2010-06-14: Gunpowder and Leather


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Summary: Deadpool and Domino have words, possibly begin the starting of a partnership.

Date: May 14,2010

Log Title Gunpowder and Leather

Rating: R (LV)

NYC - Temporary Apartment, Somewhere near Union Square

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

Things had calmed, considerably. With her ward out of the way the only thing she had to deal with earlier today was the explaining as to why he did not end up in Japan. Domino told [her version] of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. It was as simple as the explosion and the chaos keeping her two steps behind and Mr. Macnamara was D.O.A. Oops. Another job was hers for the taking but she turned it down, no more servicing Mr. X and his business if that was how they handled people. Union Square proved to be entertaining enough, the motley groups of people gathered and the punk-gothic teens out, she blended here rather well with her pale skin and mistakenly latex body suit that bore holes up the sides to leave a flash of more pale skin between intervals of stretched fabric casing. She could not, however, be bothered with the somber poetry reading they were doing so her back was turned to them, facing out to watch the last red line of sunset disappear beneath the horizon.

Deadpool had all but given up on finding Domino again until well, he got a fun lead, a quick visual and was able to watch her for a couple hours. Bingo, a horrid song now assaulting his senses he wasn't going to torment readers of this pose with right now imaging they already knew the lyrics as they were, that word 'bingo' should have been enough, though thinking perhaps it could be written out once more, for sake of knowing why this song was so troubling, b-i-n-g-o. Gothic kids, with their expressively flamboyant yet dark mysterious, ever the crowd one he was now slipping through, elbowing past a heavyset kid with more piercings than a Cenobite. Closer he pushes himself trying to come up behind Domino, though once the other seen him they began to move back on their own. Standing there amidst them was a man in a rather tasteless gimp suit that sported a pink wig, thighs showing all the way down to some dark mesh nylon's that led into black stiletto high-heels. This was Deadpool, the chubby goth looks at his legs and blanches, "What? Too much, too little? I knew I should have went with the turquoise wig."

It was not hard to miss the fact that the doom ode was cut off mid sentence. Domino's her lifted, her shoulders drawing back and squaring while one hand slipped beneath the matching trench coat collar and fingered over the cold steel of the Browning beneath while the other hand came to rest beside where posterior rested upon the back of the bench. A kick from her feet upon the seat of it and she had spun to face the crowd of a parting black wave, leaving Deadpool revealed only feet from her. The chubby kid that could have been from a moder day Goonies had it about right, but Domino simply couldn't have any other hue to her skin but the sudden flush of red that sprouted from her neck."I…I don't know you.." Her hand never fell from within her coat but she was slliiding to the side to clear the bench at her back and make her way around it, putting it between him and her. Plausible deniability Domino…work it.

"Thats no way to greet me lovebug! I know you're still upset I showed up late, but I'm sorry, look…"His hand reachs down and he pulls up a tube, "I got the K.Y. just like you asked. Just took so long at the store then they didn't want to service me!" He was smiling large beyond the mask, those around them began to back up. One kid with a tattoo covering his entire face and a chain running from his cheek to his lip then ear whispered, "What a couple of freaks." Deadpool just continued his pathetic looking arms outstretched advance on Domino. "Let's go home while kids are still asleep, I promise to leave the goat in the closet this time." More of the black clad teens and young adults would make faces, backing up, "Sick" "Ew" "Gross" "Perverts" resounding,

"…." Domino's jaw had dropped and that was all that came out at first, booted footfalls carrying her one step, two, and she froze. Running from this was so not her, but caught off guard, Deadpool just won the fucking Emmy for it. She had not one thing to say in retort to this and putting a bullet in him would only cause one hell of a mess in Union Square and more chaos to place her face amongst. If she ran, he would chase in those heels and it would be another scene. When the only straw you draw in this kind of situation is the gimp one, use it. "No..no goat this time, promise? It is the kids pet afterall." The steps she had taken back were bringing her closer. Arsenic was in that smile, and would be in his drink, first step, get him out of the Square. In the approach she scanned for any possibly visible placement of weapons in that get up then focused on his masked face. "Don't keep me waiting again angel drawers. Leaning forward both hands were placed on the back of the bench, pushing at the cleavage left visible in the circular hole of that suit to match the ones that traced down the sides. Play along, play along…Swallow back that ill feeling. Some of those gothic kids couldn;t handle it and were leaving. Good start.

