2009-04-05: Healing Waters


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Summary: Hanging out by the pool.

Date: April 5, 2009

Healing Waters

Rating: PG-13

Sunday afternoon is a perfect time to use the Xavier school pool. The more religious students are not yet out of church, the slackers are still asleep, and there is plenty of natural light to soak up while someone takes a swim. Which is why Jared is skiping the Yoga today in favor of a few hundread laps around hte pool. Near the side of the pool is a rainbow striped beach towel, a shirt, black shorts, and a pair of flip flops. Swimming as hard as he is it is hard to tell much about Jared till one gets close to the pool, and the one detail that can be picked out easily is that he is wearing a small pair of black speedo breifs.

Vladimir needs to relax after yesterday and earlier today. He walks to the pool he wearing his black sleeveless with silver studs around he neck and arm holes. A pair of black jeans that have been cut off to come to his knees work as his swim trunks. On his feet he wears a pair of black combat boots. He still is wearing the pair of rose color glasses. Over his shoulder is a blood red beach towel. His face his black blue and looks like someone beat the hell at of him. He walks to the pool and places his towel down on a chair. He slips out of the boot and pulls off his shirt.

It is a water day for Cyrus. For those who don't know what that means for Cyrus, it means that his skin is slightly greyish and slick for going through the water. He has webbed feet and hands increased swimming speed. He also has control of water on these days. The teenage mutant is wearing a pair of boarder shorts with a blue and white floral pattern on them. He has a white wife beater on over that. He doesn't have any shoes on as he walks to the pool area. It's such a beautiful day after the rain and cold weather of the previous week. When he see's the people in the pool area he stops and takes a deep breath. He doesn't do too well around people he doesn't know.

Jared is not paying too much attention to the world around him since his head is face down in the water as he does his laps, but his powers do tip him off to the other people starting to show up. After hitting the wall at the far end of the pool he turns and swims to the end near the door and stops to pull the goggles he is wearing off and see who is there. Seeing Vladimir's face makes the healer wince as he calls out, "Hi there, geeze man. What happened to you? Are you ok?"

Vladimir looks at Jared and sighs, "Do I look unlucky? I mean I was walking down the road today and I see this guy dress in black spandex and wearing a mask run into a jeweler moments later I hear a women scream. Well I have to help I mean can't just leave it like that. So I call the cops, turn off the lights, and try to stop the guy. I go to use my powers on this box on his belt and I can't get it to short out. Once I come back to my body I find him holding me up by my hair. He then starts to beat the shit out of me." He sits at the edge of the pool his feet in the water, "what are the odds of meeting two nut bag in two days?"

Cyrus takes a moment to look around. When he realizes that it is Jared in the pool, a sour look appears on his face. There first meeting was not exactly the best. Cy was having a bad day that day and is still not having a pretty good day. He doesn't know the blonde that Jared is talking to either. So he decides not to take off his clothes. Instead he just heads over to the diving board. He climbs up on it and walks to the edge of the diving board. He bounces up and then jumps into the air. He spins around and then hits the water with the grace of an olympic diver. There is almost no splash at all. The only odd thing is that he doesn't come up from the water after he dives.

July comes to the pool area not expecting to find THAT many people already there, and she blinks softly, wearing a big loose shirt that goes down to her thighs, and wearing a one-piece below it. She stops at the entrance, looking at so many unknown people.

Jared just shakes his head as he listens to Vladimir. "Man, sounds like some of Eddie or Dai's stories. No idea what it is, but the two of them tend to run into a nutbag every second or third trip out the doors of the School. They did at least arrest the guy right? Here.." Jared grabs onto the side of the pool and pulss himself out so that he can walk over to Vlad, "…since I am here let me do something about where the jerk tried to break your face." Jared holds up a hand to Vlad's face, waiting for permission before he lays a hand on the guys face. Wearing a swim suit that lives up to the name 'breifs' and with a body honed by years of Gymnastics Jared is apparently the only person in the room that is not in the least bit shy. Spotting July Jared gives her a wave, and does glance at Cyrus when he makes his dive. "Damn man, guys a bit of jerk and now I have to complament him on his diving…if he ever comes up for air."

