2011-04-03: Gummies And New Friends


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Summary: A trio of teenagers meet in Mutant Town.

Date: April 3, 2011

Log Title: Gummies and New Friends

Rating: G

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue B)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Fiona may not be a mutant, but that doesn't stop her from hanging around Mutant Town quite frequently - she fits in here rather well, with her purple eyes and the recent addition of a few purple streaks in her hair - although the seem to be fading back to black slowly. Currently, she's wandering down a sidewalk sucking on a Slurpy, with her eyes on the people around her. Maybe that's why she comes here, eh? Lots of interesting looking people around.

( One of those interesting people doesn't even walk. She flies! Well… flutters, really. Dressed in a lavender sweater and dark blue jeans, Megan flits along about a foot above the ground, her butterfly wings fluttering madly as she moves at about the pace of an ambling stroll. In her hands is a bag of gummy candies she eats from occasionally. She pauses before a window displaying clothing and advertising custom tayloring for 'non-standard bodies'. Probably somewhere she would enjoy shoppng, since she has to alter all of her clothing to fit her wings. )

Fiona doesn't have to do that, at least! All her clothing is pretty bog standard - well, at least not needing to be specially modified to be worn. Megan catches Fiona's attention almost instantly - how could a human butterfly NOT capture one's attention? Having learned her lesson from meeting Tabitha for the first time, she doesn't stare however; instead greeting her directly. "Hey!" she calls out, sidling up to the girl. "Those are some crazy wings!"

The sound of someone commenting on wings has Megan looking around for a moment. And finding herself the only winged mutant in view. She turns to find the source of the voice and offers the purple eyed girl a bright, friendly smile, "Oh, aye! I think they're prettier than most anyother butterfly's wings I've seen." She giggles a little at that since they sure don't look like any real butterfly's wings in anything other than shape. She lands lightly in her toes before settling down to join the rest of the world on the ground and holds out the bag of candy, "Gummy?"

The sorceress blinks - taking a couple of pieces out of the bag, "Sure!" Fiona answers cheerfully, popping them into her mouth and chewing thoughtfully. "Pretty good!" she nods - yes, taking food from random strangers is SAFE. But how could anybody not trust someone so bright and cheerful looking? "I'm Fiona, by the way," she offers a hand.

The offered hand is given a friendly, and quick, little shake as the butterfly-girl grins, "'Tis a pleasure, Fiona. I'm Megan." Her voice holds the unmistakable lilting tones of the Welsh as she reaches in the bag of candy and pulls one out to happily munch on, "I always get a bag of these when I come to the city." Her wings fan behind her, just slowly stirring the chill spring air, and she reaches up to run her free hand through her hair, "What brings ye to Mutant Town this fine Sunday evening?"

As Mayfair is busy on business again Shifter is taking a walk though Mutant Town, he HAS to leave the house, his video game addiction is getting ridiculus, he's dressed in black sneakers, dark jeans, a black and grey hoodie and other than his eyes and pointed ears most of his mutant features are shifted to a 'normal' look, he stops as he walks past the two girls talking, has he seen the one with the wings before?

"Just people watching. It feels, well you know - comfortable to be down around here," Fiona nods - even if it is a little bit worse part of town than where she's from, nobody ever messes with her here, or at least; random people that think she's a mutant don't mess with her. Crazy ass superpowered mutants? Yeah, that's another story entirely, but it seems like that happens almost no matter where she goes.

Megan nods, grinning, "Aye. Feels almost like it could be home, doesn't it?" For her, anyway. It's a place where a mutant can wander around and not worry about any physical differences making them stand out. She looks around at the crowds, spotting Shifter and giving him a smile just as bright and friendly as the one offered to Fiona, "I like that I don't have to worry about my wings or hair making me a target here." As for at school… Well, just going to Xavier's tends to make one a target.

Shifter smiles back, she must reckognise him too but from where?, shrugging he approaches, one way to fine out, reaching the other two he raises a hand in greeting, this would be easier with talking…

School? Fiona would rather not think about school that much, for sure - but she sure does love to bitch about it. "Yeah, it's a lot better than my high school, that's for sure!" There's a reason why she doesn't always hang out in her neighborhood; and the local kids seem to BE that reason.

