2010-03-24: Half-Baked Ideas


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Summary: An agreement to disagree arises for the Paragons.

Date: March 24, 2010

Log Title: Half-Baked Ideas

Note: Proceeds "Visiting Family"

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Having just arrived from the scene upstairs, James stays relatively quiet until he's out of the elevator and in the kitchen. He heads over to a fridge and searches for something. However, instead of pulling out an energy drink he emerges with a bottle of water, "I was being 'helpful.'" He smiles, as he opens the bottle by simply pushing a claw into the top and then twisting his wrist. The cap is then pulled off his nail with his mouth and spat into a garbage can. Two Points! "Someone threw a frisbee up there, I retrieved it…and started exploring." He waggles his eye ridges at that, "Looking for a good way of getting down when I wondered by."

"Well," Rashmi says, heading to the kitchen to grab from-scratch cookie makings, "I'd say you found a *really quick* way to do it… And all you had to do was leer at Jono's titled British sister, even!" Whatever annoyance her words *could* carry, right now it's simple, fond amusement. "…I guess it sounded like a good idea at the time, or something?"

James nods, "It did…but I'm pretty sure I saw the Headmaster. Which means he probably saw me. Which means a week of detention—minimum." He makes a deflated noise and finds a seat, "I'd take falling out of a window any day over having to deal with Professor Summers." Half the water bottle is suddenly gone; rather the liquid inside is, "See? Not 'everything' I do is born out of the need to be difficult? I have my moments."

"For climbing the wall? Mmn… probably only a couple days. Maybe one, since falling off would be punishment enough on its own. Um…. don't worry about Jono, okay? He was just… sort of raw. I mean, he hadn't *seen* his sister in… I don't know, a long, long time." Cracking eggs, measuring out flour and sugar… Apparently since there weren't any actual cookies in evidence, Rashmi intends to not make a liar of herself, and bake up a batch on the spot.

James hardly notices. He makes up crap all the time and has to make up just as much evidence too boot! James goes semi quiet at the news about Jono, "He's..having a hard go at things right now." There's a shrug. "He'll come around. Jono's the toughest one here." the hyena should know, he's walking around with several of the man's memories. He clears his voice a little and stretches his arms, the action eliciting a yawn, "Him and I…we're not getting a long like we used to. I think. Not since Sinister. I'll have to talk to him about it soon. Dunno what's up."

"Do please. I think you both could use it… um… I'm going to tell you something…. don't tell Jono, okay? He doesn't want me talking about it… but you really *should* hear it… Okay?" Locking the beaters in the mixer, Rashmi turns around, eyes large and serious. "I think it would… y'know… really help."

The hyena's ears perk, "Ohhhh?" The expression matches the query, as he gets up and moves from his spot to give the conversation some intimacy. No need to allow prying ears and passing eyes find out. He hops up on a counter, keeping far enough away that Rashmi doesn't need to be concerned about making Hyena Hair Cookies and asks, "Okay. Shoot."

The mixer is loud, as James hops up on the counter, but Rashmi smiles her gratitude quite evidently, beating the mixture into something much more cookie-dough-like. Once the first stage is done, the bowl is set down, James' knee patted as she passes by on the way to the pantry to fetch a bag of chocolate chips, and another of butterscotch. "Well… Jono's sister… um… Elaine… she said that Jono used to have this pattern, you know? Like, he'd disappear from everything, be gone for awhile, and show back up later, right? Well… the reason she came down… um, besides her husband working in the UN for however long… was that Jono's letters started to get shorter, and then nothing for that while when he was taken… She thought he was going to disappear again, so she came by to head him off, right?"

James makes a displeased sound, "Oh really?" He clacks his jaw closed with a quick snap, "So, he's just gonna pack up—or so his sister believes?" He shoots the girl a look, "'Cause, you know, being his sister, she's probably more in the know than we are. Well..great." He crosses his arms and frowns, "This news makes me…displeased." He looks out towards the door, watching some light foot traffic pass by, not saying another word.

