2009-04-28: Healing, Wind, And Fuzz


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Summary: Owen gets some visitors in the Med Bay!

Date: April 28, 2009

Log Title: Healing, Wind, and Fuzz

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Earlier, Robyn brought Owen his homework, so he's been working on it since. Down in the nice, cool medbay, the sometimes fuzzy teen is relaxing in his medi-bed. Dressed in nothing but baggy shorts, the bandages covering most of his torso and some of his arms and legs are visible. "This is borin'," he mutters, writing something down.

Jared enters into the Meb Bay with a faint smile on his face as he leads one of the school's newest students in. He can't help being amused at finding the other teen wandering lost, and the fact that he feels he has barly been at the school for any lenght of time and yet no longer feels anything like the new guy with all the people showing up recently. "And it is these big doors with the words Medical Bay over them that lead into the med bay. Don't worry about getitng lost though, if were not for my powers and brother I probably would have no idea how to find this room either." At hte moment Jared is wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and a black 'wife beater' type tank top since he was headed for the gym before finding the lost Kael.

Kael lets out a soft laugh, rubbing the back of his head. Feeling rather dumb right now as he says, "Ah, I see." He looks around the room with a slightly afraid look. Younger teens and doctors. Not always the best of friends. But he starts to head into the room on his own before he catches the sight of Owen in the backroom. The kid is wearing shorts and a T-shirt along with sandals as he starts to head towards Owen. Curiosity is strong within this one.

Speaking of fuzzy students, Pallaton seems to have decided to stop by, having failed to sniff out Owen in the city. It seems he's just got out of a danger room session and hasn't bothered changing, as he's wearing his Hellions uniform. He knocks on the door before entering, blinking as he looks around at the bunch forming. "Oh, I didn't think anybody would be down here. Hey Jared. And, uuh… I don't think I've met you, have I?" He tilts his head to Kael, thinkin.

Owen looks up as he hears the doors open, blinking. When voices register with him, he closes his homework and sets it aside. "Howdy!" he greets. "Please tell me ya'll didn' bring me more homework," he offers a joke to Jared and the younger teen he's never met. "Heya, Pally-Boy," he adds when the wolf-man enters.

Jared appears entierly unphased by the whole hospital thing, could be because half his memories are of times he had to go to work with his mom because she could not get a beby sitter while she had an ER shift. "Hey Owen. A little birdy told me you might be in need of my services…and you know before I started here that was just a figure of speach." Jared just shakes his head and walks over to the some times fuzzy teen wrapped up like a mummy. "Nope, no homework, but I do happen to have a get out of Medbay early card around here somewhere…" Jared turns when Pallaton enters and gives him a short slightly kurt nod. "Pallaton, this is the new guy, Kael right?"

Kael turns around at the new voice, and freezes on the spot. Talking… wolfman… The wind controller just blinks a few times, his mouth hanging opening in sheer awe? Fright? Both? Neither? Who knows. He slowly closes his mouth and blinks a few more times before he actually has words coming to his mouth. And all he could manage to say is, "… Cool." He snaps back to his senses, looking over at Jared and nods. "Yeah. Kael's the name." He looks back at Pallaton and starts to head towards him. "… Is your fur soft?"

Pallaton nods, offering a clawed hand-paw to Kael. "Pallaton, as I think you've gathered. Nice to meet you." It seems the question about his fur causes him to mentally stumble, blinking a few times before speaking. "U-um, yeah… Yeah, I think so… It's not exactly easy to me to tell, considering I'm covered in it." He chuckles, but offers his hand again.

Owen starts to make a joke but Jared cuts him off. He sighs. "Oh man…not lettin' me have any fun. And Ah can' even go out tah look for some…" he sighs again. He's got 2nd Degree burns on his chest and sides, several cuts and bruises, and a gun-shot wound to the left leg. "If ya can get me outta this place early, Ah'll owe ya one big time,
Jared," he says, giving a hopeful look. He chuckles at Kael's reaction to Pallaton and shakes his head. "Seemed soft tah me," he chimes in.

Jared stands over by Owen's bed, and reaches out to just lay a hand on his shoulder if the injured teen will let him. If he is allowed to touch Owen he will feel a tingly sensation as the healing energies that Jared radiates 24/7 start to spread through him. In a small stage whisper he says, "Five bucks someone is getting skritches before the day is out?" Jared laughs a little at blocking a joke Owen was about to make and wonders what it is while he looks him over, almost as if he could see his injuries through bandages clothes, and homework. "WEll it should not take too long…other than the gun shot. Even with my powers those tend to be a bitch to get over."

