2009-02-03: Hadoken


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Summary: Eddie and Dai get to know the new student, Leo, a bit better

Date: February 3, 2009

Log Title Hadoken

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

It's later in the evening and Daisuke's decided to come up to the Observation Deck to draw for a bit. He skipped dinner, not feeling that hungry, and has been lost in sketching for the last two hours. Though if you asked him he'd probably say it was only a half hour. He still dressed in what he was wearing before and next to him is his mp3 player hooked up to a pair of portiable speakers playing some hard rock music as he sketches away.

Leo pages, "Ah, but what's playing? lol. Certain songs, he'd be singing along with as he entered." to you.

You page, "Probably something in Japanese. ^^;" to Leo.

Leo pages, "ah no. If it was something American, he'd probably know." to you.

Still dressed as he was before as well, Eddie makes his way up to the Observation Deck. Still frowning from being chased away from the gym after finding his Danger Room session canceled, Eddie has come up to the deck because he was told Dai was up there and wanted to see him before going home to see how Ricky reacted to his stitched up boyfried. Heading the music, Eddie starts to sing along quietly as he walks over to look at what Dai's drawing.

Since the lighting on the way to here isn't quite as bright, the sparkles tend to preceed the entrance of Leo. White head peeks in. Oh look! The same people as before. He looks around. "Well, this is a pleasant area." He says, with a grin, bouncing in on his toes.

Daisuke jumps as suddenly Eddie's behind him. "Oh man Eddie, you startled me." He says with a smile. What's he's drawing is actually kind of odd since it's one of the people from yesterday in one of the tanks. He uses drawing to get out some of his emotions and what's on his mind. "And sorry to make you try to sing along to my music Eddie, I just listened to a lot of Japanese music growing up." As Leo walks in Daisuke smiles and gives him a wave. "Yeah it is nice up here, and you're right, you do sparkle."

Eddie shivers when he sees the drawing and quickly averts his eyes from it. "It's okay, Dai. It wasn't…too hard to atleast sound like I knew what I was singing," he chuckles. Glancing over his shoulder, he smiles to Leo. "Wow," he pauses, just watching the lights. "Hey, Leo."

Nodding, Leo chuckles. "I know. I sparkle. And I get brighter as time passes." He nods softly, shaking his head and moving to sit somewhere. "What's up?" He asks, crossing his legs beneath himself as he looks around, just as energetic as before. When he's awake… he's full of energy. Can't help it.

In a page-pose to you, Leo also considers having him not know about it yet. Discover it when he's joking around, doing it.

Daisuke tucks his drawing away and runs his hand through his hair. "Maybe I can teach you Japanese someday if you want to learn, but then I grew up with both languages around me." He says reaching down to lower his music. "Hey Leo, not to much, I was just drawing. Still exploring the school?"

Eddie shrugs and moves to sit next to Dai. "Well, if I'm gonna go to Japan with you sometime, I should learn atleast enough to get by," he reasons. "Just…hanging around before going home to see my boyfriend and Dads."

"Yeah, pretty much. Just gotta figure out where everything is so I can really start getting around. I don't sleep much, so…" Leo shrugs slightly before listening to them talk about Japan. "Japan is pretty." He says with a nod. "Course, I only know one or two words. Not enough to get by on. I would have been taking it this semester at my old school. But… I'm a little too… bright to be there." He snickers, before something dawns on him. "Wait, boyfriend and dads?" He doesn't seem at all judgmental, just making sure he heard it right.

Daisuke chuckles and nods. "Depends on where you go, Kyoto where my Grandmother lives is pretty but Tokyo is very much a city though there are nice shrines to visit there." Daisuke says having gone there a handful of times. "They have people who can teach it here, and if I start giving Eddie lessons I can teach you too." And he nods at Leo's last question, he did hear right. "Oh Eddie, I still have to meet Nova sometime."

Eddie nods. "Yeah. My boyfriend Ricky lives with us and my Dads both work here at the school," he replies. He smiles to Dai and nods. "Yeah. You should come by tomorrow."

"Oh, cool." Leo says with a bright grin. "Glad they're really open about things here. DOes your boyfriend go to school here, too? He asks, tilting his head as he watches Eddie a little more. Nodding to Dai, "I think I'd like that."

Daisuke smiles and it's something to make himself feel useful around the school. "Cool, well I'll dig up some books in the library and maybe in a few weeks I can start ont he basics." He says to both Eddie and Leo. "Yeah, it's a school for mutants, I think they're pretty open minded about almost everything here."

Eddie shakes his head. "No…he's not a mutant," Eddie seems just a little disappointed as he says this. It's more about Ricky not being at the school than anything but in the end, Eddie realizes its for the best considering the trouble the two of them would likely get into. "That's awesome! Thanks, Dai!" he says, hugging his friend quickly.

