2009-04-06: Healing Power


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Summary: Daisuke tells Jared about how he's been healing his scars.

Date: April 6, 2009

Log Title Healing Power

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Daisuke and Jared's Room

The room is fairly neat with both beds usually made. Jared's side of the room is practically spotless and everything has it's place though it doesn't look like he has much in regards of dcor except for a yoga mat by his bed and a Wonder Man poster on the wall. Daisuke's side is a bit more cluttered but still neat as he has a few drawing pads piled up on his desk along with his art supplies along with a few pictures taped on the wall. A drum pad sits folded up at the end of his bed. The room looks lived in but not overly cluttered.

After having a long drumming session in the music room, Daisuke's headed to his and Jared's room to grab a few things before taking a shower. His shirts a bit damp from sweat as his is hair as he's trying to get his things together to go down to the locker room to take his shower. A pair of drumsticks are on his bed and currently he's bent over, digging for something in his closet. He may keep his side of the room clean but the mess is hidden in the closet.

Jared can't work out all the time, which is why he has taken this afternoon off to go swimming. After enough laps of the Xavier's school pool that anyone watching on the security system has lost count he has headed back to his room so he can get a few things and take a shower himself, which explains why he looks almost as if he is wearing nothing but his overs ized rainbow beach towel. Quiet as can be he sneaks into the room only to see Daisuke and grin. Either Jared is coming out of his shell, or he has spent a little too much time with Leo today, either way he can't help himself but to try and sneak up on Dai and goose his backside a little since he is bent over digging in his closet the way he is.

Not hearing anyone enter since he's a bit buried in his cloest, Daisuke jumps when he's suddenly goosed by Jared and turns around with a bit of a startled. "Oh, it's you. I didn't hear you come in." He says with a smile of reliefe on his face and a nervous sort of chuckle. He leans forward to wrap his arms around Jared and rest against him. "How you doing today cutie?"

Jared grins and wraps his arms around Daisuke as the other teen hugs him. "I am doing well. Went and did a buncha laps in the pool, got to show off my speedo." Jared leans in and gives Daisuke a little kiss on the cheek. "How about you, how have you been today?"

Daisuke chuckles. "I see you were showing it off to everyone? I was just in the music room practicing my drumming. I'm just thristy and sweaty and could use a good shower." He says as he leans up to give Jared a kiss on the lips. "Over all though today's been okay. What about yourself?" Dai says reaching up to run his hand through Jared's wet hair.

Jared grins and shrugs, "Not everyone, just a couple of others were there, and they only showed up as I was finishing my laps. Its been a good day all things considered, better now though. Actually headed to a shower myself, get the clorine off before I have to worry about it turning my hair green."

"Your hairs black, how's it going to turn green?" Daisuke says with a chuckle. "Unless Mr. Parker-Mayfair decides to change the colour of it. If there weren't camera's everywhere I'd ask if you want to shower together but I don't think they'd like that here." Dai says with a mischevious sort of smile, keeping his hands around Jared. "You know, your healing has really worked wonders on my scars."

Jared evil grins at Daisuke and gives him a small kiss on the nose. "That does not sound like a bad idea at all. I know, they would certianly frown on us showering together and might make us get new room mates if they found out." Jared patiently ignores the whole color change thing with his hair, he is not going to say a thing about the fact that clorine is bad for his hair and that he wants to get a good shampoo and conditioner in there to make sure that his hair hair stays soft and fun to play with instead of dry and brittel.

If Jared notices the shampoo and conditioner behind Daisuke on his bed, he'd notice that he's paid quite a bit of money on his as well to keep his hair in good condition as he does tend to dye it occasionally. "I wouldn't want another roomate, I think you're the best roomate I could have." Daisuke says with a chuckle as he moves his hands so they rest on Jared's ass.

Jared laughs and grins, "Your just saying that because you like waking up in the same bed as me." Jared had noticed the shampoo and conditioner, normaly he tends towards the straight acting so he hides the…less masculine things about himself still. "And what is that about my healing having an effect on your scars?"

Daisuke takes his shirt off to show Jared that all the smaller scars and a lot of the bigger scars have since faded. The large iron shapped scar is still there but faded to about half of what is was. "See something about your touch, it's healing my scars." Daisuke says with a bit of a blush. "And I do, there's a nice comfort to it."

