2010-06-05: Guten Tag!


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Summary: Sabina meets an instructor and introduces her new friend, a ghost, to Jakob

Date: June 5, 2010

Log Title Guten Tag!

Rating: PG-13 (L)

Barnes Academy - Gym

This module is also fairly large, containing an elevated track that spans the circumference of the room, giving it about an eighth of a mile for a single lap. Below the track and the large ports looking out into the water is a central area that can be configured for anything from basketball to street hockey. Around the central area are areas with hydraulic weight set ups, gymnastics equipment, fitness stations and mats for yoga, sparring or stretching.

This module is also fairly large, containing an elevated track that spans the circumference of the room, giving it about an eighth of a mile for a single lap. Below the track and the large ports looking out into the water is a central area that can be configured for anything from basketball to street hockey. Around the central area are areas with hydraulic weight set ups, gymnastics equipment, fitness stations and mats for yoga, sparring or stretching. It was growing late, most had retired after dinner in the cafeteria. She didn't even show up for that. Mystery meat loaf scared her, despite how assuring they tried to be about how good the food was, and she was tired of sandwiches. Post studying she retreated to the gym and kept her slowly increasing silence, solace, and segregation - jogging until her body couldn't handle anymore, giving a final bursting run to the bench with her things that was before the punching bags. Tempting, but for now she just fell back on the bench in a sprawl, clutching her water bottle and staring at the ceiling to count her breaths and place her mind elsewhere. How long have you been here? "Three weeks?" You act like your in hell. "Hell is other people anymore.." It was a low whisper to herself so the few around her that were still running laps and stretching did not pick up on the fact that she was talking to "herself." It was not herself but not everyone was as open to haunting, and New York had plenty to offer that just were drawn to her. Her outing on Memorial Day proved that alone, but she spoke of that to no one.

Thoroughly drenched in sweat and somehow exhausted Jakob was on the side of speechless as well as brain-dead, the words " oberhau! mittelhau! unterhau! "Repeatedly rang through his head the tremor in his wrists and forearms was painful, a throb that he found refreshing yet mildly bothersome. A towel hung around his neck and shoulders, soaked in perspiration, his torso was covered in a simple Barnes tank-top and light work out pants, all in grays to navy blues. Exiting the side-room that was more or less exclusive to those who were being accepted by 'Agent H' for training and tutoring, Jakob was fortunate enough on that point, Igor von Hessel was a scary instructor, he seemed jovial enough but when in actual motion he was a monster. Jakob was pretty suspect the guy wasn't entirely human either. Only about three other slots were open for the class, out of some form of sadism he'd made sure Travis was in on it, he wasn't sure who the other two were, some girl and the last was a blank. In his walk he would spy Sabina, striding near enough to her after dodging some long legged blonde who he of course helped himself to following with his gaze. " Damn, don't make them like that back home. " He cooed loudly.

You're in hell? Look at me? I'm dead and this.. "I don't care.." Yes you do, that's why you wont look at me.. "No, it's disgusting." The apparition that was following her like some lost puppy was a man that had likely once been semi-handsome, if that accounted for anything now that half his face was missing to reveal teeth and jaw bone below, surprisingly the eye on that side of his face was in tact but completely white, the other was a deep brown to match the color of his hair. His attire was likely a dress shirt and pants, but they were in tatters and burnt to his flesh in areas. A bomb victim and rather recent to boot. Sabina's eyes widened though when she heard another voice, to close to home with its cat-call that had her head rolling up a bit to peer over at Jakob. As if already defeated her head thumped back onto the bench with a thud and the water was brought to her lips. "Just keeps getting better.." You like him? "Sarcasm.."

Jakob would overhear Sabina's conversation wtih apparently herself, " Huh? " Came the quick questioning noise. " So happy to see you too. " Followed as the towel was drug off his shoulders and slapped over just one. " Or wait, lemme guess you're talking to Casper? " He'd shake his head as he stood nearby, a water bottle being risen to his mouth and drained. While he was doing this he was curiously watching the necromancer.

"Oh, now I am supposed to be jovial when your near Jakob? Let me smile for the incoming insults.." One hand came up and extending a finger as if asking for a moment. "One second.." Another long sip of water and a flick of tongue over her lips before they peeled back into a grin that did not affect her eyes. "Hi Jakob, how are you?" Despite the overall attitude some part of that inquiry maintained being a bit genuine. Somewhere in there she still had hope. My name's not Casper. It's Edward Southall. "Shut.." She swallowed back the rest and replaced the fallen grin back to positioning. "If you are referring to Caleb, no. I haven't spoken to him in quite a while." She seemed almost a bit downed by that. The kid was odd even to her but at least he spoke to her and didn't treat her like the rest.

