2010-01-06: Heat in the Kitchen


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Summary: More discussions in the kitchen, this time getting a bit heated.

Date: January 06, 2010.

Heat in the Kitchen

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Its Wednesday evening and Mikhail wants food, he would usually go hunting in the woods but on Monday July and Annalisa told him he wasn't allowed to, hes dressed in dark blue jeans with ripped knees, a red t-shirt with five long rips across the chest, neither items rips are for fashion purposes, as usual hes not wearing shoes though he can do laces now. He is currently trying to fit a Pizza into the toaster.

Dallas wanders into the kitchen, dressed, as usual, in workout gear. He spots Mikhail and stops a moment. After that pause, watching the other young mutant, he clears his throat. "Um, Mik? Do you want a hand?" He's trying to keep the amusement out his voice, though his eyes are sparkling with it and his lips are twitching as he tries to keep from laughing.

Mikhail smiles and shakes his head when Dallas comes in, "Heya Dallas, no thank you", now that hes used the word enough times he now says heya in his own accent instead of Robyn's, using his superstrength he forces as much of the Pizza into the toaster, he then forces the button down to turn it on, "see?"

Dallas winces and says, "Ah, yea. That's probably not the best idea. Pizza goes in the oven. Or the microwave if you don't care how it tastes." He crosses over to the toaster and unplugs it. "It won't cook in there. Let me give a hand, big guy." He turns towards the fridge and recovers a frozen pizza box and rummages around for a pan while he talks. "See, you have to lay it out flat in the oven. I use a pan but you can put it on the rack." Never mind who will have to clean said oven. He turns to pre-heat the oven. "Don't worry, won't take long."

Mikhail watches carefully what Dallas is doing to make sure he knows how to do it next time, "Thank you", he starts trying to pull the other pizza out of the toaster, "what bring Dallas here?"

Dallas grins as he finds a pan and lays out the pizza on it. He shrugs and says, "Missed dinner because I was too busy cleaning to actually eat." And because he's a little more comfortable solo or in small groups this past week or two. "Ok, set the oven to 350. That's about here on the dial, in case they used a different system back home." He makes a point of standing aside to show Mikhail and then puts the pizza in the oven. "Right. Twenty minutes or so and you'll have yummy pizza. Want some soda or something?"

Mikhail smiles at Dallas and goes to the fridge to get two soda, "Mikhail can get them", he walks over and give Dallas both as he hasn't quite worked out how to open the can yet.

Dallas laughs a little. "Dude, you're picking up the important stuff fast." He cracks open both cans and slides one back to Mikhail. After a moment he says, "Things are good? Nobody's messing with you or anything?"
Mikhail shakes his head, other than being told he cant hunt by July he is very happy, "Thing very, but girl say Mikhail no hunt", he sips the soda and grins as the sugar hits his system.

Dallas blinks and says, "Can't hunt? Who told you that? I'm pretty sure that as long as you don't leave the grounds you're fine. Unless one of the teachers says it, or Addison, I guess, it's not true, Mik." He takes a sip of his own soda and says, "We can find out for you, though."

Mikhail doesn't know July's name so he tries to mime her power, he pulls Dallas' foot onto the table, "arms", he then pulls on the shoelace stretching it slightly, "she stretch", he scowls, "She say Mikhail dirty, no hunt".

Dallas blinks as Mikhail does that and his expression is first bemused and then angry. "July. Rubber Maid. Screw her." That's sharp language for him. He leans forward to look Mikhail in the eyes and says, "Listen, Mik, ignore that witch. She doesn't have the right to tell you /not/ to do anything. Or to do anything. And you're not dirty." He sniffs, fact-checking himself on that one. "Or no worse than anybody else, anyway. You can hunt all you want unless a teacher tells you otherwise, okay?"

Mikhail smiles and accidentally breaks a chunk out of the table with excitement, "So Mikhail can hunt?", without thinking he jumps up and hugs Dallas, realizing what hes doing he quickly lets go, "sorry".

Dallas blinks as the table edge cracks off and he's suddenly given a Mikhail bear hug. His shadow comes and goes with a sudden flickering flash and he turns red as he says, "Ah, it's, um, no big deal, Mik. I'm just letting you know she's wrong. But yea. Go hunt. Have fun." His voice is a little tight for some reason and Mikhail's enhances sense of smell would pick up a tiny thread of fear in his scent, mixed with something else entirely. He takes a sip of his drink, looking away and then looks back, grinning faintly, "Just don't drop anything dead on anybody's doorsteps, ok?"

