2020-06-11: Great Idea


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Summary: Deadpool makes a delivery and mingles with Sabina

Date: June 11, 2020.

Log Title Great Idea

Rating: R (L)

The Future - Salem Center - Hunter's Den

The surrounding area that serves as the Hunters Den is as expansive as it is diverse. Looking much like an extended bivouac, tents and improvised shelters stretch for blocks in all directions. For those with the means, makeshift bars and eateries offer a change of pace from enlisted foodstuffs, while other structures offer questionable forms of entertainment and more. Beyond the archway, in stunning contrast to the outside shantytown, the Mall has been renovated into a well defended headquarters of sorts offering the Hunters elite a temporary respite from the war and a place to rest, shower, eat, and rearm.

Sabina's days bled together, if through the thick smog filled skies of war one could see the sun the difference might be able to be told. Right now she couldn't tell if it was dusk or dawn, but the darkness was lifting albeit lightly. Sleep was for the weak, or those who had nothing on their mind, but she was not pleased with something and ideas were now the dominant take over in her mind. Her minions fell to quickly, but what if they were not simple, what if they were complex, made of the stuff they were up against?

Asking Deadpool to gather bodies seemed to be rather simple, he seemed bored, bouncy, and that scared her when he got bouncy and played with the weapons. He was taking longer than she expected, in that time she had laid out some blueprints, rough and crudely drawn - nearly illegible, showered, and gotten them both food. A body of a large dog was already laying in the tent, dead likely three weeks and to keep it from too much more decay she had wrapped it in an old form of mummification. Perched in a seat with her feet beneath her and the ham sandwich in her hands she was pushing over her papers wearing a simple black tank top, her camo pants and the tanker boots unstrapped. No hoody, no cover save the thick wet veil of black hair hanging down to dry around her face.

*Meep meep* " Coming through, outta the way! Hands OFF!" These noises were all heard as that obnoxious horn went out again, out in the mall area swerving between manikins set up in random locations wearing various articles of clothing, almost daily re-arranged and changed about these obstacles seemed ever present to just about any of the Hunters who went to that area of the Den, Deadpool's own personal 'playhouse' full of all of his special friends right now he was crossing by a line of them who were set up like a firing squad all lined up facing a pile of plastic dolls from one of the many toy stores, their weapon of choice - stapleguns, crossbows, nerflaunchers, slingshots and a blowdryer. What Deadpool was driving was a golfcart that was graffiti laden, covered in stickers and tassels behind it a pull wagon loaded with corpses and chunks of salvaged metal. Another blaring *meep meep* sounded out as he pulled to a stop infront of a "Last stop, Shantytown!" He snicker sto himself as he hops out of the golfcart head peering into the tent that was perhaps his only friends, striding to the back of it he dipped through to another tent, the smelly one Sabina seemed to spend alot of time. "Sabi I got your order! Fresh and not so fresh corpses… and a special treat." As he appeared his arms were behind his back something bundled and held in them wrapped in one large christmas green bow, his face under the mask was obviously set into a large smile. "But you have to guess what it is! You get three tries and no peeking."

Hearing him return was not hard. Many people came back making noises. Be they ranging from gurgling, to pained cries or hollers of victory. Deadpool on the other hand had his very own war cry above the masses that were mostly still in a stupor because this was not their shift. Her tent was nothing descript, it matched the rows of militaristic tents that stood on posts and had swing open/close doors via flaps. Inside was a different story, but not in the meager furniture, in what hung on the walls. Skins, bones, beads…If New Orleans still existed anywhere Marie Laveau would be haunting her tent for the remnants and the feel of home. Around her neck still hung that sack of beads and added small bones that upon inspection were uncannily like fingers. They were. Dropping from the stool she approached Wade and one brow rose, tugging at a one of the scars that ran across the face in a matching scrawl of three, the one on her jaw twitching with the working of her jaw in thought. "Charades, can we do it like charades? Is it dead?" With these two it seemed like the phrase: "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye - then its fucking hilarious.." Lived on.

