2009-12-29: Happily Ever After


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Summary: The whole Fairy Tale Curse comes to an end, a happy end.

Date: December 29, 2009

Log Title Happily Ever After

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

In the middle of Central Park something strange has happened. A circular large white tower with a blue pointed roof has errected itself, standing about fifty feet high. There appears to be one wooden door and one window towards the top. The tower is heavily guarded, trolls, gnomes, pirates, wolves, witches and other typical fairy tale villians are all around it. As for our heroes, well something strange would have happened. Anywhere they were a mirror, a hole, a door, somethign would have appeared in front of them and the overwhelming urge to enter would have drawn them in. Once through they will have appeared in Central Park, for those effected by the weird shift in personality, they would be in full character swing tonight.

One of the great things about being Peter Pan (other than the huge ego, finely honed sense of grand adventure and a total lack of fear) is the ability to fly. While other may have portaled in, Skyler just simply flew to New York's own little neverland in the middle of the city: Central Park.

Robin has been spending a lot of time around mirrors lately. A lot. It wasn't hard for her to figure out the one that appeared in front of her would be significant. And, while she was lucid when she stepped through, now she is in Cinderella mode. She is wearing some clothes that's befitting of a common housemaid, unglamorous. The ball is over, her crystal slipper's lost, and most importantly, her grasp of the situation is lost and she sees it in fairytale vision.

While running from Prince John, Addison Hood snuck through a door to escape. "What sorcery is this? I'm in Sherwood Forest!" He steps on through, psionic bow and arrow at the ready as he looks about. "Dear me. Trolls. Lovely." He says with a sigh. "Well, good thing I'm well armed."

Glitter precedes the arrival of the Fairy GodBilly. A small red sparkle drifts to the ground before blossoming into the red-sequined suit and the young man beneath it. "Well well well. It looks like deserving people may need my aid today." He says softly, pulling a sparkly wand out of his jacket pocket. He flicks it and nods, happily.

Out by the small pond of the Japanese Gardens, Robyn was just relaxing, playing with a golden ball, when it fell into the pond. He jumped in after it and it wasn't like any dive he's ever taken into the water. After swimming for a bit, where down felt like up and vice versa, he comes out in the Lake in Central Park, not to far behind Enemy lines.

Danny was on his way home from work when he saw a glow of something green, the Emerald City! Finally! Maybe he could finally get some brains. As he approched the Green wasn't the Emerald City but a large Gem. Somehow Danny knew to walk through it and not to far from Robin, a Scarecrow now stands still, waiting for someone to make the first move.

Siegfried was lost, in a city and he was trying to find his way home but it was so far away and the trail just disappeared. At least he has Roy with him. Maybe the two will get through this together. Roy is like a brother to Siegfried, when one of the buildings they past seem to have a door made of Gingerbread. W

Walking through Siegfried now sees him as Roy's brother. "I don't think we'll find father's house this way. The bread crumbs are all gone and we're faced with these…horrors."

Kalindi arrives through a portal, falling directly on her face. She is wearing a pretty little dress, better suited for a little girl than a teen, but it looks quite cute on her. It doesn't quite match the oversized backpack she wears. There are a few locks of gold hair in her nearly solid black, created by real gold and somehow clipped in. The young woman scrambles up to her feet and furrows her brows angrily, "That bed was -too- soft! I fell right through!" She looks around for another one to try.

Skyler has been looking for adventure ever since Wendy left to grow up. Her absence has left an indefinable void in the boy. Her presence had filled him with comfort and joy and, yes, frustration, but now that she's gone, and now that Hook's been defeated, life just didn't have the same kind of pizzazz that it once had. The new emotions in the boy don't sit well with him, so the distraction of trolls and goblins and whatnot is a welcome diversion. "Hah-ha!" he crows once he spies some of the challenges, whipping out a short sword. "Finally! Some worthy foes!"

He'd just been flying back to the mansion, fresh from a short coffee visit with an old friend in New York to visit when craziness occured in Central Park. As such, a sigh escapes the Living Lightning. In his energy form, he floats there in the air a moment. "I suppose something had to happen since nothing attacked the coffee shop," he mutters, starting to fly down and investigate.

