2012-02-14: Happy St Hatentines Day


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Summary: Nicholas and Taylor talk about lost love on Valentines Day.

Date: February 14, 2012

Log Title: Happy St Hatentines Day

Rating: R

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

Indie Rock plays over the speakers of the coffee shop tonight to appeal to the hipsters that sit in corners typing away on their netbooks or conversing about important things with friends. One person who doesn't fit that grain sits alone at one of the tables. Nick has a half eaten piece of coffee cake on a plate in front of him next to what looks like the bits of a broken cell phone. A hot cup of hot chocolate sits in between his hands that he occasionally sips at.

At the counter there is a sort of short blonde picking up an herbal tea, along with a sausage roll from behind the glass. The individual looks androgynous, but independent of the androgyny, quite pretty. For a few moments, that blonde starts walking to take a seat, but noticing Nicholas in front of the table with the broken cell, turns in that direction to ask him, "Are you okay?"

Nicholas looks up as someone speaks to him and having never seen the blond in his life he just looks at them for a bit. "Fine." He says shortly before looking away, hoping the stranger leaves him along. He tries to look like he doesn't care about the blond but there is a tenseness that comes over Nick.

The stranger does not, in fact, leave Nicholas alone. There is a bit of a look of concern and pursing of the lips, and the androgynous person says, "Do you mind if I sit down, Nick?"

When he hears is name, Nick freezes and the hot chocolate slips from his hands and spills on the floor. He looks slowly at the blond, wide-eyed with a bit of fear. "Why do you want to sit down with me and how do you know who I am?" He asks quietly, with a quiver to his voice.

Eyes wide, the 'stranger' says, "Oh, shit. Shit. It's me, Taylor…" The other student looks down towards the dropped hot chocolate and raises both hands defensively, "I can get you a new one, I forgot that I'm…" Taylor trails off.

There's an obvious sigh of relief as Taylor reveals herself and Nick almost slumps forward in his chair. "Thank goodness, I am so happy to see you right now. I didn't have a clue who you were. Is that like one of those things that Jill has?" He asks looking down at his Hot Chocolate. "Don't worry about it, gonna go grab napkins to clean it up quick."

"Yeah, an image inducer, I guess, it's pretty cool," says Taylor, smiling slightly at that, "This is, well, they got how I used to look down pretty well. See how I could be choked up about losing this face? Gotta be careful about not bumping people, though." The student goes to grab some napkins as well, offering them to him. "Didn't mean to startle you like that."

Nicholas kneels down on the ground as he mops up his mess with the napkins. "Yeah, Jill has one but I dunno if that's how she used to look, never asked. And yeah, I can see how you'd be choked up losing that face, it's yours." He says seriously and once he's done cleaning he throws away the napkins before sitting back down. "Don't worry about it, just a bit on edge since I got lost out here and my phone is broken. Honestly, if you didn't show up I'd be clueless how to get home."

Nodding and sitting down, Taylor says, "Well, I'll help you get home when you're done here, for sure. What happened to your phone, though? It looks like you… dropped it." Clearly by the way Tay says that, 'dropped' is not actually meant.

"I threw it against he wall." Nicholas admits frowning down at it. "I was trying to put it back together but it doesn't seem to want to just slip back. And with today being Valentines Day I just kinda wanted to go for a walk and then I realized I didn't know how to get back so I just kept walking."

Taylor frowns at what Nicholas says and then nods, "Yeah… kind of why I took myself out to treat myself. I know it's on my lonesome but, well, Valentine's day I'd go with Tim to whatever restaurants or whatever weren't overfilled. Like, nothing too fancy, you know?" The student glances aside and then takes a sip of the tea. "Then I saw you, and I was wondering what was up with the phone and everything."

"I got mad at something yesterday and I threw it. It didn't like being thrown." Nicholas explains looking down at his phone. "Kirsten and I would always hang out on Valentines Day, exchange cards and stuff but now, she doesn't even want to talk to me."