"Awwww. Well, at least he lives close enough that you can see him, then." Leo says with a bright nod. "And score for language learning." He grins, the glittery light getting a little brighter again. "I still need to find the gym later." He reminds himself, looking at the couch.

Daisuke returns the quick hug and grins. "Eh it's nothing." He says blushing a bit as Eddie thanks him. "Oh the gym is downstairs, the basement not the sub-basement. Eddie's down there a lot, I should be down their more." Daisuke says guilitly. "I just tend to get asborbed in my art or drumming more often."

Eddie blushes as Dai brings up his gym time. "Well…I gotta keep in good shape if I wanna be an X-man one day," he says. "And I wanna bulk up a bit…stop being so scrawny…" he admits, embarassed. "And yeah, it's great not having to go all the way into the city to spend time with Ricky…"

That's when things dawn on Leo. He didn't put two and two together. "Dude. Ohyeah… X-Men." He begins to glow just a little bit brighter as he gets his happiness in. "I'm more of the gymnastics type than the other training. Course, I got a little bit more strength than most kids my age." He chuckles. "I didn't even put things together…"

"Eddie and I both want to be X-Men some day but I focus more on my sonics than phsycial. I should take one of the martial arts classes here and quit being such a whimp." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "I can't claim that strenght thing, probably more claim a little less than kids my age."

"I really don't know what all I can do. I know I explode sometimes and freeze people when I do. And I'm a little faster and stronger than most people my age. And I glow, of course."

Eddie squirms a bit. "I gotta focus more on the martial arts since my power's more…not to attacky," he sighs slightly. "I'm not all that strong but I'm pretty fast and sometimes being so small helps," he shrugs. "And people keep telling me I'm smart…" he shrugs, not believing it.

"I really don't know what all I can do. I know I explode sometimes and freeze people when I do. And I'm a little faster and stronger than most people my age. And I glow, of course." Leo says with a nods as he responds to Daisuke. "Yeah, nobody ever said smart with me. I make B's but that's about as high as it goes. Except in gymnastics."

As Eddie says he's not smart, Daisuke just turns to give him a 'look'. "Eddie, you know more about superheroes and supervillains than any dictionary or enclyopedia. You may not get good grades but book smarts isn't everything." Dasiuke then listens to what Leo's said and smiles. "Well you're at the right place to help you figure your powers out. And I only got one or two B's in school." Dai says leaving it at that.

Eddie blushes and tries to shrink down at the look from Dai. "I guess you're right…" he trails off. He looks at Leo curiously and tilts his head to the side. "You freeze people?" he asks.

"Huh? Who said that?" Leo says with a blink. "Not that I know of. That's that iceguy." He shakes his head with a laugh. "I mean, honestly, I really don't know what all I can do."

Daisuke blinks at Leo with a bit of confusion. "But you said you sometimes explode and freeze people?" He's also trying to figure Leo out but he seems like a nice enough guy. "Eddie didn't know anything about his powers when he got here and I didn't know about anything but my sonics before I got here."

Eddie nods. "Yeah, I just knew I glowed. Now I know I've got this empathic power boosting thing," he chuckles. "But yeah…you did say that."

"Oh, oh, yeah. I forgot. I meant like stun and can't move. Not FREEZE freeze. Not ice. Sorry, I confused myself." Leo looks down, embarassed as he shakes his head. "My bad." He laughs. "I mean, I got REALLY glowy all of a sudden." He puts his arms out to his sides, "And POOF. Everybody was stunned."

Daisuke looks at Leo a bit wide eyed. "Wow, that's kind of crazy. Was everyone okay though?" Daisuke asks just being curious. "Well obviously you have some light based power but different people can have similar to the same powers but they're still differnt to the individual? I don't know if I'm making sense."

Eddie blinks a few times. He gets a thoughtful look on his face. "You stunned them?" he asks. "Dai…did you feel like…charged up earlier when you shook Leo's hand?" he asks. "And yeah, you're making sense."

"Yeah, kinda. And they were fine after. Actually, better than they were before." Leo says with a quick nod. "It'd be kinda cool if I could just… I dunno… channel that." He says with a snicker.

Daisuke looks at Eddie and gives a confused nod. "Yeah, and most of my brusies are healed too and my chest where I was kicked doesn't hurt as much. It was weird though, I can't really explain it." Daisuke says but he felt like he was pumped with energy. "How long ago did you find out you had powers?"

Eddie takes a deep breath and assumes a 'thinking!' pose. "Hmm…this reminds me of something…" he trails off. "I gotta check it out," he says, pulling out a notepad and writing some things down quickly.

"Uhm… ok. Yeah, Mom said she felt a little better." Leo nods quickly as he shrugs again. "About a month ago. Month and a half. Just before Christmas." He says, thinking back. "It was the day before dad's Christmas Party that it all really started. I was sparkling right when I got back from school for break."

