2009-05-21: Green Meanie In Mutant Town


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NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Mutant Town, where else are you going to go when you need to collect more powers since this area of New York is filled with mutants. That's why The Green Humaniod that's been terriorizing the powered people has decided to come to this area for a second time. He floats down the ground and touches down in the middle the street with a heavy thud. The cement even cracks a bit which is weird since it didn't seem like he was decending that fast or with that much force.

The powerful sound outside the bar draws the attention of Nowhere's owner. One blue, glowy, concerned Nik Shivan steps out, glaring. He hasn't heard anything about this new menace, so he's not all that concerned. "Great. Another person who wants to act all powerful." He says, rolling his eyes. Not the first he's seen.

On patrol is the resident mutant police officer. Officer Simmons is just walking along casually as he sees the green thing land. Immediately, he pulls out his cell phone and begins dialing something into it. If she doesn't answer, he's leaving a message. He, unlike some, has a clue as to what this might be.

Hilary is just coming down to this area, and in fact, he's just outside of Nowhere when Nik steps out. "Nik," he says, spotting his bartender. "Come on, we've got to get out of here. I came to check on you, but—I think something's going on," he says, looking over at the green guy in the street. "I think we should go."

There's a theif about tonight but he's not out to steal anything, not yet at least. Dressed in his usual attire, which is to say elegant femine wear and makeup, the crossdresser known as Kage has heard of a certain item in the area that peaked his interested and he figured it'd be a good night to scope out. Apparently he was right as he notices the green humaniod land and crack the ground. Kage stays where he is but goes invisible just to watch.

Stepping out behind Nik is Danny has he was working behind the bar at Nowhere tonight. "Ah ain't htat just lovely." Danny comments behind him with a sigh and his skin starts to harden to a red rock. Hey, he's cautious.

In the air, a winged man flies around. Seems the news of a green man taking people's powers has gotten to the Freedom Force. Seraphim is keeping an eye on Mutant Town, where the highest concentration of mutants reside. Attached to his side is a sword, his combat vest holding many throwing knives, just in case something happens. He sees the green humanoid land and starts to dive down for an encounter.

In the shadows resides a man, well, he just looks like a shadow for now. Though there is one person who would notice him, and he just wet invisible. The shadow Simon looks at the green humanoid, joining Kage in observance.

Out of the corner of his eye, the Green Being notices something flying is diving at him so he reaches out a hand and an arc of lighting flies out and is shot right towards Gabriel in an attempt to get the flying man out of the sky. The others go ignored for the moment.

Hearing the calling, Nik looks to Hilary. "What? It's just some idiot falling to the ground. Come on inside. Have a drink. It'll be over in a few minutes." Nik knows better than to get involved around here. It's Mutant Town. "Daniel-san. Getcher ass back behind the bar." He says, tossing a wink at his bartender.

The officer sends the message to the Avenger, but doesn't go past that. There's no point at the moment. This is enough for it. Slowly he starts creeping his way in. Grabbing a cutting. Roses again. Easy, tough, prickly. He tosses a bit of vine towards it and waits for it to land before he adds in the growth.

"I don't think so, Nik," Hilary answers. He seems to be at his slimiest today. There are long trails of black goo behind him. It also might be noted that he's wearing white rubber gloves. "A friend of mine was badly hurt last week. Powers stolen. Come on, let's get out of here." He looks up as he notices a flying guy and lightning being shot off.

As soon as Danny spots the green man attacking Gabriel, he shakes his head at Nik. "Ah'm sorry sir, Ah can't do that, that one of mah friends up there." Last bar he was at he was 'Cowboy' this one he's 'Daniel-San'. Danny takes a few steps forward and looks at the Green Being. "Hey you!" He yells trying to get it's attention.

Kage just shakes his head as he watches the people with a sigh as he reaches into his belt pouch. Does the being breath, he's not sure but he figures he'll wait and watch for a bit before seeing about tossing in a smoke gernade.

Seems the flying man was right to scope out Mutant Town. Gabriel was about to take out some of his throwing knives before a lightning bolt hits him. Immediately Gabriel starts diving head first to Danny's location. He's coming in hard, and fast, only able to open his wings and slow himself down before tucking into a roll when he's going to hit the ground. The landing did a bit of a number to Gabe's equilibrium as he just lays next to a parked car.

Simon steps out of the shadow before noticing the officer from that one heist. "The hell's that?" He says, loud enough for the copper to hear. His accent is much different from the last time they met, sounding slightly cockney. There's not much that the shadow man can do, except sneak up on it… perhaps a grenade or something?

The Green Humanoid notices that Gabriel is down and just leaves him there for the moment, with the pelthora of powers at his dispossable it figures it will just blind everyone with a bright flash of light.