Rashmi's hand rests on James' leg as she returns, but pauses for a moment. "No, James, that's the thing. He wasn't *going* to, this time. And it's because of you and me, and a couple others. He needed to see her, yeah…. but he *wasn't going anywhere.* And you're a huge part of the reason why, James."

James is too busy being mad for the moment to hear her on he first go around. However, his mind stores the information until he's done giving one of the tables his best attempt at crushing it with the power of his hate alone. His head looks over at Rashmi, eyes eventually following, giving the rest of the room a respite from the predator, "Wait, what?" He hmmms, "So, he was. But now…no, wasn’t, but would have, but isn't, but might later?" He puts his hands up in arrest, "Why?" The single-word question has a bit of an edge to it, like Jono did something wrong by feeling he shouldn't leave James. And, of course, the other students.

Rashmi shakes her head, crossing to the cookie bowl and measuring out the chips. "No, James, no… like… we mean *so much* to him, he wants to break this whole cycle of abandoning the world thing, because he doesn't think we deserve to have to deal with that, you know?"

James nods in agreement, exclaiming, "We don't! This place sucks! Before I moved here I never had worry about half the stuff I do now. Why can't I just go home and be a farmer or some crap?" He crosses his arms, "Stupid mutant powers messed us all up." He pouts for a good long moment about all the injustices that have been thrown upon him, his friends, him, a few assorted others, and, of course, him; all before giving Rashmi an eye. "You know I *do* like him? Right? It's nice to know there's 'someone' here looking out for us." He nods out the door again, "I told you I was going to leave, right? After the recent stuff? Kinda ironic. He and I are both sorta the reasons the other one isn't." He heh's out loud, "I've seen inside his head. I wonder if he knows how much alike we are."

"I know," Rashmi says gently, picking up a fresh spoon, coating it front and back with cookie dough and holding it up to the hyena. "And… I think you told me, once… … …I'm really glad you didn't, though… I mean it, when I tell people you're like one of the best friends I have, here."

James snorts and almost inhales the spoon, "Yeesh Rashmi, that almost went up my nose. You're funny." He has a good laugh for a moment, an eye casually scouting his teammate, "I…don't make good friend material. You've gotta have much better than me." He closes his mouth, realizing that he might be considered rude. "Sorry," the hyena states, ears going sideways, "I'm sorta at a loss about that. I dunno why you'd think that. I'm not very nice. You know?" He shrugs his shoulders and looks at the floor. He who makes a beast out of himself…

Rashmi continues to hold out the spoon for him to take, using a proper wooden spoon to mix the chips up more or less evenly. "Why's that so strange, James? I mean, think about it… Who tries to cheer me and Robyn up when we're all mopey? Who gets their back up every time someone has something bad to say about me… Yeah I heard about a couple times, and it was kind of sweet, you know? But, really? Who was the first person I told about my nightmares. That… that should tell you a lot, James." Laying her spoon down, she meets the hyena's eyes, offering the dough again. "Seriously. You *are* one of my best friends. You have been fora while, now."

James smiles and uses a claw to do the stray hair thing on Rashmi's face,
"Okay…you got me. But don't tell anyone. Alright? I have a rep." He gives her a kinder, gentler look, "I'm glad we're on the same team. Can't imagine what it would have been like otherwise….yeah I can. I'd probably be a rather ugly rug in Professor Frost's office." He takes the spoon and cleans it off rather quickly, "I like you talking to me. Glad someone feels the same way."

Rashmi chuckles, stooping to find a cookie sheet and Crisco. Yes, for her sins, the girl seems intent on making cookies as old-fashioned as her strength will allow. "Probably you would… so it is a good thing we're on the same team, yeah…" Trailing off, she looks up at the hyena, brow furrowing. "…Same way?"

James nods, "Yeah. About talking with me. I can count the number of people who want to spend more than 5 minutes with me on a single paw." He smirks a little, "I'm not bemoaning it…just saying, you know?" There's a light shrug as he watches Rashmi work more on the treats, "You know me. I like distance. I don't like people glomming on like they do with others around here. I'm no one's dog." Last part comes out flatly.