Kael seems to be as giddy as a kid in a candy store as he takes Pallaton's hand and shakes. Letting out a soft breath as he says, "It /is/ soft." He snickers once more, embarrassing himself now. "Sorry," he rubs the back of his head, letting out a bright laugh as he nods. "It's not to meet you, Pally." Nickname already. He reaches up with a hand before he brings it back towards him, seems he was tryin' to reach up to Pallaton's ears. He looks back at Jared and Owen, his cheeks flushed a bit before he asks, "What happened to ya?"

Pallaton blinks, watching as Keal tries to reach up. He seems oblivious to what he was trying to do and takes it as just a strange gesture. In the meantime, he heads over to Owen, looking over the other mutant. "You feeling any better? It's good you managed to come back again, it sounded worse than last time."

"Glancin' blow. Bullet only grazed apparently," Owen murmurs. "Can Ah get the scritches and jus' hand over a five?" he whispers back, smirking a bit. Letting out a little sigh, Owen shifts in his bed and puts the homework aside. When Kael asks his question, the mostly naked save for shorts and bandages mutant chuckles. "Ah got blown up then turned intah a giant bat monster that tried tah eat people…they apparently didn' take too kindly tah it. When Ah woke up naked in the park, Ah was bleedin' and had to call Mr. Summers tah come get me," he says idly. "Thanks, Pally-Boy. Ah'm feelin' better than Ah was last night anyway…"

Jared grins and can't help but laugh a little and reaches up with the hand on Owen's shoulder to give him a scritch behind the ears. "That better? And keep the fiver, not like I need cash with the way pops likes to spoil Eddie and I." Listening to Owen's story Jared just shakes his head. "You know, if you really need to to suck blood or feed on life force or something I am always around. Not like you can do anything permanent to me with my powers and all."

Kael listens to Owen and the aerokinetic blinks. "So you're the big fuzzy bat guy." Though that's said under his breath and he shakes his head, "That… sounds awesome really. What was it like to fly?" He moves closer to Jared and Owen before just hopping up onto one of the tables near them. "What are your powers?" asks Kael to Jared with a curious glance.

Pallaton nods, chuckling. "Sorry I couldn't find you sooner. I tried to sniff you out in the city yesterday, but ended up stopping an armed robbery." It was probably in the news, anyway, complete with photos of Pallaton and some other kid. He looks between Jared and Kael as he asks about powers.

Owen lets out a little purr at the scritching, smirking a bit. "So, ya'll want me tah drain ya dry?" he jokes. Before he can explain things, Owen blinks at Kael's questions. "Ah dunno, Kael. Ah don' ever remember anythin' the bat does. It's like…gettin' knocked out when Ah transform," he says. "But if ya like fuzz…" he letts out a tiny burst of DarkForce from his fingers. Suddenly, he's covered by a fine and short coat of red-brown fur. His eyes turn all green and glowing, and his teeth become fangs. He then blinks at Pallaton. "Ya'll tried tah sniff me out?"

Jared shrugs and grins a little at Kael. "I am a healer. Just being near me makes people heal a little faster, touching me speeds it up a lot more, and I can feel the…I guess the life energy of any living thing in my range. I can even do an ok job of figuring out what might be wrong with someone with that power….although the medical texts and working on memorizing Grey's Anatomy are helping there." For just a moment Jared fights down a smile as he quietly adds, "I am also working on that whole water to wine thing but its not going so well." Jared gives Owen a sidelong look, "I am just offering to help, although I should probably check with my boyfriend before I do that oten huh?"

Kael lets out a soft oh before he chuckles a bit. The fuzzyness of Owen gets a soft giggle from the small teen before he says, "Is it a secondary thing for mostly anyone here to become fuzzy? Or am I just missin' out." He lets out a bright laugh as his hair streaks white for a moment; a gust of wind blowing in from the door. Not strong enough to blow anything over, sans papers, but strong enough to be noticed.

Pallaton seems to have missed the 'water to wine' joke, what with being raised without a mention of Christianity at all. He nods to Owen. "Yeah, I knew your scent and I was following it, but that guy… I can't remember his name. Keith, or something? He distracted me and I ended up losing the scent." He then chuckles with Kael. "It's not a choice for me, I'm stuck like this. Been this way since I was two."