Taylor looks away and nods, "Yeah, I know that can be tough, I'm sorry Nick… This is my first Valentine's day completely alone in a few years and I guess Tim doesn't really want anything to do with me. I guess it probably saves the school some phone bills that way…"

"Yeah I tried to call her yesterday, she hung up on me before I could say anything really." Nick says taking a deep breath and sighing. "I guess it really is over and I should have seen it before but we'd been together so long and I really didn't want to believe she said that stuff."

Taylor's expression becomes sympathetic and the usually feline student says, "I'm sorry to hear that, Nick… I know that it must hurt a lot. And it sucks to lose something you thought you could depend on, I know."

"Yeah well both of us are lonely and hurting on Valentines Day so maybe God brought us together to keep each other company from being overly depressing." Nicholas says but he doesn't sound optimistic as he says it, the tone is more miserable. "Sorry about Tim being a royal dick hole about the change. He doesn't know what a great girl he has."

"Yeah, that really hurt… nothing really changed about me, except superficially, and I didn't think he cared so much about that stuff," sighs Taylor disappointingly, giving a headshake to that, "But yeah, I guess it seems like some kind of providence or something that I've got someone to be alone with on Valentines. So here's to that."

"Want me to call him if my phone gets fixed? What the hell dude, you passed up an awesome girl just cause she's turned out to be a bit different? You broke her heart you douche waffle and any way, Taylor's probably too good to you." Nicholas says as he picks at his coffee cake a bit. "That's what I'll tell him if you want."

Taylor laughs softly at what Nicholas says, "I'd almost want you to just so he can wonder who the hell you are…" The student looks out the window and says, "Thanks though. For, I dunno, saying I'm awesome at least. Is it terrible that I feel like I'd take him back in a heartbeat? The more time goes on, though, the less I'm holding out on hope of that."

Nicholas shakes his head. "No, it's not terrible. I would take Kirsten back without a hesitation. I know it's stupid to say, I'm only sixteen but we were together for two years and I really do love her. It just doesn't make any sense to me. And just give me the number and I'll make the call. Put it on speaker so you can hear him."

"Yeah. Tim and I were, well, we were never officially 'going out', but we both knew it, you know? We were together. I mean, you kiss enough, it's gotta be true," says Taylor, smiling slightly at that, pulling out their phone to look at the screen to get the number, "A couple of years. I was really into the guy…"

Nicholas watches Taylor pull out her phone and he can't help but smile just a little. "Not was Taylor, you really are still into him. It's natural I think. I really don't know I've just been with one person." He says running his hands through his hair. "So we really calling him with a special Valentines Day message?"

Taylor frowns a bit when being reminded that they are still into Tim. "Yeah, I am still into him… I love him, hard to get over that." The student sighs and looks at the phone's screen for a few moments, "And yeah, I've only been with one person, too. But yeah, let's give him a call, I'd say?" The phone is offered to Nick, where the Tim's name is highlighted.

"Honestly, I don't want to get over Kirsten so, I understand." Nicholas says as he takes the phone and hits the dial button, making sure to put the phone on speaker so Taylor can hear him. After a few rings a male voice picks up and Nick just starts speaking. "Hey Tim, Happy Valentines Day douchewaffle. Just to let you know you are a total dick and most of us think you're a fuckass. A total Fuckass. What you did to Taylor wasn't just mean but down right cruel. The one time in her life when she needs you most you pull a douche move and turn your back on her. You know she'd be there for you if you were going through a tough time like she is. Well you don't deserve a friend or girlfriend as awesome as Taylor is so why don't you just go jump off a roof you miserable piece of shit." He says before hanging up the phone on what is, hopefully, Taylor's ex.

The phone can only respond with, "Hello?" and a few, "Um, well"s but nothing very substantial, before being hung up on. Taylor watches the phone for a few moments, after it's been hung up on and then nods slowly. "Well, that was definitely him, I'd recognize that voice… He deserved that, though I'm probably too used to jumping to his defense that I felt like I needed to."