Jared has not really seen Daisuke's scars since their first time, so he takes the time to get a good look at them, running his fingers over some of the more prominent ones left. "I…I didn't know I was doing that. You don't mind that the scars are all healing do you?" Some guys like their scars, some people think they are badges of honor and the like and does not want to have Dai annoyed at him for healing them in case he thinks of them like that.

Daisuke is not someone who looks at them as a 'badge of honour' he more looks at them as marks of shame. "Why would I mind? I don't mind at all Jared. They're not there constantly reminding me of my past as much. It's like you're helping me erase parts of what I hate about myself." As he keeps his shirt and closes his eyes with a small smile, liking the feeling of Jared touching his bare skin.

Jared nods and leans in to kiss the iron shaped mark lightly, his tongue darting out at the tip of it just to see the reacitons. "Then its a good thing? You should hate nothing at all about yourself. Your are a great person Dai."

Daisuke takes a quick intake of breath as Jared licks his chest, and he brings a hand to wrap tightly around Jared. "It's hard to believe that sometimes Jared, but I'm trying not to be so hard on myself. I know my father was wrong." He has made a lot of progress since coming to Xavier's though, and he's allowing him to get close to someone in more than just a friend sense. "You're an amazing person yourself Jared." Daisuke says runing his fingers over Jared's back.

Jared grins and moves up so he can kiss Daisuke on the lips. "It is not hard for anyone else to see how great a guy you are Daisuke." Jared is earnest and true in his words, he thinks Dai is one of those great people that he feels he is so lucky to meet since he showed up here at Xaviers. "I'm just me, I am not that great a guy, just a normal person."

"Yeah well you're amazing to me." Daisuke says right after returning the kiss to Jared, opening his mouth a bit. "And you're more than normal to me. You really are a nice guy Jared and you're really understanding and really good looking." He says the last part with a bit of a blush but that's not why he likes Jared it's just one of those added bonuses.

Jared laughs a little and grins, "Of course I am understanding, My father was my age when I was born and is currently married to another guy, my mom was an ER doctor in California, and I'm a formerly asexual gymnast. As for the looks…you have never seen the beaches in San Dieago obviously. There are way prettier guys than me wearing skimpier bannana hammocks than my little speedo."

"I don't care about the beatches in San Dieago, as far as I'm concerned, I have the best part of California right here." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "I'm a New Yorker, I didn't go to the beaches much. If at all. I don't even know how to swim." He admits and Daisuke and Eddie are alike in a lot of ways. "I do know how to navigate my way around a New York City subway like nobodies business though." He says with a chuckle as he presses himself against Jared for another kiss.

Jared kisses Dai back, his mouth parting slightly as he does so in an inviting way before he pulls back to speak, "Sun, Surf, and Sand, the three S's of California. Might have to teach you to swim at some point you know, might give me an excuse to get you into a speedo too. Heh, so when I get lost in New York your the one I need to call to come save me then, right?"

Daisuke blushes with a faint smile. "First compression shorts then speedos?" He reaches up to run both his hands through Jared's hair before leaning in to rest his head on Jared's chest. "Any time your lost or need to be saved, call me and I'll come rushing to your side."

Jared blushes a little and kisses the top of Dai's head. "Next step is casual nudity, but only when we lock the door in case Eddie comes over to talk….don't want him to get emberassed and faint." Shower time totaly forgotten Jared grins and moves to sit on the nearest bed and pull Daisuke into his lap. "My own personal hero, wonder what I did in a past life to deserve this."

Daisuke chuckles. "Yeah, I don't think Eddie would appricated walking into his brother and best friend making out or…more." Daisuke says with a faint blush as he gets pulled onto Jared's lap, shifting so he's straddling him so he can face the dark haired teen. "In a past life? What about this life Jared. You probably done plenty to deserve this. The question is what did I do?"

Jared laughs, "Oh I am not sure it would be unappriciated, just surprising enough he might hurt himself on accident." With Dai stradling him Jared lets his towel fall away leaving him in just his speedos that live up to the name breifs. "Well I have not done anything in this life to deserrve it, so had to be the last one."

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