2010-01-17: Healing And Truths


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Summary: Leo comes down to the medbay to offer healing, Robyn tells Leo about Nathaniel

Date: January 17, 2010

Log Title Healing and Truths

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

With all the commotion going on lately, Leo's been focussing his abilities at healing. Sure, he's only a mediocre healer, nowhere near on par with Jared, but he can help. And he can take away pain for short periods. Now, it's his shift. He only sleeps about two hours a night, so with night time coming on, he comes down the the medbay. He's dressed in a white outfit, to match his hair and sparkles. "Ok, who needs a little pick me up?" He says, cheerfully, having not heard anything that's happened to this crew yet."

Robyn hasn't slept much over the last few days, and tonight is another sleepless night. He is lying on his right side, eyes wide open staring at the wall. He winces as Leo comes in, especially with what happened. "What kind of pick me up?" He asks not looking at Leo, almost afraid to talk to him.

Zack huhs a little bit as he looks up, he was mostly just, singing, hmming tunes he rememberd, so he waves hello to the new man, "Heya" he says and shifts in his seat.

"Energy. Mild healing. What little I can do." He says, cheerful as always as he walks over to Robyn. He winces, seeing the young man lying there. "Pain relief. Temporary." Leo shrugs. "You know what I can do, Robyn." He says, giving a light wave over to Zack. "I'm at full charge, getting close to explosion, so I have lots of extra energy to burn."

Robyn looks over at Leo and there's a lot of sadness in his eyes. "Leo…can you..heal my back?" He asks taking any healing Leo is willing to give. "How..how are you?" He doesn't know how to bring it up but the awkwardness is there.

"Not bad. I can try." Leo says, smiling as he extends a hand. "Place it where you need it." He offers, "I've been ok. I haven't been OUT there, but… I'm… to be honest. I'm scared. I know Nate's gone. And I know what's happened to him. I don't know what would happen if I see him." He says, with a bit of a shrug.

Robyn puts his hand on his back where Nate scratched it up. "I know, I saw Nate out there Leo, and I wouldn't go out there." Not again. "Nate…he's changed, I don't know what he was like before but he was messed up. Umm…do you think you can heal Dallas too?" Worried about his friend while trying to figure out what to say.

"I'll do what I can." Leo says simply. At Robyn's mention… "I know he's changed. That's a given. They all have. But… I really… seriously wonder if my light can do any good. What… what did you see?" He asks. He needs to know. After all, he hasn't seen any of them. "Where's Dallas hurt most?" He asks, cracking his neck. His healing can get cuts and scratches, but it really can't do much for bones on anyone other than himself.

Dallas cracks his eyes when his name is mentioned. He was apparently feigning sleep, given that there is no change in his posture and is voice is clear, rather than thick with sleep. He shakes his head and waves Leo off. "Save it for the people who need it." Of course, he's basically covered in one giant, deep sun-burn from face to ankles on the front and bruised, scraped and battered both under that and to a lesser extent along his sides and back. He points towards Robyn. "He needs it. Or maybe you can hunt down Mikhail."

"So do you." Robyn snaps at Dallas as he's not going to let his friend go without it. "He's…he's not him Leo." Or so Robyn hopes. "I don't know if I can tell you Leo, just, He's…" Robyn stops trying to figure out how or if he should tell Leo.

"Shhhhh… calm down. If it's something about Nathaniel, then I need to know. I'm probably the only person who can get into HIS head the way he gets into others." Leo says. That, and he's worried. He's worried shitless to be honest. "Dallas, I have enough energy pouring out of me. I don't HAVE to save it. If I don't use it, it'll explode out of me soon, anyway."

Dallas ponders that and shrugs. "At least talk to Robyn first." He gives Robyn an inquiring look. "Want me to go for a walk?"

Robyn looks over at Dallas and shakes his head, since Dallas already knows. He points out areas that need healing and takes a deep breath. "Nathaniel, I ran into him last night, he's…he captured me along with Mikhail and Rashmi, well Lucas too Rashmi, but I woke up and Nataniel…he..did something he shouldn't have." He is having trouble saying it. "He…forced himself…force me.."

Energy pours faster through his hands as Leo stops to listen. "Forced you to…nevermind. I can figure out the rest." And Leo, honestly, knows Nathaniel quite well. He knows what he's capable of WITH a conscience. He can only imagine. He calmly pulls his phone out of his pocket and taps in a few things. "You're safe now, Robyn." He says softly. It's a very cold softness, though. A way that's only been heard from Leo when he had Darkforce.

Dallas just watches the two, folding his arms across his chest and doing his best to play the impartial observer. That cold tone gets a nod though.

Robyn nods. "I didn't want to Leo. He was using his powers and I'm sorry, I didn't know if I should tell you, he's not himself. Like Jordan." But Jordan did free them.

"I know you didn't Robyn. I do not blame you at all." Leo states as he reads the text response he gets. He taps something else in before he flips his phone shut. He stands up. "Pardon me." He says. His voice is icy. But the light coming from him has intensified. "I'm going to get him. And I'm going to shove every last lumen I can right down his god-forsaken throat." The phone… if one were to look at his hands, has finger-shaped indentions.

Dallas seems torn at that. His first response is a simple, cold, "Good." And then he grimaces and follows it up with, "Take help. Lots of help. They are stronger than they should be. Or at least Lucas was." He keeps his voice perfectly level on that. "Take the X-Men, X-Force, everybody. Tear it to the ground."

Robyn nods to Leo and nods to what Dallas says. "Dallas is right, take as many people, it's…rough out there."" He says watching Leo as he's about to go. "Just…if you see Jordan…he's not all bad." He at least feels a bit better now that he's healed a bit, an at least he won't have any scarring.

"No. He'll meet me. Alone. As long as I get one blast in, or even an explosion, then I can stop him. And then, I'll force him. I know Nathaniel. I know his secrets. I know his desires. And if there's one thing I've learned about Living Light, it's that it stops the darkness. Hopefully… Demonic Infestation counts as a darkness or something I can heal. It doesn't hurt anyone other than Darkforce users. So, I've got nothing to lose. I can always get back if I can't do anything to stop him. But damnit, I WILL try. And I'm going to the reservoir." He states. With that, he looks at the door. "If I'm not back soon… you know where it happened." He says, eyes gleaming. Then… he takes off. Within seconds, there's a loud boom somewhere INSIDE the building. Oops.

Dallas gives Robyn the same pitying, slightly scornful look he gave Rashmi when she spoke of Lucas being redeemable. But … Robyn's not a viable target for his wrath. And he's not so long on friends he's going to throw them away. He just shakes his head and says, "I hope he kills the son of a bitch." And with that he closes his eyes and going back to pretending to sleep while watching the door.

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