2009-12-22: Guiding Through Dreams


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Summary: Andres visits Jeremy in a dream which ends with Jeremy finally getting a home.

Date: December 22, 2009

Log Title Guiding Through Dreams

Rating: PG-13

NYC Park

Jeremy's Dream

omewhere Jeremy's managed to fall asleep and at the moment, in his mind, he's back home in Ohio. He's in a cosy looking living room doing his homework while joking around with his brother in the meantime. Jeremy looks a lot different in the fact that he's healthier looking, clean and in decent, cleancut clothing. His brother looks like an older version of him. At the moment it seems fairly bland, Average American Family.

Unseen, Andres visits the dreams of the boy he met on the streets. In dreams, he doesn't have to hide his form, rather, he can make it even better. But, when he's just a casual observer, there's no point. For the moment, he stands quietly, inside the closet, watching and listening for anything he can learn.

It's the dream of everything Jeremy wants his life to be, back to how it was with goals and structure. It's what he's missed and for a while everything seems to be normal, even his younger sister eventually shows up. Then in the middle of the three siblings joking around his mother comes into the room, with an eeiry sort of grin and a knife in one hand. "Okay kids, it's time for Jeremy to die." It's said as if someone would say 'dinner is ready'.

The sudden appearance of the mother makes Andres take note. AS she says what she does, he doesn't respond just yet, other than stepping out of the closet to let himself be seen. His wings are in full glory behind his body. He places a soft hand on Jeremy's shoulder in the dream. "What would you like to happen to her?" He asks, softly. "For saying such things?"

For some reason the room is now void of his siblings and it's just Jeremy, Andres and Jeremy's mother. He seems scared of his mom and looks back as Andres puts a hand on his shoulder. "Angel…" He mutters as in his dream he thinks Andres is an angel. "I don' want anything to happen to her, I want her to accept me, I'm her son…Mom…I'm you son." He says then his Father walks in behind his mother. "Why don't you step aside and let us be rid of this abomination." His father says.

"We cannot force people's minds to change, unfortunately. With life as it is, people tend to follow people and obey what they're told. Do your parents follow someone? Did someone teach them to hate?" Andres asks, as he pats Jeremy's head, gently before placing a transparent wall around the parents. "You cannot harm him here. He is under my protection." He says simply.

Jeremy is tense but stays close to Andres and he looks up at the Angelic Mutant. "Friends of Humanity." He says quietly, eyes going back to his parents who seem to be trying to fight the transparent wall to get to their son. "We will not have his blood spoil what we are, he needs to die. Weed out the impure."

"Your son is a blessing, and much more than you give him credit for." Andres says simply. It's a dream, so his suggestion abilities don't work, but… since it IS a dream, he could force them to stop beating on the glass. "Friends of Humanity. Of course. Foul, loathsome organization. But then, the laws protect even the KKK, why wouldn't they protect FoH?

"You give him too much credit." Jeremy's Mother snaps back at Andres. Jeremy in the meantime is as close to Andres as he can get, thinking the Angel can protect him. "Mutants are the foul, loathsome genetic defects of humanity. Why shouldn't we purge out what shouldn't be. The laws even protect them, even though they're not human." Jeremy winces at that, it's obvious that even in his dreams, or nightmares in this case, he's not brave enough to stand up against them. "Why can't they love me for what I am?" He quietly asks Andres.

"Not human? Not human?" Andres laughs. "Can a cat give birth to a dog? Can an eagle hatch a fish? No. Mutants are human. We're simply the next subspecies to move forward with evolution. Let me guess, you're creationists as well?" He asks, shaking his head. He squeezes Jeremy's shoulder. "We may not be able to make them accept you, but we can keep you safe and sound, and happy… without them."

Jeremy's family is from Ohio and are supporters of Friends of Humanity, of course they are creationists. "You may look like an Angel, but you are just a wolf and sheep's clothes. You can take our son to the hell where he belongs. Don't talk to us about what's wrong and right, we know our son deserves on fate." They spit out as they look at their son like he's something disqusting. Jeremy looks back at Andres and nods. "I don't think you're evil, I just don't want them to kill me." He's kind of like a scared rabbit at the moment.

"I won't let them hurt you." Andres says, simply, pushing the suggestion towards the other living mind. That little bit to help make his words believable, even in sleep. "There's a room waiting for you at Second Chance. To help you get on your feet. And to protect you from them. See me when you're ready." He wraps his wings protectively around the younger mutant as he makes the wall between the parents and Jeremy visible, taking them from his sight.

Now that Jeremy's parents are no longer visible to him, he turns to Andres and the room fades from site and his dream shows the two now in a Park in New York City, probably the park where Jeremy is sleeping at the moment. "I don't want them to hurt me." He says and there's a child like fear with it something he wouldn't show in the waking world. "You're an Angel, aren't you?"

"My mother used to think so. But I'm simply a man. A mutant, like you." Andres chuckles, spreading his wings out again. Now that they're in safety, he doesn't have to be protective as much. "I'm simply a man that cares about others.

