2010-02-10: Heart Of Water


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Summary: Drew talks to Xane about his future plans.

Date: February 10, 2010

Heart of Water

Rating: PG


Early evening at Nolita, and Xane is getting ready for the dinner crowd tonight. The chef is dressed in his chef's jacket, and right now is honing his knives, as he does right before he uses them every day. The dining room is meticulously appointed, definitely looks like high class food gets served here.

Drew's been here before. Thus, he dresses appropriately as he steps into the back area. Biting his lip, he peeks in, looking for someone. «Xane?» He calls out, mentally. He does seem to use that more easily than most of the spirits. Probably because he finds it more comfortable than talking sometimes. He heads towards where he thinks Xane will be. The actual kitchen area.

And that is where the chef is of course. «What's up?» he calls out in return. The chef is over at his mise en place, which Drew has seen before. Xane looks to come of the steaks, not realizing that Drew is here, and not just talking to him from afar.

Walking over, Drew smiles up at Xane, somewhat… bashfully? "Hey…" He says, biting his lip as he watches Xane start his work. "You… got a few minutes?" He asks, looking around. He hopes he's not really interupting anything. After all, he's got to be at work in a little while, but he wants to talk to the one who seems the most level-headed of the bunch.

Xane loks a bit surprised when Drew approaches. "Oh hey! Yeah, sure. Come into my office." Xane offers, moving over to the office door and enters in. Inside there is a leather couch and a desk. Xane takes a bottle of water from the mini fridge and offers one to Drew.

Drew simply gives Xane a look at the bottle of water. "Xane… when do I ever need water?" he grins, giving a little bit of a grin. He does sit down though, as he looks towards the older spirit. "So… I'm probably moving out soon. With Kaden. Ethan may come with us. None of us feel… right… sponging off of Keith." He explains, looking down.

Xane rolls his eyes a little and smiling before sitting in his desk chair. "Oh?" He says, looking to Drew, not telling that he'd been thinking of moving out as well. He had already talked with Ethan, but doesn't think that Ethan has said anything about it to the others.

"Yeah. I'm actually already working right now." Drew says, pulling a retail namebadge out of his pocket. "Since I'm graduated and legally have no parents, they're letting me do third shift a few weeks early. And… I applied for the Coast Guard. They want me to go for basic training in a few months. That way, I can afford something on my own. Well, with Kaden of course." He offers with a quick explanation. "And with Ethan if he wants to come. I just… I feel awkward getting everything given to me. It doesn't feel right. Does that… make sense to you? I'm not being stupid am I?" Now, for a change, being thought stupid is something Drew doesn't want.

"Coast guard, never figured you for the military." Xane offers, taking a drink of the water. "Yeah, I get what you mean. ANd it's not stupid. It's called being self-reliant." The Spirit starts to shift around in his chair. "You know, I've been thinking of moving out myself." He says.

"Coast guard only for a little while. They'll help me with school. Marine Biology." Drew grins lightly. "Military… only because I need the help. And I'm not very disciplined." Hey, at least he knows himself. "Really? Poor Keith. If we all leave… but, he has to know… Kaden and I have told him before that we just don't feel comfortable with a lot of it." He says, nodding softly as he looks up at Xane.

"Well, remember, when we all go our separate ways, it's a good sign. So I just see it as a natural progression for us." Xane says, looking back to Drew. "Well, kiddo. You have to do what you have to do." As to the lack of discipline, Xane can only shrug. "Well, the military will teach you that."

"And I only have to do it for a while." Drew nods. "But is it? I… I don't think Keith will take it that way." He sighs a bit, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "I think he'll be rather upset. I don't think he'll be as understanding as the rest of us. I mean… I'm almost 18. I've already got one year of college under my belt." He says with a nod. He knows it's right for him. "Maybe we'll live somewhere near each other, Xane."

"Well, if he takes it the wrong way, he'll have to get over it. I think our predecessors know a bit more about what it's like to be a spirit than we do at this point." Xane says, quite matter-of-factly. "Maybe. That would be cool, after all." Xane knows it's right for all parties involved.

"Good. Cause… I don't wanna cut anyone out of my life. And," Drew pauses for a moment, putting his words together. "I feel comfortable around you. Sometimes, the others… well…" He shrugs. That should say enough. "I just wanted to make sure I wasn't making a big mistake. It feels right."

Xane looks to the water spirit. "If you ask me, most of you guys are just getting ready to go your own way. It's more than natural to go off and experience things for yourselves. So no, you aren't making a big mistake."

Nodding, Drew gets up and moves over to hug the older spirit. "Thanks." He says with a nod. "Now, I just have to get up the nerve to talk to Keith." He says, unable to resist a small laugh. "Funny. I didn't have any problem going out there to beat the shit out of Ethan when he was a demon. But I'm scared to tell Keith that Kaden and I are going to do our own thing for a while."

Xane hugs Drew tightly for a sec, smiling. "Of course, it's hard to let your friends down. And if Keith really does care about you, he won't be let down." A little bit of wise words from the elder Spirit. "Keep me informed, kay?" He asks.

"Always." Drew says with a nod. "And it's not like you won't be in my thoughts when I go to basic training." he chuckles, tapping his head. "You make the circle whole. And I would anyway, cause I love you like I do the others." He says simply, rising and adjusting his shirt before he pulls the namebadge back out. "Gotta get going. I'll have to surf to get there in time." He grins.

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