"Nos da." Megan offers a chirupy little greeting to Shifter and wrinkles her nose at Fiona's comment, "Aye, I know what ye mean. My old school was uffern sometimes." There's nothing like being a winged girl with pink hair trying to go to school in a small mining town. All the boys kept picking on her…

Shifter hasn't been to school since his mutation manifested but hated it when he was younger, he got picked on alot of his problem with words, still it's gotta suck for Megan, at least he can hide his mutation.

"Yeah, can be nasty," she agrees, trailing off before glancing over at Shifter. He gives Fiona pause for a moment - she's pretty sure she's run into him before; but where? "Statue of liberty!" she blurts out without thinking, "That's where I've seen you before. Yep." She nods at the boy.

Megan doesn't remember meeting Shifter before. She's really just being nice to someone she sees as a random stranger, though one that's obviously a mutant like she is. She blinks a couple of times and flutters her wings in surprise at the sudden outburst from Fiona, rising into the air about six inches, "What?" A very faint shimmery pink rain of dust falls lightly around her, her eyes wide until she realizes that there's not really any danger and a sheepish look floods her face, "Oh, you know him?" She looks back and forthe between the two for a moment.

Shifter recalls being at the Statue of Liberty but can't for the life of him remember meeting Fiona, still he gives a wave before inhaling some of that weird pink dust, wait please tell me it doesn't do anything…

The confused look from Fiona and the realization that she'd shed some dust has Megan going pale and then flushing in embarassment, "O fy Dduw! I'm so sorry!" Her wings beat faster and she looks back and forthe between the two, biting her lower lip in concern, "I didn't mean to…"

Fiona blinks several times - and continues blinking. She looks nervous! Her eyes glow somewhat. She's not really aware of the fact that she's hallucinating, and backs up against the wall of a building. She's not sure if this might be some new kind of magic from Norg and, "Nono! Good fairies! Stay away! Don't, eeek!"

Shifter rubs his eyes as the dust begins to take effect and colour begin to bleed and run, he then throws himself backwards as the colours change and form into what looks like little dragons trying to land on him, the then just stares as they start landing on him.

Megan winces at the screams and Shifter almost running away, "Mae'n ddrwg gen i! I'm so sorry…" She bites her lower lip nerviously, "It just happens sometimes. I didn't mean to get any of it on either of ye…" Really she didn't. She falls silent for a moment, "I promise there isn't anything there. It's just… I make this dust…" She trails off, her expression apologetic as she keeps her distance from the other two for the moment.

Fiona blinks, continuously rubbing her eyes until the fairies go away, "Wow, that was sorta… intense… You could probably /sell/ that stuff!" she comments, "Not that I'm into that sorta thing," jokes the girl.

Shifter just sits there taking deep breaths while waiting for it to wear off, sighing he pushes himself to his feet before turning and looking to Megan for an explaination.

"Yeah, um… I'm sorry. Really I am!" Megan gives them both a sheepish look, "It's something about being me. I just… I make that stuff." She grimaces and shakes her head, "And I've talked to Mr. Parker-Mayfair at school. He's kind of warned me not to try to sell it." Not really in so many words, and it was mostly just joking, but still… "It's kind of like Tinkerbell's pixie dust. It makes people experience things that aren't real." So she must be Tinkerbell. Or something…

Fiona blinks at Shifter - still the boy says nothing! How odd. "Wow, yeah, that's /crazy./ It's not a big deal," she grins, reaching out to pat Megan on the shoulder. "Trust me, everyone has issues like that…"

Shifter smiles and shrugs at Megan to show that he doesn't think it's a big deal either, everyone does have weird things about them, in fact… he unwraps his tail from round his waist and all three feet of it poke out from the back of his hoodie, the tip shifting into a hand and giving Megan a thumbs up.

