2012-08-15: Happy Hunting


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Summary: It's a lovely night for rabbits!

Date: August 15, 2012

Log Title: Happy Hunting

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Left Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

Taylor comes out of the gardens walking on all fours, which likely means the felinoid mutant is not quite themselves at the moment. For anyone doubting that, Taylor carries a dead rabbit in their jaw, blood spattered on the collar of the otherwise crisp white dress shirt Tay is wearing, and while it's not visible, there is also some on the black vest the feline wears. The student's animalistic body language betrays great pleasure at this kill, though.

Half way from walking to the dorms from the stables, Nicholas has seemed to stopped to stargaze. Sitting down in the grass with a bit and bridle in his lap, he leans back on his arms so that he can get a good look at the sky. Just something about the night sky litter with stars, like it is tonight, is captivating to Nick. He seems to be oblivious to the things around him, evident from the fact that he barely notices Taylor and their prey.

In the sky there is a dark image of a person with huge wings flying over the tree tops. this mutant seems to fly with a beauty and grace. From time to time the sky lights up for a moment as fire appears near the winged woman. Miwa has come to enjoy her night flights.

Taylor plops the rabbit down near Nicholas's feet unceremoniously, but looks up at him with a look that says, 'This is for /you/, be honoured by my generosity!' The felinoid student just stays there, tail flicking back and forth until such a time that they are noticed.

The fire in the sky causes Nicholas to tense up and lucky for him that it's dark so it's hard to tell that he pales quite a bit, but the wide eyed fear isn't hard to miss. He decides it's a good idea to go inside and when he stands up, he steps on something squishy, not noticing Taylor or the Rabbit due to the fire keeping his attention. Looking down, he sees his friend and what appears to be a rabbit. "Oh man Taylor, I didn't mean to step on your dinner. I was just distracted by….that…"

Miwa swoops down so low her feet come down and she looks more running then flying that is until she trips and ends up rolling and then she flat on her back. She is seeing stars in front of her eyes and she grown some, "no good"

Taylor looks down at the rabbit with a baffled look at it being stomped, expression returning to something at least slightly more human. Tay looks up with Nick towards the fire in the sky, and then just passively watching as Miwa bounces a couple of times against the turf. "Holy shit," is what Tay has to say about that, before looking down at the dead rabbit. "Um. And don't… worry about my 'dinner'. I guess."

Nicholas watches Miwa with a bit of a confused expression and doesn't say anything for several moments until he shakes his head and looks at Taylor. "Sorry, I was just thinking about stuff and then I saw the fire and…." His voice trails off and Nick takes a deep breath. "Anyway, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to step on your…" He looks down and tries to figure out what the animal was. "Rabbit? So how have you been Tay?"

Miwa stands up and brush her self off before checking her self she seems to have nothing wrost then a scrape she she walks over to the other two. Her red scale wings folded her golden eyes shimmering in the darkness. She smiles at the two, "hello. you like show?" She then spots the remains of the rabbit and she goes pale, "what?…. what that?" she points at it.

"Yeah, rabbit. I went hunting, or something like that…" says Taylor, looking down at the dead animal with a bit of a contemplative look, at this point not seeming quite sure what to do with it. It's pretty apparent, given the blood around Taylor's mouth and collar, that the rabit was slain by the felinoid. "I've been okay. It's nice in the summer, I can just stay up all night and sleep all day, and I don't get in trouble… Visited my parents for like a week, but they're still freaked out, so… guess I'll give 'em more time. Just waiting for the school year to start."

Nicholas looks over at Miwa with a fairly blank expression. "I…I'm not a big fan of fire. No offence." He says before looking back at Taylor. "Sorry to hear about that, at least you got to go home for a bit. Yeah, I don't have to worry about skipping class cause I don't feel like facing anyone in the summer and if I need a nap during the day, it's easier. Though it'll be nice when school starts back up, keep my mind busy. Ya know?"

Miwa frowns, "sorry. need to" She seems lost for the word so she opens her mouth and with a hand simutates the fire, "in no do. Fire come up by it self." She looks back at the rabbit still a little gross out at it but she not scared of it. She looks at the catgirl and smiles, "if want help. I can help. I see good in dark."

