2010-03-05: Having a Coffee


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Summary: With the lockdown lifted, four students stop at the Grind Stone for coffee and terror. Jonothon is back but he's not at all the same.

Date: March 5, 2010

Log Title Having a Coffee

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

The lock down has been lifted and it's not surprise that Robyn's left school grounds as soon as he could. It's not to find Jordan or find information on where he is, it's just to get out. He's at the Grind Stone with a large cookie, oatmeal raisin, in front of him and a cup of hot chocolate in his hands. He's in a large chair by the window just people watching. Since it's only seven pm there's still plenty of folks wandering the streets and visting the shops. He's got a book in his lap but it's ignored for the moment.

Da Rulez says "all students must be at least in pairs or accompanied by someone who can kick ass" … roughly translated. Mike has come along with his squadmate to the Grindstone, but he politely demurs when the waitron asks what he wasnts, "Can't drink coffee or tea. Does bad things to my prosthetic voiceboxz. Just here with friends."
Well, it would! Along with everything else. He's running the image inducer, of course, so he looks like yet another student, except for the speech-collar he's wearing.

There is a look of relief that comes with being able to go outside of the Institute, and it's plastered all over Quinn's face. She's got a pair of rollerskates dangling from the strap of the messenger bag she carries, oldschool and well-scuffed. To the barista, she cheerfully requests a coffee—extra sugar. It doesn't look like she needs it, though.

James pads in from the outside. Even on a good day, a 7' hyena is out of place. But today, he's carrying himself in such a way that makes him look almost…uncomfortable. It's something to do with the way he's carrying himself, ears pinned against his head a little. Wearing a ratty coat that's missing the arms and looks like acid was spilled on it, James pulls up a seat near his friend Robyn, dismissivly saying "Back." He's been in and out of the building about 7 times the last little bit, never once looking happy to be here. He unzips his jacket, a careful eye noting that it 'might' be the one James' borrowed for the Inferno—just missing all official patches and identifying marks.

The door jangles open some moments later to allow a man wearing red and blue to enter. It's a sleek costume with the red on the outside and blue on the inside running vertically from neck to boots. In fact it's a fairly simple affair complete with gloves that all blend in. The man wearing it is around five nine, and known to most the Xavier students, but he might not be as easily recognized for two things. One, he's better built than Jonothon is. Put on a bit more mass. He's not buff or anything, but he's sure not rail thin now. And two.. his face. Jono was once a handsome man, and is so again. The only thing that mars the looks this time is a spike of red color that runs down over his left eye to his cheek.
Over one shoulder is carried a bag. A bank bag. For the local bank. This he thunks down on Robyn's table without any preamble. "Watch this for me, mate?" Said with a grin before he strides off to harass the Baristas for a coffee.

Robyn smiles as James gets back and turns away from the window. "Cool, sorry to drag you out but you were the one mentioning getting burgers and it getting stuffy in the school." He says just happy to be away for a bit. It's obvious he has a lot on his mind but he's not talking much about it, also he's beginning to get the scruff of the teen who hasn't shaved in almost a week, not much but just starting to be visible. "Kinda figures that as soon as I decide not to sneak out they lift the ban." He says spotting Mike and Quinn giving them a small wave. He doesn't know Quinn but he's seen her around the school. As the money bag thunks on the table Robyn jump and looks up at the recognizable….voice? That's not in his head? "Jono?" He says quietly as he's not quite sure if it's him or not.

HOLY SHIT. That voice. That's … no. Way. Mike doesn't have to reach to activate the emergency alarm in his cell … it's right there in his collar with his voicebox and his image inducer. Because he's pretty certain from the bank bag that this is NOT a good thing. The spike of fear he feels is obvious from the shocked expression on his face, even though Mike doesn't "leak" telepathically … of course if this improved, but not improved, Jono is actually trying to listen, he would have time to stop the alarm.

Quinn is getting dangerously more cheerful as a coffee is placed in her hand, and her free one is used to waggle fingers at Robyn in greeting— the face familiar, even if they've never been introduced. The finger-waggling is extended to James, if a bit hesitantly, before she takes a sip of her drink. It's during that sip that the man that /might/ be Jonothon is spotted, and her hazel eyes widen. "Ummm," she draws out, glancing from Jono, to the bank bag, then over to Mike like /he/ should have a clue as to what's going on.