"Oof," Teddy Altman, currently green but dressed in a tank top and jeans (now a bit ripped and stretched from the sudden shift) grunts as he hits the ground. Standing up in full Hulkling form, the half-skrull/half-kree young here had just been taking out the garbage at home when he noticed a hole in the ground that hadn't been there last night. Tearing his attention away from it, Teddy started to put the trash can back under their protective little alcove when a cat leapt by. Startled, Teddy fell back and…"Central Park?" he mutters, looking around. "Billy?" he seems rather surprised to see him, approaching slowly. "What's

As soon as all the heroes are present there's a weird sort of goal that stirs inside the, save the princess. Locked at the top of the tower is where the girl is they need to rescue. At the moment Robin is the only one who might get the feeling that something isn't right. The trolls, prirates, wolves and other bad guys do notice the prescene of heroes and with grunts, growls and yells, move to stop them from getting to the tower.

Looking to Siegfried, Roy's stomach begins to growl. "I'm so hungry." He says softly, looking up at the castle. "Do you think they have food in there?" He asks, biting his lip and looking up hopefully. He rubs his hands together gleefully in the idea.

Addison Hood looks at some of the trolls and pirates around the place and begins firing arrows. His arrows aren't physical, so who knows how they'll react with these things. Well, not ALL of them are. When he's dealing with the pirates, he prefers to embarass them by shooting flaming arrows through their hats.

"And who would like their wishes granted?" Fairy GodBilly calls out, smiling brightly. "I'm sure some of you have worthy desires… desires that will help you and others together. Just speak what you want, and I'll see if I can get it for you."

The glowing, strange Blank walks through the portal after Robin. Since she has no role for the puppet to play in mind right now, the puppet just matches her body motions nearly exactly. She glances around, giving a brief wave to Addison Hood. He helped her before, maybe he will do so again? Even though she doesn't look quite so glamorous. And then up at Skyler. Prince Charming? Here? But… there's something wrong. She puts her hand up to the side of her head as she tries to figure out what it is. Blank breaks her synch with Robin, and looks around.

Kalindi glances around and blinks a few times, "I don't think I'm even in that house anymore. Maybe if I just got into there…?" She looks over towards the tower and starts to draw some gold from her backpack and looking up to Fairy GodBilly, "I just wish I had some good porridge, that's all! Not too cold, not too hot… just right."

Robyn moves to hide in some reeds, after all he's a frog and he doesn't want to get squished. But there's a princess in that tower, a princess who can kiss him and turn him into a prince again! Taking a deep breath, Robyn starts to hop slowly, trying to hide behind various rocks and people to get towards the tower.

Siegfried looks at Roy and his face brightens. "I hope they do, after all someone is in there." At that moment there is a dagger that is thrown towards him from one of the pirates and Siegfried knows it's coming, then easily moves out of the way. "Why are they attacking us?"

DannyCrow is just standing there when he hears Billy's cry. "I wish I had some Brains!" He yells not realizing that the yelling might bring the attention of some near by wolves, who start to growl and approach him.

"Ah! A princess to save!" Skyler cries and rushes towards the tower, only to be taken down by a boulder hurled by a troll. Having never actaully battled trolls before, this came as something of an unexpected shock, and lands on the ground with a thud.

Fairy GodBilly begins singing softly, "Some need brains, and some need porridge. But either way you go, they all need courage." He flicks his wand at Kalindi, with a wink, creating a bowl of porridge in her hands. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right. He flicks the wand at Dannycrow, trying to help him overcome his mental fuzziness, not having any idea what it may really do.

"I don't know! What did you do? Did father send them?" Roy asks, cringing behind Siegfried. For some reason, he feels… not very brave at all.

Addison Hood on the other hand, snarls slightly as his arrows aren't all affecting. "Fine. Physical it be, then." He reaches up to twirl his… MOUSTACHE? Where did that come from? Who knows.

"Bi-" Hulkling starts to say something else when he's tacked by an orc of all things. Ow. Gritting his teeth, the shapeshifter punches the offending creature and sends it flying. Getting back to his feet, he finds he's got three more coming for him. "Now is not the time for Lord of the Rings jokes," he says idly.