Well this was new, she was going along with it? Half-disappointment half-excitement rang through Deadpool as his brows lifted, It's a trap! Shes using feminine wiles "Maybe but also maybe what she meant last time was true! That she does want a bite of this raging Adonis like man-meat." Yeah a life ending bite, and when did she say that? "Last time, back when I blew up the hotdog stand. She said something like I want your meat Wade." I don't remember that. "That is why you're only my brain.I do the thinking here not you." His lips were split ear to ear in a smile as the mask was drawn tight to his face, one hand reaching out to grab the bench as well so he was leaning over her. "So uhm, your place or mine?"

Domino's eyes had no one else to look at in that wholly one-sided conversation so the smile she was wearing like her own mask began to waver at the edges in confusion. Shouldn't have let go of the gun.. The slight reflection of that thought showed in a hardening grip on the back of the bench when he stepped closer and leaned in. It also served the purpose well of being a reminder not to back off and run, leaving bullets in her wake to try and keep him back. The smile slowly resurfaced and she spoke through clenched teeth. "Ours gum-drop." Leaning a bit closer she whispered. "Mine." The hell she was going into unknown territory with him, and the wide eyed group of kids were finally starting to look busy with occasional glances to them. Pushing back from the bench she did not permit too much space between them in her slow walk around the bench and towards her place. Great, she's going to have to move again.

Let this be happening, let this be happening! This became a chant as Deadpool strode after her like some puppy drawn by a leash. His eyes were bolted to her backside, yes, he understood the appeal seen by Nate in her and he felt no remorse in making the two-backed beast with Domino, no man in their right or unright mind would. This is so a trap"Shut up, you negative Nancy, you won't ruin my moment!" He snaps outloud, his eyes bugging out. Kill the crazy, come on shhh let's not bork this up.

Domino had several city blocks to think on things, and her mind was sorting out precisely what those things were as step by step they drew closer to her complex. The streets were slowly dying in populous but if she knew Deadpool well enough drawing on him here and now would only put people in the way. Stepping onto 42nd Street the sessions of him arguing with himself would put anyone on edge,a dn somewhere in the back of her mind she could not settle with their history and his sudden draw to her being true. How do you get attraction out of leaving someone on a roof with their insides painted on the outside. Glancing back at that thought…"Oh.." Domino's dark stained lips even formed the 'o' and she shook her head. This had to be some form of ruse on his end and as they stepped into the entry of the Midtown complex she sucked in a deep breath entering the elevator and standing beside him while the low tones of tell tale music broke the silence.

Standing in the elevator Deadpool's form would shimmer a slight ripple effect then the visible and bizarre outfit he had on would fade from sight, now stood his normal reds and blacks. That tube he had been holding earlier turning into one of his pistols, he was humming to himself as they stood there, this stopped once inside the elevator. Beside her he pushed up one hand and slapped it against the mirrored wall behind her, leaning in once more, his head tipped down then up. "So, what won you over? There truth in those Axe commercials?" His other arm lifts up and he sniffs, "I personally think that it smells like burnt tire and sour Gatorade. But hey, if that works on you gunpowder and leather types thats right up my alley. Bout a kiss?" His hand came up, fingers drawing away the mask to reveal white teeth framed by his scarred up jaw and his cancer painted flesh.

Domino had settled with the fact someone sent him, hired him, something..This was not right on so many levels even the one where she took the bait the way she did. Pulling out keys two of the same were on a ring and one was being worked off as he slapped a hand up beside her and made her tense only to shake it off even as the vinyl like coat made and audible grinding-slide noise against the mirror with her adjustment in poise. "It was not the perfume, that will have to change cupcake. I like your style." Domino would be throwing up later, but part of that was oddly the truth, PART. The key she had worked off with the plastic lining was held up as he leaned in for a kiss and pressed between his lips for a hold. "If we are going to be doing this, you may as well also have the spare key to my place dear." The elevator door *ding* opened and in no sooner time. She was pressing forward, with him in the way or not they were tango-stepping their way out now with his back to the entry, her eyes trying not to flash with instinct to the weapon that had reformed from the tube of KY. "Make sure it works.." The words held a lower more dulcet tone to them.