" What? No not Caleb. Seen you talking to yourself… " His brow was shooting upwards, arching as the 'shut' registered, something she shortened off that he caught. Jakob squeezes more of the water-bottle into his mouth as a hand would clap down roughly onto his shoulder sputtering loudly as water went down wrong, a hack and cough escaped him. " Guten tag! " Came out loudly from behind him. Standing there was a tall man, perhaps near 6'6" broad shouldered with a large dirty blonde handlebar like mustache wearing Barnes gym outfit " Ahn o is der fraulein Yak-ob? " He asks. Sputtering Jakob didn't respond. Instead glaring over at the big man while he wiped his jaw.

You are so bitter Sabina. Her jaw rocked and clenched as she shot upwards when Jakob mentioned he had heard her. She was trying to be silent but the mind to mind talk with an apparition was impossible. At least that she knew and she thought she was being rather quiet. This was time to exit stage right, Sabina had issues keeping her mouth shut and avoidance was the key anymore. Leaning down she was pulling towel up to wrap around her neck, sliding a hand between that and skin to withdrawal the bunned ponytail of long hair that had half fallen free from the hair tie to run down the length of her spine to just above her hips. Gripping it she yanked it back through sloppily and gripped her back pack. Timing was everything and the accented voice had her eyes drawing upward though her body was still in the ready-to-spring pose. The large man was measured with the swift snap to and fro of her eyes and then she rose to a stand, tugging at the tank top and adjusting herself out of mere frustration and something to do. "I'm Sabina sir, was just leaving, did not mean to distract him." A rise and drop of her hand gestured towards Jakob.

Looking towards Sabina SHIELD Agent Hessel from the Silvereye sub-division smiled in a large and friendly manner, " Nett sie kenne zu lernen, it is uh good to meet you Sabina. Und it iz in ordnung…er alls right. Ve are fertig for this day." His accent thick right now, perhaps from yelling at his students for the past three hours in his native language, who was to say.

" Yeah, we finished about ten minutes ago. " Jakob adds in. " Not keeping you though, obviously you're having some sort of mental breakdown over here. " He would push in with a growing smile. The ghosts she was speaking to of course unseen by him and the other man.

" Yak-ob! Vats have you been learning from me? Jung Ritter, lere got lip haben frawen io ere, so wechst dein ere. Uebe ritterschaft und lere kunst dy dich zyret, und in krigen sere hofiret. " The instructor added in as a hand came up, speaking it as though it was some outlandish oath.

Now I see why you don't like him. Her eyes closed and her head dropped a bit with the large sigh that emitted from her lips. She regained quick enough to flash a half hearted smile at the foreign instructor, part of what he was saying going way over her head but what she did catch was good enough, and when he went to correct Jakob the smile only grew as her eyes darted between them. Any quip she had for Jakob's words was silenced in place of the large man's lesson preaching. What's he saying? "Shh.." A small sound but it was like hushing the anooyance in the crowd during a good movie.

" Yeah right, knights, lots of humping women, honor and warfare - got it… thats why your accent suddenly exploded into the unrealistic? Been watching you sir, this is the third time now and each time it's around women. " Jakob fired off, his eyes darkening as he looked towards the other man almost as if he was expecting to be cuffed, starting to think the German SHIELD agent is a tad bit of a lecher.

Agent Hessel instead chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, " Okay, you got me there. It is good to meet you though Sabina, you're very beautiful and I've read your file, is there one near me? " He looks around curiously, his hands waving at the airs comically. " You know, they say one of my great great great ancestors was a legendary vampire slayer? Dealt with the undead on a daily basis. Much like yourself, we should talk sometime. Exchange stories. "

Queue the slow blink. A flutter of thick noir lashes to conceal off the expectant azure gaze and then spring it back to be revealed with the slight shock. One being at Jakob's outburst and then the teacher who went from a thick accent to that of lacking one. Brilliant! They know about you here? What kind of school is this again? "I told you al.." Again she stopped and bit her lip, stepping back and darting eyes between Jakob and the Instructor. "Sounds more like a movie to me, I couldn't slay anything if I tried." Anyone can slay something Sabina. Her lips parted and clipped shut, drawing into a thin line of reproach and instead answering the instructor's question with a nod. "Yeah, there is, from that bombing." One hand rose and pulled the strap of her dangling backpack higher on her shoulder.

" Fascinating! " Hessel exclaimed. Though, dealing with ghosts wasn't an area for the Silvereye operative, his was more along the lines of killing things that didn't stay down. " You have quite the gift on you, young lady and no, not expecting you to do anything with your abilities simply learn to control them, what we're here for and all. " He smiled quick, " We definitely should meet up and speak later though. Enjoy yourselves and behave students. " With that the man was stalking off with an easy cheerful swagger.