Vladimir smiles and close his eyes feeling the healing powers, "mmm feels so good" he opens his eyes once he he is healed and looks over at cyrus, "well maybe he will be nice and share with you. I mean it is your right to use it as it is his" He has not spotted July yet looking the over way, "so am I pretty again?" He smiles and leans over and kisses Jared on the cheek, "Thank you for yesterday and today I most likely be dead if it was not for you and the others." He shrugs some at the question, "Not sure some other mutant showed up and saved me. I took off beofore the cops came so I have no idea if he got away or not."

Cy doesn't subscribe to the whole superhero thing. He hasn't saved any lives or faught alongside any of the other students or anything like that. He does in fact spend a longer time under the water then is normally possible. He doesn't see July yet either, since he is at the bottom of the 20 foot deep pool and she is not close enough to the edge yet. Vlad and Jared are seen and actually heard. He can hear underwater just as good as he can on land. They probably don't know that though. It does make him want to stay underwater longer though.

July steps inside once Jared takes notice of her, "Hey." she waves softly, "How are you feeling, Vlad? I heard you got into one more commotion last night?" The girl chuckles softly, before looking to Jared, "Um… thanks for your help back then against that electric psycho. I'm July. I never got your name?" She asks, before moving to sit on a chair near Vladimir.

Jared places his hand on Vladimir's face as he close shis eyes, and after only a few seconds has the other teen healed and whole. "Pleanty of room for us all, but the guy was being an emo ass first time I met him and now he has to go have an impressive skill as a diver. Yeah your pretty again, even if you don't hold a candel to my Dai." Jared nods at July and shrugs, "Not much, pisses me off to see people going around and just hurting others, or themselves for that matter. Names Jared, just glad Eddie and I were in the area to help keep the chick buisy long enough for the teachers to show up and get things under control."

Vladimir looks over at July and smiles, "hey there" there is a chipper tone in his voice he always seems to lighten up when he sees July. He looks at Jared and nods, "I don't care what you say I prettier" He giggles some. He then looks back at July, "thanks for your help last night I would of been fried if it was not for you. Oh um that was today some nut bag would be robber I try to stop him get beat for trying to help." He looks at Cy in the water, "give him a break I bet he just having a hard time adjusting being a mutant and away from home."

Total understatement of the year award goes to Vladimir. Cy decides it is time to get off the bottom of the pool. He swims up with a casual ease from the bottom of the pool to the edge. He pulls himself up and out of the water. His boarder shorts and the wife beater cling to his body. He moves over to the diving board and he climbs up it again. He looks the trio over again and then does a backflip into the water. It is just like the first dive, with almost no splash what so ever. This time he doesn't stay on the bottom of the pool, but he swims from the deep end all the way over to the shallow end. The entire length of the swim is done under water.

July nods softly as Vlad explains his latest encounter, "Are you a problem magnet, Vlad?" She asks with a chuckle, shaking her head softly as Cyrus walk past her, and July offers him a wave. As Cyrus jumps again, she blinks, impressed at his ability, "Wow, he's good."

Jared shakes his head and gives a single laugh, "Bad days are one thing. Try getting hit with the ability to sense every living thing in 50 feet in the ten seconds after the police tell you your mom was gunned down by a thug in the middle of the ER." After the second time that Cyrus comes up Jared actually applauds. "Damned impressive, diving was never one of my skills but I know talent when I see it." Jared shakes his head and grins at July's comment. "Him and half the school. Maybe it is something in the mutant genome, makes us magnets for strange shit."

Vladimir watches Cy dive and then claps and yell, "Yah! great dive!" He wants the guy free welcome even if he not up to being part of the group. He the giggles and nods to July, "starting the think so. I wonder if that power I might have like bad luck or attracts every nut bag in the tri state area." Frowns some and nods, "I sorry to hear that Jared. He leans over and hugs the guy and lets go, "I wouldn't mind my mother being gun down but then again she left me to rot so she didn't have to give up her drugs."

