2009-03-06: Grumpiness and Haircuts


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Summary: Christopher and Eddie chat and Christopher notices Eddie needs a haircut.

Date: March 6, 2009

Log Title Grumpiness and Haircuts

Rating: G

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Eddie's Bedroom

While it hasn't been really decorated yet, there is a very nice, fluffy bed, big enough for two, in the corner. Across from it, a small stand with a TV and a Playstation 3 on it. It's a 32 inch TV with three HDMI ports. Once again, it's hardly been decorated, but that's because it's being left for someone else.

Yes, the Kitty-run Danger Room session of Sentinel smashing helped as did news of another visit from Vision coming soon but Eddie Parker-Mayfair is still in a positively miserable mood. Back in his room at the house simply because he needed to get away from people telling him it'd be okay and he wanted to be somewhere the Vision knew to find him, Eddie's in jeans and a Ghost Rider t-shirt. With some music playing in the background, he's at his desk. The Goblin Glider is propped up against a wall, shiny with the polish he applied to it earlier. At the moment, the scarred mutant is at his desk measuring ingredients for his smoke bombs while humming faintly along with the music.

Christopher went to the salon earlier this morning and instead of going to the school, he just wanted to go home and rest. He's been just emotionally tired with everything going on and yesterday didn't help. His plan is to get some lunch then spend an afternoon in the hot tub. As he walks Eddie can hear someone's home by the sound of keys being dropped on a table and shortly after Christopher walks over to his room. "Hey Eddie, what are you listening too?"

Eddie's door is open and Nova's curled up on the foot of his bed. The puppy looks up and barks when Chris appears in the doorway. Eddie jumps but manages to not drop the bottle he's holding. Blinking a few times, he looks around. "Hey, Dad," he says. "Um…just some songs by the Mighty RAW," he replies, taking a moment to remember who's singing.

Christopher walks over and kneels down next to Nova to scratch behind his ears. "I just got home from the salon so I figured I'd relax here for a bit. And Mighty RAW?" He asks figuring it's probably some new band that he doesn't know of. "So how you holding up kiddo?" He asks as he continues to pet Nova.

Eddie shrugs slightly, pouring the contents of the one bottle into a measuring cup he'd bought. Nova seems happy enough with the pettings. "Not good…" Eddie replies quietly.

Christopher nods. "I didn't think so." He says as he knows that Eddie's going through a tough time. He moves to a sitting position on the floor so that his back is against the bed as he continues to give Nova attention. "Anything you wanna just vent and get off your chest honey?"

Eddie sighs, setting the bottle down and screwing the cap back on. "I'm angry and tired of sitting back and doing nothing. My best friend…my freaking brother got kidnapped -again- and -again- I couldn't help stop it but I couldn't even notice a fake until it was too late," he says, punching his desk.

Christopher stands up and Nova gives that look of 'why did you stop petting me'. He walks over behind Eddie and puts his hands on his shoudlers. "I know honey, I know. I don't like sitting around and doing nothing either. I'm not fine with hiding behind Xaiver's doors while everything's going on. I'm more powerful than most realize." He says with a shrug, he just isn't the type to flaunt his power.

Eddie glances up at Chris, eyes teared up a bit. "Then why hide? It's pretty clear they're going to attack the school now. We should do something before they get the chance. Something more than setting up a shield they probably already know how to get through!"

Christopher gives Eddie a hug and leans over to give him a kiss on the forhead, noticing that Eddie's tearing up. "That's why when Scott goes down to Tennesse you and I are going with him, and you're not telling me to stay home, got it?" He says raising his eyebrows. "And do we know when they plan on attacking or anything, what edge they might have?"

Eddie leans back, sniffling a few times. "And you're not going to tell me to hide and run away," he mutters. "No, we don't know when but they had someone in the school who's power it is to detect weaknesses…"

"Did I when we went after Dante and Jean with Addison?" Christopher asks Eddie raising his eye brows. He sighs when he says the part about detecting weakensses. "Makes sense why it'd be him then…" Christopher says shaking his head. "We'll get him back, and I won't tell you to stay home for that either."

Eddie frowns. "That's cause Addison would have tried to sneak me back over to help," he says. "I'm gonna punch that stupid duplicate right in the face…" he grumbles. "If they hurt Dai even a little…"

Christopher sighs and shakes his head. "No that has nothing to do with it Eddie. I'm your father, at least have some faith and respect in me." He pushes Eddie's hair back and nods. "I'm sure he's alright." He doesn't want to express any of his fears to Eddie since he's already been through enough.

Eddie's hair flops right back after being pushed. He needs a cut. "My powers wouldn't have worked on you if I didn't have faith in you…" he trails off, letting out a sigh. "He'd better be," the teen grumbles.

