2009-04-20: Healing


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Summary: Eddie and Jared hang out together and chat while Eddie heals.

Date: April 20, 2009

Log Title: Healing

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Eddie and Vincent's Room

Earlier in the day, Eddie sent a quick phone message to Jared, asking his half-brother to meet him in his dorm room after classes if he was free. Currently dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, Eddie's sitting on his bed and working on his homework. Bandages are clearly visible from under his left sleeve and the back of his t-shirt though.

Jared has had a long day and the fact that he had his normal math class and extra tutoring to catch up to where he was before he left California, barely passing, has left him more than a little in need of a relaxing brain numbing session in the gym. After a quick trip to his room to change and get ready to go exorcise till his brain feels less numb the dark haired mutant finally stops by his brother's room assuming that the lack of any form of urgancy in the phone message ment he could take his time. Just as he ius about to nock on the door somehting twinges in Jared and he pauses frowning before finally nocking and opening his powers to feel just how injured Eddie is.

Eddie jumps slightly at the knocking and then winces. He's got a lot of heavy and deep bruising and more than a few lacerations all over his torso but doesn't seem damaged to the point of not being able to walk. "Come in. Door's open and Vincent is out," he calls.

The door opens and Jared just stnads there a moment glaring before he sighs and walks into the room closing the door behind him. He does not say anything, truth be told he does not trust himself to talk yet, but instead just sits next to Eddie on the bed and puts a hand very lightly on his shoulder near the most of the damage. If Eddie wants to talk about what happened he will, and if he does not he might at least let
Jared have enough time to calm down enough he will not sound angery at Eddie instead of at what ever got him hurt.

Eddie squeaks when glared at, smile fading away. When the hand touches his shoulder, Eddie lets out a little yelp of pain. "Guess ya know why I asked you to come see me?"

Jared's touch tingles a little as he starrts to heal Eddie. After a moment he sighs, "I can guess now that I see you. I assume this did not happen to just now…any chance your willing to say what happened, or why you did not come to me directly as soon as you could to let me heal you?"

Eddie leans closer to Jared at the tingling. "I fought a supervillain," he declares with a grin. "Boomerang. Me and Pallaton fought him and I kicked his butt. Got one of his RazorRangs too…hung it up at home last night. And I didn't come to you because you were with Dai when I was in the medbay."

Jared nods and does grin a little at the mention of Eddie kicking Boomerang's ass. "That is awsome. Wish I could have been there to help you, but you know as soon as you were out of medbay you could have called me. Hell, even if I was with Dai you should have called me so I could go down there and do something about those bruises, lacerations, and all that pain."

Eddie blushes, shaking his head. "Naw…I wouldn't interrupt your time with Dai…" he trails off, leaning against his half-brother now. "Besides…I didn't want you getting mad at Pallaton yet," he murmurs.

As Eddie leans against him Jared lets an arm go around his shoulders in a small hug. He starts to shake his head to tell him it does not matter, that for something like ending up with major bruises over more than a third of his body he should interrupt time with Dai, when the last thing said hits his brain. Jared freezes for a moment then very carefully asks, "Why would I be mad at Pattalon?"

Eddie winces, wishing he didn't say that. "Cause…it's umm…sort of his fault I got hurt…" he admits, figuring Jared will get the information out of him one way or another now.

Jared takes a deep breath, then another before he says anything else. "Ok, its his fault your hurt. I think you might want to tell me what happened, in detail, please." Jared does not want to fly off the handle, he does not want to track Pallaton down and beat him with a sock full of quarters, and he does not want to get expelled for fighting with another student….no mater what his traitorouse mind keeps telling him.

Eddie cringes again. "Well…it's not like he did it on purpose he just needs more training on how to fight as a team and well…" he squirms, not sure how to say it. "Well…I jumped on Boomerang's back and had his eyes covered so he wouldn't kill Pallaton. And before I could knock the guy out…Pallaton threw us onto the ground and Boomerang landed on me. Then Pallaton jumped on top…" he pauses. "Then Boomerang turned on his rocket boots and dragged me along the ground but I held on tight until he threw me off and I landed on that car…"

Jared closes his eyes and just holds onto Eddie a moment. Right now, he really really wants to go yell and scream at the dog man. He also wants to track down Boomerang and see what he thinks about getting drug around on the asphault with a jet pack and bounced off a car or two. "Did the teachers have you fil out a report on the whole thing, including how much worse off you were hurt because of his actions?"

Eddie stays close to Jared, growing worried. He jumps when the report is asked about. "Yeah…I filled out my report for Mr. Summers just like I do every time something happens…they never have to ask…" he trails off.

Jared nods and is actually doing pretty well for someone with anger issues. He has managed to stay where he is, and not raised his voice at all. "I am not gonna ask the next question, it would be insulting and I am pretty sure I know you well enough to know the answer."
Jarred could feel Eddie as he jumped, and wonders if it is just Eddie…or something about him that is making one of the hand full of people he really dares about so nervouse around him.

