Hannah Szczepanski
Character Name Here!
Portrayed By Juno Temple
Gender Female
Date of Birth Feb 2, 1998
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Aquarias
Aliases Seraph
Place of Birth New York, New York
Current Location Xavier's Academy
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Joseph, father and Sasha, Mother
Significant Other None
Identity Known
Known Abilities Flight

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Hannah’s family is the kind of family that one points to as a shining example of the American Dream. Her grandparents on her father’s side are Polish immigrants, having fled to America during the Nazi invasion of Poland, after watching many of their Jewish friends and family be killed or interned in Nazi concentration camps. They came from separate parts of the country, and met on the boat ride over, fell in love, got married, and in the end decided to stay in America and become naturalized citizens to start a new life over here. They spawned six children, the youngest of which was Josef, her father.

While his parents never gained much in the way of success, they did live a comfortable life, her having owned a small electronics repair shop in Wausau, Wisconsin. Josef, however, was to be the one that finally found success. He was always good at debate, and was always particularly motivated to to move out of the small town in wisconsin. He moved out to New York to attend Yeshiva University to get his law degree, and became a rather successful patent lawyer for many industrial and technological corporations.

While attending University, he met his future wife Sasha, whose family had come from similar origins in that they were Russian Jewish immigrants who moved to New York during the turn of the century. She had come to the university to study Jewish Education when she met Josef, and they got married after he had graduated. Together, became an immensely successful couple, with Josef becoming one of the highest paid patent lawyers in the state, and Sasha returning to the university to teach. The only problem that they had with their idyllic life was that they couldn’t have children. It took them ten years and many different fertility treatments before they finally managed to conceive, and on February 2nd, 1998, Hannah was born.

Hannah grew up much like you would expect as an only child who was difficult to come by being raised by rich parents. She was spoiled rotten. While they did try to pass on their religious and cultural heritage, as well as teach her the value of hard work and education by sending her to a private Jewish school, they did find it hard to tell her ‘no’ in the end. All this just convinced the girl at a young age that she was destined for greatness, much like a princess was. She just needed to figure out what that greatness would be.

So, during the course of her youth, she had dance lessons, equestrian lessons, gymnastic lessons, karate lessons, figure skating lessons, soccer lessons, tennis lessons, basketball lessons, music lessons, art lessons, all leading to disaster. (Queue montage of little Hannah trying each activity out, and each ending with her falling on her butt. Yes. Even the music and art lessons.) She pursued each in turn with determination that this one event is going to be the one that she was going to be the best in the world of, until the grim reality that she just wasn’t good at them forced her to move on. Meanwhile, the one thing that she never tried, and the one thing her parents knew that she was going to be good at, was singing.

It wasn’t until they took her to the Metropolitan Opera’s performance of The Magic Flute did it finally click to her. She was going to be the world’s greatest opera singer. Ever. By the time she was eleven. So, not only was Hanna a total klutz, she also had absolutely no idea on how to set realistic goals. Then again, what ten year old does? Still, it was the one thing that she was actually fairly talented at, and as she grew up, her expectations became a bit more realistic.

At school, she wasn’t the most popular, really. She has a core of a few good girl friends, a crush on one of the jocks who won’t give her the time of day, and a few extracurricular activities to keep her busy. She was content with her place in life, her future career, and everything really…. until all of that changed.

It started when she was about thirteen. At first the changes were small, subtle things, things only a teenaged girl would notice about herself. Her nose was growing smaller, cheeks and jaws not quite so angular, skin and hair lightening in tone. Over the course of the next couple of months, she went from a fairly typical looking Jewish girl, to that of beautiful aryan. Other kids might have been happy about these changes, but Hannah was proud of her heritage and she started to feel uncomfortable going out like she was. What made matters worse was that at school, her classmates were convinced that she had gotten cosmetic surgery to change her appearance and ridiculed her relentlessly about it.

Those weren’t the only changes that started to happen to her, though. Soon after she started to feel itching and discomfort on her back, between her shoulderblades. At first she thought it was a rash, or some kind of allergic reaction to a new bra, but after several weeks, she noticed that she was sporting a couple of growths back there. Immediately, her parents took her to a doctor, and after a couple of x-rays of the area they were able to determine that the growths are actually the beginnings of a pair of wings. There was only one conclusion that could be made about her sudden shift of appearance and these new appendages: She was a mutant.

