2010-01-01: Guilt


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Summary: Topher and Dallas have an altercation, Trey and Owen intervene. Discussion happens.

January 1, 2010



Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

Topher has just left the danger room after a row with Addison, hes now being forced to see a shrink, stupid fucking teachers, hes wearing black skinny jeans, red sneakers and a white t-shirt, hes stomping though the lobby to get to his room, for once he doesnt have his earphones in as the pain is distracting him from his anger.

Dallas is coming out of the dining hall after a couple of hours of cleaning up after the dinner rush, solo. His expression is a bit bleak and he's wearing an Xavier's t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. When he sees Topher he stops, his shadow flashing up around him for an instant without him consciously calling it and then he makes an effort of will to send it away again, letting the darkness slide down and about its own business. He doesn't speak.

Topher stops muttering to himself when he spots Dallas, hes not angry at him anymore and feels really bad about what he did, but hes not sure what to say.

Dallas watches Topher watching him for a moment and then finally, gritting his teeth, he growls, "What? Looking around for something else to ruin my life with?"

Topher shakes his head,"No, look im sorry, i snapped", he really is sorry, he not the kind of person that does that but he was mad.

Dallas snorts. "Hey, that's great. That makes it all better. And you were mad at my roommate when you did the /exact same thing/ to him, right?" He starts up the stairs, roughly pushing past Topher, which might be fairly amusing, given the difference in their heights.

Topher sighs, "I didnt do the same thing to Trey, im assuming that's who you mean, Trey's mind is missing something so his thought are very open, i read them accidentally", he lets Dallas knock him out of the way, "You feel i violated you, nothing i can do will fix it but i might have a way to make us a little more even".

Dallas stops, turns and arches an eyebrow. His shadow flickers again. And again. Too quick to be anything more than a flash of obscuration, as though something keeps getting between him and the light. His voice is dangerously low and quiet as he says, "Oh really?"

Topher nods, "Yes really, i know a secret of yours, so its only fair you know a dark secret of mine, i can let you poke around my mind, so you've got something on me", this is going to bloody hurt but he feels bad for what he did.

Dallas shakes his head. "Screw you. I don't want to know what's on your conscience. You don't get to /totally/ screw with my life and then pretend that telling me something I don't need to know makes us even. You know what will make us even? When I break every bone in your body."

Topher shrugs, "Go for it dude, if that'll make us even, take your best shot", he able to take a hit, he doesn't mind a few bruises.

Dallas nods thoughtfully and then says, "Sure." He lifts his hand and suddenly his shadow is wrapped around him again. In a featureless void of black, his eyes blaze white around dark centers. Without another word, he goes to backhand Topher across the chest. Not a straight punch, which might be fatal, but a blow that is almost a push, and that given their facing would lift Topher off the stairs and send him hurling into the cafeteria if it hits. And would still probably feel like getting smacked by a small car.

Topher automatically telekinetically protects himself so is just knocked halfway down the lobby, "Better?" he asks coughing.

Dallas slams his fist down on the banister, buckling a section of the railing with a thunderous boom. He snarls, "NO!" He stalks down the stairs, still covered in shadow and advances on Topher. "What gives you the right? Who cares how mad you get."

Topher tries and fails to sit up, the attempt starts him coughing again, "Then what do you want me tp do?, i offered to let you mess around with my head and you said no, you said you wanted to hit me, so i let you hit me halfway down the lobby, what else can i do?"

Dallas stalks towards Topher. He swats a couch of the way one handed, sending it flying across the room to slam into the far wall. The lobby echoes with the noise. He stops in front of Topher and reaches down to pick the larger young man up by his shirt until they are face to face. More or less. Those eclipse eyes blaze as he roars, "Make it so I don't have to think about it anymore! TAKE IT BACK!"

Trey has enhanced senses and he was in the dorm room that he shares with Dallas when he heard the noise. It is more then curiosity that has him running to find out what is going on. It is his survival instincts kicking in. The blonde mutant runs out of his dorm room wearing just a pair of Xavier shorts and he is moving fast. Faster then someone his size should be able to move. Of course he has Mr. Fuzzles in his hands as he runs. He actually jumps down the stairs and a gust of wind carries him to the bottom safely to the bottom. It was faster then taking the stairs, shame it wasn't exactly flying but it was fun for him. When he gets to the lobby and his bright purple eyes see Dallas in the heat of the moment and Topher getting picked up after being smacked around. The weather manipulator calls out, "Dallas. Back down Dallas. Let him go, he's not worth it." He's trying to be the voice of reason for his friend.

