2010-07-04: Head of the Class


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Summary: Scott and Not-James meet about the formation of a new team.

Date: July 4, 2010.

Log Title Head of the Class

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Professors' Wing

A red and blue carpet with a complex pattern stretches down the hall and meets with the wooden walls. Wooden doors run up and down both sides of the hallway as entrances to the staff's dorms. There is a sign on the wall when you first enter the hallway stating, "No students permitted without permission, Professors' Wing.

It's probably quite a sight to see: James in a freshly pressed set of black BDUs and a shirt to match; the rest of him just as clean and organized as the clothing he's adorned in. Standing at rest some distance before the "No Students" sign, the 7' tall hyena waits patiently for today's target: Scott Summers, a broad smile already firmly pressed into his lips.

The Headmaster does indeed exit his domicile. His red glasses look down the hall and spy James in his…clean and pressed clothes, behind the sign. Is something up? As Scott approaches the sign, he looks up at James and greets him. "Hello, James." He offers up to the extremely tall teen. "Are you waiting for someone?" Not knowing just what the big guy is up to.

James waits for Scott to come close enough to address; the creature inside curious if it's true that she's gone unnoticed thus far. "Hello Sir," James says in a clear, almost official tone, "Actually, I as looking for you. I would like some of your time if you have a moment." 'He' lets that sink in, watching the elder X'er with his big black eyes as he tries to put out the friendly vibes.

Scott is a bit put back by James' demeanor, not ever seeing him act like this way before. Even calling Scott 'sir'. "I can already tell that you want something. But I do have time, what is it?" He asks, keeping his dead pan voice. The Headmaster looks
James up and down, trying to see something out of place. Is this really James?

Well, it 'looks' like James. At least down to the little X-Force security comm he was given a few months back. The hyena grins toothfully, "I'd by lying if I didn't say you were right. So, I'll cut to the point before I earn any detention." Folder under his arm, he steps next to Scott incase the man was on a mission to be somewhere soon, letting the headmaster lead the way, if any way is lead at all. "There's no way possible to beat around the bush about this, so, what I want is to form a training squad. Kenta wants to talk to you about the idea, and several of the squad leaders have signed off on my idea already. But, I wanted to show you how serious I was and come to you first."

Scott gives a small chortle as he is proven right. But what James is about to be ask, makes Scott stop in his tracks. "Let's talk somewhere else." He says, motioning him to come forward and approaches his door. Opening it, and inviting the student in. The dorm is larger than the student dorms, including a living room area in the front. "Have a seat." Scott offers, the sofa. THe Headmaster takes a seat in a large leather armchair.

The hyena can’t help but laugh inside, pleased that the news warrants a visit to the inner sanctum. Waiting for the headmaster to sit, James will continue where he left off after giving a quick, "Thank you." He leans forward, arms on his knees, looking small and harmless. Or trying. "I approached Kenta a couple weeks back about an idea. I want to form a junior-training team that gets more advanced Danger Room training. Like what Kenta is giving me now. But, the purpose is so that the school always has some an organized response to threats that effect the student body." Paws go up, "No fighting bad guys. Just something that gives us an edge so that we can help get others to safety while the teachers spend their time on the threat and not the children. That's a very basic description, at least."

Red lenses look to James as he gives his schpiel. "Who would be in this team? And who will head it?" Scott asks. Not entirely opposed to the idea, but it still needs to be
sold to him before he just signs off on the whole idea.

James smiles, his foot now in the doorway, "My short list includes Robyn, Connor, Lucas, and Jinx. I think it is a pretty well-rounded squad, and we all have something to cover for the other's weakness." He's not sure if that's entirely true. But it sounded great on paper. "And technically, 'all' of the squad leaders run it since this is in addition to normal training. The team would just be borrowing from the other squads. But, the liaison is probably Kenta. Maybe Julian as well—if I can get him to sign onto the idea."

Scott looks to the file that James holds. "It's an addition to normal training, yes. And all of their instructors need to sign off and approve their participation in the new team." Cyclops is getting more and more interested in this idea. "Lucas, I'm not so sure if he's quite shown that he can do this." Mainly going off of his behavior record. James himself has had a problem before, but since Julian had James added to the security team, he's shown improvement. But as to why Scott thinks this way, he will not say in front of James, being a student still after all.

"I'm hoping that this gives Lucas the direction he needs," James responds, "I have my concerns. But, he deserves an opportunity similar to the one I've been given in the past." The hyena smiles, and leans forward to offer the folder, "Here's an outline with some in-depth explanation—like how the students can manage it AND classes. Everything else can wait until after Kenta finds out I jumped the gun and came to you."

Cyclops looks to James' eyes. "He deserves an opportunity, yes." He accepts the offered file. "With your choices for members, I will also look over this. If Julian is to be a part of this, I want his commitment confirmed." Scott opens up the file and gazes over the pages. "Kenta…will most likely just give you a hard time for jumping the gun, but minus a few details that I just asked you for. This is well prepared. So, you've shown me some good initiative."

James nods, "Thanks. I'll try to make a habit out of it." He stands, offering some parting words, "I'll se what Julian has to say on the matter. And I still have a few squad leaders to approach. But, only a couple." He heads for the door, "One last thing. I heard….Headmaster Frost had returned. Any truth to that rumor?"

Scott stands and follows James to the door, holding out his hand. "Well, if you want to maintain your relationship with him, it may be in your best interest." As to when James asks about the rumor, THe Headmaster nods. "It is true. But don't go around calling her Headmaster, that's me. It's Headmistress, if you value your mind." Scott warns without a condescending tone.

James takes the hand and gives it a firm shake, leaning in close to do so. There's a pause, followed by a predatory smile as the hyena looks into that visor of Scott's. But whatever hateful thought was forming is shorted out by the news about Emma, An involuntary eye twitch follows. "Headmistress it is," the gnoll says as his jaw sets tight, "I look forward to meeting with her someday." With a head tilt to the door, James makes his retreat, "Thanks again for hearing me out. And have a good night."

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