" Morbid is more like it. " Jakob whispered, glancing around with an edge of nervous to him. Toweling his face off he stepped away from the duo abit more, unconsciously waving a hand out through the air after the instructor had passed on by. " He's kind of a trip isn't he? "

Yeah, you told me, but just a military academy? Vampire slayers, undead.. Wait is this a place for mutants? Is that how you can talk to me? Abilities? Did I just walk into a school for the freaks? Two voices were coming at her, one was the instructors and the other was the apparitions and she was suddenly getting overwhelmed. The apparitions words had her eyes narrowing unintentionally at the retreating back of Hessel. "Yeah a school for the freaks, we're the only ones you can talk to now. Irony." Seething words were hissed between her lips in that near whisper before she realized Jakob was trying to talk to her. Her eyes rose and fell, nearly apologetic and she nodded. "Yeah, trip..heh." She was suddenly very unamused.

" Yeah thats not weird or nothing. " Jakob would say as he stands there and watches Sabina talk to herself, " So… if you see them, may sound off but which one are you seeing? "

Touche Sabina. Her eyes glanced to the apparition that stood just to her right, but to Jakob likely she would be glancing off at nothing but the gym and the few remaining stragglers. "He said his name is Edward Southall." Friend of Humanity..Once, now apparently I am stuck with a mutant. I'm being punished. "YOU'RE being punished? I.." She stopped and just looked at Jakob again with a slow shrug. "Sorry, he added Friend of Humanity…Whatever that is." Yes, she was extremely out of the loop in that aspect and the rest of what he said likely Jakob could piece together but she was deftly trying to leave out unpleasantness.

" … there uh, an ant-mutant group. Bit more active and extreme than your everyday American, they tend to speak what's on thier mind instead of acting like some voiceless sheep. " Jakob shrugged as he didn't know the man by name but assumed he was one of the adults who were there, not the kid he had seen. " Do they haunt when somethings unfulfilled? Like the movies and books always make it sound? Because… I'm sure… the man who did this is paying for it. " His voice was sober now, abit quiet and deeper as he spoke as if realizing this he quickly shoves the water bottle into his teeth again and begins guzzling.
"I am seeing that." Sabina said dryly as daggers were glared to the right and then back to Jakob. "And why am I not surprised you know of them." She stepped back then and looked down and to the left, purposefully breaking her gaze from the both of them as the apparition began to speak. So he knows of us and is here? We are renown, apparently enough..The man who did this is paying for it? Who did it?! They had no right! The small burst of the apparitions anger chilled Sabina and she shivered, small bumps rising along pale flesh. "Don't do that. It bothers me." Who did it? What does he know? "Like you can do anything about it." She ground down her teeth again and without looking at Jakob she shrugged gallically. "Well Jakob, you have his undivided attention now, he wants to know what you know. I'll leave you two..to…it.." She couldn't, no matter how fast and how far she wanted to run from this situation she has suddenly become the voice for a voiceless hate monger.

" Yeah, I even have a few Eaglescout badges specific to the Friends. " He chuckled, " Family tradition at least on my dads side… " Jakob stops in saying more as Sabina seemed to be showing some actual emotion, imagine that she wasn't as corpse-like as she appeared to him in each previous encounter. " I don't know anything, thats just my good faith in the legal system shining forth. " Too sarcastic maybe. Was he being too obvious? The trouble he could get in if that all leaked, even to some imaginary friend of Zombie Girl.

Ah one of ours on the inside! How nice, ask him.. "I am not asking him anything!" Her arms flailed and her body nearly bent over in the exaggeration, her backpack about clattering to the ground but her hand caught it and swung it back up. Two students looked over and stared now and Sabina looked back at them. "What?! Fuck off." She snapped out nearly rabidly, it was enough to have them look back to their mats with ambition and gusto added to their stretching before they left. Getting touchy are we Sabina? "I want this taken away and you to leave me alone. Hear that legal system, dude's handled, you can go now." Her face was reddened with bitten back emotion that was bordering on some sort of break down now. That's not the point.. Sabina spun then and started to walk away across the gym in a bee line for the exit, passing a punching bag and laying into it with a balled up fist, that hand dropping and shaking it off..It hurt but at least there was something that was supposed to be hit nearby.

Jakob stares, blinks, stares some more and then looks to the others who were just told to ever so politely bug off. Jakob gave another shrug of well-toned shoulders and a laughing, " Must be that time of the month. " His smile faltering as he watches Sabina assault a punching bag on her way out. No wraps, untrained punch, anger-fueled and wild, even from here his mutant abilities weren't required to tell him she might have just sprained her wrist. With a low whistle he was headed off to the showers. " This place is a fucking nuthouse. "

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