As a boulder streaks past him, Living Lightning glares down at the troll below. <Ugly beast,> he grunts in spanish, pointing both arms down at the creature. With a CRACK, electricity arcs at the beast. "You're no Hulk."

Wolves approaching a helpess scarecrow? Well, there's a moment when someone may need a hero. And one appears as one of the wolves is suddenly encased in a glowing blue sphere. It ends up kicked, sent rolling at another wolf pretty fast. With a groan and a thud, Defense hits the ground on his back. "Ow…a ninja I am not," he sighs, having leapt from one of his flying shields. He would've been here sooner but had to get changed. Pop-kicking back to his feet, the be-gogg

But… that goal still resounds in her head, but creates some level of inner conflict. Robin and Blank synch again, and sees the Fairy GodBilly up in the air and says, "I wish I knew what this feeling is." The feeling of wrongness, that is. She is aware of it, but also aware of the need to accomplish her goal: rescue the princess.

Kalindi blinks at the porridge appearing in her hands, and she smiles, eating it up in a hurry. Ah! This should help her for the quest to find the right bed. After all, if there's a princess in that tower, there's probably also a comfy place to sleep. She creates rattan sticks from her gold and runs into the fray. Time to beat on some pirates and gnomes. She swings her weapons at one of the gnomes.

Somehow Billy's magics work on Danny and he's thinking clearly again, he knows who he is. "What…oh man…what's going on here?" He says as imedately shifts to stone and one of the wolves that Defense didn't get, gets a mouthfull of stone. "Defense, Ah think something's goin' on where we gotta save whoever's in that tower." He says throwing a punch at a wolf and knocking it out.

There's a Godmother, and she's granting wishes, Robyn takes a deep breath and yells out. "I wish I was back to my true form!" He says which gets the attention of a near by witch over her caludron. The witch cackles and mentions something about frog legs and last part of her potion. Robyn starts hopping off with the witch chasing after him with a meat cleaver.

"I don't know what's going on Roy…Look out!" He says turning and shoving Roy to the ground with him as a bolder sails past their heads. "All I want is something to eat, some place warm to sleep and they're hrowing things at us."

"True form? Alright!" Fairy Godbilly says with a grin, waving a wand. "He wants his form back to the norm!" A zap of energy flies at Robyn. As the witch starts chasing him, "Oh, you! You're uglier than Mad Mad Mad Mad Madame Mim!" He says, sending another burst of transformational energy at her, turning her into a tuskless warthog. "Hmph."

Roy nods at Siegfried. "I don't know what this is! I'm scared. And… is that gingerbread?" He asks, sniffing the air as he begins to run towards a part of the castle that seems to be made of candy.

Addison Hood begins running towards the castle. "Come, my Merry Men! Lets take this castle and spread the riches among the poor. And… let us claim this princess as one of our own!"

The boulder hit Skyler hard, much harder than he expected. He's laying on the ground, momentarily dazed.

From out of the bushes in different areas, Merry Men pop up and start following Addison to storm the castle. Between the MErry Men and the evil creatures, quite the melee has been started. There's a loud cry for help from inside of the tower from a young princess, and the voice would make Robin realize, it's her sister. As for the rest, a faint knowledge of super powers would start to seep into their heads.

"Get lost!" Hulkling grunts, tossing one of his attackers at the others and bowling them all over. He's got a couple cuts already healing but what was left of his shirt is gone and those jeans are just shorts now. Frustrated for a moment, he says something without thinking much about it. "I wish I had better clothes to fight in than these!"

"Kid? You alright?" Living Lightning asks in that staticy voice of his as he hovers near the downed Skyler. Glancing up at some stray pirates, he frowns and starts to play defender for the injured teen.

Speaking of defenders, Defense nods. "Alright…if it'll end all this stupid chaos, lets get moving up to that castle, Sandstone," Defense states. He forms a shield panel under his feet and holds a hand out to Danny. "Care for a ride?" he asks, forming another shield for a wolf to crash into as it lunges at him.

Robin looks up for a few moments at Fairy GodBilly and, seeing no answer from him, says once again, "I just want to know… I wish I knew why this doesn't feel right!" She keeps Blank synched with her, and uses the blue puppet to punch a pirate right in the chest. But then there is the cry for help. "What is… Megan?" Her eyes go wide and she shouts, "MEGAN! I will help you!" Her androgynous voice sounds a bit more masculine as she yells, and she gets into the puppet control position, hands stretches above her head, closing her eyes and taking over Blank's body.