Topher sighs, "I cant, even if i could access that power, i don't have any control, I'd leave us both brain dead", he sighs again, "Do or take anything else you want, i cant take it back".

Dallas snarls as Trey speaks. He turns to look at his roommate and there is no clue to anything human in a face of living shadow and burning eyes. His voice is harsh as he spits out, "You're defending him?" He looks back to Topher and lifts him a little higher as the urge to throw the other student through one of the windows nigh overwhelms him. He says, quietly, "Then you're no good to me. You /can't/ fix it. You can't change it. Why shouldn't I change /your/ life forever? Telepaths seem to do okay with broken backs."

Trey growls back at Dallas, "No, I am not defending him, I am defending you. You do this, you're going to get kicked out of the school and maybe even worse." He closes the distance between himself and the two other boys. He hears Dallas' words and he moves to place a hand on his roommate's shoulder. "Don't do this Dallas. Whatever you are dealing with, we will deal with it together. Please, put him down. For me. I don't think anyone else could put up with a roommate like me. I need you around."

"That'll be enough of that now, kids," comes a voice with a southern accent. And while it may be recognizable, there's a firm and commanding tone to it that isn't usually there. Owen Folger appears in a cloud of DarkForce off to the side in his fuzzy form. "Ya'll put him down now, Dallas," he says, using his 'Older Brother' voice. At the moment he's just in pajama pants, having been woken up by all the noise. He was watching quietly from a dark little corner until the threat of broken backs came up. Boys being boys and getting done what they needed to was one thing, now he felt the need to step in. "An' Ah'd advise against tryin' anythin'…" he glances meaningfully at Topher as if to warn him specifically.

Topher doesn't look at Dallas, he cant look him in the eye, "Do what you need to do, i deserve it".

Dallas's shadow form is usually smooth and streamlined. At Trey's touch, it /ripples/, with hints of spiky growths and disturbing swirls and eddies around the edges, as though the shadow is trying to form insect or animal-like features that start to extrude and then sink back into the blackness like the last death throws of a monster sinking in crude oil. If it's any indication of Dallas's mental state, then things aren't good. He hefts Topher over his head as though the other boy were as light as a pillow, turning a little to look at Trey. "They'll find you somebody else." His voice wavers a little at that but he's still angry beyond reason. When Owen appears, Dallas hesitates but that 'command' voice penetrates where persuasion can't. For most of his life Dallas has lived by the rules and he responds to authority. And when Topher's voice comes, right in the middle of that hesitation, the shadow-clad youngster lets out another frustrated snarl and sets Topher down with a kind of slow, exaggerated care that suggests Dallas is trying not to crush him in the midst of his rage. "Fine."

Trey looks towards Owen and then Dallas/Topher and the weather manipulator frowns. The feel of the shadow form has him confused and even with all of that impressive strength. Trey doesn't seem too phased by the intimidating look of his friend right now. "They won't find me someone like you." He takes a deep breath and holds it while Dallas decides if he wants to cripple Topher permanently. When Topher is set down, Trey moves to wrap his arms around his friend and roommate. He gives Dallas a tight hug and he holds onto the shadow wrapped mutant. His strength may be a little startling for someone his size. "You're going to be in so much trouble. They are going to send you away if you don't control yourself." He looks into those odd eyes with his amethyst eyes. "Don't make me rain on you to cool you down."

Owen nods in approval when Dallas sets Topher down. "Hey, little guy…help Topher over tah sit down on that couch, please," he requests. He then approaches Dallas slowly. "Alright, time tah turn off the powers now," he says. "Back tah non-dark an' scary," he says.

Dallas goes stiff and still when Trey hugs him and his whole body shivers, sending more of those ripples through the shadow and his eyes burn as he narrows them to white slits. After a moment he says, "Let go. Please." His hands come up and he tries to pry Trey off, as gently as he can but obviously fighting the instinct to hurl the his roommate across the lobby to get him away. He takes a deep breath and another, trying to will away his shadow and the ripples slow and then finally stop. The blackness flows away, sliding down like a pool of ebon silk at his feet and then slithering under couches and into corners as though it never came alive and joined with Dallas. His expression is grim and set and he nods to Owen and then looks back to Topher. "Don't talk to me again. If you do, I'll finish what I started. Just …stay away and it will over between us."

Trey does seem contented when Dallas calms himself down and dispels the shadows. He lets go of his friend and he crosses his arms looks at Owen. The blonde weather manipulator furrows his brows at him. "He can help himself over to the couch." He isn't a fan of Topher and on top of that, he isn't about to take orders from someone who calls him little guy. He slowly steps back away from the two of them.

