2011-08-10: Halflife

Players: Hooligan and Texas Twister

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Summary: Texas Twister and Hooligan take down Halflife

Date: August 10, 2011

Log Title: Halflife

Rating: PG

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.

Sirens can be heard blaring and sections of Hell Kitchen are cordoned off as the NYPD and SHIELD are in the area. The Texas Twister is leading a team of agents in a battle against the villainess, Half-life. She stands over what appears to be ten dead New York Police officers who have been rapidly aged just be her touch. She remains in an alleyway, spouting off alien curses, as Agent Daniels dressed in his SHIELD uniform, slightly modified for a western theme, orders the agents to remain behind him as he closes the distance and shouts to Halflife, “Surrender!” She hisses at him as he body glows generating intense heat and radiation.

Maxwell heard the police report on his scanner is has made his way into Hell's Kitchen. He's tangled with Half-life before and figures they could use a little backup. Leaping from rooftop to rooftop in Parkour style he's managed to avoide the police barricades. Though he slows up a bit as the possibilty of police snipers gets stronger. He's not looking to get captured himself…

Not yet aware of the Hooligan’s presence, Texas Twister summons up a strong gust of wind which causes metal containers and receptacles in the alleyway to fly towards Halflife though as soon as they are in her perimeter the simply begin to melt before making contact some instantly explode and others simply disintegrate. Making a direct fight nearly impossible. As Maxwell moves from roof to roof, he will find snipers waiting for orders from Agent Daniels. They are locked and loaded and aiming at Halflife, but do not yet shoot.

Maxwell makes his way around the snipers, trying to stay out of line of sight before circling around to get on the rooftop over where Half-Life stands. Even through his armor he can feel the heat. After watching the other items burn up before getting close he has an idea. Remove his Nunchuks from his belt he unscrews the caps on the ends and removes a pair of pepper spray canisters. Knowing these will go off like the fourth of july if heated he casually tosses them down on top of the villainess. Hopeing to give her a shower of burning mist when they explode.

As the snipers are trained on Halfife, they do not notice Maxwell. Texas Twister holds his hand out for all to see gesturing a signal for the snipers to be ready to shoot simply to incapacitate not kill the alien female. Removing any wind or breeze that may affect the aim, he is ready to give the final gesture when the canisters simply fall from the sky and when in contact with Halflife’s heat aura they explode quickly and loudly sending pepper spray to fill the alleyway. Reacting quickly Agent Daniels using his wind to try to clear as much of the spray from his area and orders his back-up crew of agents to clear the area. Looking up to where the canisters fell, he notes Hooligan. Halflife stumbles abit and begins coughing and covering her watery eyes as she begins to glow with more heat and begins melting the wall to enter the building adjacent to the alleyway to momentarily try to escape the mist.

Maxwell hmmmms and watchs her a moment, she didn't display this much power the first time. Taking a pair of Flash-bangs from his belt he drops them down the side of the building to keep her from entering the building. Those will make a nice flash and an ear-splitting bang when they detonate. Hopefully he can keep her off-balance and disoriented.

The alien female is ready to run into the building when the flash-bangs drops in front of her. She lets out a loudly alien scream, almost ear piercing as the bangs continue to go off and disorient her. The agents have mostly cleared the alleyway as Texas Twister covers his ears as he can keep the mist away from him the flashes and bangs can affect him. So he generates a quick strong wind to lift himself out of the alleyway also clearing a good amount of the mist, which reveals Halflife on the ground as the final bang pops and flash goes off. Disoriented and off-balance she stumbles and drops to the floor. Still conscious, but confused and unsure.

Maxwell smiles under his mask, reaching into another pouch and producing what looks like a baseball covered in machine bolts. He tests the weigh a moment. "And there's the wind-up.. and the pitch." Taking aim he whips the weighed ball towards her skull looking for the knock-out blow so the SHIELD boys can wrap her up. Hopefully the heat is low enough to keep it from burning up completely before making contact.

The ball connects hardly hitting Halflife on her left cheek. She lets out a pained moan as she falls alive but unconscious onto the ground. Texas Twister speaking into a SHIELD-issue combadge orders the agents into the alleyway to capture her and gestures for any snipers to head back to headquarters. Flying up high enough he is now level with the roof carried by the air at his command, “While I ‘preciate the help n all. Doncha think the metal baseball was a bit overkill, pardner?”

Maxwell watchs as half-Life finally drops and they move to gether her up. He watchs Tex approach a bit apphrehensively "You got ten cops down there that had the life drained out of them and are likely suffering radiation burns. Another few minutes of that and you'd be sending letters of condolence to their families. I'd say anything that puts her down without putting her in a grave does the job. Of course didn't the two of us put that bitch in jail about 6 months ago? What did they put revolving doors on Riker's Island these days?"

“Yeah, well. Good job. You got her down without getting yourself or anyone else hurt. Thankfully I cleared the alleyway of the mist but…” Texas Twister cannot deny that a non-powered hero took down a dangerous alien with his own arsenal while SHIELD was busy being too careful. Acknowledging that, Drew offers, “You did good.” When asked about Riker’s, Tex shrugs, “She escaped. Some alien buddies of her got her. While we got them, she slipped through into the city. Where she is going now makes Riker’s look like a party dontcha worry about her gettin out. Won’t happen.” Drew says it with confidence but with the history that some of these villains have escaping, one never really knows.

Maxwell nods "Well let's hope not. Got enough powered Whakos running around here, it's hard enough just keeping a lid on the Drug runners. When the police radio first went off I figured mabye it was that Rat-Girl that set half of Hell's Kitchen on fire. Been trying to track her down and put her out of commition for awhile now."

With mention of rat-girl, Drew’s thought automatically go to Tabitha and how she still has not been freed from the thrall of Mindbender and Upgrade, “Have you been able to find out any new information on her or the two mind-controlling her? Mindbender and Upgrade?” Drew leaps off from the wind carrying him and onto the roof to stand next to Hooligan.

Maxwell shakes his head "Havn't seen her since the last attack on this area. Never encountered the other two. Not sure how well I can do against a Psychic but I figure if I put the hurt on her bad enough she won't be of any use to them and they'll drop the control."

When Hooligan mentions putting a hurt on Tabitha, Drew quirks his eyebrow, “Don’t put a hurt on her. In fact when you see her…” Drew reaches for his card with a direct number, “Call me. If I don’t respond, SHIELD will put you through to me.” Shaking his head a bit he lowers the brim of his cowboy hat to cover his expression, “Metallic baseballs may severely injure her. She isn’t responsible for what she has done.”

Maxwell shrugs and bit and takes the card "Doesn't make her any less dangerous. A good shrink and some SHIELD medical care and she'd be good as new. The fact that everyone is pulling their punches is why this has gone on as long as it has. Those two are counting on people using kid gloves when dealing with her that's why they keep sending her out to cause trouble."

Annoyed by what Maxwell has said, Texas Twister knows it to be the truth, “Well, still.” Shaking his head, “You’re right, but we don’t have to go overkill either.” Considering Tabitha’s abilities and powers, they may just have to, but hopefully it won’t come to that. “Ultimately you are right. Those two bastards are making this hard. Kinda difficult to hurt one of yer own, ya know.”

Maxwell chuckles softly, the sound distorted by the voice changer in his mask. "If I had any of my own I could probably relate. But honestly she's just another problem to deal with.. though if I see her I'll give you a hollar."

“Well, good. Thanks I appreciate it.” Now that SHIELD has cleared the area and taken Halflife, Drew heads back to SHIELD headquarters.

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