Eddie pouts a little and looks up at Jared. "What question?" he asks, frowning. It's just Eddie. He's a jumpy little thing sometimes.

Jared can't be sure its not him that has Eddie quite so jumpy at the moment considering he knows just how angery he gets from time to time. "If you told the full truth about how badly he screwed up and got you hurt,"

Eddie frowns. "I told the truth in my report. Why would I lie in it? It's an offical thing going directly to the headmaster of the school and leader of the X-men," he says with a nod. "And I said Pallaton just needs a bit more training…he didn't do it on purpose after all…"

Jared sighs, "Thats why I said it was an insutling question. I know you would tell the truth but…your too nice I know you might want to be less..,might want to be easier on Pallaton in the report than you should be because you like him. Thats why I was not gonna ask it, and even if he did not do it on purpose he should have more brains than to do something like that. I mean, nocking the jerk ontop of you is one thing but someone with his mass jumping on top of the two of you right after….."

Eddie squirms, going quiet once more. "He doesn't weigh -that- much…" he trails off. The bruises on Eddie's chest said otherwise.

Jared's other arm goes around to rest a palm on Eddie's chest. "These bruises say something else entierly bro. I don't care what he says, or why he did it, he should have brains enough to know he was hurting his friend far more than he was hurting his enemy. Otherwise he should not have been let out so that he could face supervilians or even muggers if he can't think straight enough in a fight to do more good than harm."

Eddie frowns, still leaning on Jared as he's healed. "Jared…he already apologized too much," he sighs. "And he wasn't out looking for bad guys. Pallaton just got lost on the way to Mutant Town and only jumped in cause I was already fighting Boomerang…"

Jared can almost feel the frown and shakes his head. Without ever meeting Wolverine he does a pretty good impression as he lets himself growl just a little. "He should still know better, if he did more damage than harm he needs to learn to freaking think more before he acts."

Eddie winces and jumps as he hears the growl. "Didn't I just say he needed more training…"

Jared honestly fights down a little growl again. "Yes, you did say that and I agree with you. Just saying he needs a good ass chewing too."

Eddie looks back up at Jared with the most intimidating pout he can. "Then you let Mr. Summers do it. He'll probably do it after he reads me report. Or he'll have Dad do it. No need for you to do it too."

Jared bites his lower lip and manages not to growl. Angery as he is at Pallaton right now, he is powerless in the face of the pout. Eddie might want to make note of his power to stop Jared cold with a pout. Jared has to speak through clenched teeth to actually say something but he does say, "Ok, I won't be the one to rub his nose in it, but damnit it does not mean I don't want to."

Eddie leans up to give his half-brother a quick kiss on the cheek. "I know. And I love you too, bro," he says. Settling back down, Eddie takes a breath. "Thank you for healing me up. I was worried I'd have to miss my Danger Room session tomorrow."

Jared nods at Eddie and sighs as he more or less pulls Eddie into his lap. For a moment he has an odd thought about the fact that here he is healing his 'older' brother who happens to be sitting in his lap now. "I know, and you know how I feel about you and the Dads." There is a small laugh as Jared aslo thinks about how easy it has become to call both men Dad, at least when talking to someone else. "You know you don't have to thank me for the healing, and next time don't wait to ask. Gods, musta been hell in class, not to mention trying to get through the halls."

Eddie squeaks as he's pulled into Jared's lap. Sure he's 'older' but Eddie is a small thing. He chuckles a little then leans back on Jared. "You have no idea. If I didn't have those pills the doctors gave me it would've hurt more…" he trails off. "I'm used to pain though…"

Jared shakes his head. "Does not matter. You may be used to pain but you should not have to feel it." Given that Eddie is a little on the small side, and Jared is a bit on the tall side it just makes the fact that Eddie is the older brother more than a little funny to Jared, not that he would laugh about it in case it made Eddie feel bad.

Eddie shrugs slightly. "It didn't hurt all that much except when I hit the car…" he trails off. "I feel bad for that person…half their car exploded."

Jared may still be mad about Eddie getting hurt, but can't seem to help but laugh at the mental image. "I can see where that might have been a bad day for them. They did not get hurt did they? I mean, the car thing you should not feel too sorry about, I mean if they live in New York they should have some kind of superhuman fight coverage on thier insurance."

Eddie shakes his head. "It was a parked car I landed on. Had to dive out of the way before Boomerang blew me up with it…" he sighs. "Had to move Pallaton so many times…just standing around while the bad guy was right there…"

Jared just shakes his head, "Do you know if he has ever actually had any training in how to fight? I mean, I know my squad has not actually gotten together, and I have yet to have any danger room time but I know enough not to jsut stand around. Especially with someone like Boomerang. You move, keep moving, and make sure you do not end up on the return trip of anything you dodged once."

Eddie shrugs. "I don't know. I know he's had Danger Room time but I don't know what he does in there," Eddie replies. "We beat Boomerang with a Fastball Special…" he trails off, smiling a bit.

Jared grins and laughs a little before reaching up to muss Eddie's hair. "Really now? Your gonna have to tell me how you threw a giant fur ball like him far and fast enough to take out Boomerang." The fact that he is joking hsould be obvious in Jared's voice.