Mikhail smiles, "Dont worry", he goes to take another sip of his soda when he catches a change in Dallas' scent, he can smell fear and something he doesn't know the name of but has smelled before, "Why are you scared?, and you smell like Mr and Dr Parker-Mayfair sometime do", he says "Mr and Dr Parker-Mayfair" in Scott's voice.

Dallas literally does a spit-take, since he was taking a drink at the time and spends the next several moments coughing and clearing his throat. "Jesus, Mik!" His voice is a bit reproachful at that. His expression goes wary and thoughtful and says, "Ah. Ok. Can … I get you to do me a favor, please? Just, don't mention it when you smell stuff like that. Most of us can't. And it's private. So we don't talk about it." He frowns and says, "Crap. I don't want to, um, give you a complex or something." Not that he has any idea what that means, really. "OK, you can talk about it when it's /you/ but don't tell other people you know that, ok? About them or other people."

Mikhail stares at Dallas in confusion, he then looks down, "Sorry, didn't know, wont say anything", he feels realy worried that he might have upset his friend.

It's evening in the kitchen and a pizza bakes in the oven. Mikhail and Dallas are setting at the table, which has a small chunk ripped out, freshly by the looks of it and they are drinking sodas. Dallas is wiping up a spill as he looks towards Mikhail and says, "No, no, it's cool, dude. It's fine. Look, it's like …um… shoes. /You/ don't need them but a lot of people do and think it's weird to not have them on, right? So you know, telling people what you can sense about them is the same way."

Lucas wanders into the kitchen. He's barefoot, wearing a pair of baggy Xavier's sweats that hang loose and low around his hips. He's shirtless, his upper body just toned enough to clearly indicate he's a swimmer. On his hands, are the thick, burgundy gloves. When he walks into the room, he sees Dallas and Mikhail, and his step pauses, but doesn't stop. He walks over to the fridge. "Ah'll get outta ya'll's hair right quick like," he says, quietly.

Mikhail is dressed in dark blue jeans with ripped knees, a red t-shirt with five long rips across the chest, neither items rips are for fashion purposes, as usual hes not wearing shoes though he can do laces now, he looks at his bare feet as Dallas explains tact to him, he sort of gets it, "If Mikhail don't do it, doesn't mean everyone else do" he smiles to let him know what he means. When Lucas walks into the room Mikhail quickly hides under the table.

People are here. Leighton knows it. But, Leighton is also hungry. She doesn't want to be around most of them, but she doesn't have much choice. This is a school. And, unlike her, most of the people here are exuberant about being here. Most WANT to enjoy their powers. Leighton… just wants to get rid of them. Leighton just wants to return to normal. No purple hair. No pink skin. No bones sticking out of her back and face that can be easily pulled out in the form of weapons. She just wants to be who she was born as again. She steps in, gingerly, trying to slide over to the fridge and avoid attention.

Dallas looks up when Lucas enters and gives him a nod and a faint smile. "Hey, dude." He starts to turn back to Mikhail, saying, "Yea. That covers it, Mik…. Mik?" He notices the mutant girl from the gym a while back and gives her a wary look, as though she's going to explode into another discussion of puberty and breasts at the drop of a hat and then crouches down at the edge of the table. "Dude, it's fine. He's not going to set anything on fire. We're all, um, friendly now." If not friends, yet, exactly. "Besides, your pizza's done." He turns to take said pizza out of the oven, not trying to rush Mikhail. Especially since that unless Dallas is powered up, he'd get ripped to shreds if he tried it.

Mikhail is torn between his fear of Lucas and his hunger, giving into his insticts, huger wins, he ducks out from under the table and goes over to the pizza standing as close to Dallas as he can.

Lucas carefully balances a gallon of milk in his big gloved hands, moving it out of the fridge to the counter. He looks back at Mik, "Relax. Hero Bear'll save you if'n Ah get rough." He then reaches up into a cabinet, and pulls out a large container of Strawberry Quik. He glances at the girl as she walks in, and just shakes his head. "Where'r the spoons?"

As Leighton makes it over to the refrigerator without incident, she begins exploring throughout it. The things she picks out are… well… kinda closer to junk. Stuff that's not real meals. And quite a bit of it. She does have an appetite. "Probably in the silverware drawer." She answers, voice slightly gruff as she comes out with several meats and cheeses, for what appears to be a potential, large sandwich.

Dallas pauses in getting the pizza out of the oven, his own hands in oven mits like smaller versions of Lucas' protective gear and he gives Lucas a quelling look. "Can it. He can't help being afraid of fire any more than you can help a fear of jock itch." He nods towards the appropriate drawer and says, "What she said." He tries not to stumble over Mikhail or hit him with a hot pizza dish finally saying, "Go grab a seat, big guy. I'll bring it over."