Owen shakes hie head. "Ah only have tah drain life force in mah bat form and Ah don' control that. If ya wanted tah supply the life force…tackle it," he clarifies. "Not everyone goes fuzzy, Kael," he says. He then smiles at Pallaton. "Well…trackin' something that flies and teleports by scent's always difficult, Pally-boy. Ah didn' know ya cared so much…" he trails off, gesturing for Pallaton to come closer.

Jared shrugs at Kael. "Don't look at me, this is as hairy as I get…unless I lose my razor." WItout thinking about it the healer ends up lightly petting the fur on Owen's shoulder instead of just laing his hand there so his healing powers can work. By now the bruises and cuts are likely gone, and the 2nd degree burns have stareted to fade. "I wanted to go try and track you myself, but I got a firm no to using myself as bait."

Kael swings his legs idly as he looks over at Pallaton. "That's gotta be interesting. Though… summer must not be fun for you… Covered in all of that fur. But you could always stick by me." He smiles brightly, "I'm a Human Fan." He looks over at Jared and lets out a chuckle before he looks at Owen for a moment, before just watching the three.

Pallaton steps closer to sit on the bottom of Owen's bed. He chuckles to Kael as he sits. "It's not too bad. I've just got my summer coat in. It gets hot, but it's nothing too serious. I can just take a dip in the lake if it gets too bad."

Owen lets out that little purring noise again at the idle petting, smiling still. "Ah change back after a bit if Ah don' use mah powers. Ah'm used tah the heat anyway. It's the cold that's gonna get me…and this snow stuff Ah hear about," he comments to Kael. "Man, Jared…you're a lifesaver…"

Jared shrugs again, not really sure what to say about the whole heat thing. "Heat I can do, born and raised in Cali, its the rain and snow and….the fact that they have seasons here that has me thrown. Back home all we get is hot and sunny, hot and wet, and earthquakes."

Kael looks over at Pallaton. "Whenever my dogs at home got wet, they kinda smelled." He snickers a bit. "Though… Even if that did happen." his hair streaks white once more as another gust of wind blows through the med bay, this time heading towards the door; this one a bit more stronger as he looks back at Jared and Owen, "I grew up in Texas. Odd seasons are something that I'm used to." He shrugs slightly.

Pallaton chuckles. "I've got a strong nose, I'd have noticed. I just need to dry off quick." He then looks back to Owen. "Snow? Maybe it's just me, but I love snow. Even when I was a pup, I loved to just play around in it. Still do, to be honest, but I do have a built-in heater." He pats his fuzzy arms as he laughs a little, looking back to the group.

Owen shrugs. "Ah've never seen real snow before…" he trails off. Slowly, his fur fades away and his eyes and teeth return to normal. He blinks at the gust of wind and looks at Kael for a moment. "This…isn' the safest place tah be usin' most powers, Kael…" he trails off.

Jared shrugs, "I'm like Owen, never seen real snow. I have on the other hand seen actors ready to fall over form heat stroke while doing a winter scene on a closed street covered in potato flakes ment to look like snow." Jared nods his head as Owen mentions powers. "Or at least be careful with them, you never know what one of the mad scientist types aorund here has in the random beakers and jars."

Kael blinks a bit, the white in his hair slowly bleeding back into brown as the wind dies down softly. "Heh, sorry." He looks down at his swaying feet for a moment as he looks back up and says, "I've only seen snow once. And that was a cold snap back home, it was gone by morning the next day." He rubs the back of his head, feeling dumb right now before he looks back up at Jared. "Are you serious?"

Pallaton nods, then looks to Kael, chuckling. "It's nothing too bad, really. Just standard medical equipment, chemicals and what-not. It's still a good idea to be careful here, the last thing we need is someone over-dosing on something here. Plus, I'm not sure how some stuff would react together…" He seems to know what he's talking about, up until the reaction thing.

"Don' want any flyin' needles either," Owen chimes. "Say…anyone know how Julian and Laura are doin'? They get back tah the mansion okay?" he asks.

Jared grins at Kael, "Of course I am serious, they were using a section out in fornt of the hospital mom worked at for what ever movie it was they were shooting. Or do you mean the mad scientist thing? Cause I have heard a few stories about Dr McCoy…although a few of them started with the words Bobby said so its not like they can all be taken entierly seriously." At the mention of toher Jared looks at Owen and shrugs. "Not sure, I haven't heard anything about them so they can't be too bad off…otherwise Eddie would have drug me over to heal Julien at some point.