James shrugs and gives Quinn a nod before looking at Robyn, "It's okay. I just…Haven't been out since things happened. Feels weird." He gives the outside a distant look, "Mall's down the street. Feels too clo…"and with that his post-Inferno self loathing spree is interrupted by the thunk of a bag being dropped on the table. He gives Robyn a look, eyes darting over to the other figure, "Naaa…wait..really?" He never got a good smell from Jono…and a real voice to his ears sounds different than the mental one to the animal. However, the bag of money…that's another affair all together. And that can't be good.

The Brit doesn't respond to Jono, and smiles at the Baristas. Things go fairly calmly there, albeit with a good deal of nervousness from the Baristas for the costume, until it's obvious that the man has no intention of paying. "Now now…" Jonothon reaches over the counter and does something there, hidden from view, that has the poor Baristas fleeing. "Wanker." Jono allows them to go for he has his coffee. And no, he isn't listening, and doesn't care if the button is pressed. He's been wanting to try this coffee for a long time now. Leaning there against the counter, the Brit does just that. Drinks some coffee. So dramatic, what?

Looking at James, Robyn lets out a sigh and stands up. He doesn't want to touch that money bag, but the way Jono's acting, that's /not/ him. He's not one hundred percent that it's Jono but even if it isn't, he should do something, but what? "Jono? What the hell are you doing?" He asks taking a few cautious steps forward, after he he has seen Jono's face before, even if it was once and only briefly. "This isn't you Jono!" He's doing stuff he doesn't do….like talk…and drink?!

Holy and merciful God have pity on me a sinner for the sake of your Son send your Spirit to guide me in all things Amen is Mikes internal dialogue, but outside that, he just makes sure that his cell reports that the signal has gone out. Then he deliberately isolates his emotions, leaving Faith to operate in the part of him that does emotion. Conscious logic says that this could be a clone, or it could be a changed Jono. The reaction from Robyn confirms that in either case the correct response is to confront in the gentlest way possible. Mike determines to pay for the coffee, later, but for now, he says to Quinn, "Jono seems to have been set loose with modificationz. Thisz may be unsafe."

"The talking…that's new, right?" Quinn says aloud, the question not really for anyone in particular, as she looks to Jono with furrowed brows. She edges a little bit closer to Mike, still holding onto her coffee. "Yeah, looks like he upgraded his speaker system," she asides. A glance is given to the door, and the girl squares her shoulders a touch.

James has had recent experience with what happens when someone disappears with a well-known villain, and Jono or not, he's not going to take a chance until the man says something he perceives as non-threatening. In an almost unconscious movement, he stands and rezips the jacket, eyes on the bag, then up to the man. "Hey Jono, that you? Everyone thinks you're with Sinister. What are you doing here?" He still doesn't recognize it as his friend. So either he's missing something, or everyone else is. Without giving it much thought, he puts his hand on Quinn's shoulder, "This goes bad, don't screw around this time. Out the door. I'll grab Robyn."

As Robyn approaches the auburn haired man stills, coffee cup to lips. "Having a coffee. What does it look like?" Pupils shift to flame in way of warning. "Jono.. christ. It's been a long time since I've been called that. It's Jon, mate." Jonothon has tried in the past to move from Jono to Jon, and it didn't work. That's why he always just told people to call him Jono. Easier. "Don't know what you mean by this not being me. Of course it's me. Who else would I be?" Confused, but definitely amused! "And of course Sinister. Where have you lot been?" This is old news! He motions with his coffee as he speaks, sloshing it about.
There's a glance to Quinn and Mike, those eyes swirling with flame. There's a cruelty to the sly smile that curls into place. For those joining Jono has gained some proper weight and is wearing a rather plain red and blue costume. Very unlike him honestly.

Every muscle in Robyn's body tenses and a shiver goes up his spine as Jono speaks, and he takes a few steps back. "Jono…" He looks back to James and there's fear and confusion all over Robyn's face. "I think…we gotta get someone here, fast." But how, he doesn't think they should be the ones to do it. "Jono…Jon…" What is he gonna say 'it's me, you're friend Robyn', that's just lame and won't do anything good.

