2011-08-22: Happy Belated Bday


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Summary: Back from Ohio the young teenage couple meet up in the library at Xavier's to exchange birthday gifts and to spend the day together.

Date: August 22, 2011

Log Title: Happy Belated Bday

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion Library

Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

Somewhere lost amongst the books of the Xavier mansion library is a cosmic powered teen named Tyler. This is of course the one place on campus that enforces quiet which is why he's chosen it as the best place to be at the moment. There are these nice window seats along the back wall that are quite comfortable so anyone can find him there sitting with his legs stretched out on the cushion drawing on a sketchpad with a charcoal pencil. Off to one side of him pressed up against the glass is a small wrapped present in front of an opened backpack.

On the hunt for his boy, Kieran's been busy as can be lately and after the events that transpired with Heather finally returning to her senses, there's been a bit to talk to his parents about. However, he does have a messenger bag slung across his chest, with a bright gold eternity knot on the flap.

Tap tap tap, the unsharpened end of the pencil strikes the thick page of the sketchbook. As Tyler thinks about how the drawing is coming out he thumbs over an area smearing the charcoal till it appears the way he wants it to. As he's about to start another area he hears the sound of feet padding his way. Tucking the pencil into the spiral wire at the top of his book he then sets the book aside reaching into his backpack to pull out a cloth to wipe his finger off onto. When Kieran comes into view he smiles happily then slips off the cushioned seat to greet his boyfriend with a hug and a quick kiss. "Been waiting for you. We seem to be the only people here."

Returning the hug and the kiss, Kieran smiles,"Yeah. I think a lot of people are getting in some last minute fun. With the arrest of Mindbender and Upgrade finally and people returning to normal…" He says laughing softly. "So how are you doing?" He asks curiously.

"Normal? That's so dependent upon what you consider normal." Tyler laughs as he shows Kieran over to the window seat he took over about an hour ago. "I'm doing better for the most part. I've had some time to go over what I think about here and myself. I've also met a teacher's assistant as well as another professor." Rooting around in his back the taller of the two teens pulls out a bag of snacks offering it to Kieran. "How have you been since we split up on vacation?"

"Well other than recovering from having metal cut my skin pretty bad that one time, I've been doing fairly well. Been keeping in contact with Brian and making sure that things are good back home." Kieran says absently,"And I meant that they returned to normal for them." He says laughing softly,"Oh and what did you come up with while you were doing your introspective thinking? I've also been trying to figure out if I can do like Magneto and generate barriers of energy."

Tyler leaves the snack food between them then bends a foot up under his knee appearing to rock in place for a moment till his back flattens up against the wall behind him. "I haven't figured out much. I've just had a few things put into perspective so when the school year starts up again I know what to expect. You're almost all recovered right? You looked in pretty good shape the last time I saw your injuries."

"I'm recovered at this point." Kieran says nodding his head a little bit and reaches into his bag to pull a small box wrapped in dark blue paper,"Sorry it's late." He says offering the box towards Tyler,"I think figuring yourself out takes years in order to truly figure it out." He says smiling at Tyler,"And I think figuring out things to use my power defensively other than just throwing lightning bolts at people." He says shivering a little bit.

"I'm glad you're in one piece again." A happy cheer goes up from Tyler who accepts the offered box. "Thank you! Can I shake it?" Not wanting to destroy the present he murmurs a noise then scoops up the present he had meant to give Kieran earlier. "We're both late but better late than never." The box is offered across to Ki with a toothy grin. "Happy Birthday!" Now he tears into the paper to see what he's got. Kieran will find that in his box there's a watch that appears to be the keys of a piano with various musical notes across the keys.

Inside the box is a leather bound case filled with a variety of charcoal, coloured pencils, and other such supplies carefully arranged for maximum efficiency. "I wouldn't shake it." Kieran says smiling as he opens his box and holds the watch up,"Wow… That's pretty cool. I wonder if it will survive skin contact." He says seriously, not sure if he'd shock the thing until it was broken, but he does place it on his wrist,"If nothing else it'll end up right twice a day." He says laughing.

Tyler is unwrapping his present as Kieran finds the watch. "The man who sold it to me swore that it was made special. It's a pretty neat store actually. I can show it to you some time. There are a lot of things there that are tailored toward mutants with unique circumstances." Least, he hopes the guy wasn't pulling his chain or his gift would end up pretty damn lame. Finally the wrapping is open and his present is revealed. "This is great! Thank you so much for this." In his exuberance Ty fumbles the case till it plops on the seat and he leans over to peck a kiss on Kieran. "We should scour the kitchen for a cupcake or something like that to celebrate."

