2009-03-29: Having Someone to Love


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Summary: Drew and Kaden have some morning time.

Date: March 29, 2009

Log Title Having Someone To Love

Rating: R (VERY adult themes and nudity.)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

Ever since finding the kitten, Kaden's done a pretty good job of taking care of him, the problem is he still hasn't given the kitten a name. When he woke up this morning, he moved out of bed and came out to the living room area where he now sits, playing with the little orange cat with the classic laser pointer. He's sitting on the floor, back against the couch and didn't bother to put on any clothes as he came out this morning.

Hardly any of them even bother anymore. That's part of the fun of people actually loving and accepting each other once again. Drew comes out, skyclad as normal, and goes to lay on the couch, with his head in Kaden's lap. "Morning." He whispers, smiling softly. "Playin?" He asks, rubbing a hand casually across Kaden's thigh as he relaxes.

"Morning Drew." Kaden says with a smile as he looks down at the blond and blue haired. "I didn't wake you up this morning did I?" He asks as reaches down to play with Drew's hair, hey he puts his head in the fire spirit's lap. "Yeah, I'm just playing with…Orange Cat for a bit, I really need to think of a name to call him." Since the sex was found out upon taking him to the vet.

A hand moves under his head to rub against Kaden's skin as he nods. "No, I always wake up when someone moves. Water." He chuckles softly. "But it's really ok, K." He gives a little moan of pleasure at the hair play. It's just past two inches of blue now. Almost time to cut.

Kaden continues to gently run his hand through Drew's hair. "You're so unique Drew." He says and he means it as a compliment. He closes his eyes and lets out a happy hum as Drew's hand moves against his skin. The laser pointer is placed on the ground as he just looks down at the water spirit and smiles. "So I think this war is almost over love."

Drew chuckles. "If I wasn't, you wouldn't love me." He laughs, letting his hand continue to massage and rub the soft skin beneath it. "Me too. I can feel it in the air. I still have time to get there, so I may head to LA to give'em a hand."

"You're not going there without me." Kaden says softly with a smile as he quite likes Drew's carasses. He keeps one hand playing with Drew's hair as the other one reaches down to lightly carasses Drew's chest. "Well you are unique and I do love you which is good for both of us. And with this war over we'll finally feel…free again."

"And when we're free again, you're getting something new." Drew snickers softly, turning his head inwards for a moment to place a kiss against Kaden. Wherever he happens to fall. "I just want to have my world back to ME." He says with a firm nod, watching the kitty on the floor.

With the lack of laser pointer, the kitten is now bounding around trying to finds something amuse himself, which he happens to stumble up one of the curtins which he's presently trying to see if he can climb. At the kiss, Kaden reaches down and playfully squeezes Drew's backside, leaving his hand there to let his fingers brush lightly against the skin. "Something new?"

"Yup." Drew nods softly. "Something I've been wanting and waiting for." He says with a chuckle. He's been very good, and he feels he deserves it now. Well, as good as he CAN be. He has had a little help from Keith.

"Waiting and waiting for, should I press the issue or let it be a surprise?" Kaden asks before leaning down to kiss Drew. He won't press the issue if Drew's curious. "I trust that you know what I like and what I don't." He says as his hand moves from Drew's ass to the front of his thigh, lightly running his finger up and down the spot where his thight meets his crotch.

"You were PRESSING the ISSUE a moment ago." Drew giggles softly, giving a light moan when the hand touches that sensitive area. "Careful there, K…" He whispers, rotating softly to give better access. He says careful, but obviously, he likes it.

"Well I won't ask again." Kaden says sticking out his tounge at Drew as he giggles, which is strange to see Kaden giggle, at the warning. His finger just continues lightly carassing the spot up and down as Drew rotates. "You seem to be enjoying it Drew. And as soon as this war is over we're going out for a day, just getting out of the apartment for a whole day, out in the fresh air, would be great."

"That's not what I meant… mph." Drew says, pausing to spread his legs a little bit wide. "I meant you were pressing what you're getting. You were rubbing my ass." He simply keeps his legs stretched out while Kaden rubs. Of course, he's Drew. He's reacting. "Maybe my island? Or… you know what we SHOULD do? We should find some place in the mountains. A place that Dmitri, you, and I can craft, with an open top for Keith, and people not too far away for Xane. Our own place we can all go."

Kaden doesn't stop what he's doing as he leans down to place a light kiss on Drew's stomach. Kaden really has opened up to Drew in almost everyway and really allowed himself to be free around the water spirit. "I love watching your reactions." Kaden says with chuckle. "And we can spend an entire day at your island, just us and then we can find a place in the moutains for all of us. Away from here…."