Mike can HEAR pretty darn well, and catches that speech. Jon, he wants to be called. Very well. Mike files that information and considers the expression of mild malice. This may be a risky thing. Meanwhile in the part of him that handles emotions, a subprocess spawns, furious outrage at the twisting of the first friend he had at Xavier's.

"Orange alert," Mike murmurs, code from the squad training that means "Be ready to dodge because there is fecal matter rapidly approaching the impellers of the circulation system."

Quinn glances up to James as he places the hand on her shoulder, and she frowns, like she's going to argue it. But after glancing to Jonothon, and seeing that edge to his smile? She nods. "Yeah, I'm right behind you, tall dark and fuzzy." She takes a long drink from her coffee, then places it down on the nearest table.

James' ears pulls back, "Okay, everyone, back away from the guy in the super suit. He's not here to be friendly." He waves his hand towards the door, "Mike, Robyn, Quinn….door. Give the man some room." He didn't like the idea of giving up shop until his dexterity returned…but that leadership one of the teachers made him sit in on after his fight with Zack may have just paid off, "We're between him and his bag."

"Oh? Going to bring someone to play?" Jonothon asks, pushing himself off the counter. The coffee in his hand folds in on itself even as the Brit wraps himself in psy-fire. Paper and liquid reform to four slender, bladed shapes, and as the man opens his fingers those four blades leap out towards Robyn. They are sharp and hard. Jono isn't even truly trying to aim though. A scare tactic more than a true attempt to harm. "You think the bag is an issue?" Asked of James, as fire bright eyes shift that way.

As the knives are flung his way, Robyn goes to try to move out of the way, one just cutting his shirt and arm, but nothing really serious. "Do we try to stop him or do we just run?" Robyn asks as he takes a few steps back, not hiding behind James, but standing next to him so that way if they need to run, he can. "Should I try to posses him?"

The skies at that time had one person flying towards the Grindstone. Resident Telekinetic Julian Keller, callsign: Hellion. The telekinetic doesn't necessarily land on the ground more than just hold himself right above the ground. His uniform is crimson and black, his uniform boots are shined and red gloves adorn his hands. His short hair is slicked back. "I think you'd better get the fuck away from those kids if you've got one iota of sense in that head of yours." He calls out, still looking in. He of course doesn't know the whole situation, but that's not the point, guy on fire? Probably the instigator.

Mike answers Robyn instantly in a VERY mechanical sounding voice, "No. Get away. Jon has been tampered with. We cannot know hisz intentionz."
He notices the presence of the X-Force telekinetic and the Faith part of him sends skyward a simultaneous Thank You and Help Him! but meanwhile Mike is already moving rapidly towards the exit, knocking aside anything blocking the path for James or Quinn. Robyn, though, he's moving away from. If there are humans blocking the usual exit, he'll make a new one by going through the window.

Quinn takes a large step back from Jonothon's direction, letting out a soft sound of shock as he throws the knives at Robyn. There's a sense of movement in the air around her, a little waver of energy that's small enough to barely notice. The new arrival? He gets a wide berth as well, as she starts to significantly cramp James' personal space. "Figures. First night out and this shit happens."

"Run, run!" the hyena repeats to Robyn's question, "We're not trained for this." The memory of Jono sending him through a truck a few weeks back is enough to convince him that today can't end any better. And he'd prefer not to revisit that sensation tonight. He crouches down ready to run out the door or run at the man, given the level of distraction and threat Jono might be to the others. He's never met Julian, bit his appearance is an appreciated one! "Just let us go and we'll be on our way. Nothing funny." He puts a hand on Quinn's hip, "Shields up."

"Another familiar face." Jonothon says with dark approval, letting his hands fall to his sides. His hair is ruffling as though wind blown, and there is a red spike that runs down over his left eye. "It's been a while Julian. Still failing to become an X-man?" Ignoring what Robyn, and the others are saying, the Brit none the less does more than taunt. Sliding a foot forward, he motions up with a hand, palm turned towards him.