Jeremy shakes his head. "You're not just a man, you're an Angel." He nods fairly convinced that Andres isn't just a mear man, he's something more to the young mutants eyes. "I didn't ask to be a mutant, they just hate me for it." He doesn't fully understand why his parents hate him but at least he has something of a protector now.

"I'm just a man." Andres chuckles. "Come. Let's get you a home when you awaken." He says with a soft grin. He pauses for a moment before leaning over to whisper into Jeremy's ear. "Awaken. Come."

Somewhere, outside in the cold, shivering under a thin blanket, Jeremy snaps awake, sitting straight up. The dream is fresh in his mind and he's confused by it. "Why did I dream about him…" He mutter but it felt so different and he doesn't think of Andres as 'just a man'. He actually is thinking that he'll have to go to ths Second Chance place. With that he lights up a cigarette and stands up, wondering if it's to late to go there now.

It's never too late for someone to come to Second Chance. There's someone there at all times, ready to take new people in. And if they ask for Andres himself, well… he's in his room.

It is cold outside and sleeping in he wet snow and dirt isn't exactly comfortable, Jeremy decides to test his luck. He takes out the business card and makes his way to the address on there. After a bit of walking, he finally gets to the door and presses the door bell. A part of him wants to run away but a part of him feels like he's going home.

NYC - Second Chance - Lobby

The lobby of the Second Chance looks very much like that of an old hotel. The hotel desk, behind which a clerk is present 24/7, holds a roster for signing in and out of the actual house. There is a decent sized seating area down here, with a couple of older chairs and couches. Comfy, but not very pretty. Off to the sides are doors to the stairwell and the office of the supervisor.

Opening the door, Andres smiles. "I hoped you would be here, soon. Welcome home." He says, simply, just leaving it at that. No need to say more yet. He holds the door open. He's dressed in a shirt with holes cut in the back to allow his wings out.

Jeremy walks into the front area and Jeremy just nods, he's timid, that much is obvoius but there's also a comfort at seeing Andres there. "I need a place to stay, and you offered." He says after all he doesn't think that Andres saw his dream. Jeremy looks a bit wet and covered with mud and smells a bit like cigarette smoke, not the clean cut kid in his dream.

"Of course. We can do your paperwork tomorrow, alright?" Andres says softly. "Come on up. I've got a room ready for you. Clean and fresh, with new linens. If you'd like, I can toss your clothes in the wash. I'm sure we have something around that you can wear after you shower."

Jeremy nods not really sure what he's getting into but he keeps his gloves on tight for the moment. "Just, I wanna keep my gloves." He says as he is looking forward to a hot shower, which he'll probably be taking a long one. His clothes would probably be better off burned than washed, but they're the only clothes he has. Jeremy just hopes he can go the night without a drug fix. "Thanks, I think…coming here was the right idea."

"Of course it was. And you're going to have a very good first night." Andres says, pushing just a little to help. "Come on." he offer, leading the way up the stairs to the first room on the second floor. It's basically like a small studio apartment. Just enough to have privacy, a kitchenette, and a bathroom.

Jeremy looks around and seems surprised, he can't really cook unless it's from a box or can. "I was mostly expecting a bed, but this is…better than anything I've had in a while." He starts to take off some of his clothing, mostly the outter layer of his jacket, scarf and hat but leaves on a long sleeved shirt and his jeans. His sneakers are warn, holey and quite smelly as well. "This is where I really get to stay?"

There's a chuckle from Andres. "Yes. I bought an old extended stay hotel. It's for those who need it. You need a place to stay, and like any man or woman, you deserve your privacy. I think we have some donated clothing that'll work for you. It may not fit QUITE right, but…" Andres says with a nod. "I'll bring it up while you clean up."

Jeremy looks around a bit stunned, he's really going to be having a real bed, regularly. "I don't care if clothes fit or not, clothes are clothes. I'm just grateful to get what I can." He pushes back some of his tangled hair and nods. "A shower would be wonderful right now." Though it will take him a bit longer as he has to deal with the past of things he'll be touching when takes his shower, he won't shower with his gloves on.

"Is there anything that may help? You never told me what your power is, and I know that your powers must be linked to your hands." Andres says, pondering. He looks at the hands, just to try to figure something out.

Jeremy looks down at his hands and pulls one of them down as much as possible, but it's already on tight. "I…can see the past of anything I touch. It just comes if I want it to or not so I try not to touch anything."

"Perhaps some thinner latex gloves would help for touching things. We can't avoid the soap of course… but with the gloves, you can at least not feel all the handles and what may have happened in the past there." Andres says, considering. "I'll try to find something in the future." He offers. "Now that I know you need them. Will you be alright to deal with it for the night?" He asks, tilting his head.

"Well once I touch them once, it won't be as bad the second time cause I've already seen the past of it." Jeremy says as it's just a matter of sitting back and let the images roll. "Is it okay if I go shower now, I just really want to get clean, I don't get achance to that often."

"Of course. You can stay clean now. You don't have to worry about it." Andres says with a nod. He places a key on the table next to the bed. "I keep the other key. Not even the rest of the staff have them. Just you and me." He says, stepping back to the door. "Sleep well."

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