2010-06-24: Heartbeat Like A Drum


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Summary: Returning to the docks Deadpool has cleaned up the Cult of Kalumai. Edward(NPC), Domino and X-23 find more leads.

Date: June 24,2010

Log Title Heartbeat Like A Drum

Rating: R (LV)

NYC - Riverside Docks

Along the fisherman heavy wharfs of NYC, a secure location surrounded by docked ships and buildings.

Edward was driving relatively quickly as they headed towards the docks again. under his breath he was mumbling something. That 'A Flock of Seagulls" CD in playing, in the backseat the hostage who had been re-tired was struggling, his head rocking back and forth as the lyrics, ~Every time you look my way I got to say, hey, you make my heartbeat like a drum~ through the tape the "Mmrmrmfuckingtorturemmr." escapes the captive, whose eyes were wide and he was thrashing about to no avail. No talk was really passed on as the music seemed to dominate where noise was concerned.

Domino would arrive five to ten minutes before X and Edward, the green Lincoln covering some nice distance in that time though, the man driving was truly in a hurry. The dockside building even to un-trained senses smelled overwhelmingly of fish, blood, gunpowder and death. Those lovely certain scents that always came along with the recently departed. The door was half off the hinges hanging on the top one, bullet-holes riddling it, the handle torn free, a corpse laid over the crates near the entryway. Several of the windows were shattered, the insides were brightly lit up. Littering the ground and building were dismembered and mangled corpses of all kinds. The building itself was relatively intact still, not a whole lot had been destroyed. This was only the first glimpses someone would catch upon entry, more would unfold once inside fully.

Laura sat int he backseat with the hostage, and though she probably could have subdued the man, she let him thrash and whine about Edward's terrible music selection. She did a fairly good job to tune out the noise, however. With her eyes closed, she leaned back against the seat, her face an expressionless mask, as always. Though, she looked closer to her age now while she was unmoving. The hard lines of her face, smoothed over with no trace at all, Laura looked almost like a normal seventeen year old girl. As the made their way closer to the docks, her chin inclined upwards. Her nostrils flared as they filled with the scents that went along with the waterway, and those that went along with.. other things. Eyes snapping open, Laura leaned forward in ehr seat, causing the blonde man beside her to cringe away and quell his complaint s for a moment at her sudden movement. "Almost there." she murmured to the man in an undertone. Her hands clenched into tight fists,t he unnatural muscle in her forearms flexing and releasing under the skin, as her claws pushed outward slightly then disappeared again.

Domino could cover ground quickly when she wanted to, and she did so on her way to the docks. She wanted to see the hypocritical girl-child's handy work as well as feel the stress burn off with the ache of pushed muscles. Swinging down from the low roof of a building her booted feet landed just on the outskirts of a puddle, silent as she stalked forward, slate blue eyes sweeping over the docks as amongst the shadows she added some form of light, reflecting off the alabaster flesh against liquid noir attire where gaps were left within it First was first and she was going to find Deadpool, slipping between the buildings that proved as stock rooms or storage for the now ghost town docks. Stepping over a body she paused with her back to it and then dropped her head slightly, peering back at it and lowering into a crouch while hands slipped over the clad form that no longer would shift with life, searching for anything that may tell them more.

Edward and X pull in as Domino is kneeling outside, inspecting a body to find a wallet amidst attire that does contain tell-tale information, a simple card with a one horned emblem on it. One her mind could trace back to having seen when Star had been abducted. Headlights would shine her direction as the Lincoln pulled in and stopped, Edward opened the back door and drug the hostage out only to pull him forward against the fence, kneeling down to begin tying him to it before he was trying to pick the lock for the outer gate, someone during some of this passage in time had actually locked it. Though, no security guard bodies were visible. Inside the dock house a TV could be heard blaring the end credit song for 'Sanford and Son', the sounds escaping through that hinge hanging door.

Sliding out of the backseat as the car pulled to a stop, Laura frowned slightly at seeing Domino. A low grunt expelled from ehr lips as she followed Edward as he lead their hostage towards the gate. She watched with a sort of detached interest, her head tilting to one side as he began picking the lock. With a soft *shhkt* sound, one claw was free of her skin, and with a light flick of her wrist the sounds of steel slicing through steel could be heard. Edward, still stooped over the lock, looking a little dumbfounded, turned to look up at her, a brow arched up speculatively. "Faster." she replied, in a deadpan voice. Quickly though, other things had her attention. The t.v. blaring int he warehouse. The distinct scent of each slain body's blood. And he hostage tied to the fence, quivering in fear as he looked over the onslaught. "You need to tell me where to find the bracelets." she murmured in his direction as she leaned down to rip the duct tape from his mouth in one quick jerk of her wrist. Her whimpered, and cringed into the metal fence again, starting to stammer incoherently and motion towards the warehouse with his chin. "I-in.. t-th-there… Now w-what about m-my b…brother?" he whimpered, his voice hoarse with all the muffled complaining he'd been doing in the car ride.