"Then run!" The whole building groans, woods shriek, as he warps the front of the coffee shop. In seconds there's a molded wood and glass wall where windows and a door would have been. It's not an attack, but it does obscure Julian's view, and limit entry points. This after Mike has gone through the window. (And if everyone wants to drive out with him, you can just make it!) "Do you really think you can, Robyn? I'm a bloody omega level telepath and telekinetic. Can you imagine! I used to be afraid of this!"

Robyn turns to go out the door but then the door is gone…"Fuck!" He wanted to run, he really did, and now he backs up against the wall as much as he can. "Good…you're not afraid of it anymore…just…snap out of it Jono!" Robyn says not caring that he's 'Jon' now. He looks at James and Quinn and takes a deep breath. "Do you think either of you can smash through the wall? We have to get out of here." He says knowing it's not good to stay.

"And you? Just all around failing?" Julian says, before sending a hefty telekinetic bolt towards Jonothon, tables and chairs flying from the sides as the wild energy rushes towards the baddie. He's got his emotions behind him as an aura of electric green surrounds him. Julian's cobalt blue eyes turn all electric green before he continues his assault. The telekinetic is about to show just what he can do without some mental blocks.

The wall changing behind him trapping his friends? THAT sets Mike's "angry" subroutine into overdrive.
"JON! LET THEM GO!" he says, emotionless, voice set on 11. "YOU WERE NEVER SUCH A JERK BEFORE. SZTOP BEING ONE NOW."
He spins around and starts punching at the windows, doors, whatever he can find to break and make an exit.

There's a shimmer and blur in the air around Quinn after she nods to James, a shield of energy projecting out from her. She looks to the once-door, and curses under her breath in Arabic. "I don't think my blasts are enough for a wall," she says, uncertainty clear in her voice. A glance is given over her shoulder to Julian and Jono, then from Robin to James. "What about you, big guy? Or should we doubleteam it?"

James nods to Robyn, Quinn "Get down." He grabs a table, swings it around and launches it towards the spot Mike just left, keeping his eye on his friends. It hitsnot quite on targetbut still does the job, "Out, out, out!" He tries to make a grab for the pair, shoving them in front of him if he can as he heads towards the exit. With his much larger form acting as a shield, he responds "No, you run. I cover. Go!"

"Failing? That's brilliant. I seem to remember making the team. Says something, doesn't it, mate? The 'failure' made the team and you couldn't?" All shaping comes to a stop thanks to Julian's attack. Tendrils of psy-fire sweep forward like fiery wings to form a shield. Red and orange blocking green. Jonothon is pressed back against the counter, warping it somewhat with the force of his attempt at defense. His telekinetics are a messy thing from all accounts, for he's shifting the floor beneath him as well as the counter behind him. Messy enough to where he turns it into an attack after blocking Julian. Thousands of pieces of floor, walls, counter, glass, etc are soon all headed towards Julian. Each piece turned into a pointed projectile. This time the aim is anything but poor. He's very much ignoring the kids.

Ducking so James can throw the table, as soon as there is an opening Robyn goes to run towards it. Taking a moment to pause before getting out, but of course he's not going anywhere until James and Quinn are with him too. The glass attack from Jono though causes Robyn to wince and duck, not wanting to look. "James, Quinn, come on!"

Since Julian's attack was blown off, Hellion is now going to go all out on this lad. "Least I'm no tool." He comments back, before shielding himself in an orb of green telekinetic energy. Going back to Jono, is an espresso machine, headed right to his back. No worries, Julian will pay to have it replaced, this is afterall one of his old favorite places to grab a coffee.

Outside, Mike is helping make the hole larger… he'll help pull people out when that becomes possible as well.

Quinn is grabbed, and for once she doesn't have the snarkiness in her to comment about it. Getting outside seems much more important at the moment. "Shouldn't we call him in more backup or something?," she asks as she runs through the opening that was made, looking about to her classmates, now that they're not in the immediate danger zone.

James isn't screwing around tonight. He's right behind Robyn and Quinn, practically shoving them both out the hole. OH!! The money. He grabs for the bag, and in unnoticed, brings it with to return it to the rightful owners, "Back up is already here. Out!" He's nearly outside when he says that.