"Wow, I didn't think that movie people would be that… stupid." Kael blinks a few times before he looks over at Owen and archs a brow slightly. He hms a bit before he looks at the door. "Um… is there anything I should know to not do here?" The wind controller laughs slightly.

Pallaton chuckles, standing and ruffling Kael's hair with a hand-paw. "Just be careful, really. Use common sense. Speaking of which, I'd better go, I've got some homework to do for tomorrow. I still can't get my head around some of that stuff… I'll see you guys later. And get well soon, Owen, but I think Jared took care of that." He chuckles, then leaves the room with a wave.

Owen offers a wave to Pallaton. "See ya later, Pally-boy. We should hang out later when Ah get outta here," he calls. Nodding to Jared, Owen stretches. "Guess Ah'll have to track 'em down later or hope they come tah visit…" he trails off. "Jus' be careful, Kael."

Jared coughs a little at Pallaton's mention of using common sense but does not say anything knowing full well that anythign that could be said about the past has probably been said by Eddie and Daisuke. "That, or maybe later I can try and track them down and make sure they know to visit you before your freed. Even with all my healing down here they won't let me be the one to sign off and releases." Jared shrugs and grins a little at Kael, "Actors are all insane, directors are powermad, and producers don't live in the same reality everyone else does. Its really all you can say about the serious stupid things they do for art some days. Night Pally."

Kael gives a wave to the wolfman before he looks back at Owen and smiles slightly. "I've kinda gathered to be careful." He looks over at Jared and lets out a soft laugh, "I'll take your word for it." He looks over at Owen, opening his mouth to say something before he looks away; thinking a bit before he gets it. "You're on Corsairs right, Owen?"

Owen sighs slightly. "Man…it gets borin' down here and Ah wanna get out and get active…" he mutters. "If ya can get Julian tah come down, that's great. Laura doesn' have tah come if she don' want. Doesn' seem like the social type anyway…" he trails off. He then nods to Kael. "Yep. Corsairs…bright yellow an' white…"

Jared grins and nods, "Not met her yet, not sure what her powers even are. Trust me, I know how boring hospitals can be, but at least with me around it won't be too long. Although, I am betting the burns will be gone before I leave but I may have to come back tomarrow to finish off the bullet wound." Jared turns to looke over Kael a bit before saying, "I take it your a Corsair too? I am lucky enough to end up as a member of Alpha Squad, got to love being on a squad named for the first team that the only known mutant to win an Olympic medle was on."

Kael nods a bit. "Yup. Though, now that I've heard the colors. I'm not sure if I'm gonna like it." He lets out a soft groan as he thinks of the colors. "The colors are painful to even think about together." He looks over at Jared and blinks a bit. "That's… interesting." Not really. To him at least.

Owen nods. "Seems whoever came up with the thin's has serious fashion problems," he says. The sometimes fuzzy teen glances back and forth. "Probably jus' someone who's too stubborn tah listen tah the advise of people who know what they're doin' in the fashion world," he whispers. "Who?" he asks Jared, confused.

Jared eyebrow raises at Owen. "Starin to feel like Eddie here, you gys really don't know about Jean Paul Babier, won the Gold in sking but was forced to give it back after they found out he was a mutant, goes by the name Northstar, was part of a Canadian government team called Alpha Flight before he became an X-man…? Seriously, none of this rings a bell?"

Kael shakes his head slowly. "Nnno. Never heard any of this when I was in Texas." He looks over at Owen, shrugging a bit before he looks back at Jared. "I mean, I surprised Max last night by saying I didn't know who Iceman was…"

Owen blinks a few times. "Ah lived on a farm down south. We didn' hear much 'bout any superheroes. Ah'm only learnin' stuff from classes and other students," he points out. "How's Max doin'? Kinda wish the lil' Snow Cone'd stop by for a visit…"

Jared just shakes his head. "Now I am not sure if I should hide ya from my borther, or introduce you. He is…well lets say there is hardly a thing known about a super hero that he does not know." Jared grins and shrugs a little, "Ok, so I know about Northstar more for the Olympic thing though…nothing like seeing it happen to one person to make you realize your shot at the Gold will never happen."

Kael looks over at Jared. "Eddie's your brother? I met him the other day! He has a real cool power." He grins a bit and then looks back at Owen, "He's doin' good and stuff. He's real cool." Please, pardon the pun.