"Well yes, its dead. Otherwise this would just be totally demented and I ain't that bad, I think." He looked up as if in contemplation, studying the top of the tent. "Okay so… whats the creepiest thing you can think of? Scarier than Killer Clowns from Outer Space sort of scary? I mean, make you wet your panties sort of, oh my god I just seen Joan Rivers naked scary? "

Sabina blinked and looked down, there was thought put into that because he had her beat at Joan Rivers naked…That woman had more botox that Pamela Anderson had in her lips alone, their bodies were likely still preserved at six feet deep currently without a need for embalming fluid. Then it came to her. "Blob in thongs, not Sumo style but like, lacey…And chasing you wanting to cuddle. So…"Where was this going? Through the apparent shake of trying to rid herself of that imagery she rocked from heel to toe, leaning a bit closer forward towards Wade and raised both brows. "Am I at least close?"

"Fred in a thong, that's a milkshake that will bring all the boys to the yard. But no, you are not close!" Deadpool's arms came out infront of him the package produced outstretched in his hands, "Unwrap it and I'll tell you my idea, it's like the best idea I've come up with since thinking Icy Hot would make a great lubricant wait, no, that wasn't a very great idea. You get the drift, unwrap unwrap! Take the scariest most despicable thing you can think of and add zombie to that!"

Sabina just blinked at Wade at the Milkshake reference. That song with the imagery had her lips drawn tightly together and perhaps she went a little green thinking of Fred dancing to that song. "He would make good soap that would last the camp months." Way to change the subject! When the package was handed to her she tucked it close and turned to set it on the table and tore off the paper bag wrapping and placed the bow to the side. She liked the bow, but when the paper was peeled away what was revealed she had to think on. For a moment her brow furrowed just above the bridge of scarred nose and her hand rested on the object, the corpse of an infant, tapping over its sternum gently in that thought, then more like she would start cooing at it as if it was alive, nearly playful. "Icy-hot? Really?? Okay, wouldn't know how that went, but what is your thought on this?" The hand on the infants body rose in a gesture to it, the smile slowly coming to her lips, but the tug of the thick scar along her jaw ceased its movement to a further grin. "I'm all ears now." Gesturing to the chair beside her's before it was a plate with another ham sandwich, a can of coke, and a twinky. Hey, this was deluxe these days.

"Ya like?" Deadpool grinning ear to ear under the mask giving a moment though to stop and look at the uncovered corpse a shudder passed through him,"So disturbing, they creep me out so bad." This was one of those times where his attention span almost drifted off but he seemed to catch himself, "So I was watching Aliens, you got me? Yeah… think about it, Zombie Mommy has Zombie Baby accessory, like a chest burster just stitch up one of them bloated zuvembies and put some granny dentures on that lil Satan spawn, walla! Ultimate crapyoselfsurprise weapon. Bet even Sabretooth would poodoo all over in his man-wranglin' wrestler undies, it's absolutely terrifying, I'm getting chills just talking about it, but brilliant though huh? Then I can say stuff like… whats red and gray and splashes? Zombie baby playing in brain puddle!"

Apparently Sabina finally caught up to his prattling. Add zombie to it. Blink. Her eyes darted to peripheral and the dead infant on the table and her ham-which that was mid rise to her lips met a pause. Stepping back one foot rose to the chair followed by the other before she was back to her perched seat in it, now finally taking another bite of her food and contemplating while listening to Wade. Sometimes it was hard to keep it all together when he spoke so now she took her time with it. Once he was done talking and she was done with her sandwhich she picked up the torn paper and covered the infants body, but she was smiling, the unmarred side of her lips rising up to make it nearly lopsided but the smile was there. "It's great actually, ingenious and I doubt they would be able to even think about putting bullets in it, they'd be too busy making a bigger mess of themselves before they tried to run….What's funnier then a dead baby? Dead baby in a clown costume…We could just have it walking in one of those too…But..I like your idea better.." Her eyes focused on the now covered corpe as if there was a moment of reverence for the dead infant before the *tss* sounded and she was swigging her cola and looking back at Wade. "Wasn't that in Aliens versus Predator? It's been a while…"