Deadpool was abruptly stopped with a puckered lip kiss on a key. This brought both of his brows up again, his hand snares up and grabbed the key swiftly. Staring at it as he scratches the top of his head with a fingertip, "Doing what? I wasn't asking for a commitment here Dom, you're a sweet sexy piece of tail and all but uhm…" Where was I going with that? Testing her on this trap thing Oh right, "Trust me, it still works - wait the key right?" Don't do it!" "Sure thing." Moving infront of her again, and again trying to keep up in this evasive dance while he attempted one more kiss. "Aw just one!" Stopping his body planted. "Which doors yours? I sure hope you got some Luther Vandross, babe."

"I wasn't talking commitment, I was talking trust." Thankfully I am not fully unpacked. Deadpool's insistence on the kiss had her at a loss, this had to work and she was out of things to put in his mouth to curtail the offering of a kiss and he planted, ensuring it would happen. "Just two more doors down to the right.." Domino swallowed back more of that encroaching illness as she pressed him further back, closer to the door even if it took lining his body with her own. "We'll be sure it works." No one was in the hallway, in fact it was vacant, and one dart of her eyes confirmed that. "Oh come now can't wait until we get inside, I start now we may not make it to play Vandross." As she said that her lips came daringly close to his, but did not touch. If he kept insisting she was going to have to resort to plan B.

Their bodies lined up caused the Mercenary to shudder visibly, his walk with her continues his back down the hall his chest facing her stopping suddenly just before her door the key reaching behind him towards the doorknob before pausing."Bout right here in the hallway!"Deadpool says a playful edge to his voice. "Not like anyones around, think of it. You me, some patch of bag-lady trampled shag carpet. That's whole new worlds of hotness."

Oh sweet mother of…Domino paused and blinked then turned to look at the other doors that lined the hall that thankfully still remained closed, and she shook her head. "You had me all worked up mentioning the possibility of playing Killing Me Softly playing in the background. Not to mention I am not much for being watched." Her head tilted towards the other doors as a hint and she stepped back. "Or we just couldn't and go count stars on the rooftop." One hand gestured up to confirm that and the small smile she was forcing to stay in place could finally fall into the true frown she had been holding at bay, looking as let down as possible.

Deadpool's head tips to the side almost avian like as he loops an arm up and around behind her, pushing her up between himself and the door so that she was between him and it. Both arms bound about her form as his body tucked up behind Domino's looking down over her shoulder as he pushed the key towards the doorknob, "Guess it's time for a game long over due of tummy sticks." \\Wrong analogy, shes a girl and…\\ "Oh right, hahahahaha ew *choke* haha." He stumbles back from her but it looks like what he was about to do was apparently use her as a shield between her door and himself, moving back in to do so again. \\Hope thats not the case with her.\\ "Me too! If so we got some talkin' to do with Nate. AHEM, where were we mi hermosa dama"

Domino's eyes widened as he grabbed her and eased her between himself and the door. Crap, plan {not fully formed] C! She pushed her hands down to her sides and withdrew her own key pushing it into the lock. "You're taking too long talking to yourself." The door was pushed open with her weight still smeared against it, but what she did then was spin with her own weight that had propelled her into her apartment and hook her foot around the base edge of the door to kick it back closed, hopefully on Deadpool and knocking him back a bit, giving her the split second needed to draw her Brownings and have them aimed at him, facing the door. @emit She should have known better and some of the best laid traps could go to waste, and hopefully she was lucky enough that this one would not.

"Hey whu…" *wham door+face* Deadpool's teeth clatter in his skull and he stumbles backwards thumping into the opposite wall a very loud, " YOU'LL WAKE THE NEIGHBORS!" Is shouted as his next action is a flying leap the door splintering under his assault as he came flying through it both katanas drawing, "Why do you gotta play with my heart like that huh? Kind of knew it was a trick all along but didn'tcha feel that spark in there? Brief flitting static clingy zap?" His kick would keep him flying forward to land in a crouch his weapons out. "I even bought you a rocket launcher, had your name inscribed on it and everything. Kind of had to use it the other day on… on uh… the heck was his name? Bikkies guy." A snicker escapes him as he whispers "Bikkies" again under his breath. "Come to think of it did that guy give me his name or not? Ah whatever it's spanking time!"

