2009-03-15: Hang Over Cures


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Summary: Erik and Clara are discussing a hang over when Christopher comes by.

Date: March 15, 2009

Log Title hang Over Cures

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Professors' Wing

A red and blue carpet with a complex pattern stretches down the hall and meets with the wooden walls. Wooden doors run up and down both sides of the hallway as entrances to the staff's dorms. There is a sign on the wall when you first enter the hallway stating, "No students permitted without permission, Professors' Wing."

"Been home for a little bit, but was sleeping," Clara explains as she squints to Erik and leans back against her bedroom door. "Also, shhhhhh." He's way to loud. Or maybe it's just the headache. Pinching her nose and frowning she looks to her glass, downing half of it with a shudder. "Ugh, gross." She glances back to Erik. "How are you?"

"Prarie fire?" Erik asks dryly as he looks at the glass. "Let me see…worcestershire sauce, orange juice, coffee grounds, a raw egg and tabasco sauce?" He chuckles, softly, when asked how he is. "Sober."

Clara smirks. "How'd you guess?" Probably the god awful smell. A warning finer waggles in Erik's direction. "I'll have you know I'm perfectly sober. I'm just hungover," she laughs, then winces. Guh. "Too many drinks last night. But I figured one night of relaxing? I totally earned it."

Even though his room has been destroyed, Christopher really hasn't been up here to see the damage, he just heard it was gone. He's decided to finally go see if there's anything he can salvage. He's dressed in a nice t-shirt over a nice pair of pants, even when dressing casual he still looks his best. "Ah key to hangovers, drink at least one glass of water before going to bed after a night of drinking, trust me, it helps." Say the all to bright-eyed culinary teacher. It seems Christopher is a morning person.

"Because I too went to college, and had 8 am classes." Erik explains simply, smiling. "Often the second quite inconveniently parked next to enjoyment of the first." He says as he looks over to Christopher. Erik, normally himself dressed…well…laweyerly is current in jeans, and a t-shirt.

Clara turns to Christopher with another Shhhh as her head thunks back against the door, wincing as she moves to finish off the rest of her 'cure'. "I had a whole water bottle before I went to sleep," she nods, giving them both a faint smile. "This, the water and a hot shower and I should be good as new."

"Good morning Clara, Erik." Christopher says lowering his voice as he gives them a friendly nod. "I heard my room was one of the ones destroyed so I was just finally getting the courage to check the damages. Way too much has been going on lately." Says the photokinetic. "So what brought about this round of drinking last night Clara, hot date?"

Erik nods. "Somehow mine ended up not being destroyed, which I'm grateful for. Not that I have more than two bags of clothes in there anyway."

Clara nods faintly. Very faintly. "I had a little damage myself. Thankfully some of the repairs have been able to help me clean up the mess." Chris earns a wry grin. "A certain pool shark won a dinner and dancing in a game of pool," she explains. "It was a blast, but he still has my lucky horseshoe key chain.

Christopher chuckles and runs his hand through his hair. "For some reaons both my son's and husbands rooms were destroyed as well, but we're lucky we don't only live here and have a house as well." A married couple needs some privacy. "I was going to see if I could salvage anything thing but I'm almost afraid to look." As there is some nice plastic up where his room used to be. "Well if he has your lucky horseshoe key chain then maybe you'll be lucky enough to meet him again, this time your lucky can rub off on him and bring him back to you…if that made sense at all." He says with a chuckle.

Erik chuckles. "Went to play with Remy, did you?" Erik asks curiously. "That is the only card and pool shark I know who hangs around these parts, and if it was him no wonder you lost." He smiles. "It sounds like you had a good time, though, and that is what is important."

Clara follows Christopher's gaze to his room and frowns when she sees the plastic. "Yeah, some of the rooms got the brunt of the damage. We're lucky that nobody was in there when it happened. Thank God for small miracles." Erik earns a grin. "That'd be the guy, alright. Should have guessed I was being sharked from the beginning. But I learned a few new dance moves and had a nice dinner, so it wasn't all lost. And that makes sense Christopher, though him coming back to me would be his bad luck because he'd be having to fork my horse shoe back over.

Christopher chuckles. "Yes, agreed. Lifes about enjoying yourself." He says brushing his hair back. "We're lucky that Xaiver's has proceedures for when attacks like this happen and that there are secret escape routes built in." Push open the right panel and you're led away from danger. "I'm just going to go take a peak." He says as he goes over and pushes back the curtain to see what was his room. "Oh okay, they were right to say it's gone. I don't think I'll be able to salvage anything." He says not sounding as disapointed as one might think.

Erik gives a nod. "Generally don't make a bet against Remy LaBeau in cards or pool, or any game that involves throwing things." He smiles. He gives a nod to Christopher. "I'm sorry for what you've lost."

Clara frowns as she watches Christopher open the plastic and looks inside. "I'm sorry, sugar. It's never easy to lose your things." Not wantig to dwell on the negative, Clara glances t her own door. "Alright boys, give me one second to get changed. I'll be right back."

"It sucks but what can you do, cry about it? No, I've got other things to worry about and luckly I still have my house. I just lost a few things is all, I'll replace what I can." Christopher says with a shrug before smiling. "Sorry, I can be painfully positive sometimes, it probably drives people crazy."