Mikhail cant help himself, at Lucas remark he growls deeply animal instincts beating the fear, he walks over to the draw and takes a spoon and throws it towards Lucas, it lands next to the milk imbedded in the table. He then walks back over to Dallas to get some pizza with a worried smile on his face, fear taking over again.
Lucas scowls a little, looking at the spoon, and then at the retreating Mikhail. "Do they charge you for that? When ya'll do stupid shit just to try to show off like that? Ah'd reckon your maw gets right tired of the bills." He gets a glass, and then begins spooning the pink powder into it. "Ah'm tryin' real hard, Hero Bear. A little effort from your buddy would be nice."

Leighton spins at the sudden sound of the spoon embedding into the table. She heaves a sigh of relief before turning back to making her sandwich. "I assume they already have a large budget. And some of us who don't have a choice in being here are brought in because we actually WANT to find a way to be ourselves again. Some of us can't rely on our parents." She says with a growl. The guy's attitude is annoying. She doesn't know Mikhail from Adam, and she barely knows Dallas. But she can spot an instigator when she sees one.

Dallas rolls his eyes at Mick and points with the circular pizza cutter, "And you play nice. He's got a big mouth but unless he's going to bite you, it's harmless." Why yes, he does have younger siblings at home. He shrugs at Lucas. "As much as you hate being here, he's from farther away and knows less of the language, not to mention having to make more changes than most of us. It wouldn't hurt you to be civil to somebody you /aren't/ making out with." He dishes out a couple of slices of pizza for Mikhail and then slides the plate and whole pan towards the feral mutant. He nods at what Leighton says, echoing, "Yea." Lacking in eloquence, perhaps, but he's in the midst of a long, long month.

Mikhail looks at Dallas in confusion, "maw?", he asks the question in Lucas' voice, he nods at Dallas' warning, "sorry Dallas", he picks up a slice of pizza and eats it with inhuman speed grinning when he finishes it, he looks back to Dallas', "You want?"

Lucas just rolls his eyes at the discussion about him, until Mikhail speaks in his voice. He spins around, "Dude, don't do that!" he snaps.

Hearing Lucas's voice come from Mikhail makes Leighton do a double take. She actually laughs. For the first time since she's been here. "Ok, now… THAT'S a neat trick." She says, putting her sandwich together. She reaches up to scratch around a bone sticking out of her shoulder before putting the unused food away and moving to the counter, to just watch.

Dallas blinks as his stomach growls when Mikhail offers him food. "Oh yea. I did come in for dinner. Thanks, Mik." He grabs a slice of pizza, juggling it a bit as he folds it into a taco shape and turns his head sideways to take a bite. He chews and swallows, nodding at Leighton's assessment of Mikhail's mimicry. "And it bugs Lucas. So now you've got a lever, Mik. Whenever he starts in on you, just imitate him." He grins faintly at the thought of the annoyance that might cause.

Mikhail grins as Dallas tells him how to annoy Lucas, "Dude, don't do that!", he mimics Lucas' voice again.

Lucas gets a little louder, "Ah said knock it the fuck off!" He takes a step towards Mikhail.

As she sees Leighton moving over towards Mikhail, she moves in between and holds a hand out towards Lucas, "Dude. It's neat. You piss him off. He pisses you off. Grow up and deal with it. Don't be a dick and try to start something. In the middle of a school. Not smart." She says, one hand reaching back to grip one of the bone handles on her shoulder. "Kitchens should be free space for everyone." She says, before looking at Mik. "I like it. It's fun. But right now, I just want to eat in peace. Stop pushing his buttons, k?" She doesn't say it meanly towards Mik. Lucas, well… maybe a little less nicely.

Dallas arches an eyebrow at Lucas and says, "Dish it out but you can't take it?" He watches as the bony girl moves between Lucas and Mikhail and he takes a sip of his own soda. "Why don't we all just have dinner?"

Lucas looks at Leighton, and then at Dallas. He huffs, "Fuck off, Hero Bear." He turns, and grabs the glass he pulled out, and then struggles to fill it with milk, spilling a lot as he does so because of the gloves. He grabs the spoon and the Quik container, and then heads for the door.

"Ah, so you like to piss everyone off and storm off like it's their fault. Nice way to make friends and influence people." Leighton says with a shrug as she takes a HUGE bite out of her sandwich. She crosses her legs in a very masculine manner.

Dallas sighs and glances sideways at Leighton, "He's actually not that bad. He just has a chip the size of Australia on his shoulder." He watches the retreating Lucas and smirks a little. "I'm pretty sure that was Cyclops's Quik, too." He snorts a little laughter and then says, "Ok, I've got a paper due tomorrow. I need to hit the books. Later guys." He heads for the door himself, albeit a bit less messily.

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