"I like the city. But we need OUR home. Where the elementals can just be themselves." After all, they still don't know that they're actual elemental spirits. Who knows what they may find when they do this together, though. "You don't love watching reactions. you've become a hornball. You just like to get a… RISE out of me." He laughs.

"Just as much as you like getting a rise out of me." Kaden says returning the chuckle as his hand moves only to stroke the other thigh area. "I just, I like you, Keith, Xane and Dmitri just fine, I just still don't trust them out there." They're outside of his comfort zone and Kaden would still be a dick to a stranger just as fast. He can trust the other spirits because he can feel the bond. "And maybe it's a mix of me becoming a hornball and liking to hear your cute sounds."

"Well, you can hear them any time." Drew chuckles. And knowing Drew, he does mean any time. He's the one who walked around in nothing but a pair of ripped swim trunks in a New York Winter. He smiles, snuggling his head against Kaden's stomach.

"You know, you've turned me into such a hornball, I have trouble resisting how cute you are Drew." Kaden says as he leans foward to plant a few light kisses on Drew's stomach ending with a playful little lick right below his navel before sitting back up. "So where are we going to go find these mountains? Still in the US or somewhere unknown, just explore?"

"There are mountains in New York, dude." Drew chuckles. "Or nearby anyway. I wanna stay near, that way we can all get here easily. Though, poor Xane. He can't travel like Keith and I can. And he works here." He does feel bad about that. At the licking, he giggles. "You don't have to stop that, you know."

Kaden smiles and leans forward, giving a few light kisses and licks to Drew's stomach area inbetween words. "Maybe there's more to Xane than just emotion and food. Maybe there's more that he doesn't know yet and hasn't tapped into." He says as his fingers continue to roam too. "I wish I knew how to find out."

"I have no idea. I'm sure there IS more, but that's like us. Look at what our counterparts can do. The other Me was flying with fire." Drew says witha chuckle as he reaches beneath his head to tease and stroke softly. "And the other you had so much forceful control over water."

There's a happy noise that Kaden makes as reaches behind to tease him. "Well I want to learn how to fly with fire and I don't know, do you want to have that much force?" He asks as finally moves a hand to return the soft stokes to Drew. "And I wish we saw the other Xane so we could maybe know." He says as he continues to lick Drew inbetween words.

"Xane said he was making the water angry. That he was trying to fuel loathing into it so that everyone who touches it was affected. Xane… stopped it." Drew says with a soft, considering nod. "Are you trying to get something started, right here in the living room?" He snickers.

"I just wonder, if he can do anything more than just emotions, I dunno, I really don't know much about it." Kaden says as he looks up at Drew with a grin. "I'm just doing what you've taught me, I'm just doing what feels right." He says as he's not shy around Drew or Keith or even Xane about this anymore.

"And that's perfectly fine with me." Drew says with a chuckle, nodding. "Good. There's no need to be ashamed of anything. I'm… you don't know how much it means to me to see you this open." He slides his tongue across a thin line on Kaden's belly before he turns back face-up.

Kaden moans a kiss onto Drew's stomach as Drew licks him. "It's all thanks to you." Kaden says as he only stops his kisses and licks to say something. His hand doesn't stop what it's doing either, giving Drew some light strokes. "I love you Drew. And what I said earlier, as much of a horndog you've made me I do like hearing your cute noises and seeing your reactions. You make me happy, all of you do.

"Good. It just took a while to get it through your thick skull." Drew chuckles, raising his hand to knock softly on Kaden's head before it returns to the attention it's been giving. Keith is going to love this video only too much. "So, they said Tuesday. Two more days. And then, maybe we'll all be free."

As Drew knocks on his head, Kaden can't help but playfully bite Drew's tummy, nothing to hurt him. "I like my thick skull." He retorts stubornly as his kisses start traveling further downward. "Two days, yeah. It'll be nice." Kaden says as he's had enough of this war and enough of feeling like he's trapped where he lives.

"Very nice." Drew says with a firm nod as he leans back, relishing the feelings. "But, we can spend the rest of today inside before we head down there." He laughs, winking. "I think Keith may be fine with that, too."

"Let me know when you want to leave, you can take me via the water with you." Even though it's not Kaden's favourite method of travel, he'll tolerate it if Drew's there. He slowly stars to kiss further and further down until he's planting kisses until he really can't move any lower. "Keith will be upset he slept in this morning."

"I know. But at least we can leave him with good footage." Drew laughs, turning his head and moving things on faster. No point in playing around right now. Poor Kaden…

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