When he came flying back through the door the smile that peeled away on Domino's lips narrowed her eyes and the Browning's took a directional change. Or one did, one remained aimed on him while the other hit the trigger mechanism that was rigged beside the doorway for the foreign key or object insertion. The door frame around Deadpool erupted into pieces, enough of an explosion to snap off bits of mortar and brick that made up the walls, showering shrapnel of debris outward and inward. "Play with your heart? Who sent you…" It was a question that was more a demand than anything, she was pretty much pinning it on her employer she just failed having hired him, as the shatter of her doorway ignited she yelled this, diving towards the window in a roll that brought her back uop to her feet and out of the explosions way while the second weapon fired at Deadpool. "There's your spark."

"I sent ME, I'm wondering who managed to ace my mark, your ward! You getting sloppy Dom?" The shots had Deadpool doing an almost graceful Z with his body both firing past him, "HAH you missed!" Explosive behind him had his eyes wide "Oh snap!" He exclaims before he is sailing forward propelled by the blast's force, his body landing on elbows and knees as it went end over end to slam into the bottom of her bed, slamming against the footboard before a shot struck him in the thigh. Both of his eyes narrow, "I'm really really going to spank you now, I'm serious." He bursts from a ground in a short distance closing dash both weapons swiping out chest level in an almost scissor like motion.

"Bullshit.." Hearing that the one word was sprayed out like venom. He was sent for her, that was damn near too convenient. Domino was sideways dashing towards the window now where the fire escape landing would be on just the other side, but she refused to take her eyes off of him and when he spung back up she spun back to face him with her back to the window and…Before she could pull the trigger the swipe of his blades took one Browning from her hand, the other now expending bullets along the wall in an arc while she dove to the right. When she rose back up, the chest level swipe had peeled back part of that attire, showing just how close he had come, but nothing showed on the flesh to show it had made full contact. But that moment she realized she missed something. " So because he's dead now you're sent to kill me. Cute." Domino was bracing now for the next swing, one foot propped against the wall…

Deadpool let his right arm lead way in, elbow thrust out to try and catch her but she would dodge before it came in. His body instantly kicking into a full 180' spin that had his opposing arm swept out wide the katana in it extended out with his arm's reach to still be able to take some part of her be it clothes, hair or flesh as it struck out. "I'm out a pretty penny for that, really pisses me off when someone screws up my plans! And since I got to New York thats all thats been happening, so who took Macnamara out?!? Who bested you?" His legs were already changing their course of motion visible by the shifting of his feet, pursuit obviously going to take place.

Domino had pushed off and was heading right for Deadpool, the sweep of the Katana seen and she lowered to a slide just in time to catch the nick of the blade and see a bit of her hair feathering down in a fall before her and passing. The Browning was aimed up for his side in the roll back past him, pulling the trigger but the audible *click clickclick* told of the empty chamber. This was why she preferred her bigger weapons, they held more…everything. Domino did what was next best and spun her body, her leg arching upward in an attempt to catch her heel across her chest and bring him to ground level with her while her other hand slid across the floor, seeking the fallen other Browning. "Bested me? Wait…You think so little of me yet wanted to bump uglies? Tch."

A fisted hand came in, forearm caught the heel as it came up, Deadpool's body tipped forward before it was doing a full forward flip that had him tucking his legs in almost kicking the ceiling as one weapon swiped down a downward slice from an aerial attack at Domino, very acrobatic and obviously something a normal human would never be capable of, at least from a standing leap. "Hey, your professional failings got nothing to do with the way you fill out that bodysuit"

The other Browning was found just in time to turn, aim and…have to roll away again as the flash of steel caught the slate blue gaze and had Domino rolling to smack her back at the base board of her bed. Tucking her feet in as the blade scathed over the laces, severing it open and slicing through leather, the Browning now re-aimed and fired twice at Deadpool, in between firing the words called out. "Does it count…*BLAM* as a fail…*BLAM*..if I killed him?*BLAM*" Domino had pushed to a stand during the shots and was standing on her bed, the clip from the empty Browning dropping to the mussed bedding and the other slapped into place. "You can't even tell my handiwork anymore? I'm hurt.." Yes she would take the triumph of Jakob's own handiwork, as far as she [or anyone] would ever know, he was never there.