"Well then I'm pretty sure you might be able to figure out how to just channel that and figure things out. I've been here over a year and a half and I'm still learning things with my sonics." Daisuke says knowing that it takes time to adjust to your powers. "I also learned I can't really raise my voice."

Eddie taps the pad a few times. "Healing light…that stuns…" he trails off. "That -really- reminds me of Dagger…but not many people have a connection to that…" he murmurs. Attention snapping back up, Eddie shrugs. "I just have a simple power so things were easier for me. I just make people stronger. And other people can make me stronger too…"

"Coulda sworn Dad had had a few drinks that night too." Leo says with a shrug before nodding. "Oh, I know nothing is immediate. It would be too simple if it were." He stands up with a chuckle. "I mean, it would be totally silly if I just stood up and got into a street fighter pose," which he does, palms thrust forward, "And shouted HADOKEN." Of course, he was joking. The funny thing is, a large ball of light forms from his thrust palms. It doesn't go anywhere, but it swells from his palms to almost two feet around before vanishing. He stares.

Daisuke was about to laugh at the Street Fighter reference but his eyes go wide as there is actually a ball of light. "You..just really did a Hadoken…kindo. Wow. Should I just start calling you Ryu now?" Daisuke says seeming surprised by that.

Eddie jumps, almost dropping his notepad. "Wow…" he trails off. "Can…can you do that again?" he asks. "And never bring that game up around Mr. Logan or Ms. Pryde," he says quickly.

"I… Whoah…" A corner of Leo's mouth curves into a smile as he holds the pose. "I dunno about Ryu, but hey, that was cool." He says thrusting an arm out. A single palm, which emits a small ball of light. It doesn't fire. It just sits right in front of his palm. Half the size of the first. "Whoah…" But it vanishes quickly also. "Man…"

Daisuke can't help but smile himself. "No, that's pretty cool. You should definately try that out in the gym and see what you can do, or Danger Room when you have a session." Daisuke says before giving Eddie a confused look. "I think you're power is pretty interesting. I bet Eddie can help you figure out more about it too."

Eddie smiles as well, leaning forward slightly and watching Leo. "That is cool," he says. He jumps when Dai looks at him. "Wh-what?" he squeaks. "I can?"

Placing his hands at his sides, Leo can't help but give a cheerful… well, it's a giggle. No ifs ands or buts about it. "That's new. One day and already something interesting." He says, plopping back down on the chair loudly.

"Well living here is nothing short of interesting." Daisuke says as there hasn't been much 'dull' time in his live since living here. "And yeah Eddie, you know all about the powers of every super hero and villain. You probably know the powers of some random person with powers who fought Spider-Man or Iceman once."

Eddie blushes deeply and squirms a bit as Dai says this. "I…umm…I'll do my best," he says. "It does sound a lot like some of what I heard Dagger does but I gotta check to make sure."

"Still neat." Leo grins. "I never really paid much attention to heroes and villains. I was too focussed on my training." He says with a shrug. "But since I can't do THAT anymore, I gotta turn to a different place."

"I know what you mean, I just new the little bits on the news, I didn't think anything of it until I came here, now I kind of want to be an X-Man someday too." Daisuke says with a hint of embarassment. "So what kind of training did you used to do that you can't do it anymore?"

Eddie keeps blushing. "I've always been really into heroes…" he trails off, leaving it at that. "And why can't ya do training here too?"

"There are certain things people train for that they're not allowed to continue training properly in when they show mutant powers." Leo says, and leaves it at that for now. "After all, I'm not the only one that had to give up something he wanted to do professionally. But the other one… at least got to compete."

Daisuke lets out a sigh and actually feels a bit bad for Leo. He doesn't know what he's talking about but giving up something you like must be tough. "I'm sorry to hear that, but you don't know what can happen here?" He offers trying to sound optimistic.

Eddie frowns. "Oh…I'm sorry…" he trails off quietly. The scarred mutant does nod to what Dai says though.

"I know I can't go back to what I wanted to do, but I can focus on something else." Leo says softly, and only a little sadly. "It's alright though. I accepted it when I realized that I WAS something different. I can't go back. Why worry?" He says, rising and looking towards the door. "I think I may try to get an hour or two of sleep."

Daisuke nods. "Okay, it was nice meeting you Leo, and like I said earlier, I can teach you what I can in Japanese." He says yawning himself. "I might stay here and try to stay up to draw for a while."

Eddie takes a deep breath and gets up to offer Leo a hug. After it, he moves to give Dai one. "I'm gonna head home for dinner and explaining why I'm all stitched up," he says. "I'll be back before curfew though…" he trails off.

Of course, when given a hug, Eddie's gonna get revved up again, and be given another healing boost. "Uhm… thanks." He says with a bit of a blush before he nods. "I may take you up on that, too. But I guess my own classes start tomorrow." HE says, opening the door. "Later."

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