"I bet there's something. If not we can do that part tomorrow." Kieran says cheerfully,"Glad you liked it. I know next to nothing about art stuff, but the lady said that it was a good kit and my mom actually picked it up for me from a little art store on the corner of I think it was sixth and vine in downtown Cincinnati. It's only open like five hours a day or something weird like that." He says sounding amused,"And it is a neat thing and if it does resist the flow of electricity it will be really cool. Definitely something that is unique. Not sure too many people would get something like this." He says grinning broadly.

"Stores like that are cool until you want to stop by and it's during the off hours!" Tyler is rather glad that there's no librarian on staff at the moment and there are no other students present to ssh at him for being loud. There's a smile for the watch, "The booklet is in there as well explaining how it works. I was hoping it might hold up for you because I saw it and I thought it was so you." With great care he tucks his new art set into his backpack then puts the rest of his things away offering to dispose of the wrapping paper. "So, cupcake? I'm sure there have to be some in the kitchen and worst thing that can happen is we share a bowl of ice cream. Sound good?"

"Sounds like we have a plan." Kieran says nodding his head and glancing towards the watch,"Yes, I thinking that it does look like something that is perfect for me." He says nodding his head some more,"We should get moving. Just in case someone comes in here intent on actually reading in a quiet environment." He says grinning broadly and moving to help pick up the wrapping paper as well so they can get it all setup.

The present debris is dropped off in the nearest refuse bin then Tyler seeks to take Kieran's hand as they walk out of the library to wander over to the kitchen in the hopes of finding something sweet to share as a belated birthday dessert. "I still think is sucks that we were in different places on our birthdays. At least we'll have the year together though. I'm kinda looking forward to that; I don't know about you."

"Yeah. It sucked but what can you do." Kieran says shrugging helplessly. "But yeah. We have a whole year together." He says nodding his head a tiny bit as they wander off in search of the belated desserts. "So I wonder how they're going to do the pairings up this year. I heard they're going to reorganize the squads again this year, which means that we might end up on a different squads this term."

Tyler shrugs with his free hand, "Yeah I heard something about the squad change up. I was barely on a squad and now it's changing." There's quite the pout being tossed Kieran's way. "I rather liked the group I was put with. You and I are great together and Kev's become a good friend. Tara seems pretty cool as well so it'll suck if we all ended up on different squads." Huffs a breath then frees his hand to slide his arm around Kieran as they walk. "Though either of us could end up with Max or other peoples we know which would be ok. Evelyn's pretty cool for a girl."

"Yeah. I hope we can keep some of us together. Like you, Kev, Tara and I at the very least I hope we can get together." Kieran says shrugging a little bit. "Evelyn seemed ok and it would be fun to work with Max. You two would work nicely since you both can do the cold thing. I wonder if I could charge his ice with electricity." He says thoughtfully. "Kev's awesome. I wonder how he's handling all this craziness."

"Yeah, we were starting to gel and work on some things and poof! Summers here and everything changes up. That makes me kinda sad to tell the truth. Who knows what's going to happen in the next week or so." Ty slips into the kitchen first peering around to see if anything interesting has been left out on the counter. Nope! "Want to check the fridge, Ki? Might be something in there otherwise we're digging into the ice cream."

"Yeah. So we'll just have to see. The fact we all gelled as fast as we did means that we're fairly adaptable. I just hope they don't shift us all to different squads because that would royally suck." Kieran says as he begins looking through the fridge,"Looks like ice cream it is." He says before giving a laugh as he switches from fridge to freezer on the hunt for some good ice cream.

As Kieran searches for a decent flavor of ice cream in the freezer Tyler goes to pull down bowls and acquire spoons from a nearby drawer to set out on the island in the middle of the kitchen. "No sense in worrying about something we've no control over. I waited to the last possible second to give input on my classes. I'm taking the easy road though I do hope to end up in one of Professor Magneto's classes. I can never remember his last name. Oh well."

"I got my choices in early." Kieran says seriously as he gets out some ice cream. "Yeah there really is no point in it. I didn't take the easy road. Pretty much made myself a bit of a hellish schedule." This makes him laugh a little bit. "Course have you ever known me to take the easy road?" He asks curiously placing the ice cream in front of Tyler. "It should be interesting to see how the school year turns out."

"You're good at school in general. If you've taken on more than you can chew then I'll have to find some way to help you out so your head doesn't explode. Who would I kiss if my boyfriend is beheaded?" Now that the ice cream is present Tyler holds up the larger spoon that will serve to scoop out a generous chunk of ice cream into each of their bowls. "I've no idea how things are going to go. I'm hoping to be around a lot in case Sage needs me. Poor guy might flail for awhile since he doesn't know how to use a computer and such." Goes to put the carton back into the freezer. They share ice cream for awhile talking about the upcoming school year then clean up the dishes to go spend some time in the music room.

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