"I know," Rashmi replies, understanding, as cookies are balled up and placed on the sheet. "But you *are* a person. And even people who like their distance get lonely sometimes, you know?"

James 'ehhhs' and looks out the door, "I have others to fall back on if I need it. That's what Jono and everyone keeps preaching at least." His eyes gleam a little, "Sides…I think we're going to have our hands full with the newbie." Mr. Manipulative states, for the record, "She's obviously got issues. Wasn't listening to you about me being 'not' a dog. Had no issues invading my space 'after' I retreated. Used her powers on me…I guess she threw a fit too boot—after we left. I mean…seriously. I should be the *least* of anyone's worries right now." He nods sagely, "Yep! Eyes on her…" He clacks his teeth.

Rashmi shrugs, peering at the oven dial. "Honestly? She's not *really* that bad, once she doesn't think she has anything to prove. Yeah you hate it when people call you a dog. Which, hey, *I* hate it when people call you a dog. So, yeah, that's a line you don't want people to cross. I guess… we've all got a line like that, you know?"

"I ain't a dog," the hyena says with a nod, "Not even somewhat related." He tightens his jaw a little, "I mean, it's insulting on a couple of levels. First, the species thing. Which, hello…watch a nature show or something. On top of that. I thought the rhetoric around here was that everyone should be treated as normal. 'Not like I run around calling Jade 'Reptile' or something." Well, he did…but only when he was pissed at Jono. He smirks at Rashmi, "And what's your line?"

"Writing *anyone* off," Rashmi says, popping open the oven and setting the tray in, the microwave poked at until the timer is set. "It just… gets on my nerves *so much,* when I see *anyone* not given a fair shake, you know? I mean…" Turning, she picks at her hands with a towel, frowning. "My parents *crossed the world* to get here, James. You know why? Because they still believed in the American Dream. You know, freedom to be what you want, only a little hard work standing between you and your dreams? Yeah, that. They believed it. And they grew up, making sure *I* believe it. And I do, James. So I see *anyone* just written off, just looking at someone and going 'okay, get in your box over there' and not caring what they *want?* That's my line."

James nods a few times at that. Not the 'oh something I can poke at' revelation he was hoping for. Instead, it's something more real. "I ever tell you why I hate the whole dog thing?" he asks, "When I stopped being able to change it was like…almost 2 years before I came here? I couldn't ever get sick, or show any pain, or anything. Parents were going to send me to a vet. They had it all planned out. A frekin' vet." He throws up his hands, "Most humiliating point of my life. And I couldn't say a thing because they didn't know I could hear them." He nods again, "So that box thing? I can get along with that. I aint no dog, and I don't deserve a vet. And I might treat the newbie in a way that annoys her. But I don't honestly believe she's not capable of being 'something.' Doesn't mean I want her on the team…but…"

Rashmi looks up, eyebrow rising. "….But…?" It's in her eyes; here, something *she* can poke at. And an honest curiosity, to boot, the clearing up of an issue she'd never fully understood.

James shrugs, "Yard got blown up, you got spiked, Jono got evil, I got possessed. Not to be a downer…but you asked. I don't have the time watch out for her when stuff starts happening." James shoots Rashmi a rather intense look, "Shit goes down? You and Lucas are always my first priority. I won't think twice about Tara. It's up to 'her' train her powers to 'our' level. Until then, she's a liability I can't afford to be watching after."

Rashmi nods slowly, eyes falling to the floor for a moment. "…Well," she says, hopping up to sit on the counter, clasping her hands together in front of her knees, "that makes sense… only there's just one problem with it, from what I see."

James 'ohs?' ears radaring forward, "This is usually the part I get in trouble for my opinion." He smirks, "So, where's the flaw in my logic tonight?"

