2010-10-25: Graverobbers

Players: David and Heather

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Summary: David and Heather dig up some grave at the Asylum.

Date: October 25, 2010

Log Title: Graverobbers

Rating: PG-13

Tegu-Haaz - Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents (Graveyard)

//Crosses, angels, simple rectangles, monuments and more make up the various graves in this once sacred ground. In the center is a mausoleum that reads 'Summers' with plenty of familiar names. Frost, McCoy, Drake, Monroe, Worthington and Pryde are another one of the large monuments along with several other familiar names from McMillan, Fegenbush , Vallon, Brown, Blake, VonReginleif, Danvers, Larkin, Pervinca and Palmer and more on the smaller graves. An 'X' with a circle surrounding it can be seen at the top of several of the graves. There are no first names or dates on the grave stones, just last names. Flowers long since dried and wilted sit on top of the graves. All around the grave yard is a three foot tall wrought iron fence with pointed tops along with a small gate that serves as it's only entrance. At the end of the graveyard the burned remains of a chapel can be seen. //

So maybe Heather's a little bit crazy. Maybe she's one of the few students who does not need any extra help from this place to become strange. But at least she has convictions, even if those convictions are mad. She turns towards David and signs her made up language to David, leaning her pickaxe against her body, <We do not know what will be in the grave. We will have to be careful. I suspect that any harm that comes to a person here is what turns them, no matter how small. If I am injured, stay near me until I change, and document. I'm sure I don't have to explain why, since you must know how my mind works by now.> She stops and then gestures towards the grave, <Robyn Larkin. Let's see the body of the ghost.> With that, she lifts the pickaxe up and begins breaking the ground, making quick work because of her superspeed. She's not worried about getting dirty, since there's already plenty of filth already on her body. She's kind of forgotten to take care of cleanliness after previous digging efforts.

Nodding and understanding what she is saying, David gestures back, <I figured the changes were occurring through physical contact from the attacks. Alright, but anything goes wrong, I will mentally screaming out for Ms. Frost.> He mumbles, "I don't know how I let these kids talk me into this." Mind not much older than the students, David, still dressed in the period clothes and black trenchcoat, holds a shovel in one hand and has a wooden made spear in the other ready should something happen. <Be careful.>

Heather pauses for a moment and gestures, <I can still hear you when you talk, it's just difficult.> After breaking through the dirt in pretty short order, she puts her pickaxe aside and adds, <Feel free to notify Frost if you need to. I'll be very careful, though. My preference is not becoming a ghost, zombie or monster. Hand me the shovel.> She reaches her hand out towards the digging implement.

David hands her the shovel, "Alright. well good." He stands by the edge of the Larkin grave and is grateful. He is not buried out here, but then considers if something worse may have happen to the 'David' of this world. If there even was one. Shaking his head and back to focusing on Heather. He holds his spear close and stands in a semi combative stance should something strike out at them.

More shoveling from Heather's end. She doesn't really seem to like or dislike the manual labor, keeping a neutral expression as she quickly digs the ground out, making sure to launch it away from David, since it's being thrown at superspeed and might be not only filthy, but dangerous! She just digs until she has to break up more ground, reminding herself of how deep she has to go from other graves she's uncovered. The 'Brown' and 'McMillan' graves are naught but holes anymore. She climbs out and gestures to David, <Feel free to speak while I'm keeping my hands busy. This is a boring task no matter how I cut it, so I won't mind the dull thrum of your voice.> Tact seems to be something she's leaving out of the conversation. <We shouldn't be much longer from your perspective though.> She grabs the pickaxe and starts swinging it like a champ.

Shaking his head and still in the combat pose, David says, "Well, alright then. So I see you dug up yours already? The fact that you are unchanged leads me to think that maybe not everyone will be attacked." he sighs,"I would offer to help, but I probably will be slower than you."