Her parents were relieved to find that, really, there was nothing wrong with their girl. So, she’ll be a beautiful blonde winged mutant. There are worse things in the world to be and she at least has her health and family. Hannah, however, was horrified. It was bad enough that she was being teased and ostracised for having turned blonde, it was going to be so much worse when everybody would find out about her wings. It took about three months for them to grow in, and she tried to hide it for as long as she possibly could, but in the end there’s just no way to hide a pair of white, snowy owl wings with a 20 foot wingspan.

She tried to tough it out as much as she could, but she couldn’t fit into the school uniform, she looked even more like a freak now, and she was even clumsier than she ever was, while she was still getting used to her wings. She was always knocking over things, and tripping over herself, and now it was even worse. She couldn’t even fit in the desks at school because of them, so they had to set her up with a stool in the back of the class, much to her shame. It wasn’t until the soccer team cornered her during lunch recess, did she finally break. They had cornered her and started plucking the feathers out of her wings and shouting at her at what an abomination of God she was, and pushed her until she had had enough. She lashed out at the nearest student, with all of her rage, and guilt, and shame, and much to everybody’s surprise, a lance of silver fire manifested in her hands and pierced the student in the chest.

Afraid that she’d accidentally killed somebody she managed to break out of the circle and run home, bawling her eyes out. By the time she got home, the principle had called her parents about what happened, and informed him that the student who was struck was fine. He was just knocked unconscious for about thirty minutes and woke up with only a huge headache. While they were relieved that the boy was still alive, they recognized that she could no longer attend the school, so her mother took a sabbatical to home school her daughter while they figured out what to do.

Hannah used this downtime to try to get herself back in order, and managed to do so somewhat. The break from school allowed her to get comfortable with her new body, to the point where she even attempted to fly. While she was never one for heights, she did find that once she did manage to get into the air, she was far more nimble and dexterous than she ever was while on the ground. Landings, however, continued to be an issue. Clothes still continued to be an issue, however, but her father used some of his connections to find out who Warren Worthington’s tailor was and was able to get some basic things commissioned for her. Every once in a while, she would even try to summon that fiery lance again, but was never sucessful.

Unfortunately, this respite didn’t last too long when mutant registration was enacted and the Sentinels were dispatched. Her father’s parents tried to convince them to come to Wisconsin to avoid any trouble. They saw echoes of what happened to them in Poland and didn’t want their children and grandchildren to suffer like they did. Josef refused to run away, and instead did the best he could to hide his daughter. However, being a man of wealth and means meant that his household was amongst the first targeted by the sentinels. When they attacked, they destroyed much of the house and trapped Hannah’s parents underneath the rubble. Hannah, herself somehow managed to escape through sheer luck, and managed to run to her mother’s family.

They were able to harbor her for a couple of days, but they were afraid that if they kept them too long, what would happen to her parents would happen to them, so they felt that the best thing to do would be to get her out to Wisconsin to live with her grandparents until it all blew over. They managed to smuggle her out of the city in their minivan (she wouldn’t fit in their car) and after a 17 hour drive got her there. Hannah found herself kind of numb with all that’s happened to her, so she withdrew from the world while she was there. It wasn’t until they got a call from her uncle did they learn that her parents survived the Sentinel attack, albeit worse for wear. Her mother was still unconscious from a serious blow to the head, and her father had suffered multiple broken bones and cuts, but both were expected to make a full recovery in time.

Once she got the news of her parents, Hannah finally started to come out a bit more and try to deal with things. Her grandparents, who had been through similar experiences did the best they can to help her deal with the trauma. She spent this time to just relax, safe from the problems of New York, and work on her flying and vocal skills, and slowly started to come back to something close to her old self.

When things finally died down in New York, and her parents had recovered enough to travel, they flew out to Wisconsin to have a discussion about her future. It turns out that they had been contacted by Xaviers a few months before the Sentinel attack and they were considering enrolling her there, but they never got a chance to talk it out with her before all the badness happened. They offered her the choice to enroll at Xavier’s or stay out in Wisconsin, she decided to choose Xaviers. After all, there’s absolutely nothing to do in Wisconsin and it would drive her crazy..


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