The rattan batons bounce off of the gnome, and he falls over. Kalindi seems satisfied with this, but her eyes flash a strange black that seems to absorb any surrounding light as she takes hold of her powers. Just to give her hits a little extra oomph. She swings the batons, hitting gnomes, pirates and wolves -hard-.

Robyn is suddenly no longer a frog but now back to himself, but there's one problem, the lack of clothes. He was a frog, he didn't need them. "I'm back to a prince! I'm back to…me?! I'm back to me!" He says sounding happy but then quickly covers himself up with both hands once he relizes it. "Thank's again for the witch!" He yells to Billy.

As for Siegfried, he grabs Roy's hand and starts to run towards the tower, his danger sense warning him when to protect himself, and Roy. "Yes! It's Gingerbread!" He says as he runs. "Don't be scared, I'll protect you dear brother."

Danny grabs Cole's hand and is on the disc with him. "I'm with you D. Something's jus really messed up." But hearing Robin's voice yelling, he has to jump off the disc and run over to her. "Need help?"

"Oooh, a wish!" Fairy Godbilly turns around, waving his wand at Hulkling. Hulkling is suddenly covered in very durable, flexible armor. It's even color co-ordinated. It's classic-style armor, with lots of nice decoration about it. Turning to Robin, he nods, sending another energy wave. "Knowledge sought is knowledge gained, so with thought, may you have less pain."

Roy nods at Siegfried. Then he stops. "I… I think there's something on the other side of this gingerbread." He says suddenly, with firm clarity. "Something important that may help us here." He looks to his 'brother' before he starts pounding on the ginger bread, trying to break through, instead of eating it.

Addison Hood and his men are attacking the pirates and trolls with glee, making it seem more like a revelry than a battle. After all, you can't spell slaughter without laughter!

Between the concussion and a slow return to the senses, Skyler is beginning to get a bit of himself together. He hops to his feet at Living Lightning's question and puts his hands on his hips, stating resolutely. "Everything's fine," even though judging by his slight wobble, they aren't. "After all, I'm Pete…. er… no…."

Robin's eyes open and she says to Danny, "I need to get in there. It's Megan. She's my sister. She… she's the one who is causing all of this, I know she is. She can't control it. I need to help her and end the fairy-tale." And then the eyes close again, and the puppet resumes fighting.

Kalindi/Goldilocks shows some level of ruthlessness. This is, after all, the girl who destroyed beds just to get to the right one, demolished bowls of pudding, and generally upset the home of a few bears just to be comfortable. Perhaps now she's just looking for the perfect sound of impact of her golden rattan against the head of a gnome? In any case, she continues just smacking away the goons, and given the way she continues to swing, she hasn't heard that sounds quite yet…

Cursing softly, Dafense lets the disc fade and chases after Danny. He has to block and dodge a few goblins but eventually reaches his teammate and pulls his hood back up. "What's going on?" he asks. Listening to what Robin says, Defense nods to Sandstone and then forms another disc. "Then hold on tight and we'll get there fast," he says, offering his hand to both.

Returning to his human form so he doesn't scare of confuse the poor kid, Living Lighning blinks as Skyler just hops up. "Hey, take it slow," he says, reaching out to stabilize the teen. "You got hit pretty hard. We gotta get you somewhere safe," he says.

Hulkling had been in the middle of catching a boulder. And then suddenly he's in armor. Blinking a few times, he looks around and shakes his head. "Thanks," he calls, hurling the boulder back and toppling the troll that threw it.

Robyn ducks behind a bush and takes a deep breath, possesing the nearest guard at the door. His body falls limp to the ground now that his mind is in the body of the guard. He makes that guard turn and attack the other before jumping out of his head, leaving the two guards to fight, hoping that it makes a good distraction.

"Yeah, we'll protect you to get you there." Danny says in his southern accent as he makes himself a human shield for Robin. He makes sure that nothing harms her as they get towards the tower.

Siegfried looks to Roy and nods. "I think we need to find a way inside, come on." He says trying to be brave for his 'brother' even though he's scared. "I know they won't be able to hit me."