Taking the wallet from the body Domino began picking through what was in there. A bunch of commonplace things. Members save cards for groceries and mas-ll stores, a bank card, an I.D. which she only lingered on for a few moments and then the card that bore a small recognizable sigil on it. Tucking that within one of the pouches on her tac belt the rest of the cards and his flipped open wallet were left in a careless array over the body. When headlights beamed in her body tensed and relaxed at the familiar make and model of car, pushing to a stand to move along through the building paths once more, keeping her distance from Laura, Edward, and the hostage. None of them were making her job easier, despite one of them being her "employer." Again, another body and another little treasure trove to dig through, blood staining her pale hands. Domino had heard the t.v. and the tone from it, but they seemed to have that one.

Edward said a quiet "Handy…" as he walked past X towards the building nodding to Domino as he stepped into the warehouse, "Good timing from the looks he offered her."

Inside Deadpool was sitting on a ragged couch on an upraised portion of the room, where a small set of desks and chairs and of bodies were scattered about. One foot rested up on the end of a table as he was staring boredly at a TV, his chin rested on his hand. "Hey I been expecting you!" He said in his gravel on gasoline voice towards Edward and the other two, "We told you, we were on our way." Deadpool's reply of,"Which is why I was expecting you, dur."

A sigh escapes their employer as he moves in and begins looking around, pushing small boxs and crates aside, each body he would systematically check, stepping over a sliced in half skull, the brains dropped out on the floor next to some fish that had been frozen and packaged."Did you see anything, anything at all that stood out to you?"

Deadpool shrugs still looking at the television, "They were showing previews for the new A-Team movie. I may or may not want to see that, oh and the Smurfs movie that's coming out too. I'm a little prejudiced though can't stand small brightly colored midgets, reminds me too much of babies or oompa loompas." A visible shudder courses the Mercenary.

Edward snapped a sharp,"No you imbecile, here, here! Not on the damned television!"

As Edward continued out towards the warehouse, Laura bent down over the man - one claw still protruding from her right hand - and slashed through his ropes quickly, then tugged him up to his feet roughly. Impatient to be done with this task for the night, she pushed him along, ignoring the whimpers and retching sounds he made as each mangled body came into view. Upon entering the warehouse, Laura shoved him back down into a corner, turning her back on the exasperated Edward, and clearly insane Deadpool, she stared down at their hostage. "Where are the bracelets?" she asked in clipped tones. She turned away slightly before he could answer, green eyes scanning the dilapidated warehouse wuickly once before lingering on Deadpool, then Edward, then back tot he blonde man.

Domino remained outside, searching the premises for only a few moments more. When there was no sign of struggle or fight, either Laura was quiet or that was Deadpool in there. She was betting on the ladder considering these types did not seem to be all that into tuning into Sanford and Sons. Where Laura and Edward had gone in was not her entry point, but a back door that also had been locked but her own devices let her in silently, closing it with a click behind her. Coming up to the couch her arms folded over her chest and her stance shifted from one foot to the next, propping exposed hip against the back of the couch that Deadpool was seated within. "A-Team remake scares me personally, they need to leave the originals that were decent alone." Yep, joining right on in on Deadpool's banter. Something was wrong, it likely could be the fact that her give a shit meter was broken back at the trailer.

"Th..there, that green box on the desk. Oh fuck, holy fuck!" His eyes were wide and he was staring around the room, his veins beginning to bulge out of his forehead. "TOMMY! You said you'd bring him back, oh fuck, oh my, you sick bastards."His head was straight, shoulders tense as he was staring directly at the corpse that had been around outside, that of the young man Laura had killed hours before.

The TV turned up an Deadpool slit his eyes giving a glare over like he was being interrupted. "Gilligan's Island is coming on. You rude, inconsiderate…" A gun snaps-up and a shot-rang out, the blonde man toppled backwards into a flop spasm as blood geysers from the head wound. "OH look a twitcher!!!" A new excitement crept into the voice of the red and black clad man, hearing Domino's comment about the A-Team he was instantly distracted, "Oh Dom, your sweet voice always awakens a mighty tiger behind my fly."

Edward released a gasp and turned his head away from the spasmodic man on the floor,"Someone put the poor man out of his misery."