Christopher definately notices Eddie's hair needs a hair cut and smiles faintly as he runs a hand through it. "How about I give you a hair cut huh? It's getting a bit long. And with Dai, we just have to find out where he is, I'm not sure how to go about that…"

Eddie blinks, leaning to the side to look in the mirror on his wall. "Didn't notice how long it was getting…" he trails off, reaching up to tug it gently. "Ow," okay, not gently enough. He takes a deep breath then sighs. "Let me pack this up first…"

"Okay, I'll grab my scissors and stuff and we'll do it in the kitchen. I won't cut it too short okay?" Christopher says chuckling as he bends over to kiss Eddie on the forehead. "Don't pull your own hair kiddo." He says not being able to resist a chuckle. "And then later we'll go to the school to see what we can do to help your friend okay?"

Eddie mutters something about a new idea as he slips a cap on a cup full of some liquid. Thankfully Eddie's not the type to try and make anything that'd explode. …Right? "Could…could you make it a shade lighter too, please?" he asks, packing up more stuff.

"Of course! We'll get a mirror and I can change it until you like the colour." Christopher says chuckling as he's going to turn it a few fun colours at first just to try to lighten up Eddie's mood before getting serious. "So what's this new idea that you have?"

Eddie puts the glass and plastice canisters into a case he was allowed to borrow from the school's chem lab for transporting stuff like this and closes it up. "Well, I already have plain smoke, pepper smoke, knock out gas…and an antidote for it," he says, giving Nova a scritch. THe puppy yawns and hops off the bed to follow Eddie. "I was thinking of trying to make Flash bombs, stink bombs, and maybe glue bombs after I saw what Pryve and Vincent made…" he trails off.

Christopher raises his eyebrows and shakes his head. "I'm not so sure I want you testing Stink bombs in the house, that's an either outside or at the school thing." He says noddng. He really doesn't want an accident where his house ends up stinking for a bit. "You and Nova really get along, it's cute."

Eddie makes a face. "I wouldn't test them here, Dad. I'd test them in the Danger Room first but I'm not really thinking I'd need them if I already have the pepper bombs…" he trails off. He looks down at Nova, the puppy looking up at him, and then both look at Chris before tilting their heads to the side. "It is?"

Christopher shakes his head. "No, it isn't, I was really just saying that. An adorable kid and an adorable puppy aren't cute together, I was lying." Then he breaks out into a grin and ruffles Eddie's hair with a chuckle. "Oh course it is silly. And I wasn't talking about testing them, I was talking about making them. You're not making stink bombs in the house, got it?"

Eddie lets out a littlw squeak when ruffled. "Alright…" he trails off. "I was only working here today because people were being annoying," he mutters, heading for the kitchen as Nova follows along behind.

"I haven't been to the Mansion yet today, I wanted some peace and not tht tension that's their right now." Christopher says as he feels they're safe in their home. It's not a giant target like the X-Mansion is. "After I cut your hair how about a nice dip in the hot tub huh?"

Feeling more like there's a target on his back than any buidling, Eddie stretches. "Alright I guess…" he trails off. He's not be in the hot tub in awhile after all.

Christopher goes into his room and grabs his hair cutting tools and towel before heading into the living room. "When ever you're ready honey." He says grabbing a bottle of water and leaning against the table as he waits. "So are you at least enjoying no classes for the time being?"

Eddie takes a seat after quickly doubling back to turn off his stereo. "Classes…" he trails off as Nova trots into the kitchen to get some water for himself. "I kinda want them back but I know I couldn't concentrate on them…"

"I know what you mean, at least cookings easy but I didn't want to bother with kids today. I love the kids but there are so many questions about what's going on that I just don't have the answers too. I don't think any of us do right now." Christopehr says running a hand through his hair as he starts to comb through Eddie's hair. "I'm sure this'll all be over soon honey."

Eddie gives Chris a little half-pout when he says he doesn't want to bother with kids. Settling back into the chair, he closes his eyes. "People asking what's going on, if I can tell them about who's on what side, what happened to Dai, that everything's going to be okay…" he sighs. "Couldn't take any more of it so I came here first chance I got," he says, having made sure to get permission to fly home before leaving the school. "It's never over 'soon'…especially not after someone says that it will be," he murmurs, that half-pout coming back. "It's like a rule."

Christopher shakes his head. "I'm just trying to find some light at the end of this tunnel that isn't me." He jokes towards the end. You have to keep some high spirits up in a time like this. "I just wanted some peace for a bit, I like having the house out here though, and I like having my family to live with." Christopher says as he begins to cut Eddie's hair.

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