Robin nods at Defense and takes his hand, breaking her control of Blank and teleporting the puppet back to her. "Thank you… thank you very much." More quietly, "Megan… don't worry. I'll be there right away."

Skyler grabs onto Living Lightning, his powers instinctively activating from his injury, shifting to double that of his rescuer, his injuries healing from the transformation. This also allows him a moment of clarity as he's now no longer the boy who refused to grow up. He curses softly to himself, and rubs his temples. "Okay. You see Cinderella there? Help her get into the castle." He, then looks up at the Avenger. "Your powers, are they genetic?"

Suddenly, Roy stops. He has an idea. He's beginning to remember things. "You! With the shields of energy. Protect me while I do this. Everyone else, cover your ears and fight them." He begins running away from the fighting before he turns around, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! May I HAVE your ATTENTION please!" He calls. Anyone hearing it that didn't listen may find themselves drawn to pay attention to him. It's a subconscious pull. He doesn't know if it will work, but he's trying.

Fairy Godbilly begins firing bursts of energy, much like someone else's hexbolts, crumbling bits of plaster and other things onto the villainous creatures.

Everyone in the area just stops, who ever hear Roy's voice, well, they attention is turn towards him. Merry Men put down their sword and bows, Trolls drop bolders, witches top stirring cauldrons and so fourth. Everything is that silence where you can hear a pin drop.

Robyn is one of the people who isn't in the area and hears the voice, he stands up and looks at Roy, eagerly awaiting to hear what he has to say next.

Seigfried some how knows what Roy can do and puts his fingers in his ear. "You better protect my brother, he's very important to me." He says loudly to Cole.

Danny covers his ears as Roy yells and once he's done, he grabs Robyn's hand. "Defense, stay here, I'll take her forward." He says running until the two reach the locked wooden door of the Tower.

Kalindi also stops, reforming her rattan quickly into gloves, and looks towards Roy at hearing his voice, staring expectantly.

The barrier drops as Defense lifts the shield disc and it's passengers from the ground. "Hold on cause we're going fast," he says. There's a small nod to Danny before Defense sends the disc flying towards the tower as fast as he can. Coming in fro a landing, he decks a guard that had been distracted and jumps when someone calls for him. He frowns a moment and holds a hand up to protect Roy with a sphere shield. "You two get going. I'll keep fighting out here," he says to Danny and Robin before plugging his ears with shields.

Living Lightning jumps, a couple suprised exclamations escaping him in english and spanish as Skyler sudden becomes him. "Cinderella?" he asks, looking around. "No. My powers come from science," he says, getting an idea of what Skyler just did. "You get somewhere safe," he says, going to his electric form again and zipping after Robin and her companions.

Hulkling crumbles what appears to have been some kind of rock beast before glancing at Billy. He smirks at the energy bolts and starts to charge a wolf pack when Roy calls out. Hearing the call to cover ears…he just shifts his away. There's a moment where he just makes a face, not liking the feeling of suddenly being without a sense but he deals with it, staying near Billy to make sure nothing tries sneaking up behind him.

Roy continues talking. "Around you we have gathered ALL the most unique and original creatures and people the world has EVER known!" Ever the showman, he's pointing his arms towards the left and right, displaying various people. "We have the fairy Godfather!" An arm to Billy. "We have the Green Marvel!" Well, he doesn't know WHO Hulkling is…

Robin holds onto Blank to stay stable, since the puppet doesn't really have any difficulty at all keeping its balance on even the most precarious of objects and then nods at Defense, "Okay." She stands up and gets ready to go, as directed.

The Kalindi in Goldilocks is always up for a show of any kind. This kind of display is enough to keep her attention and she offers Roy a bit of applause after every person he displays.

Once they reach the door, Danny punches it a few times until the wood collapses in. "Get up there, I'll stay down here just in case to guard the door." He says as he moves to stand guard once Robin is inside.

Siegfried can't help but smile as he listens to Roy talk, it's almost like good old times. He watches all the creatures watch Roy and listen with facination. "It's like Vundervul Vunders again." He says.