Owen sighs a little. "Trey? Please jus' help him," he requests. "Ya'll don' gotta sit with him or anythin'…jus' do me a favor?" he asks, looking a the boy. He glances at Topher, trying to see if he's got any obvious injuries, and then turns back to Dallas. There's a moment of silence before Owen reaches out to place his hands on Dallas' shoulders. "Ya'll gonna be okay, Dallas?" he asks, glowing green eyes looking into Dallas'. The fuzzy mutant figures he should deal with the raging mutant first since Topher doesn't look like he's bleeding to death or anything.

Topher pulls himself up off the ground, and begins walking towards the Quad, "Im not gonna give up, you can do what you want to me, but i wont stop 'til we're even".

Dallas doesn't /quite/ flinch when Owen touches him and he's far too tired for his shadow to even flicker, given that he just used it longer than he ever has. And he's been trying to engage in strenuous activity every waking moment for three days so he can sleep at night. Exhausted, drained and emotionless, he doesn't look much like a berserker at the moment. He nods and says, "Yea. I'm fine." Topher's words cause him to stiffen up and he takes a step towards the taller young man, fists clenching as though he's thinking of going for round two without powers. Apparently, not /looking/ like he's insanely enraged doesn't mean a lot.

Trey just looks at Owen and he says, "No. I'm not touching him. Psychics have a lot greater ability to read your mind if they are coming in contact with you." He grumbles. "I don't want him in my head. You want him on the couch, you pick him up. Because I don't think you'll appreciate my method of getting him there." The weather manipulator is quite serious. And Topher helps him out by lifting himself off the ground and starting to walk away. Topher's words… well they catch his sensitive ears and he flashes right towards Dallas. He takes a deep breath and looks back towards the Psychic and a little grey cloud appears above Topher's head and it starts to rain on the telepath. Rain isn't an attack… just an attempt to cool Topher down and get a bit of revenge himself.

Owen just gives Trey a look. "Fine," he mutters. He had to wonder about his squad sometimes. He overhears Topher as well, looking quickly over his shoulder. The fuzzy young mutant frowns deeper and shakes his head. He'll have to talk to Mr. Summers about that. Turning back to Dallas, Owen's expression and tone soften. "Hey now, relax, Dallas," he says. "Thin's are alright. He's gone. C'mon, let's sit down," he says, trying to direct Dallas over to the couch.

As the rain starts falling on him, Topher puts up a hand and telekinetically stops the rain from falling on him, after a second he drops to his knees and the rain starts falling again, he still hasn't quite recovered from reading Dallas' mind.

Dallas stares after Topher for another few seconds and then lets Owen guide him over to the couch. He winces when he notices where the couch is now. Which is to say, twenty feet from where it should be and laying on it's back. He goes to set it upright again, which is a bit daunting without his shadow. After a moment, he just rests on the upturned arm and says, "Cut it out, Trey. You don't need to get detention too." He doesn't quite look at Topher but he says, "Like you said, some people aren't worth it."

Trey looks at Dallas and he says, "I can't help it if the cloud just decided to appear over someone I was annoyed at and it got heavy with water vapors and release them in the form of rain right over Topher's head." But when Topher falls down, he takes a deep breath and sighs. The cloud stops raining on the defeated telepath and it starts to fade away. "Dallas, you should talk to Owen. Since you won't talk to me about what's bothering you. I'll take care of Topher and bring him to his room." The enhanced mutant goes over to Topher and despite his size he hefts the telepath up with surprising ease and carries him to his room.

Owen helps move the couch as he's currently quite strong. He sighs. "Topher! Get inside an' up tah your room. Ya'll need rest," he calls, pointing to the elevator. When Trey takes care of it for him, Owen shrugs. He moves around behind the couch and leans over. "Ah'm all ears," he says gently, reaching down to rub Dallas' neck and shoulders in what he believes is a relaxing manner.

Dallas sighs and nods at Owen's help, not smiling but obviously grateful. He does summon up a faint and fleeting smile at Trey's explanation and his eyebrows lift at both Owen and Trey's display of strength. "This school would make the weight lifters at my last school cry." When the duo is gone, he flops on the couch and promptly shoots back up, turning to give Owen a look that mingles surprise, fear, wariness and annoyance. "Jesus! What what the hell is that?"

Owen blinks, looking around. "What the hell is what?" he asks, confused.