Another round hit him, he wasn't able to twist in this confined quarters, the othe though went through the ceiling, as did it's next friend. Holes appearing around the apartment, a head even peering briefly into the room before someone ran screaming, "POLICE POLICE someone call 911!!" Landing blood gushed from thigh and ribcage, "Why would you kill your own man? Sort of business ethics are those… making us mercenaries look bad, toots." Deadpool seemed confused but he wasn't stopping, swinging up off the ground in another launch at her on the bed, both blades turned to pin trying to stab through the harnesses on her shoulders or the cloth of her arms, if that missed well there was her own flesh and body."SEE I warned you about waking the neighbors and grandma has a very strict no TV after midnight policy how is she going to get back to bed!?"

"Fuck.." The old lady that ran off with that yell did not get her gaze but the vocal reaction was enough. It gave that split second before Deadpool was slicing through her shoulder rig and one arm worked free, using the heel of that hand to try and land a blow to his nose and jack the cartilage back into his head, or just break it while her body jerked back and was pinned on the one side by his blade in that side of the shoulder holsters. "Probably the same reason your man hired you, tell him you did it, collect and walk away, I wont tell anyone otherwise." As she spoke she was sliding her side forward, dragging the leather strap along his blade until it worked free and she was loose.
A pop came forth, Deadpool's nose broken under the mask as eyes welled up with tears, head snapping back then slowly moving forward as both white covered orbs locked on her. "Not like you Dom, why did you kill your squishy? That was my job and people will know I didn't do it, they been watching Macnamara too… you did a dumb thing. That's not like you, what did you lose your head over? Musta been our last encounter huh? Was it a present to loverboy Pool? Always knew I was a ladies man, not even you could resist my charms. Maybe this Axe does work beats the patchouli oil." Blood trickled from under the mask, the two swords shoved in pushing down harder slamming through bedding and mattress to the ground below as he tried to make sure she was wedged and unmoving as much as possible beneath him.

He was pressing harder down on top of her and Domino was writhing beneath him, one leg trying to work free and rise up between them to kick him off as he prattled on now and made no further moves save keeping her in place, bleeding on her, and prattling on as he did so. That was torturous enough. "I killed him because he blew up a gathering that involved innocent people…"I saw a kids face in the crowd! She recalled Jakob's yell as to his own reasoning and now made it hers. "..and kids. You want to take it as a present, do so, I will gladly give it to you." Talking her way out, no, but as she spoke the trigger of the blade sheathed at her right wrist was hit and the flash of steel swiped up and at his side as well. "It's the least I can do for a rocket launcher."

Deadpool fought off the foot but the sudden sinking feeling he got in his gut was a very real one, one of steel being crammed into an internal organ. This had his grip slackening enough she could wrestle free of him, "Erk!" Releases from him as he slumps to the side only to be kicked away launching himself backwards leaving one sword embedded in the bed the other in his hand. "So… you killed Macnamara because he… wait OH that barbecue in Battery Park? Holy Humping Wonder Twins! That was Macnamara!?" Deadpool's legs wobbled and he crumpled into the side of her desk, "Owch. I hate stomach wounds."

When Domino worked free she rolled to the opposing side of the bed, wiping off her blade before it retracted and spun, gathering her large duffel and slinging it over her shoulder. The sirens were wailing in the distance and it was time to move. All her weapons had remained packed for mobilities sake and anything of identification was on her. Moving past the bed she jerked his katana out of the bed and aimed the tip at him. "We done here now?" Without waiting for an answer she lunged the katana past him and into the wall for him to take up. For whatever reason, again she was leaving his ass alive, the only one she was able to pin down was leaving him bleeding for the cops arrival would be bad mojo. Domino was stepping to the window and sliding it open while watching him, if he made another move though, the Browning was still aimed at head level. She'd leave him like that if he forced her to.

"We done? Never." He said, "For now, mebbe." The katana snared up from the wall and shoved into it's sheath. The other joining it, "You can put it away, I'm done fighting you for now." Deadpool's hands both empty as his hands showed palms at her, fingers wriggling. "So I am taking a wild gander into the guessing realm that your jobs and rep are sunk now huh? Kinda like yours truly?"

Some part of Domino took relief at not being done, another part made her want to pull the trigger until there was not enough left for him to heal. His show of being done only had her lowering the weapon as she stepped through the window and onto the fire escape platform, heading up instead of down. "I don't think they know I did it, I almost thought they figured it out when you came along like you did." Stopping a few steps up and looking down after him she shook her head a bit. 'Either way, I am one client down in the business pool and who knows what that will do."