It's the only thing that Megan really doesn't care for about being a mutant: Shedding that dust when she's been startled. At least it makes for interesting moments in training! She smiles a little at the encouragement and nods, "Yeah, I suppose so. I usually don't scatter dust everywhere, but…" She shrugs. She's still just a kid, really, and can't be expected to be able to control her powers all the time. Then Shifter uncurls his tail and she startles a little, but soon enough grins at him, "Thanks." She pauses for a moment and offers a hand to the shapeshifting mutant, "I'm Megan. This is Fiona." She gestures to the other girl as she offers the introductions.

Fiona nods, smiling at Shifter, "We just met, so, I mean, well I guess we ALL just met!"

Shifter grins shifting his tail back to normal, "I..I'm Shifter", the ya go Fiona, he talks, sort of, not sure where to go from there he just leans against the wall.

"It's nice to meet you both." Megan flutters her wings a little, fortunately not giving the other two another dose of dust, and runs her hand through her hair, silently offering to share her bag of gummy candies to the other two, "You don't talk very much, do you, Shifter?" Not a problem she has… She grins at Fiona and nods, "'Tis always good to meet new friends!" Apparently she considers the other two friends now?

Fiona makes friends easily, she does! "Nah, he's definitely a quiet one," she smiles, snaking her hand over to grab a gummy, before popping it into her mouth. "Yeah! I don't have enough of them, really."

Shifter sighs, "I…I'm not good with words", and thats all round, he can't read or write and he didn't even talk for the first time until he was five years old, good thing he tends to hang around with a telepath.

Megan grins, crinkling her nose slightly. She doesn't appear to be making fun of anyone, just trying to bring a light mood to the little impromptu gathering. Her grin fades into a look of sympathy at Shifer's admission, "Aww… Well, I can always fill silences." She smiles a little sheepishly, "Mum always said that I should of been born with a mute button." No need for a telepath with her!

"Really? I guess I've never had that much of a problem with either of those things, but, it's no problem to me if someone does," Fiona nods - she seems to have a DIFFERENT problem, which is sticking her booted foot in her mouth somehow.

"Aye!" And a… personality defect… that Megan has no problem admitting to, apparently. She giggles softly and nods at Fiona, "I don't mind being around quiet people." It means she doesn't have to fight to be able to speak, herself! She pops one of the gummies in her mouth and chews, rolling her eyes a little in bliss, "These things make it totally worth it." She doesn't say worth what, though.

"Well that's good, anyway!" Fiona blinks quizically at Megan - gummies make being with quiet people worth it? Or… Oh, right! She comes into the city to get them. "So, you don't live around here?" she questions - neither does she, but, she seems interested in knowing where people DO live! "I mean, neither do I, I live north of here, upper west side. But, I guess I'm just curious."

Megan shakes her head at the question, "No." She shrugs one shoulder, "I'm from Wales, but I'm going to school in Westchester." She wrinkles her nose, "Just a tiny little town called Abergylid." She smiles and looks over at Shifter, trying to include him in the conversation without making any demands on him that he actually talk.

"Ohh Wales…" Fiona is pretty sure she sort of knows where that is. Maybe. "Westchester though! I have some friends that go to school out there too… well that and, my brother works out there part time, so I'm there a pretty decent amount."

Megan nods, "Aye." She grins when hearing that the other girl is in Westchester sometimes, "Ye should give me a call and we can meet at the mall sometime! I'm always needing something, so…" So it wouldn't be weird to meet at the mall with some girl she randomly met on the street. Apparently, she's either really trusting, or really is that friendly.

Or, it's some sort of fictional universe where characters are much more trusting than real people! Who knows. Fiona nods, "Will do! I'll bring my other friend along too!"

The winged girl nods again and blinks a couple of times as a tone sounds from her pocket. Megan wrinkles her nose a little and reaches in to silence the alarm on her phone, "I really need to be getting back to school. It's getting late and I've got to be up for classes in the morning." She offers a little wave to both Shifter and Fiona, along with more gummies and her phone number, and takes to the air, "I'll see ye later, Fiona. Shifter. Call me!"

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