Deadpool wrinkles his nose under the mask,"Meh, I dunno. Got the idea somewhere, mighta just been from watching too much of the Lifetime channel. " Waltzing over he leaned on the set up table near her. Pulling out a knife as his arms cross one over the other, idly scratching into it."Awful quiet around here today, not even a single tortured scream. "

"Lifetime channel explains it all." Her eyes darted towards him and then she gripped the green ribbon, pushing her hair back and using it to tie her hair back into a wet pony tail, getting it out of her face. "Yeah, but it is still early, I don;t know when the next round comes in, but that should kick it up a notch." Her tongue flicked over her lips and paused at the center of her lower lips before withdrawing back within and she peered at the door where he had left the golf cart. "I got you some food." She tapped the plate that was set for him and slid to a stand again, apparently antsy. Walking to the door of the tent she slid the door flap open slightly and looked over the cart to look back at Wade. "You sure now how to get good booty." Smirking slightly she let the flap fall back closed after she grabbed a bit of the metal and moved to the dogs corpse, lowering and measuring over its length, then setting it aside. "You think this will work? All of it?" No doubt was there in her voice but she was prodding for more thoughts, more concepts if any were left to be had.

Deadpool was cringing when she used the green ribbon to tie her hair up,the knife being sheathed once more as he followed her leaving behind a scratched in stick figure with overly large boobs and a pitchfork. "Ooo thank you, Sabi-licious." The plate lifted and sniffed, even prodded when she wasn't looking at him to make sure it wasn't moving. "I should, I'm a pirate in an alternate future timeline." Watching her while she moved the metal he turned and flicked the plate off so the food scattered unseen beside her tent, "Mmm that was good! You're like the Rachel Ray of Mutant Oppressors." Not that he had anything against her cooking but he never paid attention to where she gets her ingredients. "All of what? Huh?" His eyes having been inspecting the 'booty' while she was laboring at the metal. "Yeah it works just fine, wait. What part working? oh Zombie centipede? The ultra-aggressive progression of this profoundly depressing dystopian U.S. of Ahab?"

Sabina glanced from Wade to the plate and back. The look was questioning considering the speed the sandwhich was devoured but she didn't question it, the only thing she said in regards to it came out slow, showing her doubt. "Yeah..I got it from the rations tent, I haven't cooked in a long time now."

Moving back to the table she gripped the blue prints and slid them towards him. "This, creation will make Herbert West envious." All of it a small reminiscence of a past long gone, but nothing showed in her eyes though. "Yes the uber zombie of doom, now partnered with the mother and child. The daddy of it all…And Fluffy." She gestured to the dog with that comment and looked to the door when finally the low murmur of incoming Hunters showed the time of shift change occurring, but only at a trickle at this point. The leather holsters that were strapped to each thigh were tested for tension before she gathered up the two Rugers that had been laying on the bed, checking them for ammo and began to gear up. "Thank you for your help by the way." A flash of azure gaze to him and she turned to put the clips in the pockets of her cargo pants.

"Que mad scientist laughter?" Deadpool chuckles then walks a ways from the tent but still in visibility stretching his arms above his head. "Yeah well, it's help you out or go finish painting up some Sentinels to look like Voltron. Hey look the lunch traffic, think I'll go see if there is any new kids I can give swirlys to. " A wave was tossed out from over his shoulder and he was now strutting off, the sounds of, "Hey you! Yeah, you, kid with the eyepatch and buckteeth, don't who me, you're the only guy here who looks like they missed with Mr.Ed's carrot. Come'ere!" The shouts would drown out as distance was placed, at least Deadpool had plenty of entertainment to distract and relatively pacify.

"His girlfriend looks like Penelope Cruz…" As he left even shouting distance she murmur'd "..Sea biscuit, can't leave her out." Tilting her head as the machete was risen and slid into the holster down her back she grabbed the hoody and slung it on, zipping it and pulling the hood up to conceal once again. He got a red and black leotard and she preferred the loose and overly large concealment. She needed to get Wade ballet slippers. One small stroll and then she would come back and handle the bodies as well as the scraps of metal. So long in that tent was making her want to at least find something to do outside of torturing the Hunter 'freshmen' and overthinking her mad plot of scare tactic. What some people did to kill time during war.

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