Cy's long dark hair clings to his head as he comes out of the pool on the other end. He lifts himself out of the water with ease. He raises a hand and pulls the water off of his body and clothes. It sits in his webbed hand in a big sphere and then he tosses it back into the pool leaving him completely dry. "Thanks, it's rather cheating." His ability to work with water may be cheating but it still takes some skill to do the dives. He runs his fingers through his now dry hair. He takes a seat over on one of the chairs to sit in the sun.

July smiles, "Maybe it's cheating, but, hey, this is no championship." She giggles softly as she looks to Cy, waving to him again, "So what's your name? I'm July. July Lanford." she says, nodding again.

Jared shrugs, "Might be for the swimming, but unless your using a power to kill the splash that is skill not cheating." Jared pats Vlad on the back and shakes his head. "No one should wish that on thier mother, no matter how bad she might have been."

Vladimir smiles and shrugs, "It not cheating it using what was given to you. It like call gymnast a cheater for being double jointed: He runs his hand thought his hair, "Why don't you join us? Oh I am Vladmir but most just call me Vlad" He looks at Jared and sigh, "yah I guess your right but she such a b…." He stops and looks at July then back to Jared, "never mind what she is" It might be a time to talk him him about seeing your dad.

Cyrus shrugs, "I guess. I just can sense the water and where to land in the water. But not using my powers persay. It's just natural on these days." He does tense up a bit at the talk of mothers being gunned down. He just decides to stay quiet and not speak about any of that. Even after he is invited over he does keep that tension in his body. It is awkward for him but he does move over to the trio. "Cyrus." He gives his name at least. Which probably more then he offered up last time he met with Jared.

July nods to Cy's explanation, "Glad to know. I still need to fully understand and get used to my powers." She says softly, shrugging, "Yesterday I almost got in serious trouble when Vlad and I got attacked back in town."

Jared nods at Vlad and grins, "No being double jointed never got me accused of being a cheater, but having enhanced speed and stamina from my powers sure as hell means I don't have a shot at the 2012 games anymore." Jared shurgs and looks at Vlad a moment before sighing. "You know if you ever want to talk to someone, you can go talk to my Dad. Jericho is a bit odd, but a good listoner at least." Jared looks at July and nods at her, "Have you talked to Addison about it? Apparently he knows a huge amount about how mutant powers tend to work…planning on going to him to ask if he can help me learn to control my owen power instead of just radiating healing energy 24 7."

Vladimir smiles and nods offering a hand to Cyrus not put off by the webbing at all, "It is a pleasure to meet you Cyrus." He does notice how tense Cyrus but just thinks he nevus about meeting them. He blinks at Jared, "your that good? Wow that's great I never met anyone with that type of skill." He then frowns some, "I never talk to a shrink before." He sighs and looks up at the sky, "It might not be a bad idea I lost control in the park." He then nods some, "i didn't know anyone could help teach how to use powers I sure could use that."

Cyrus looks at July and he laughs. "Yeah, I know what you are talking about." He is getting used to his powers. It's just taking a long time. Not having the same power every day is a bit of a pain for him. He does take Vladimir's hand and gives it a shake. He looks at Vlad when he talks about going to a shrink. "Yeah, I know they keep on telling me to go meet with him too. It's just not my style." He takes a deep breath. "I'm slowly learning my powers. It's a slow and steady thing. More difficult for me then most people I hear." Cy looks around for a moment. "Some of my powers are easier to train then other powers. It can be frustrating."

July tilts her head softly at Cyrus. "Some of your powers? How many powers you have?" she asks, smiling as she crosses her legs on her chair, looking at the aquatic guy with a curious look.

Jared shrugs at Vladimir, "Why do you think they go out and bring us here, other than doing thier best to get the cutest people possible in one school, its cause the point of this place is to teach people to use thier powers." Jared looks at July, and at Cyrus, then hmms as he looks at Cyrus through his secondary power just to see how different he feels from his almost see through form that he had when they met the first time. "Don't be that impressed at my mad gymnastic skills Vlad, I only had a shot at the team. Leo, guy you might see running around here with a goofy grin and bright sparklys all over, hes the one that had a guranteed place on the team already. Only time I ever saw a shrink back home was when Mom made me go after it took three guys to pull me off the varsity quarterback. Its strange, but not a bad thing no matter what you style is."