Dallas gives Owen a very close look, studying his expression for a long moment. After a while relaxes and says, "The shoulder rub thing." His ton is more modulated now and he sits down on the couch again, albeit facing Owen this time and with a few feet of space between them.

Owen tilts his head to the side. "Ya'll seemed tense and like ya'll could use it so Ah was helpin'," he says with a shrug. He's at least being honest. "Alright…" he trails off, lowering his hands to his side. "What's got ya so jumpy?"

Dallas looks down and away, brow furrowing for a second before asking, "You mean other than probably just getting myself a year of punishments?" The attempt to change the subject is pathetically transparent.

Owen crosses his arms. "Don' be tryin' tah give me the run aroun' now," he says, smiling. "Ah wanna know what caused all that. An' what ya'll wanted him tah make ya forget."

Dallas looks back up at Owen and he frowns deeply. After a second or two, he says, "No." The word just hangs there, stark and unadorned for another second or two before he winces a little at how rude it seems to him and adds, "Seriously, I'm sorry, but I don't think you need to know."

Owen's smile drops instantly and he he shakes his head. "Ah jus' figured Ah should know so Ah don' mention it accidentally an' get punched," he says. "But in all seriousness, by the sound of thin's ya'll got one of those issues that'll need talkin' about. Ah'm jus' offerin' a friendly set of ears that know how tah keep a secret if need be," he shrugs. "But if ya'll don' wanna talk…Ah can atleast offer ya'll a friendly an' fuzzy shoulder."

Dallas sighs and looks ashamed at that first sentence. "Owen, it's not like that. I don't go around hurting people. Topher is … he did something rotten. I don't care how sorry he is now. Just seeing him makes me want to break him. But …." He breaks off and frowns heavily, "Man, trying to say that you're only crazy when it comes to wanting to hurt /one/ person sounds stupid doesn't it? If him, why not other people?" He sighs and rubs the back of his neck. "Well … damn." He doesn't curse often and that seems to be about as rough as it gets for him.

Owen listens quietly, releasing a little DarkForce to stay fuzzy. People seem to like fuzzy better so he's electing to stay that way. "By the sound of thin's, he looked intah your head and found out a secret ya'll didn' want known," he says. "An' if it's somethin' serious enough tah get ya'll violent and paranoid…it makes sense tah be peeved," he says.

Dallas frowns. "I swear, it would be stupid to the rest of you, but it's … not. Not for me." He pulls his feet up on the couch, half-curling up, still looking towards Owen. "I'm scared. So much has changed so fast that I just can't deal, you know? My life was really, really normal until last month. And I'm shooting away from normal like I'm in the back of a car going a hundred miles an hour. And when I can't see it any more, that's the end of me. I don't know what I'll be. It isn't that I don't trust you, it's just … as long as I keep my eyes on what I had. On /normal/ and ignore what's in the road ahead of me, then it isn't real and I've still got a chance at keeping my family. My life. You see?"

Owen is quiet for quite some time. "Sounds like you're in denial there," he says. "An' honestly…the longer ya'll put it off, the worse it'll be when ya finally let thin's out," he says. He stretches. "Ah know what you'll be. You'll be Dallas. Same guy ya are now."

Dallas frowns. "I'm not in denial." Never mind that the statement itself is one. He shakes his head and says, "Yea, like I said, it would sound stupid to you. And some things you don't have to let out, you know. You can just … not."

"Till they jus' eat ya up inside an cause all sorts of problems," Owen points out, looking at the ceiling. "Not sayin' ya'll have tah tell me or announce it from the rooftops but gettin' whatever's tearin' at ya out somehow will help ya," he says. "Ah speak from experience."

Dallas shrugs. "Maybe. Or maybe I'll just channel the energy that would be wasted that way into doing something better and more productive." That sounds suspiciously like a quote, probably from a self-help page on the Internet. Surely there's no bad advice online! He frowns, "But I did lose it. I'm sorry. And thanks for keeping me from, um, hurting him." He pauses, "You know, You, Eddie, Leo, you're all awesome guys. But I just need time. I'll deal with this in year or two. Or sometime after I'm an X-Man. Assuming I don't fail out."

Owen laughs. "Ah don' say this often but that was utter bullcrap, Dallas," he says, pointing at Dallas. "Thanks, Dallas…you're a pretty great guy yourself but," he sighs. "Ah'm tellin' ya…lettin' something fester that long'll jus' hurt ya'll an' your friends in the long run. "Like when Ah tried hidin' that Ah was afraid of lightnin' or that Ah'm intah guys. Ah held those secrets in till Ah almost lost some of mah closest friends and Ah missed out on some great fun times."