"Dammit," curses Skyler again. It's just his luck to copy somebody whose powers he can't copy. He looks around after the Living Lightning departs for another person to copy. Well there's… Robyn over there and some big green guy and ….. oooh, sideshow!

Robin nods to Danny and says, "Thanks. I'll do my best." She runs in through the broken door, with her puppet following close behind her, trying to make her way up the tower as quickly as possible. Sure, she's not good at running up stairs, but she's not going to pay any attention to the physical pains for now. She's trying to help her sister!

Billy wasn't listening when they were told to cover their ears, and slowly, he lowers himself to the ground, right next to Skyler. "Wow, he's good! He could lead a circus." He says with a nod.

If he could hear it, Hulkling likely would have smiled very slightly at the nickname from Roy. But since he doesn't, a thrown buolder is picked up and used to bowl over a few trolls.

Landing next to Danny, Living Lightning offers a nod. "I got your back."

Defense just stays close to Roy, keeping the shield around them both. He glances around at everything, focusing on keeping the shield strong so no attacks for now from him.

Skyler nods to Billy, thoroughly impressed, and having completely forgotten that when he's not Peter Pan, his clothes made of autumn leaves just fall to the ground leaving him nearly naked save for a pair of swim trunks, and sneakers (which, if he were paying attention, now a little too tight.) "Yeah. He /is/ good."

Once Robin gets upstairs, the room has a luxurious four poster bed, lots of mirrors, it looks like everything a Princesses room should be. Her sister is there with quite the dramatic look about her. "You finally came dear sister, I should make you pay for making me wait so long." Uhoh, it seems she might be in a bit of an Evil Sister role right now.

Right now only one thing matters to Robyn, the show, and he just stands there, in all his embarassing glory, just listening. He eventually walks over to Skyler and smiles at him. "Isn't this show amazing?"

"Megan, I… I tried my best to get here as soon as possible," explains Robin, still trying to catch her breath. "I wanted to help you…" She takes a few steps towards her sister tentatively, knowing how powerful a mutant she must be to create all of this. "I just didn't know how. I'm here now."

Megan looks at Robin and laughs. "Didn't know how, you were the mutant first, you were the one who should have figured it out." Robin would know that it's not really Megan talking as the personality isn't something she'd remember about her sister.

Robin furrows her brow slightly and says, "Maybe you know, then. How can I help Megan?" She teleports Blank next to herself and says, "Because you aren't her, or at least you sure aren't acting like it. Did she… affect herself with her own curse? Let me talk to Megan. Now."

Turning after pushing aside a knocked over tree, Hulkling jumps at the sight before him. Suited Billy, near naked older Avenger that's really Skyler, and a naked Robyn. Jogging over, he glances at Robyn before trying to figure out what's wrong. He glances at Roy's talking and then remembers the call to cover ears. Frowning, he stays near them to defend while trying to think of a way to snap them out of the trance. Shrugging, he steps up behind Billy and covers his ears with his hands to see if it helps.

"I am her, I am your sister. The evil sister where you are the….Robin…I can't stop it." Megan says breaking into tears. "I'm scared Robin, sometimes I believe it, sometimes I know it isn't real. I can make things different, make untrue things true." She walks over to her sister and hugs her tight. "How can I stop it?"

Robin puts her arms around Megan and hugs her, saying, "I don't know, Megan. I… know what it's like. Everyone who you've influenced is like that right now. Maybe you need to… make something that can make it untrue again…"

Megan nods and sniffles a bit. "MAke things untrue…" Things start to flash and alter and some of the troops disappear but thigns don't seem to fully change, it seems she's half way there but needs the help to finish bringing everything to normal.

Getting an idea, Robin starts, "Once upon a time… in a little town in Kansas, there was a girl named Megan. She used to have a sister, who ran away from home a few years ago, and so the girl started to… to read fairy tales, in order to escape from being alone in that home, even though there were still people there. But one day, she realized that she had a special power of her own. She could change the world. And so… so she went out, and her fairy tales all became real. It seemed too good to be true. And it was. It seems her powers caught her, too, and put her under the story's curse. She became one more of the characters to play out these fantasies. So, the few times she was able to break free from the curse, she called to her sister, and her sister answered her call. Many people answered her call, and helped the sister get to the tower that Megan was locked in." She pauses for a moment and gives Megan a hug, "When her sister arrived, and put her arms around Megan, she realized that she knew just
what… exactly what she needed to break the curse…"

Megan relaxes in Robin's arms and listens and as the story unfolds things start to vanish. The witches, orcs, trolls and other badguys and everyone effect by her reality alteration, is back to normal. There is a bright flash of light and the tower is gone. In the grass were the tower was, Megan is passed out in Robin's arms, Central Park is back to normal, eveyone is back to normal and Robin, she'll notice some significant changes in herself.