Vladimir nods and sighs, "yah I have no problem seeing a shrink as long as I don't end up locked away or on drugs" His tone darkens, "I refuse to take drugs of any type." He sighs and shrugs, "Sort of a thing with me. As for what i thought this school was besides the coolest place I been in a long time. Well I thought it was a school where we could be open about who we are. I didn't know that they train our powers. I wonder if that count for gym?" He smiles some and looks at the fishy man, "Yes do tell us about your powers."

Cyrus almost feels like a completely different person. There is the core being that is the teenager but he's… different. His DNA is the same but his body is not the same. He looks at Jared as he talks about his roommate. "Leo is special." He laughs, it's hard to explain his roommate until you have met him. To Vlad he says, "I think secretly they are training us to be warriors. I don't like the idea of these teams and the uniforms." He rolls his eyes at that. Then they all kind of ask about his powers and he sighs. "The best way to describe my powers is to see me four days in a row. Tomorrow is an air day. Then Fire, then Earth and then back to Water." He looks at them, "I can't really explain it any better then that really."

Jared laughs at Cyrus's description of Leo. "Special does not start to describe him. He flirts like most people breath, he has no shame at all, the end of the worl could not dampen his spirits, and even before he had powers he sparkled. Also the only guy I ever got paired with by our gymnastics coach that I did not want to kill…well not often at least." Jared nods as Cyrus explains his powers, "Elemental powers cycling through the 4 material elements, cool. Its not about making us warriors, its about teaching us to defend ourselves in case we run into problems, and learning to control ourselves so we don't hurt anyone. Hmm, so your powers are like Reed Richard's then July? That would explain why the electro chick messed you up the way she did last night then."

Vladimir nods, "yah I only met him once but we got very close as Jared can tell you." He smiles and thinks about Leos head on his lap. He then nods and sighs, "I had the same thought there x-men were all students at one time right?" He nods, "my powers are mental I can link my mind to computer and cause stuff to happen." He nods and smiles, "you must look cool um hot of fires days do you have fire hair or anything like that?"

Cyrus shakes his head at July and says, "Yes, it's a set schedule. More like what Jared said." He shrugs his shoulders. "It's been a long and difficult transition. Most people have to deal with learning one power. I've been trying to learn 4 different ones. It's a slow and painful process. But I am sure that 40 years down the line if I make it that far. That i'll have made it half as far as someone who has just one of my powers." He frowns at that. "That's one of the few downsides of my powers. They are almost certain i'll never be as strong as someone who sticks with one power." And then Vlad asks about the fire days and a tinge of red spreads over the bridge of his nose and down his greyish skin. Does that answer his question?

July nods to Cy's explanation and then she looks to Jared, rubbing the back of her head, "I don't know. At first glance, seems so, but I haven't talked to him yet, or been thoroughly examined. I meaa, I have to keep concentration every single second of wake time to keep my form solid, or else I get as soft as putty. And that's bad." she shakes her head.

Jared has a mental image, a bad mental image, a mental image he is going to have to share with Leo just to see his reaction because of the comment about fire hair. "I don't know, gives you a flexability the rest of us don't get…and if you understand you powers well it gives you an edge against other elemental powers already knowing the kinds of weaknesses they might have. Well July, if you ever get a chance to talk to Reed Richards can I join along? Keep it quite, but next to Wonderman he has always been one of my fave heroes."

Vladimir grins seeing the red and giggles, "aw now I have to know. What is it spill" He giggles some loves when people blush he always thing the person more cute when bashful and Cryus is proving that rule. Looks at July and frowns hard and in a soft tone speaks, "that must be hard and here I was bitching about my power the other day." He smiles some, "I always been a fan of a home town hero spiderman."

