain and just looks to Jared. "Get that last piece, the one on his belt buckle and get us home." He says as that hit hurt.

Jared is moving by the time that Sting has his helmet off. He knows how this sort of thing goes, a major outburst and either a killer/debilitating attack or an escape. His first instinct is to try and block the attack aimed at Daisuke, but even at just past peek human speeds even he can't out run most energy blasts. INstead he goes straight for Sting trying a left hook while grabbing at the last bit of the time control device. Given time if he can grab the device he will try a back hand and maybe a round house kick to the face for hurting Daisuke.

Another loud squeak deposits Jordan back into the White Room with a bit of flame at his tail from the explosion. He's just in time to see Jared connect with the hook. The healer even manages to knock one of the doctor's teeth out. As the healer takes the piece off Sting's belt, it's snatched by the human bullet. The moment he combines the two pieces and those Eddie's guarding, Skeets flickers to life with the words 'RECALL JUMP' flashing on screen. There's another light flash and all six people are moved. When the light clears, they can see they're on the deck of some large air-ship surrounded by what looks like SHIELD agents aiming weapons at Sting. "Well kids…" comes from the crowd. It's that Regen guy again. "You caught the bad guy. Now lets get you cleaned up and back when you belong. Get the lead out before you cause any more paperwork for me."

Twenty minutes and some patching up later, a portal is opened. The teens are each handed some backpacks containing the clothing and other goodies they picked up along the way of the trip. A quick farewell is offered before the five mutants are sent back to the year 2009, right on the beach behind the Xavier Mansion.

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