"Want help with what?" says Taylor, looking over towards Miwa with a baffled expression before nodding at Nicholas and saying, "Yeah, I know what you mean, for sure… gotta keep the mind occupied. I took summer classes the first couple months, 'cause I was behind in lots of my courses…" Tay looks back down the the rabbit, "I'll wait to eat dinner, I think. Not gonna let the poor bunny go to waste… but don't want to gross anyone out either."

Nicholas is grateful to Taylor for that as he would be quite grossed out to watch her eat it, he just doesn't vocalize it. "In no do?" He asks Miwa not quite sure what she's trying to say. "It's not your fault I don't like fire." He says before looking to Taylor. "I've just been doing a lot of horse back riding this summer, oh, Shane made me the coolest birthday present!"

Miwa points a finger at the dead rabbit, "get new one. I fly and see in dark I could help you get new one." she smiles and then shakes her head, "little gross but you eat it be okay."

"Oh. Nah," says Taylor, glancing to the rabbit again, "It's fine. I mean. Actually, let's just pretend that's not there for now, okay? I'm not going to waste it, though…" Taylor blinks a few times at Nicholas and then says, "What did Shane make you that's so cool?"

Happy that his attempt at changing the subject has seemed to work, Nicholas smiles at Taylor. "She knows that I've recently watched all of Firefly and loved it, so she made me a suede brown duster, like what Mal wears. I can't believe she made it and didn't buy it at a store, she's so talented." He says in a bit of awe at Shane's skill. "I need to get a matching cowboy hat to go with it."

Miwa nods and then tilts her head, "duster?" She seems not to know the word, "oh cowboy! like john wayne!" she grins at that and smoke comes out the corners of her mouth.

"Oh man, that's pretty sweet!" says Taylor, grinning widely at that, "Yeah, she's pretty talented. I wish I could make clothes, I mean, full-sized clothes as well as she can…" The ocelot then looks towards Miwa and then nods, "Yeah, like John Wayne."

Nicholas lets out a yawn and nods to Miwa. "Yeah, like John Wayne. One of the coolest people to ever exist." He reaching out a hand to ruffle Taylor's hair playfully. "I'm gonna head back inside, getting a bit sleepy so maybe I'll get more than three hours of sleep tonight hopefully." He says slipping the bit and bridle over his arm. "Have a good night Tay and enjoy your dinner. See you later Miwa." He says as he heads off towards the dorms.

Miwa watchs Nick walk off and sighs, "he no like me" He sighs and sits on the ground her wings open and wrap arond her, "He scared of me." She shakes her head and looks at the catgirl, "you pretty."

"Goodnight, Nick," says the ocelot, at first seeming to flail a bit at the hair ruffling, but the feline part make Taylor finish by leaning into the sort of petting. Once he's left, Tay looks to Miwa silently for a few moments. "Thanks, I guess," says Taylor, a bit awkwardly. "People usually don't call me pretty when I'm all covered in blood. Or really ever, I guess… I mean, I guess Dashenka has expressed something like that, that's the perk of having a girlfriend." The ocelot considers taht and then says, "And he's not scared of you. Scared of fire. Something bad happened to him. Fire."

Miwa looks at you, "blood can clean" she smiles, "you pretty catgirl" She then looks back to the house, "I no want to scare him." She sighs out and smoke somes out of her mouth" She cups her hands over her mouth.

Taylor headscratches and says, "I guess. Ruined a nice ensemble, though… And yeah, I know you don't want to scare him, and I think he knows you don't mean anything… Anyhow," The feline picks up the rabbit from the ground and says, "I should head out to the woods… eat this and stuff…"

Miwa watches you, "you no cook?" She points at the rabbit, "I can cook"

"It's… better raw…" mumbles Taylor, seeming rather embarrassed by that admission, "I should get outta your hair. Seeya."

Miwa nods and smiles, "eat well" she then opens her wings and jumps before she in flight.

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