2009-04-27: Headmaster To The Rescue


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Summary: Scott heads out into the night to find his wayward Corsair.

Date: April 27, 2009

Log Title: Headmaster to the Rescue

Rating: PG-13

NYC- City Hall Park

He's been missing since the concert yesterday, overloaded and roaming the city. There were reports of a bat-monster attacking people and trying to eat them but getting chased off by heroes, cops, and loud noises alike. No fatalities. But now, at about two thirty in the morning, a phone call finally reached the mansion. It was Owen, asking for someone to come get him from City Hall Park across from the Starbucks. And to bring pants. Now, he's just waiting in the shadows of a tree, shivering and hoping no one sees him or attacks him. He's got burns on his chests and what look like some wounds but they don't seem to worry him too much as he looks around nervously.

Scott had picked up the phone, after all, being Owen's squad leader. He had told him to sit tight and he'd be there ASAP. He's not angry at Owen, it's not his fault his powers do that to him. As the red Corvette left Westchester with a change of clothing, the headmaster was relieved that Owen was fine. The sound of the supercharged sports car can be heard approaching the area. It moves to the spot where Owen had said he was at. Scott exits his car, clothes in hand. He's looking for an indication of the teen.

Owen jumps at the sound of the car, shrinking down and doing his best to not release any DarkForce right now as it'd really hurt. When Scot exits the car, Owen gasps and stands up. "Mr. Summers," he whispers as loudly as he can, waving to try and get the teacher's attention with one hand and keeping himself covered with the other.

The red lenses of Scott's sunglasses look towards Owen as he waves him down. He approaches the student, currently sans clothing. "Here." He says, averting his eyes to Owen. "Are you alright?" Asking after he gives Own the replacement clothing.

"Oh man…thank ya, sir," Owen says, dressing quickly. "Ah…Ah guess so," he says, sounding a bit scared. "Ah got this burn and all these cuts and what Ah'm guessing was the result of someone takin' a shot at me…" he pauses and shudders. "An' the usual feelin' like Ah got hit by a truck but…sir…Ah…the Bat didn'…it didn' kill anyone did it?" he asks, attempts to hide the fear gone now.

"We'll get you fixed up in the mebday." He didn't hear of anyone dying from the bat. "No. No one died. Just injuries." He comments, looking the other way while Owen is dressing. "Any other injuries on you?" He asks, the doctor will surely ask, and Scott just likes to know.

Owen lets out a breath of relief. He's silent snd still for a moment before finishing getting dressed. "no sir. That's all of 'em," he replies. "All dressed," he adds. "thanks for comin' tah get me, sir…And sorry for all the trouble…"

"Don't worry about it." He says to his student, looking at him now that he's dressed. "You ready to go home?" The headmaster asks the Corsair, Scott does in fact care a lot for his Corsairs. Even if he doesn't show it emotionally, he doesn't show much emotion regardless. The headmaster starts to move towards his car, motioning to Owen to follow along towards the Corvette.

Owen offers a very small smile and nods. "More than ready," he replies. Upon walking over to the car, a bit slowly, the mutant's eyes go wide. "Woah…" he trails off, appreciating the vehicle as he heads for the passenger side door. "Spectacular car…"

The red Corvette is last years model, z78. Scott's pride and joy, he usually doesn't take it out to drive with a student, but the urgency of the situation required a speedier car. "Thanks. You know, if you take the Auto Tech class, I actually use it as a demonstration." He doesn't let students take it apart, but he does use it as an example in class. There are other nice cars to use for student purposes. As the student and squad leader get into the car, Scott presses the ignition button, the engine turning over and giving off a roar followed by a tame purr from the beefy engine.

Owen lets out a pleased little noise as he sits down. "Ah guess Ah know what class Ah'm signin' up for then," he says. "Always been a bit of a gear head…spent a good amount of time fixin' up some of the equipment and stuff back home," he remarks. When the car starts up, Owen smiles at the purr. "Definitelty a nice soun'."

"Good, I always like to see more students in that class." It is one of only two classes he teaches in the school, along with leading the X-Men and the Corsairs, and taking on the responsibilities of Headmaster to boot. "Let's got going. We're gonna end up back in Salem Center around three." Yeah, he says that he actually sticks to the speed limit in this car…but that's not really possible. Of course with a passenger, and being a role model, Scott would never endanger a student by driving recklessly.

Owen chuckles and nds. "Yessir," he replies. "Jus' glad Ah'm finally gettin' home," he says, yawning. Of course by the time they get to the school he will have passed out but atleast the school's got him back now.

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