"Sorry, maybe I was too harsh just." Nicholas says not really sure if he did the right thing but venting his anger out on Tim did help him feel a bit better. "Just, he hurt you and I think he needs to know how much he hurt you. If you love someone…you should be there for….them…" He says his voice faltering at the end before it dies off.

"No, you were fine, thanks, Nick. Just glad to know someone will defend me," admits Taylor, taking the phone and tucking it away, frowning at the last part of what Nick says (which is actually more apparent on the image inducer than normally). "I'm sorry, Nick…"

Nicholas looks up at Taylor and gives a smile. "Hey, what are friends for if not to back each other up." He then shrugs at the apology. "Don't worry about it, I'll deal I guess. It can't suck like this forever can it?"

"Well… I hope that it doesn't, that's for sure," says Taylor, shrugging as well, and taking a sip of the tea, and then saying more decisively, "It's going to get better."

"I really do want to believe that." Whispers Nicholas as he closes his eyes. "I just have a hard time believing it. It's not…horrible here though. I mean, there are cool people at the school just, I miss home and I miss them, my parents, a lot." He shakes his head with a sigh. "Anyway, maybe Tim will end up growing a new set of balls and call you to apologize for being a total jerk.'

Taylor frowns as Nicholas speaks and then nods, "Yeah… that's totally understandable. I mean, just changing settings is pretty stressful… especially if you love where you were before." The teen sighs and shrugs, "I wish things were better for you… anyways, yeah, maybe he will. I dunno. I told him to give me a call if he was ever…" Taylor trails off.

"Like I said, I called her yesterday. As soon as she heard it was me, it was 'I can't talk to you, don't call again' and then she hung up. Then my phone met the wall and shattered." Nicholas said. "I wanted to know why she said that stuff, just maybe some closure but I should have just never called."

Taylor shrugs and says, "I think it's fine to want some kind of closure… I mean, it's really tough, I imagine. At least I know why I got dumped…" The student shrugs a shoulder at that and says, "It makes me wonder why she doesn't want to give that to you, though… it'd only be decent."

"It just doesn't make sense." Nicholas says. "Which is maybe why I don't want to believe it. She became my girlfriend after my mutation kicked in so she knew what I could do before she was with me. It's how we became friends in the first place, her Mom was helping me control my powers through meditation." He says trying to puzzle it out. "Now, it's like she isn't her. Maybe they're right, maybe the Purifiers brain washed her or something."

Taylor considers that for a few moments and frowns at what Nicholas says while thinking, "Brain washed her maybe. Ms. Frost has brain powers, I've heard, maybe she could do something… I mean, if she was your girlfriend after the mutation, yeah, it doesn't make sense…"

Nicholas nods. "I have brain powers to but a different kind. And I dunno, walking up to Ms. Frost and being all 'hey can you go to North Dakota and see if my girlfriend has been brain washed and unbrainwash here with your brain powers?' isn't a good idea." Though there's a slight smile as the thought amuses him. "We should get back to Xavier's soon."

Taylor drinks the rest of the herbal tea and nods to Nicholas, "Yeah, you're right. I know how to get back from here pretty okay…" The feline student chuckles softly and says, "But yeah, maybe you're right about that. Brain powers can't solve all our problems, huh?"

Nicholas stands up and offers a hand to Taylor. "No, sadly brain powers can't solve problems. Do you mind calling the school and letting them know we're heading back, I dunno how long the walk will take and we might miss curfew."

Taylor takes Nick's hand and gets up from the seat, nodding at Nick, "For sure, I'll let them know not to sound the alarms. I imagine lots of students might be out late tonight, though."

"Yeah but with classes tomorrow you know they won't let us use, oh I was on a date, as an excuse. Though telling the truth that you ran into me lost might works since the school knows I can't tell left from right." Nicholas says as he holds the door open to leave the cafe. "And back to Hogwarts for us."

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