Dallas winces faintly as Owen speaks and looks down. "Yea." He lifts his head again to look at Owen and starts to say something and then, after a moment, just shakes his head. His expression is equally parts frustrated, sad and scared. "I can't. Not until I'm sure I can't do something about it. If I can't fix it … then yea, I'll have to deal with it eventually. But, dude, I owe it to everybody in my family at home to try to just be as close to them as I can. My being here is my fault. And my grandfather having a heart attack is my fault. I can't cause them any more stress and pain or they may just … let go. And I don't /want/ them to be more unhappy because of me."

Owen arches an eyebrow. "Woah now, ya'll bein' here isn' your fault," he says. "Ya don' get tah pick if you're a mutant or not," he says. "An' Ah may not know the specifics but Ah'm pretty sure ya didn' jump out an' yell 'boo' so heart attack probably ain' your fault either," he says. He folds his arms behind his head and peers silently at the ceiling. "Ah'll be honest with ya, Dallas. Judgin' by how ya'll have been actin' for awhile…Ah think Ah got a pretty good idea what you're tryin' tah hide. Ah won' say anythin' about it tah anyone…even right now tah you cause Ah may be wrong. But," he sighs. "If Ah'm right…that's somethin' elese ya don' get tah pick. Somethin' that can' be 'fixed'," he's completely serious about this. "But ya gotta know…your family's your family. They'll love ya whether you're mutant or alien. After all, you've always been…ya ain' changin' intah Austin or somethin'," pause to cringe at his own bad Texas joke. "Sorry…reflex," he mutters. "But Ah mean it. Ya don' gotta be so scared an' worried. Ya got family that loves ya back home and people that care 'bout ya here," he looks over at Dallas as he speaks. There's a long silence where he just stares at Dallas. Sudden a smile splits his face and he spreads his arms. "Now gimme a hug, ya lug," he may be saying it in a joking tone but he's serious about offering a hug and a shoulder to lean on if it's needed.

Dallas listens to Owen, his head tilting to the side to regard the fuzzy mutant while he speaks. He swallows nervously as Owen suggests he knows what's going on and then finally he says, "Maybe they will. But I can't take that chance." He doesn't say anything about not blaming himself for various things. Guilt is like that. When you know you are, it doesn't matter who tells you you're not. When Owen offers that hug, Dallas freezes up, his eyes going a bit wide and he chews on his lip for a moment, obviously debating the situation a lot more than he should. After that pause, he slides over to Owen and does gingerly give the other young man a hug, though it's a sort of 'distance' one and he tries to keep it short. "You're a friend, Owen. Thanks."

Owen is too much of a touchy-freely rough-housing type to let Dallas get away so easy. He sweeps the other mutant up in a great big, over the top hug. He even hops off the couch with Dallas in his arms and shakes him a bit. Of course, Dallas' reaction is a another check mark in Owen's brain. Laughing the whole time, Owen flashes a fanged grin. "Ah try tah be!" he declares happily. "Ya'll jus' remember…if ya need anythin', c'mon up tah mah room. Nothin' said there ever gets passed aroun'," he says simply. "Hell, don' even have tah stay in there. Ah can teleport." he grins and sets Dallas back on the couch. "Now c'mon. Let's get ya up tah your room so ya don't worry Trey," he says, offering a hand.

Dallas lets out something suspiciously close to an 'eep!' when he gets swept up but by the end of it, he's laughing, if quietly and the hug wasn't entirely one-sided, though Dallas would probably be embarrassed to admit it. He shakes his head in amusement and says, "You get more Texan when you talk a while. And yea. I need some sleep." He clears his throat and then uses the hand as a lever up, grinning faintly and saying, "I'm taking the stairs. Remember: I know you lose things when you 'port. Like, say, my spleen."

"Ah'm from Tennessee actually," Owen states with a smirk. "An' don' you worry. Ah don' lose parts of people. Worst thin' that'd happen is we both show up naked in your room," he says with a smile. He pauses to let this impact before moving quickly. Using DarkForce enhanced speed, he tries to toss Dallas onto his back piggyback style and carry him towards the stairs.

Dallas considers that one for a moment. And then catches himself considering it. He's still blushing when gets rushed, laughing at the general ridiculousness of being hauled along by a giant bat-boy with a Southern accent. On the other hand, at least for the moment, he's not locked into that spiral of doubt and fear and anger anymore. For the first time in a few days, he's just enjoying being a teenager. There will be time enough for consequences and complications tomorrow. Laughter lingers in the room a few seconds after the boys are gone.

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