2009-02-19: Healing Nova


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Summary: Overpowered Leo lets all of his power go… with Eddie, Daisuke, and Pallaton nearby.

Date: February 19, 2009

Healing Nova

Rating: G

Observation Deck

It's about that time when most classes are ending for the day but that doesn't really effect Daisuke. Even though his arm is in cast, he's still can use his right hand to draw so he's up in the observation deck just sketching on a piece of paper. He's wearing a sleeveless shirt over a pair of jeans with a green sort of fedora style hat on his head. He's huming along to some Japanese music that's playing on his mp3 player that's hooked up to a set of portable speakers.

Edgy and bouncy. That's the only real way to describe Leo right now. His body's in hypermotion and so full of energy that it's coming off him in a radiance on par with a small halogen light. His eyes are pinpoints of very high light. Making his way into the observation deck, the young mutant leaps across the room in one big jump as he glances around. "Sorry. Energetic. REALLY energetic." Even his voice is sped a little.

THUD comes right after the elevator doors open. It's Eddie, dressed in jeans and an X-factor t-shirt. Getting up, he squints a bit at the light. "Leo?" he wonders. Catching the music, he starts to hum as well, walking over to hug Dai.

Pallaton isn't far behind Eddie, looking about ready to pick Eddie up after he falls over, but stops himself mid-way, just giving Eddie a look that seems as if he's given up on telling Eddie to be careful, but at the same time chuckling it off. He shakes his head, before looking up to the gro-oh, new guy. Pallaton stops, blinking a few times before remembering he's in the elevator and stepping out before the doors close, nodding to Leo, then looking between Eddie and Leo. "Oh, you know each other?"

Daisuke looks at Leo curiously. "You okay Leo, and too much redbull or something?" He asks but then he remembers their last conversation. He's about to say something when he returns the hug to Eddie. "Hey Eddie." He says with a smile, and then Pallaton shows up. "Hey Pallaton, and yeah this is our friend Leo." He says with a bit of caution in his voice as he stands up. "You okay Leo?" He asks again.

"Overcharged is all, I think." Leo says, speaking quickly. "Hi Eddie. Hi… fuzzy." He says, giving a bright grin. After all, fuzzy is a good thing. Like a big wolfish teddy bear or something. After all, Leo is completely convinced that no one here will hurt him. Innocent that he is. "Everything's getting too much right now is all. I'm lifting more. My balls are bigger." He says before catching himself. "ENERGY balls." Oh god, if embarassment could kill.

Eddie turns a furious shade of red as Leo makes the comment about balls, looking away for a moment. "Overcharged?" he asks, concerned. "That's…bad, right?"

Pallaton nods to Leo. "Pallaton." he corrects. Not that he minds being called fuzzy, of course. A friend of a friend is a friend of Pallaton's. He then tilts his head as Eddie sounds a bit worried, as well as looking a bit red. but the question's posed, so he doesn't repeat it.

Daisuke also gets and embarassed look on his face and turns a bit pink at the 'balls' comment as well. "Well….what if you tried to release some of it, would that help? Should we go somewhere less surrounded by glass?" Daisuke says putting his non-broken arm on Leo's shoulder.

"Dunnodunno." Leo says with a shrug. "Though, up this high it shouldn't hurt anyone." He says, nodding. Example, he holds a hand out to the side. One burst is as big as the double-hand burst the first night. "I just feel like I'm gonna explode in a minute." He warns, honestly.

Eddie looks worried. "Anyone know where Mr. Glitpatrick is?" he asks, knowing he's the only DarkForce user in the school right now. "Maybe we should open the windows…" he says, glancing around at the others.

Pallaton tilts his head, looking worried too. "Explode?" He looks around, and since Eddie mentioned it, Pallaton's charging around on all fours, opening as many of the windows as possible in as short a time as possible. Without breaking them or bumping into anything, but he's surprisingly agile on all fours, clambering over the furniture as if they were just short walls in his path.

Daisuke puts his good arm infront of Eddie, as if he's trying to protect him, and tries to get him to back up agasint the far wall with him. "Alright Leo, just try to take deep breaths okay, we can try to find Mr. Gilpatrick but I don't know where to find him right now." He says hoping that this 'explode' isn't destructive.

"Windows won't matter. It's not a physical explOH!" Leo says, arms suddenly flexing out to his sides as a wave of pure white energy spreads out from his body in all directions. The energy itself is pure and clean, healing any body that it hits, quite a bit. Along with that, any toxins or drugs in their system will be gone. Of course, at the same time, bodies hit by it are also stunned and unable to move for a few minutes. Afterwards, they'll be hypercharged, as if they'd just had a few cups of coffee. Leo himself falls back onto the couch afterward, a little weak. His sparkle has also gone down to what it was like when Eddie and Dai first met him. Just a light glitter of light around him. His eyes, no glow.

Eddie jumps as Pallaton goes around. "Safety precaution incase something else happens due to interactions with other powers in the area?" he says, trying to put himself infront of Dai to protect him. This results in them not going too far from Leo. When the light explosion occurs, Eddie squeaks. By the time it's cleared, he's more worried about Leo and being stunned than the fact that his ribs don't hurt anymore and he's all charged up.