Owen blinks a few times. "You're related tah this Eddie guy so many people keep mentionin'? Ya don' look a thin' like him…" he trails off. He then chuckles at the pun, shaking his head.

Jared shrugs a little, "Yeah he is my brother, and we don't look alike cause he was adopted before Dad and his husband even knew I was alive. Its a long story, but it boils down to mom leaving town after she ofund out she was pregnaunt and never telling Dad. Yeah, Eddie does have a cool power, so do the Dads and his half brother has a pretty cool power too."

Kael nods absently and then quirks a brow. "What powers does your dad have?" His legs start to sway once more as he leans back on the table he's on.

Owen blinks a moment then just leans back. "Alright, that…that's a complicated family tree there," he says simply.

Jared shrugs a little and grins, "That, is actaully sedate for some of the family trees involving superheroes. No super villains, no time travlers, not even anyone from another reality…and yes there are people in this school that have some if not all of the above in thier family trees." Jared nods sage like before finding a chair since he is tired of standing up. Once seated with a hand on Owen to make sure the healing keeps up he answeres Kael. "Well, Bio-Dad is Jericho Parker Mayfair, he can has some super body stuff going on along with the power to share his power and other people's powers. His husband, Christopher, is a photokenetic and can change the colors of things…and he can also make the most awsome orgasmic cookies known to man.

Kael blinks a bit. "Owen's right. Your family is strange. But, awesome at the same time." He lets out a laugh and hops down from the table he was sitting on, he slips his hands into his pockets. He goes to say something, but is interrupted by his stomach growling. "Heh… Guess it's time to go eat." He looks at Jared, "That same elevator will take me back up to the cafeteria, right?"

Owen nods slowly, closing his eyes for a moment. "Sounds…interestin'…" he trails off. "See ya later, Kael. be sure tah eat somethin' good so ya'll grow up big an' strong."

Jared nods at Kael, "Strange, awesome, and apparently not a single straight guy in the bunch. Yeah, probably a good time for supper all around, and you Owen make sure to take your own advice. THis much healing means your gonna need a lot of vitamens and protein very soon. If I can get someone to send it down I might sudgest a medium rare steak with salad and a lot of steamed veggies."

Kael stops a bit as he snickers; looking back at them. "Don't worry, I'll try and remember to bring some down to ya, Owen. But I might forget." He rubs the back of his head, skipping backwards a bit as he heads for the door. "See ya around!" And the teen's off to the food.

Owen chuckles a bit and leans back. "Ah'll try tah follow mah advice. Ah jus' have a nasty habit of not listenin' tah mahself."

Jared shakes his head and leans back in the chair a bit. "Well, you are gonna see in about 15 minuets or so. Your stomach will start telling you to fill it and soon, one thing about my powers is that healing makes you really hungery in the end."

Owen smirks a bit, eyes still closed. "Mah stomach's been tellin' me tah fill it since Ah slept through lunch," he replies. "So a nice big, late dinner sounds good…"

Jared shakes his head and laughs a little while making sure he is comfortable. "Then as soon as an actual adult comes in to check on you we can show them that your weeks ahead of schedual on your healing and put on a request for massive amonts of foods."

Owen nods. "That sounds like a spectacular idea, Jared," he says with a grin. He goes quiet for a few moments before letting out a little sigh. "Ya'll know if Pallaton's seein' anyone?"

Jared nods at the comment about his idea being spectacular and is just rtying to stifle a small yawn as Owen asks his question causing him to launch into a coughing fit. "Pallaton? I don't even know if he is into other guys, or anyone at all. You might try asking his room mate, the odd forgine guy with the computer fetish…er make that the one that is a pair of twins."

Owen nods slowly. "Eh…jus' being curious. Wonderin' why he went out on his own tah try and find me even after the bat nearly killed him the first time…" he trails off. "Thought he might be interested…might jus' have tah look up those twins…"

Jared nods and shrugs, "Who knows. Could be he likes you, or hates the idea of anyone being left out there running form people that fear them, or could be a canine thing. A canine sepperated form the pack has a good chance of the pack coing to find them and make sure they are ok. Then again, could be he wanted to do something good after getting yelled at over…something that I have no right to talk about really so forget I said it."

Owen nods slowly, going quiet. "Guess Ah will…" he trails off. "Thinkin' the first thing Ah'm gonna do when Ah get outta here and get some free time is go intah the city for awhile. Jus' walk around and try tah find out jus' what the Bat did…"

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