Robyn blinks and looks around and looks at Robin with her sister, Megan. He just sits down and smiles. "She found a way to help her." He says now feeling the cold. "How soon can we get back to the Mansion where it's warm?" He doesn't want to walk over and interupt the moment.

Siegfried looks a Roy and wraps his arms around him. "You always vere a Showstopper Roy. You vere vondeful." He says smiling at his childhood friend.

Danny looks around and lets out a sigh of relief. "Defense, I just want to go to Nowhere, get a drink, and relax after this. I'm just glad it's over, and glad she was able to help with it."

Robin holds Megan in her arms for a few moments and then slumps down onto her knees, still holding her sister's unconscious form. Even though she really should be noticing a few things right now, she doesn't, too focused on if her sister is alright to pay thought in any other direction.

Addison suddenly blinks as he's standing there, in the park. "Now that… was weird." He says poignently.

Roy simply leans against Siegfried. "Now, if we could just figure out how to end OUR nightmare, then this would all be better." He says softly.

Billy blinks. He looks over himself. "Snazzy. But not really my style." He chuckles, shaking his head.

Kalindi looks around for a few moments, blinks and forms a disc out of the gold on her hands, stepping onto it. "That was very strange. I… am going to go home and change," she says to nobody in particular, before flying off.

Defense offers Roy a quick pat on the shoulder before heading over to Danny. "You got it," he says. "Lets get some drinks and when we get back home, I'll give ya rub down," he says. "And I mean that in an innocent way."

Living Lightning returns to his human form and takes a breath. He walks over to Robyn and offers a hand. "I'll make sure you kids get home…and get you some pants."

Hulkling chuckles, bringing his ears back and hugging Billy from behind. "May not be your style but you still make it look good."

Skyler blinks as well and looks at himself. "Great," he says. "I'm mostly naked. Again." He shakes his head as if to clear it and, finding Robin in the veritable crowd in Central Park, rushes over to her, and her sister. "Robin! He calls out running to her. "Thank GOd, you're okay."

Looking after the running Skyler, Billy blinks. "Oooh, poor guy. And it's cold. Here." He starts muttering under his breath about clothing, allowing clothing to appear on Skyler and Robyn as well.

Teddy just chuckles, shaking his head. "I think that guy that still had the pants is one of the Avengers," he remarks. "Let's get back home, shall we?"

Robin looks up at Skyler and says with a small smile, "You'd think you have a thing for streaking." She blinks a couple of times at clothes appearing on him and says, "We need to get Megan back to the school… they'll know how to help her best there." She stands and then that's when she notices the changes that Megan made. "Ahh…" she says, not in pain, just surprise, but doesn't comment on it much further except for just generally having wide eyes at the moment. "Umm… umm… help me bring her somewhere to get her there, Sky."

Skyler stops short as clothes suddenly appear on him. He shouts a grateful "Thank you!" behind him to whoever it was that did it, the action causing him to miss Robin's strange reaction. He nods, bending down to pick up the sleeping girl. "Yeah. This was all your sister?" He asks, amazed.

Robin nods a couple of times at Skyler and says a bit distractedly, "Yeah… I guess it was her the whole time… I didn't figure it out until just a little while ago. I'm still a little surprised." She helps Skyler pick up Megan and take her somewhere better. She still has a few things to confirm, but knows that 'in public' is not the place to go about it.

Skyler gives Robin a quirky grin. "Yeah, I would, too, if one of my sisters ended up being an omega-level mutant." He grunts as he shifts Megan's weight so that he's carrying her like an oversized child, on one hip. "I think I got her," he says. "I don't think anybody brought our cel phones with us, and I don't think the Academy has an 1-800 number for this."

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