Looking back towards Hil, Nik blinks. "Are you sure? If so, then fine. I'll trust you and get us the hell out of here. I'm not a combatant." He says, shaking his head. Sure, he took some capoeira years ago, but that's not going to do him any good. With him looking in the direction of Hilary, though, he's not blinded yet. He opens a blue energy portal right next to Hilary. "Come on. Let's go. I have to be in it before you can go through." He moves to step to the portal.

Forcegrowing the rose, Aaron's looking in the direction to be blinded as it happens. "Crap." He says. Well, at least with the growing bush there, he'll at least know where the guy is if it gets around him. He can still feel the plants with or without his eyes.

"Agh!" Hilary was staring right at the damn thing when it gave off that flash of light, so he can only stumble in Nik's direction, hopefully getting himself into the portal after the mutant. "Bloody…" He's just irritated. So far, he is luckily unharmed.

Danny runs over to Gabriel to help his teamate up. "Seraphim!" He says trying to help him up. "We gotta stop this thing." He says not bothering hiding his secret identity from his boss, after all Nik has powers too. "Ah don't know hot t' but we gotta." He says.

Kage now takes his chance and rolls a container towards the creature, where it came from is kind of odd since there appears to be noone there. The canister stops at the Green Humaniods feet and starts to smoke quite a bit in the area. The thing is Kage doesn't care whose in the area as well.

The winged man looks to his Freedom Force partner. "Tanj jou, Esandstone…" His left arm is dislocated and he struggles to not move it. "I 'ate to ask. But esomeone's going to have to pull down my arm…" He says, the flash didn't affect him much, other than make his eyes hurt. "Jes, before eet get's stronger dan eet already ees." He says at Danny's suggestion to his boss. "Or, at leest get it away from Mootant Town."

The shadow integrator was looking at the exact same spot as Aaron. "Fuckin' Basterd!" He yells out, trying to cover his eyes with his arms. He's disoriented, and can't make sense of where he can move into his shadow to get away from it.

The Green Humanoid flys up in the air so that it gets away from the plant vines with a gust of wind that also dismisses the smoke in the area. As soon as he's a few feet in the area he starts to glow extremly bright and with a flash of light that spreads out, a wave of light goes to hit Nik and stun him out.

The teleporter is frozen. He's unable to move, to speak, or to do anything. But, he doesn't appear injured. Also, his portal seems to be solid to anyone trying to get through it, as he hadn't made it there. Solid… and COLD.

The blinded Police Officer's powers are fairly useless to him. He works his way over next to the bush he just grew, "Everybody, get away while you can. Even the Avengers don't know how to handle this one."

Hilary blinks enough to clear his vision, and seeing Nik paralyzed, he scowls. "Bloody hell," he grumbles, then plants his feet and fires off a burst of concussive force at the green guy. If it landed, it would be something like being hit in the chest with a very heavy object.

Danny looks at Gabriel and shakes his head. "We'll git ya to a doctor or a medic back at the base okay?" He's taken basic first aid he doesn't know how to safely fix a dislocated arm. "Sorry sir, Ah can't run away." He thinks that being part of Freedom Force makes it a duty to protect. "Ah'll distract him and you do your sharpshootin' style thing." Danny says as runs in try to jump up and tackle the creature back to the ground. Not so smart.

Kage tries his hardest to let out a swear as he takes out a gun and shakes his head. So much for being invisible as all of a sudden a very convinicing transvestive appears and starts to fire a few gun shots at the creature. "Sorry I don't listen to police."

The winged man gets up and pulls out a five thin throwing knives, placing three in his incapacitated right hand just to hold, and two in his working right hand. He aims true to the creature's eyes and tosses the knives at their targets. Right after, he grabs two more from his holding hand and gets ready for more throwing.

Simon's eyes finally adjust and he sees Kage joining the fold. The other thief moves up to the side of him and asks. "Any more of those toys?" Seeing if he can grab a gun off the transvestite.

As soon as Nik is frozen the Green being flies over to Nik and wraps an arm around him to steal the powers from the teleporter just as he's hit in the chest from Nik's force. Unfortunately he doesn't move it seems some of the duribility he's absorbed has helped. Kage's bullets on the other hand seem to his some sort of barrier behind him and fall to the ground. The green being easily deflects Gabriels' throwing knives as they fall to the ground. After that he lets Danny tackle him to the ground so that as soon as Danny makes contact he absorbs his powers as well.

As the energy saps out of Nik, the glow goes away, leaving piercing green eyes. The blue hair fades to a bright auburn. "Christ, I'm cold…" He says, his body slowly beginning to heat up after being near zero for years. "Hilary?" He asks, starting to shiver and shake.