Eddie squeaks when his hair is ruffled. He does manage a little laugh though. "Pallaton threw me and I zapped Boomerang when I grabbed him…but if I mimicked Pallaton I could've thrown him…"

Jared grins and laughs a little, "Well that makes more sense. Heh, usefull things those gauntlets. Glad to know you can kick ass and take names. Hmm, wonder what Pallaton would think of being tossed around in a fast ball special."

Eddie blinks. "I dunno. I've never asked. It was great for me though," he admits. "The look on Boomerang's face when I was headed for him…man, I really gotta meet Spider-Man so I can tell him about it."

Jared laughs again, "If you met Spiderman do you really think that would be the thing you would choose to talk about? Taking down one of his b-listers, and not asking about what it is like to swing around on spider silk, or fight Doc Ock? Gods, I would be afraid to meet him, almost sure I would blurt out a question about spider pharamones."

Eddie blushes furiously. "I'd ask him a lot of stuff but I do wanna ask him if he knows I've beaten up three of his bad guys so far…" he trails off, "Spider pheremones?" he asks, confused.

Jared nods and blushes as he is asked about the spider pheremones. "Yeah…no friends, hero worship, and a highspeed internet leads to an odd range of eclectic information. You know how male spiders tend to be a lot smaller than the females right? Well males put out a pheremone that screams out 'Mate Not Food' to females that helps them keep from getting eaten by potential mates….of course first time I read that it led to some really scarry thoughts about the fact that Spiderman's villians have a big tendency to be large physicaly imposing people compaired to him…."

Eddie stares in confusion for several moments, gears turning in his head. When it clicks with him what Jared means, Eddie turns a few new shades of red and lets our a strangled squeak before fainting.

Jared sighs as he catches Eddie. "Yeah big bro, that's about how I reacted only I didn't faint. Guesse thats more of a you thing huh? I go right into anger and you faint. Makes us an interesting pair huh? Now, should I go ahead and wake you or just wait till you come to on your own?"

Eddie doesn't answer, just sagged against his half-brother. He'll probably wake back up in a bit but it wouldn't hurt to wake him up.

Jared sighs, "Ok, can't keep talking to myself now can I? Sooner or later I might answer back and then I would have to go see Dad to make sure I am not totaly crazy." Jared shifts his position so that he can end up laying Eddie on the bed, and laying himself out next to him. The healer takes and taps his brothers face a few times calling out lightly, "Eddie, you there Eddie? Wake up big bro.

Rather suddenly, Eddie wakes up and ends up rolling right off the bed. THUD. He's back up a second later, looking around. "What happened?"

Jared just eyes his brother. "You fainted, I layed you out so you would be a bit more comfortable when you came too and then you fell off the bed. Should have seen the last part comming and had an arm around you to keep that from happening. Sorry, I will think aobut it next time."

Eddie blinks a few times, climbing back onto the bed. "Oh. Okay…" he trails off. "Don't worry about it."

Jared shakes his head, "Yeah I know, you have had worse, but I am still here to heal you and I go and let you roll off the bed. Got to be more careful, even if you say not to worry about it. Sorry about causing you to faint too."

Eddie blushes again. "Don't worry about it…both Dads, Ricky, and Dai have done it too…" he trails off. "I faint easy…"

Jared nods at Eddie and gives him a shy smile. "I know bro, and if I did not know better I would worry there might be something else wrong that means you keep fainting. Heh, guesse it is a good thing I can look at someone and know if there is anything wrong."

Eddie pouts, his fainting purely psychological. He then hugs Jared and leans back. "Yeah, you've got a really cool power, Jared. You can help a lot of people."

Jared grins a little and hugs Eddie back as he leans into him. "Yeah, I really like my powers. Kind of annoying in the middle of hte night when I suddnely can feel every living thing around me. Makes me feel …I don't know kinda closer to Mom even though she is gone. I mean, she wasn't a mutant but she was a Doctor, always helping someone healing someone…"

Eddie keeps quiet, just smiling and laying with his brother. He's got nothing really positive to say about mothers in general. Part of his mind does register that Chris would probably want a picture of Eddie and Jared being so cute though and it brings a blush to his face.

Jared hmms and does not have much to say either as he thinks about his mother. He does not know much about Eddie's back ground, although he can guess a few things. Like Eddie, he does think about the fact that Chris would probably love a picture of them being so cute together, something he in general would want to avoid not because he does not like jsut being there with Eddie but because he still has a personal image he wants to maintaine.

After a few moments, Eddie speasks up. "C'mon. Let's head down and get outta here for awhile?" he suggests.

Jared nods and grins. "Sure thing, I was gonna go down to the gym after talking to you to do some exorcises and get over the brain frying effects of extra math tutoring. That is unless you have some other idea of something interesting we can go do?"

Eddie shakes his head. "Nope, no ideas," he chuckles. "You work out and I'll provide moral support while finishing my homework then I'll join you!" he declares with a grin.

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