With a glared cast over towards Deadpool as he shoots the man, Laura shakes ehr head slowly. Turning her attention away from the A-Team discussion, and letting her other claw push out from her knuckle, she drove the twin blades home, slicing through the man's chest as if it were nothing but paper. With a low sound of disgust she retracted the blades with the same soft *snikt* sound, and moved over towards the desk. Pulling the green box to her, she plcke the lid off and tossed it aside, one small hand reached in and pulled back a handful of the multi-hued, glimmering bracelets. "Well, we have there, now we just need to know where it's happening." turning to Edward this time, a dark brow arched, as she waited for instructions or information. "Did you manage to fin anything out from anyone here, before you killed them all?" Clearly directed at Deadpool, not really caring if she interrupted his t.v. time or not.

Domino's eyes swept over the inside of the place as she remained at her own eased stance. The bodies, the piles of boxes and crates, it all told its own story, even the small array off bullet holes that riddled the walls of the warehouse. The simpering cries of the hostage were tritely ignored and seemed to fall on deaf ears but it was a lie and known to be so when her eyes fell on the green box he had spoken of before he was finally silenced. Another brief flick of motion and she was going to finish the job and make a beloved Rorschach of the man's head across the concrete floor of the warehouse but Laura managed that. Sliding back against the couch and pressing to sit on the back of the couch, one leg swinging up and over she just watched the transition going on, ignoring Deadpool's words. She was getting used to that. Laura's demand got a retort though on monotone vocals. "You had a hand in the massacre here, so don't try and shove off all the blame."

"AAHH OH NO DON'T KILL Me urk. Isn't a whole lot to go off of." Both of Deadpool's hands wave in the air, the remote control tossed aside as he sprung to his feet. The pistol in the other hand spinning to come to a quick halt as it shoved back into a holster. "Gogo, you're just a ball of sunshine, really outta turn that frown upside down and smile. Like myself, I have an entirely new outlook on life, for instance instead of boobies, I'll call them yaybies or yesbies maybe horahbies, maybe not those last two they sort of sound like sexually transmitted diseases." He was now rubbing a fingertip against his chin as he stood there, in thought. "Oh, there is that girl back there, shes alive, I just couldn't kill her, she made me laugh soon as she started screaming and crying all of her make up ran down her face and I was like aw she looks like a clown, a very sad sad clown. Which was hilarious."

Domino having moved onto the couch would see the young girl hunched up beside it, curled up into a ball, rocking back and forth sobbing. Edward made a sound from his throat and seemed to ignore everything about the girl and the bracelets, looking instead through the desk and drawers, knocking over more crates as he held up papers, sorting through each of them one by one, his hair falling from its push back to become disarrayed over his forehead.

Finally her emerald gaze shifted to Domino and narrowed. "I killed one." she replied, curtly. "The one who was outside when we arrived." and with that said she was looking away again her attention refocuses on Edward, as she shoved a few of the bracelets into a pocket. Laura's gaze traveled to the small girl, as Deadpool mentioned her, and she looked down at her traumatized rocking with an impassive expression. "Does she know anything?" was her only reply to Deadpool, her mind solely focused on the task at hand. On completing the mission. Not bothering to wait for an actual intelligent response from Deadpool, Laura drifted back towards the far end of the warehouse, pulling the tops off crates and digging through, before moving onto the next to look for anything that may be of use.

The crying girl in a fetal ball had been overlooked. Slightly surprised at her own lack of noting Domino chalked it off to the fact that she was sitting statue still save for small movements of hiccuping breaths between the flow of tears down her cheeks. It was endearing, but she regarded the girl like she would a rabid puppy. Awe so cute, from a safe distance, and with my gun out. One of the Browning's was drawn from its holster and the other leg swung up and over the back of the couch to join its mate on the seat. Laura's own self defense was ignored, not worth the argument. Arms dropped and elbows rested on her knees, the pistol hanging from her hand between her legs, shifting as if in contemplation of use as she watched the girl in silent consideration, glancing to Deadpool and then back. "Come on out." The weaponless hand rose and gestured to the girl, a flick of her wrist to draw her forward to see if she bore any weapons in movements, if she even listened.

Catching that small bit of tension between Domino and X a voice inside the Crimson Comedian's head chimed upCatfight?~One could only dream~20 bones on Gogo!"Deal! Wait no, you don't have cash!" This last bit said out loud as Deadpool had obviously flicked on the crazy switch for a moment, those one or two additional voices getting some added attention.

Edward slammed his fists down on the desk and spun around,"There is nothing here, nothing at all that can help us find the next ritual and its tomorrow night!" The girls head was down, still between her legs, the rocking back and forth continued, she was obviously traumatized and not hearing anyone until the slam had her jumping. Domino's words falling on deaf ears. Edward stormed down from the office area his arms folding over his chest as he looked the walls and floors over. "These men are all just minions, moronic followers with no information!"