Aaron's vision begins to return as he tries to see the green thing. But, his own hair is in his eyes, making it a little tougher. Green everywhere. Lovely.

Hilary flicks his eyes from the green monster to Nik, who now looks quite different. Hilary blinks at Nik. "Come on," he says, trying to pull on Nik's arm with a rubber-gloved hand. "Let's go, before it does worse!"

Danny reverts from his stone form to his normal physical form and the abrupt shape change causes his athsma to react and leaves him crouched on the ground, desperate to catch his breath.

Kage see the being stealing powers and swears loudly in Japanese. He's not letting some green bastard steal his powers, no way. In stead he doesn't give up and just keeps firing the gun at the humanoid, stopping only to reload.

Gabriel looks at his throwing knives blocked as easily as they were thrown. "Damn." He says, quickly grabbing at his sword and brandishing it in his right hand. The swordsman looks at the green man and charges it, sword aflame and slashing at anything sent out towards him.

Since the shadow man didn't get a response, the shadow man will just have to leave. The thief starts to merge in with his shadow, this situation is a bit too hot for him.

As Simon goes to leave via shadow, the green humanoid teleports in front of him just in time to reach out and grab him to drain Simon's powers. It's also just in time to avoid Gabriel's Attack. Any bullets fired by Kage are just rebounded off of him. Then it teleports again next to Aaron and reaches out to drain his power as well.

"There's nowhere I CAN go. It's too fast now…" The redheaded bar owner says with a sigh, but moves to reach out for HIlary. He knows of the poison, but he doesn't care. The man came to help HIM, he can try to do the same.

Green hair fades to black as Aaron's body goes limber. He sneezes suddenly, looking up. His allergies to pollen are back and in full effect. And he's standing right beside a rose bush. "Djus grade." He sighs.

Hilary tries to pull Nik down the street. "Where do you live? Anywhere is better than here." He glances to the green thing, hoping to get away with Nik before it bothers him. If Nik has trouble moving, or if he just needs the warmth, Hilary will pull his arm over his shoulders. Fortunately, his body doesn't seem to be poisonous and the rubber gloves he wears should protect Nik.

Danny is still on the ground gasping for breath trying to find his inhaler that's in his backpack inside Nik's bar.

Kage is getting frustrated that things aren't working and throws away the gun. "I need to kiss this thing." He mutters to himself as he goes for another small device.

Gabriel's attack does nothing, damn. The Freedom Force member sheathes Metatron and reaches out to Danny. "C'mon. We need to get to base." He offers, his wings still work. Though time is getting short, they need to get out of here. Then he notices the gasping for air. "Oh, no." He says, not knowing what's going wrong with his teammate.

The shadow man is touched by the green man and Simon struggles to remove his leg from the shadow, just in time before he tries again, but nothing happens at all. "Dammit." He says, looking at that Green Man again.

The Green Humanoid realizes the teleporting seems to be his best option as he teleports behind Hilary and reaches out to touch him to gain his powers quickly followed to teleporting behind Gabriel then Kage draining the powers of the other two as well. Once he's done draining the powers of all around he looks around and says "Mission Complete" before teleporting away.

As the thing takes the powers from the remaining people, Nik wraps his own arm around Hilary. "I'm alright. Just cold. I'm starting to warm up." He says, softly, looking up and noticing it's gone. "I live a block away." He says, sighing. "Come on. I'll let you go there to clean up."

Aaron just… shakes his head. Fortunately, he's still a cop and still has his skills. He'll be ok.

"Bloody hell!" Hilary exclaims when the thing touches him. He didn't even know it was behind him, but he can feel his powers drain. "It's like a demented game of tag! Damn it all…Let's get you home, then." He's irritated, but for once unselfish enough to look after somebody else. "Get you warm before you go into shock or something."

Kage eventually starts to be able to breath a bit better and stands up. "Asthma….inhaler…need inhaler…" He says as he is still having trouble. He hangs onto Gabriel and moves to head into Nowhere to get his stuff so he can breath again.

There's a scream of rage and anger from Kage as his powers are taken from him followed by a long string of Japanese curses before he walks off.

Gabriel's wings molt all of their feathers before the almost bald fuzzy appendages shrink and seem to get sucked back into Gabe's body. The feeling is a bit painful and weird, like getting stitches pulled out of your skin. He feels lighter now, looking to his back and to the floor. "Okay. Once we get it, we need to report to base." Gabe's not moving so great now that he's just running on adrenaline from his injuries. Now he's without wings, no fast transport…

Simon himself starts to run back to his condo, he feels naked without his powers and the availability of shadow convergence.

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