2009-07-01: Handmade Gifts


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Summary: Robyn has a gift for Jordan, then the two cuddle for a bit.

Date: July 1, 2009

Log Title Handmade Gifts

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Jordan and Vladimir's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

Schools out and Robyn's been lounging around the school a bit the past few days. He's decided to go visit Jordan, hoping he's in his room. With a knock on the door, Robyn waits for an answer, bouncing a bit on his toes. He has something in his hand that he wants to give to Jordan and he's kind of excited.

At the moment, Jordan's just clad in a pair of sweatshorts, as he's just gotten back from a jog, and has only been in the room for a couple of minutes. He's still rather sweaty and panting a little. He moves to open the door as he peeks outside. "Hey, babe."

Dressed in his usual style, which is kind of emo-ish, Robyn grins. "Hey Jordan, I um…made something for you, I was gonna give it to you earlier but here." He says holding out a clay lion in the palm of is hand. It's not that big but the detail is pretty good and it's entirely made out of red clay, no colour. "Just, I thought Lion fit you."

"Ooooh… I'll put it right by my bed, then." Jordan says with a big grin. "Come on in. Vlad's not here. We're safe." He laughs, running a hand through his damp hair. "Sorry, I just got done with a run, so I'm a little… damp." He laughs.

Robyn walks in the room and chuckles. "I don't mind." He says in regards to Jordan being a bit sweaty. "I just missed you while you're gone and wanted to sculpt something for you. I'm also happy classes are out, I ended up with mostly B's. So how are you doing?"

"Alright. Not bad." Jordan says with a shrug. "Haven't gotten around to talking to my father yet, but I need to." He says, nodding softly. "I missed everyone while I was gone. Including you."

Robyn steps over to Jordan and gives him a hug. "I'm just glad you back, I hated being moody and worried all the time." He says with a chuckle and even though Robyn has that emostyle he's a pretty happy kid. "Speaking of father, I'll be going home next week to visit my parents, you..want to come down one day?"

"Uhm… sure. Are you sure it's ok? Do… do they know?" Jordan asks, a little sheepishly. His parents know that he's open to whatever. He likes people in general, regardless of sex. "I'm just wanting to make sure it's ok."

"No…they don't know yet, they just know I have a friend named Jordan but I do have to tell them sometime." Robyn says biting his lip. "Maybe I'll tell them and then see if it's okay?" He just doesn't know how.

"That might be best. I mean… really… you know I find it hard to keep my hands off you." Jordan chuckles. "It's gonna be even worse away from the school." He winks, sliding a hand over to tease Robyn's tummy a little.

Robyn chuckles and blushes a bit. "Well you know I like it when you can't keep your hands off of me." He says before smiling as his tummy is teased. "Just as long as it's not right in front of my parents, I think it'll be fine." He say as he leans forward to give Jordan a kiss. It's kind of one of those things where Robyn was shy but now that he's out of his box there's definately a differene.

The kiss is returned happily. "Oh, I wouldn't do anything bad, but I'd want to have your hand or something. It's just a comfort thing for me. If I'm nervous." Jordan chuckles softly as he shrugs a bit. "Sorry."

Robyn wraps his arms around Jordan and smiles. "I don't care, you were away from me for a month, I'm happy for any contact I get with you." He says as he looks up at Jordan, not caring if he is a bit sweaty or not.

"I know. I just want to be sure it won't throw things off a lot there." Jordan offers. "I don't want your mom or anyone upset. Just gotta play it safe." He explains. "My parents don't care, but they're down in Florida, too."

"My Mom just freaked a bit when she found out I was a mutant but I think that was because she didn't really know much about it and living in New York there's a lot of bad things that you see associated with it." Robyn says as things are good between him and his family now. "She apologized but it didn't really matter, I'm just happy that she's fine with it." Robyn's not really the type to hold a grudge. "I don't know, but I'll talk to them first, cause I care about you and I want my family to know I do."

"Alright then. As long as you do that, then I'm fine with it." Jordan says with a nod as he toys with Robyn's hair. "I guess I got it lucky. My family are too accepting of everything. But then… they ARE scientists."

"My parents are artists, they're pretty open minded." Robyn says with a smile on his face, as his hair starts being toyed with. If he was a cat, he'd be purring. "You're not the only one who has it lucky."

"Oh, I know. But compared to a lot of mutant families… really lucky." Jordan says with a chuckle as he runs a hand through his OWN hair now. "You know?" He says, grinning as he shifts about, moving to pull Robyn into his lap.

Robyn is easily pulled and he moves his legs to wrap them around Jordan's torso. "I wouldn't complain about being really lucky. Family can be important." Robyn says and even though he's adopted he loves his Mom and Dad. "And I'm lucky to have gotten thrown into a school of weridos so I could meet you." He says with a chuckle before leaning in to give Jordan a less than chaist kiss.

Jordan doesn't resist. He's not exactly got the most self control. Of course, Robyn can most likely feel that. "So, we'll go down there later, then." He says with a nod as he squeezes tightly.

Robyn wraps his arms around Jordan to press against him tightly. "Okay." He says as he rests his forhead against Jordan's. "I think we're wearing too much clothes." Robyn says as he's full dressed at the moment and his pants are starting to become a bit…restricting.

"I'm only wearing shorts. And on campus…" Jordan says, teasing. "We'll just wait until a weekend away." He says with a nod. Hey, he may LIKE things, buthe's not going to risk getting kicked out of the school. Not while the telepath has his own powers back.

"Yeah well, I'm wearing jeans." Robyn says as he sticks out his tounge at Jordan. "Well how about we spend the night together anyway, like, not necessary sleep together, though my roomate isn't around, but just hang out. I don't have any chores this weekend and my 'grounding' is up."

"I'm fine with that. Just sleeping won't cause any problems." Jordan says with a laugh. "At least, according to what I read." He winks. "And I don't mind that. We could go down by the lake for a while. And just hang around."

"And I haven't gotten a chance to go swimming in the pool yet here." Robyn took swiming lessons as a kid at the local YMCA. "The lake could be nice, I recently cleaned all the boats in there with Ebony too." Robyn says with a nod.

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