Cyrus chews on his lower lip and he looks at July. "I know what you are dealing with. I truly do." He looks at Vladimir. He really doesn't want to tell him but he really has no choice as he wants to talk to July about that. "On my fire days. All of my hair turns to fire. I have to concentrate on my power to make sure not to set things on fire." That probably answers a Vlad and even Jared's questions about that. "I've never really been a fan of superheros. Eddie gets all stary eyed just when you mention someone."

July nods to Cyrus, smiling, and then she giggles softly at Jared's request, "If I EVER get to speak with Mr. Fantastic." she says, smiling and shrugs, "It's not like I can just go to the Four Freedoms Plaza, knock on the door and ask to speak with Mr. Fantastic." She says, leaning against her chair, "But, in the chance of that EVER happening, I'll see what I can do."

Jared nods and can't help but give July a slightly goofy grin before he forces his face to a more neutral look. "Super heroes represent the best we can be, doing good for the sake of good and all that." Jared is earnest in his thoughts on heroes, although he does not add that he is as big a fan boy as Eddie but hides it instead of reveling in it. As he is talking to the others Jared's water proof watch starts to beep at him, making him paly with it a second. "Hmm, sorry to have to run guys, but I have an apointment with a cute drummer, and have just enough time to shower and change before hand."

Vladimir smiles and nods, "well if you want to make sure not to set your clothes on fire I would tell you to shave" His tone is not teasing like before but sound like he means to help. He smiles at Cyrus, "you have loosen up about your powers I understand it hard to know what going happen and even more so if they switch like that do but learn to laugh about them. Take me now my power comes easy but when I do it my mind leaves my body and looks like I dyeing. Who knows I could be but I like to freak out other people with it. I also have the power to go thought wires but have no control over it so it happens at random. On top of that sometimes things I holding or clothing don't comes along for with me. Ever had to walk 10 blocks with no clothes." He then looks at July and smiles, "why not? I beat if you know on the door and explain why you are there they let you in. Heck if you want I will go with you I love to meet a man with a bigger IQ then me." looks at the watch and then nods to his friend, "have fun and be care where he puts his stick."

Cyrus looks at Vladimir and he frowns at him. "Yes well, that's not exactly my style. The arm and leg hair all kind of burn off I think." He shrugs, "I am not a loosen up type. I don't find anything about them funny and laughable." He really is very uptight, especially about his powers and the fact that he doesn't look human anymore. "I don't really go out in public. Not looking like a normal human kind of has that affect on me." No wonder Jared said he has a stick up his butt. He watches as Jared heads off and he scratches his head. "I'm not much fun to be around it would seem. I probably need to see the school shrink but i'm not planning on going anytime soon."

July watches Jared go, and then turn back to Cyrus and Vlad, "Well, still, I think all we need is to get in peace with ourselves." she shrugs softly, "To accept ourselves." Then the girl stands up, smiling. "Well, I'm off. I still have some stuff to fix at my room, some cases to unpack. I'm just that lazy." she giggles, "Nice meeting you, Cyrus. Hope to see you around more often." And then she looks to Vlad. "You too, Vlad. See ya." she waves, before making her way out of the pool area.

Vladimir nods and sighs some, "well I'll tell you what if you ever want to if you ever want to go out I will go with you and walk by your side no matter what happens." He looks at July and smiles, "nice to see you again have a good night." he then stands and looks Cy in the eyes, "I think I will go too. Look up some porn or something" He picks up his stuff and turns back to cy and kisses his cheek, "Well see you next time." He runs off.

Cyrus nods at July, "Yes, it was nice meeting you July. I'll be around here every four days. I like to be around water on days like this. So i'm here or at the lake." Then he looks at Vladimir and he shakes his head. "No, that's really not my style. I mean, I don't start trouble. I don't want to be part of trouble." Despite all of his very active powers he does not use them against anyone. He has never actually done so on purpose. He peers at Vlad as he says that about porn. "You have fun with that one." He blushes a bit at the kiss, even if Vlad seems to do that with everyone.

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