The espresso machine shatters against the back of Jonothon's head, causing the man to shift forward, and yet he smiles with it. Just like Julian, he's been wrapped in a force field. The two can pretty much throw crap at one another all day long. It's one of the reasons why Jono hasn't been holding back on Julian. Not honestly trying to hurt anyone. All these chances to harm and Robyn got a few cuts. This in mind, the Brit does two things. Psy-fire lashes out to try and scoop up the bank bag. Sorry, James. "Sorry I can't stay and give you a proper good time, mate, but the boss is calling." Talk about being a tool. Apparently he doesn't find that much of an insult. Psy-fire spreads as he takes off through the ceiling. Yeah, flying too.

Once he sees James and Quinn are out too, Robyn starts heading down the street, just way from the mess. He'll reflect on it later, right now, it's survival. "You guys all okay?" He says not bothering to look back to see what happened to Julian, after all he's X-Force, he's a graduate, he should be able to handle it…right?

Julian doesn't do much else, yeah the bank bag is letting Jonothon get away, but Julian knows that it was just a fancy-schmancy mexican standoff. Besides, FDIC insured money gets replaced. The telekinetic doesn't follow Jonothon out, instead going out the other way to meet up with the teens. "Alright, now any of you guys need medical attention?" He asks, looking at all the students. He doesn't show the most friendly of faces, but it's certainly not a criticizing one, more neutral than anything.

Mike shrugs, "I'm zhure I will need new paiint."
He otherwise … is going to spend a while with his emotions suppressed. That, or he'd be running away SO FAST.

"Damn," Quinn understates, looking to the building, then to Julian. "I'm fine. I think he's the only one that took any real damage," she says, thumbing towards Robyn. A glance is given to James, as if to double check the tall guy, and then Mike. "I'm sure they can buff that out, no prob."

James drops to all fours and joins the rest of the team over away from the building. He's fine and gives Julian a thumb's up as he pants, "I 'almost' had it!" His ears go back, clawed hand going to unzip that absconded jacket he keeps forgetting to return, "Damn it!" He checks his body for holes and stuff, patting himself down. When he sees that they're all no longer in danger he smiles at Robyn and Quinn, "You guys did great." He nods to Mike, grinning, "You to."

Robyn just kind of nods to James words and doesn't say much. "I'm okay, it's just a scratch." Robyn says of the few cuts he has. Sure he's bleeding a bit but nothing that needs stitches. A good band-aid will fix that. "Thanks…" He says to James's compliment not finishing it with 'we didn't do much'. "Any pedestiran's hurt?

Mike still has the image inducer running, but he's remaining very quiet and robot-like for the moment. He murmurs, "No apparent caszualties."

Quinn casually picks a piece of building out of James' neck-fur, then grins. "Thanks. For, err, reminding me not to go and get my butt kicked." She looks up to Julian, her head tilting slightly. "How about you? You alright?"

James shrugs at Robyn and tries to shove his hands in some pockets—but the once-borrowed-twice-ruined jacket has none, "Anyways…" He looks around at the damage, "I'm not sticking around for the cops. Witness or not, I'm a 7' tall walking USDA violation with out a image thinge." He looks for the nearest tree line, "I'm exiting." James shrugs at Quinn, "Eh……" It's the usual response James gives for a compliment.

"Alright then, before the authorities get here, let's get back." Julian doesn't say the mansion specifically, but that's mainly for security reasons. The telekinetic places a platform of energy below their feet. "I'm fine, all we did was throw snowballs at each other." He motions to the platform, making sure everyone's on.

Robyn doesn't say anything else but nods along with what people are saying, stepping on the platform. It's not until a few minutes go by does he finally speak up. "That really was Jono wasn't…..what happened to him?" Besides Sinister that is.

Mike shrugs, "His mind hasz been damaged. He'z more of a robot than I aam."
Well, that's how Mike thinks of it anyway. He joins those on the platform.

Quinn steps onto the platform, looking just a touch wary of it. "It's not the Jono I met a few times," she says to Robyn, a frown tugging at her lips. "If those were snowballs, remind me to never play with you guys," is remarked to Julian, before she goes quiet.

James shakes his head and crosses his arms, "I'll find my own way…" Crap…buddy system. And he may not know Julian, he know he ranks high enough on the food chain to tell a mere student what's what. So he steps and stays silent for the trip.

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