Heather pauses just a moment to respond, <Yes, you would be. It would be painful to watch. I would fall asleep and then wake up and you'd still be digging. As for my grave, I found my skeleton. If you want to check it out, it's behind the farmhouse. It's a pretty nice skeleton.> With those gestures out, she jumps out of the hole, drops the pickaxe and picks up the shovel again. <I'll make it to the grave this time. My arms are getting a little tired, though.>

Still watching Heather, "So let's see all who have changed. Robyn is a ghost. Mike is a clock. Star is a zombie. Troy is now Leo. and Kisha is gone. I wonder that actually doesn't seem like alot. Oh wait, James and Jinx are human. I think that's everyone, but you know I haven't seen Connor. in some time." David thinks to himself and looks to the asylum, "Have you been inside, Heather?"

<I've been inside, I met Robyn there. I'm worried about Connor. I will have to seek him out like I did Robyn. He was acting like a leader there for awhile, but now, he's gone,> signs Heather, waiting until she hits the top of the coffin with her shovel before making this action. She adds, <I'm going to break this open, okay? Stay alert.> With that, she digs around the edges of the coffin and then pries it open, revealing a skeleton in tattered white clothes, holding a teddy bear in its arms. "Hmm." She squeaks.

David stands atop the grave and looks down and is shocked to see a body with a teddy bear, "Well, that was definitely not what I was expecting." David still remains tense and combat ready, "Pull it out and let's get a closer look at it. Chloe had found a note in hers, so maybe there is something more than just the body and the bear."

Heather jumps out in a single bound, letting her superspeed jump carry her out. <Go down and look closer if you want to right now. I'm not sure if I want to steal a skeleton that isn't mine. Though I inevitably will.> She crosses her ankles together looking down. <It's a part of the game, though. Let's see how it looks now before decontextualizing it.> Her eyes widen slightly as a thought strikes her, but she does not continue moving her hands.

David hmmmns and looks it over with a morbid curiosity, "Well, I guess." His spear is drawn and ready just in case. He tips the top of the coffin to get a better look at the skeleton and the bar, "I should have brought my cyberglasses." He pokes at the skeleton and at the bear for any sort of reaction.

Heather taps the ground a few times to make a sound and get David to look at her. <Could it be that the bear belongs to this world's Robyn, the one who is dead and dressed in white? Maybe…> She pauses from her gesturing for a few moments, and tilts her head, <Maybe this will evoke memories, and we can learn more about the world we find ourselves in.>

"Well I would think it is this world's Robyn." David ponders what Heather says, "It's a good idea, but how would we evoke those memories? There are no psychometrists among those that are here with us. I might be able to analyze it with the glasses" He looks towards the Asylum, "But you're thinking if we give it to our Robyn, what will happen?"

<Do you think I have a magical brain? I don't know what will happen if we give it to him. We're doing experiments, that's all. We will give it to him, and see how he reacts. If he reacts to it in any significant way, we will gain some knowledge, which in our situation, is precious,> signs Heather, adding, <Feel free to sign now. It's less annoying when you do. Anyways, it might give us an idea for a way to proceed.> She kicks her feet slightly and tilts her head. <And we are evoking memories not using psychological stuff, but using a cue. If I'm shown certain things, I will get flashbacks. It may be the same.>

David rolls his eyes, "It's good to see somethings haven't changed." He says that sarcastically as he leans down and pokes the teddy bear one more time before he stabs it with the spear and pulls it from the skeleton's grasp. holding i out and studying it for some time, he then signs, <Do you know where Robyn is now?>

<Yes, I do,> signs Heather, hopping to her feet and flailing about before getting herself to sign. <You didn't damage it much, did you? We'll have to repair it. It's a nostalgia item, we don't want to make him angry… Or else he might not talk to us!> She crouches down again to look at it.

As David pulls the Teddy Bear out, there is no damage to it other than a small hole. He carefully examines the bear and then signs, <It's fine, but if we need to fix the tiny hole, we can at the tavern or farmhouse, so of us have had to learn how to sew.> He passes the bear to Heather for her to look at it closer.

Heather furrows her brow slightly looking at the slight hole in the toy and signs, <Then lets go to the farmhouse. I'd like to check in on how everyone is doing, if any of them has seen Connor recently.> She brushes some hair aside, leaving a streak of dirt on her forehead. <There is no point in taking unnecessary risks, after all. The bear must be as we found it.>

David nods his head and signs, <Ok let's go.> He can't believe how he spent this evening, but he thinks this may be a way out.

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