Pallaton raises his arm, too, only to be, well… paralyzed for a bit. Anyone else think it's a bad idea to get the giant wolf-man hyper? He's looking around trying to figure out what happened like a kid in a candy store. It's a bit… stange, really.

Daisuke tried to get out of the explosion but then maybe it's a good thing that he's hit since his broken arm is all of a sudden healed. He doesn't notice though as he's stunned and just stands there in a daze for a bit.

Breathing a little heavily, Leo's eyes open as he glances around. "Sorry…" He says, softly, back at his normal speed and brightness. "I know you can't move. It'll wear off in a minute. Promise." He says, sheepishly, waiting for the other three to be able to move again. And… the hyperness to set in.

THUD! Eddie hits the ground once he can move but is back up a moment later. And in a blink, he's rushing over to Leo. "Are you okay, Leo? Not hurt? Do you want me to help you down to the infirmary? Should we still find Mr. Glitpatrick?" he's speaking quickly, worried and hyper.

Pallaton keeps looking around, before heading over to Leo and looking around. He's just confused, and the paralysis didn't help. Neither did the explosion of sorts, of course. He looks to Daisuke, trying to figure out if he feels buzzed, too.

After about a minute of being stunned Daisuke snaps out it, blinking a few times. Being a kid whose not used to feeling energized like this, it's always strange for Daisuke. He looks to Eddie and he can tell that Eddie is fine and gives him a smile. "You okay Leo? You look a lot better, there's gotta be a way for you to expend that energy before you explode." He says out a nervous little laugh.

"Yeah, I'm fine, now." Leo says with a blink. "Just a little drained now that I let it all out." He grins sheepishly. "Sorry. I couldn't tell exactly when it was coming." He explains, moving to sit upright again. "Maybe I should go down there in a few minutes."

Eddie seems to be shaking with the buzz. If he were a speedster he might have vibrated though the floor by now but thankfully he's not. His scars light up for a moment. "I can help ya down there," he pauses. "Dai…how'syourarm?" he asks, finally realizing the healing.

Pallaton looks back between the two, shifting a bit. Something's irritating him, and it shows. He just can't sit still, it seems. He's then just pacing around in an attempt to burn off that energy, frowning. Yeah, he really doesn't like this one bit. In fact, he even looks for the cause. "What's going on? Is this Leo's fault?" He keeps pacing around, still looking annoyed.

Daisuke grins back at Leo and stands up running hand through his hair, playing with it a bit. "Well I'm glad you're okay and noone got hurt. There's gotta be a way we can figure this out though so it doesn't just keep happening." He looks to Eddie and gives him a confused look. "My arm?…what do you..wait…it doesn't hurt?" He says looking confused for a bit before Pallaton starts being all annoyed. "Leo just had too much energy inside, that's all. It's not his fault."

"I have this… energy in me. It's a powerful thing, but I can't always control it. It builds up in me. Eddie says he thinks it's the Living Light." Leo explains to Pallaton, looking nervous. "It's the second time I've exploded. The first was just before I came here." He admits, still a little sheepish.

"Pallaton, calm down," Eddie says quickly. "It's not something Leo could control and it's not anything bad. We're just all hypercharged," he says. "C'mon, Leo. Lets get you down to the Infirmary and looked at. Then we can try to find Mr. Glitpatrick and talk with him," he says, offering Leo a hand. "I think this means I was right, Dai."

Pallaton nods, still looking annoyed. Then shakes his head. Then nods again. Then he just looks like he wants to punch something. "I don't like this one bit." he half-growls. The irritation's really getting to him, now. "I CAN'T calm down! Whatever this is is doing this."

"It's the living light, it's Leo's powers." Daisuke says trying to explain to Pallaton as he nods to Eddie and Leo. "I also want to go down to the medbay and get my arm checked out since it doesn't hurt, whatever you did." Daisuke says giving Leo a smile. "And of course your right Eddie, you're a living dictionary of super powers." He teases.

"S'aright. I can go on my own." Leo says with a chuckle, before sighing softly. "It'll wear off in a few minutes. Seriously, I didn't mean for it to happen." He says, biting his lip. "I need to go meet that Dagger woman."

Eddie frowns a little. "The last time Cloak and Dagger were sighted they were in LA but…Cloak teleports so they could be back. I'll start asking around to see what I can find out," he says. "Alright…umm…so Dai and Leo are going to the medbay?" he pauses. "Pallaton, can you help me find Mr. Summers or Mr. Glitpatrick. We should start down at the lower levels. The gym maybe," he says, hoping to get Pallaton to burn off some steam on the punching bags first.

Pallaton gives off a strange noise… like a chuff or something. He just makes his way over to the elevator wordlessly and pressing the button, perhaps a little too harshly. Thankfully, it's probably designed for withstand that kind of force, just in case. Either way, he does not look pleased…

Daisuke sighs as Pallaton just walks out without a word. "Sorry Eddie, and yeah, I'm going to go with Leo down to the medbay, if I can get out of this cast, I owe you big time Leo." Eddie gets a hug as he hops a bit as he goes to join Leo in going down to the medbay.

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