Rashmi chuckles. "No trouble, just… We're a team, right? So, how're we going to be a decent team, if half of us are just sort of wandering around on their own, you know? That… doesn't really sound like a team to me, James. To me… whether I want anyone on the team or not, doesn't matter. Not our job to pick the teams, just make them work. And we can't make this team work, if only half of us are supposed to mean anything." Shrugging faintly, she lifts up her hands in a placatory gesture. "I'm not saying change your mind, James. I'm just… telling you where mine is."

James nods and and sorta moves his nose in a small circle, "I think this may be one of those moments that, for now, we're just going to have to agree to disagree." His hands go up, "Not to be Arian about it…but…Jade, Tara, Marshall should all be on their own 'special needs' team." He shoots the girl a look, "And I'm not making fun of anyone. I'm just saying that until something like Jade's frekin’ death stare can get figured out she's a bit more of a hazard on the field? A team that was themed to that would be a lot more useful to her." He rolls his eyes and crosses his arms, "You know…the other day she kept pulling her glasses off when Sinister was over doing yard work?! She got Jono, almost got me twice…And that's the crap I'm talking about. Special needs."

Rashmi's lips thin briefly, but as James continues to talk, her eyes fall to her lap. Then close. Then her braid is pulled over her shoulder, the ribbon tying off the end fiddled with. "All right," she says after a moment. "Agree to disagree. I can do that. Just do me one little favor, okay? I don't think I *can* make this weekend's session… Not be *in* it, anyway. So hold that thought until then, please? Let them show what they *can* do. I'll figure out a way to work out the rest."

"That's two of us," James says with the crossing of his arm, "You keep trying to open that door, and I'm gonna keep shutting it. So, let me lock it for ya." His head goes left then right, "Not Interested." He nods out the door, "Special T want a feel good field trip to the DR, she 's welcome to jump on any short bus I'm not riding." Nose goes in the air, "Mandatory meetings are one thing. I have a weekend to preserve. I'm not going to waste it 3 floors below the Earth's crust."

"….Actually I was talking about our regular sessions," Rashmni says with some asperity in her voice, hopping off the counter and pulling the oven door open. "Check your schedule."

"Oooooohhhh…I thought you were on about that whole obstacle course thing you were trying…." James stops and shrugs, "Well…yeah whatever. Go team." Last part shows less enthusiasm than usual.

"Yeah," Rashmi says quietly, pulling the cookie sheet out of the oven. "Go team."

James claps his hands, "Well…looks like my work here is done. I'm going to go find a dog and kick it." He hops off the table, "Want anything while I'm on that side of the mansion?"

"Three normal days, please," Rashmi murmurs, poking desultorily at the center of each cookie. "One would be nice, two would be great… but three? That'll be a nice vacation."

"Last time I had that I was in the med bay," James says with a frown, "Just don't think that vacations exist anymore. Or breaks, or…" He shrugs, "Going. Night."

The door swings open, and Lucas looks inside. He's wearing a pair of tattered jeans and a wife beater with a button up flannel left unbuttoned over it. He's got a cane, and he tilts his head, his long floppy hair sort of dangling unkempt in his eyes. "Honey. Ah'm home," he says, rather unenthusiastically. In his free hand is a Walmart bag with something inside.

Mopey James going out, mopey Lucas coming in. Rashmi sort of freezes briefly over the cookies, then sighs and fetches a spatula. "Hi Lucas," she says, making at least an effort to lighten her tone. "Where've you been?"

James nods to Lucas on the way out, "You're up, roommie. Be sure to ask her about 2 new team mates while yore at it." He gives the other teen a rather cross look and keeps on trucking out the kitchen door.

Lucas furrows his brow a little at the hyena, "Um… okay…?" He looks at Rashmi questioningly. "What? Ah leave for one week an' everythin' goes to hell." He sighs, "Ah can't leave you guys alone ever again, huh?"

Rashmi scoops the cookies onto a rack, pointedly ignoring the black look thrown her way. "…Yeah, it pretty much did," she says after a moment. "All the kids Sinister took attacked the school… you didn't see the two big holes in the mansion? And now… just… everything feels like it's falling apart."

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