Erik chuckles. "if I were to lose everything there is only one thing I would want to salvage. At this point I would risk dying to try to save it." He says with a chuckle. "Everything else is fungible.:

Stepping out from her room in a much more relaxed pair of blue jeans, sneakers and a James Aldean concert shirt, Clara catches the tail end of their conversation. "One thing? Can I ask?" she inquires of Erik before smiling at Christoper. "It's not painfully positive, I wish more people could see it like that. It's just stuff."

"I have my family…now unexpectedly larger family.." Christopher says unsurely but shakes his head, still smiling. He looks curious as well to what the one thing is. "I just know as long as Eddie and Jeri are safe, that's what matters to me."

Erik sighs a little bit. "A photo album." He says to Clara. "With pictures of people who are now gone."

"Unexpectedly larger? How does that happen." It's not exactly lke they can have an unexpected pregnancy after all. But who knows in this place. Erik gets a sympathic glance. "I suggest a nice safe that will help keep it safe in case something like this happes again."

Christopher nods sympathetically at Erik. "I'm lucky that not all my pictures of David are, were here." He looks at Clara and smiles. "I'm still trying to figure things out but Jeri had a relationship…fling? with a woman when he was about fifteen, sixteen years old and she never told him that she ended up pregant. She passed away and her, his son came knocking on the door. It's complicated but nothing that can't be worked out."

Erik raises his eyebrows. "That is indeed complicated. How do we end up with such soap opera lives I wonder, myself being no exception." He says with a mildly dark chuckle.

"…" Clara stares at Cristopher for a second. "Wow. Well, I can't think of a more loving family for him to end up with. Is he okay with the whole married men part? I know that can be strange for some folks." Clearly not Clara. If se was bothered in it, she picked the wrng major in college. "See? This is why I like being a girl. If I have a kid I know about it."

Christopher can't help but laugh, at both Erik and Clara. "I think it comes with the territory of being able to do the crazy stuff we can do. And I think Jared's okay with it, he seemed surprised at first but he's not running out of the door. At least I know I don't have any unexpected kids running out there, I've never been with a woman so I don't have to worry about that." He says with a laugh.

Erik gives a nod. "It seems to come to us a lot, doesn't it," He grins, yawning and stretching a little bit.

Clara grins and gives him a quick nod. "Well, not running is a good start. And I'm sure a few days with you guys and he'll not have a second thought about it," Clara assures. She glances between the two and wiggles a finger. "Hey now, I've managed to avoid a lot of the Soap Opera drama and I'd like to keep it that way."

Christopher shrugs. "Things can always be worse, I'm happy with my life so I won't complain about the few curves it throws me. Ponder them with confusion, sure, but complain, nah." He says good naturedly. "Oh there's a bit of it being around students but I figure to keep positive and find it rubs off."

Erik smiles and nods, running a hand back through his hair, rolling his head around as he still tries to wake up a little bit. "Well may you never know some of the drama that can come with being here."

Clara sighs dramaticaly at Erik. "I'm going to have to wear a garlic necklace around you to ward off the super drama that comes from being your friend, aren't I?" She's teasing, thougher face doesn't betray it, just the playful sparkle behind her eyes.

"I don't know about garlic honey, that might attract different sorts of drama, also not to mention it may taste fabulous when cooking but as a scent.." Christopher shakes his head with a chuckle. "And I think Erik's just playing to your dramatic side since you are the drama teacher here. There isn't as much drama as Erik says, weird stuff though, that would be a resounding yes."

Erik grins and runs a hand back through his hair. "Don't worry, some of us attract more drama than others. We're here as a service to the others to make sure they can have normal lives."

"Well, I intend to attract only the good kind of drama," Clara assures. "And you're rght, garlic would clash with all of my outfits." Clara laughs.

"Those big buldey necklaces are so seventies." Christopher says chuckling. "I think it's more the kids that attract drama and all of us that attract weird stuff since I can't say in honesty that getting de-aged back to ten for a while is not weird stuff." He looks to Clara and smiles. "Actually I used to particpate in some of my high schools plays until I came here, as a student."

Erik chuckles. "And the smell. Some people might find eau du garlic quite enticing, unfortunately they are few and far between."

"Well I've already talked to another older member of the mansion, Kitty about involving the teachers in the plays just as much as the children. We agree that it would help develop of level of cohession amongst the group that you don't quite get any other way. THey can train and live together, but adding more ways or them to work together is my goal," Clara explains.

Christopher laughs and runs a hand through his hair. "I'd be best suited for lighting. The last play I was in I was in High School, I was about fourteen, the lights went out and I didn't, thus realizing I was probably a mutant. I ran home and cried that night." He say laughing since he actually finds the story humourous now that he's older.

Erik grins. "Kitty has been around forever, so she is a good one to talk to. And while a flair for the dramatic runs in my family I was never really in a play."

"Well I'm betting I can find somewhere to place you," Clara asures, giving Erik a wink and a shoulder squeeze. "I'm very good at that. And sorry, Christopher, Kitty already called lighting. The point is to step /out/ of your comfort zone," she reminds. "Don't worry, it's not somehing anyone has to worry about for a while." Smiling at them both, she glances to her watch with a sigh. "But I should try and grab a shower and another quick nap. I'll see you boys around.

"Yes but can Kitty do this?" Christopher asks as his hand lights up, quite bright, and starts to change colours. He laughs as he's only playing. "Well you should try it Erik, it might be fun. Well, I have to be off myself, have to do a few things around here then go to work at the salon. I'll see the two of you around and take care of that hang over Clara." He gives teh two a wave and starts to walk off. "Ciao!"

Erik chuckles a little bit and gives a nod. "You guys have a good day, I have some work to do too." He grins.

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