Drifting back towards the couch and t.v. once more, Laura looked between Edward and the rest of the group assembled. "Would you like me to hunt down the drug dealer? I can bring him back and question him as well." the girl whimpering and crying was of no interest to her, she had nothing to do with the mission, though her gaze did study her for a moment longer then the others before moving on. With a flex of muscle, both sets of tandem claws were released, a little spray of blood dribbling to the floor at her feet. "I could have him at your camper by tomorrow morning, if that is what you require, Edward." Laura was eager to be away from here, and the mercenaries, already. The blonde man had been a dead end. They had the passes, but no location. And no doubt once they found their warehouse burned to ash, and no sign of any of their grunt's security would be even more difficult to deal with. "We could bring in Star possibly, as well. They seem to want her for her for the ritual. I could protect her inside the rave, providing we explained things properly, and she knew the truth of the situation."

When Deadpool spoke up about…nothing a brow twitched, feigning rising in question, but she knew the answer so it was not needed. Instead she watched the curled up girl sit unmoving in her corner on mental lock down, the safety clicking off on the Browning at the same time Edward's fist slammed into a desk. Reactions like this girl had were reasons why people died in movies. It gave the bad guys the upper hand, you waited to have the mental shut down until after you were well in safe hands, if ever. If the girl looked up she would find the weapon aimed at her. "If you want to keep choking on life between tears I suggest you wake up deary. I have questions.Calm down Edward. I have something you may like." Her spare hand reached into her tac belt pouch and withdrew a card, snapping it back and forth to garner Edward's attention. Hearing Laura though all motion ceased though her eyes remained on the traumatized girl. "No. Star stays at Xavier's."

Edward nods towards Laura,"Yes, do what you think is best. Perhaps he will squeal. Time is immanent now." Fully agreeing with her on the Star bit until the female mercenary spoke up. "Perhaps you are right… but her power does seem to lure them, she draws them to us instead of us hunting them."

Deadpool looked over his shoulder towards the girl then Domino after Edwards words adding his own,"I don't think Miss J-J-J-Joker Face, knows the difference between an elephant and a ham sandwich right now, Dom."

The girl, continued to rock and shake her head downcast between her knees. Edward moved over grabbing the card from Domino's hand to read it,"Yes… brilliant, I could kiss you,"He was reading it over and held it up,"Zonah Modeling Agency, perfect, how could I miss this… It's not far from the drug dealer's haunt, Zonah… a hidden term for a prostitute. Hebrew…" The man was muttering rubbing two fingers over his nose while he flipped the card back and forth.

Moving towards Edward as he took the card from Dom, she quickly glanced over it, her eyes scanning over and committing the address to memory. With a single nod she backed away from her employer towards the door. Edward seemed over distracted, and she could speak to him later about involving Star. It seemed the easiest way to get to the root of this particular puzzle. "I have the phone. Call if you require anything from me." And with that Laura turned, without a word spoke towards Deadpool or Domino, as she exited through the broken door and into the night, heading towards Spaz first, then after he was taken care of and questioned she wuld go back to Xavier's. If need be, she would involve Star on her own. Laura was more then confident she could keep the girl safe, and she was what the cult seemed to be after, anyway. It would foolish not to use her to get them out of hiding.

"Tch, what a waste." Domino's upper lips drew back as she spoke. "Well she's going to be no help." Her lips thinned into a line, faltering as Edward grabbed the card with greedy hands. At least his approval was…Something, though she stepped off the couch and a bit closer to the girl. No kiss of gratitude. No touchy, his want to Star involved again and his logic was denounced in her mind. "Don't forget the fact that when they had her it was disrupted and she was stolen back. They will know it is bait when she suddenly reappears at another one of their gatherings after all she has been through." A pause as eyes fell on Laura and again the girl just took the lead and disregarded anything else, even logic. The pistol was swung on the back of her head as she walked out with a hiss from between clenched teeth. "Stupid little girl."

"You're right,"Edward said towards Domino,"If they are that organized. Hopefully they are not, they seem fairly chaotic and lacking in leadership beyond the few mythical 'hers' or 'hims' but with magic involved…that always makes things quite unpredictable" The man looked off to try and catch Laura but she was gone, already on her way.

Deadpool, let out a forced overly drawn out yawn. "No cat fight, hey Dom where you going? Not going to stay and help me clean up? We can shave our head's bald and pretend we're a Mr.Clean commercial, come on the Sinead look is still hip! Edward, lets do this buddy…" The man flat out ignored Deadpool and followed the other two's que and left, a frown came over the mask the mercenary wore before his shoulders slumped and he kicked a severed hand amidst his moping. "I HATE YOU ALL!!!! Fine, scrubba dub time." His voice picking up into a possibly familiar song that would carry out after them. "Mop mop mop, all day long going to mop mop mop while I sing this song, going to wax them floors going to make them shine, going to clean off the spray paint with turpentine!"
'And 'splody stuff. Tee hee."

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