Deadpool shoved himself upright, the thigh would from earlier healing itself by now as a bullet pushed free and thunked onto the ground the slug crushed in on itself from impact on bone as he climbs out after her, moving easily with towards the rooftop, "How about a deal then? Some skimpy bikini shots of you, maybe lingerie and I'll squeeze you into the gig I have going?"

Reaching the roof top Domino paused and spun on Deadpool, leveling her eyes with his own and shook her head. "I'd offer in just my shoulder rigs, but you ruined them." The sarcasm was light but it was enough to be told it was also a big fat no. "I am sure I can get something without having to provide partially or wholly nude shots for it..What's the gig?" Despite that little speel he had her interest, turning from him and glancing back over her shoulder as she walked the board she had laid out from one roof to the next, waiting at the other end for him to cross before she pulled it in. The distance between the buildings was a straight one and too far to feasible jump and land, at least for her.

"Ohhh nudes! Thats an even better idea." Deadpool's features contorted under the mask as he looked to be in contemplation, how big was this group anyways and would Domino make a suitable distraction, or even a failsafe. He inhaled then looks over at her again, "Bikini ain't so bad, come onnn." Moving along the board after her, striding casual at this point, that freakish healing factor already knitting him up. His hand rising to pop his nose back into place to help out there as well.

Dragging the board across and setting it down against the small lip it would go unseen. Just in time for the two squad cars to pull up in front of Midtown and the policemen to exit to the sound of the little old ladies yells as they entered. "Tell me the job, the pay out, and *maybe* I will think on the bikini." Huge maybe and it was still likely a no but it was apparent he had her momentary attention as she moved to the other side of the building and settled down behind the large metal hunk of machinery, a finger flipping over the loose fabric of her suit with a sigh. Lowering she dropped down to improvise her cut laces until she could buy a new pair, or new boots. "Why am I bargaining less clothes with you when you owe me more now?"

"Thats the way the cookie crumbles."She ain't going to do it.Yeah, I know. That is okay, we still may be able to get her to work for with us."How about this, make sure you know there's going to be lots of screaming, people running around on fire with bullets in them involved and you n' me both know that means awesome pay out usually with a special gift card. Then you decide if it's worth it and I'll be in touch? Sounds peachy keen? "Deadpool asks before talking more. "And you need a new wardrobe anyhow, Underworld stole your look, you just look like a fangirl for True Blood now. Definitely go with more skin. "

Domino was staring again as he argued with himself. Finishing off the final lacing of her boot to keep it in place before she rose back up and readjusted the strap of her duffel on her shoulder. "I had this wardrobe before Underworld, and apparently you have not seen True Blood." A wink was passed to Deadpool then as one hand rose for a small wave and she was off, leaving this roof top before the cops came looking and sweeping with the flash lights, calling back. "Next time you seek to swoon me, no pink." Domino knew he would hunt her back down, and she had time to debate. If in that time she got no more calls wanting her services, the boredom would likely win over her final decision. Domino was staring again as he argued with himself. Finishing off the final lacing of her boot to keep it in place before she rose back up and readjusted the strap of her duffel on her shoulder. "I had this wardrobe before Underworld, and apparently you have not seen True Blood." Her eyes looked down at her suit and then back up to him. "That's exciting to hear, but still not enough information." That was nearly like any other job that was not low key and hush-hush but she was not going to push it into the lumped category of no utterly, no jobs equalled boredom - taking one with Deadpool…Desperation or just for the thrill of it. She'd have to sort that later.

"Hey Dom wait! I owe you one more thing." This was said before she was leaping off, escaping the rooftop. If she turns around like Deadpool anticipates she was going to get a fist straight into the face, one slammed there with the keyed precision of obvious preparation. A broken nose was no doubt in order from such an impact and maybe another dark blotch to join the other eye. "Serves you right you pickle-teaser! Can thank me later for helping your lopsided Raccoon problem out!" RUN BITCH! OH MY GAWD RUN! "I'm running I'm running!" His body sailing quickly over the opposite edge of the roof to vanish in a shimmering blue light.

Domino's body turned and the rise of his fist had her trying to turn back, but too late. Blood flew and the red markings of the beginning swell began beneath her right eye. "Mother f—" She was after him in a heartbeat, leaping to the next roof with her Browning aimed up but the blue light flicker had her blinking and he was gone.Domino knew he would hunt her back down, and she had time to debate her own strike back as well as this job. If in that time she got no more calls wanting her services, the boredom would likely win over her final decision.

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