2011-03-25: Heated Debate


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Summary: Kalindi and Fiona escalate when talking to each other, and Ahdi must interfere.

Date: March 25, 2011.

Log Title: Heated Debate

Rating: PG.

NYC - Union Square

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

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"We have a lot of sports! Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, running… I mean just about everything you can do, we have a sport for it… in fact, I'd say that's probably one of the most major things people do with their free time, is watch 'em or play 'em…" Fiona rattles off her list and explanation, "But there's a lot more than that, too. Video games, for example."

As the talk of phones and such goes on Daisuke's own phone rings playing a song that's in another language. He looks to Ahdi and Fiona and gives a polite nod. "I'm sorry, I have to get going. It was nice meeing you." he says as he goes to the bench to grab his stuff and head off towards the subway.

Ahdi waves to Daisuke's back as he walks off, then folds his hands back over his stomach and looks back up at the bronze statue of Washington he had previously been climbing, "No sure Vidio games, sport sound good though. Will have find sport player, learn how play, like sport much. Was much good at combat sport we play at Atjad. Is no weapon, have pin oponent to ground till are called winner. Human have sport as this?" Ahdi squints as he studies the face of Washington.

Kalindi was shopping at the Green Market, a perfect place for her to collect all the ingredients that she needs for the nice meal she has planned. She carries a couple of canvas bags under her arm and her backpack on her back. She doesn't seem to be watching where she's going, at this point just enjoying her free time. She seems surprised when she notices Fiona. "What are /you/ doing here? Keeping an eye on me?" She lifts her hand to gesture at her own eye and then points at Fiona. Her accent is unusual and heavy, a mix between Hindi and a demonic tongue. She listens to Ahdi and says, "It sounds like you are talking of a combat sport. Judo? You are just learning English, yes? It is hard to learn."

"That's called wrestling," Fiona laughs, "We have that here! Well, there's also Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Ultimate Fighting…" Fiona trails off, "We call those 'martial arts' mostly. A lot of people do them just for fun… some people use them for real, though…"

Ahdi looks excited, a slow smile starting to spread across his face. Not the usual half smile, no, a full on grin that gives him a somewhat impish cast, "Want to do these. Atjadni have only one true, uh, Martial art, but am master of this. Want see what best of human can do, is place where master of these meet?" The native boy attempts to sound casual, but his tone is just as mischevious as his smile. He then notices Kalindri and bows his head briefly to her, hands folded over his stomach, "Hello, Am Ahdi Anuati, Silver Wolf of my village."

"I am not the best of humans, I am too small and light, but I am very good at my martial art, but better when armed," says Kalindi, frowning for a moment, "I know one who is truly the best I know of. He is my training master." She offers a slight incline in return to Ahdi, "I am Kalindi, Daughter of Umbalificos, but you may call me Kali if it pleases you."

Fiona scratches her head, "Well, there's dojos 'n stuff, but, I think most of the really BEST, I think they do it professionally… that is… you'll find them around here getting paid to do stuff or being heroes," she answers. "It's difficult to explain, but there are normal humans, and then there are exceptional humans, that have amazing abilities. Mutants, and others…" she trails off, looking over to Kalindi, "And I'm just out for a walk! I happen to live in this city, and Ahdi happens to be /my/ friend." Protective jealous look shot in Kalindi's direction.

Ahdi responds with another slight bow of his head to Kalindi, "Am call Ahdi by friends." After a slight pause of thought he adds a bit timidly, "Remind me of female of my people, is good for eyes." He flashes a slightly nervous grin, then glances to Fiona to try and get a hent about what exactly he should be doing, choosing to switch to more familiar territory, "Am one of best of my people, have beet all challenger that come, but is always someone in land who is better, have just no met person yet."

"Ohhh," says Kalindi to Fiona, rolling her eyes. "You are very possessive, yes? Me, I was here to pick up fresh vegetables for dinner tonight. I like this better than what they have in the supermarkets." She looks towards Ahdi as he begins to speak to her and blushes slightly at what she interprets as a compliment, though her posture becomes even more regal, if it were possible, as she rights herself further. "Well, I am very flattered that you think I am attractive."

"I didn't mean it quite like that…" Fiona looks very defensive - she doesn't want this evil demon girl touching HER friends! She certainly doesn't look all that happy about Ahdi's complimenting Kalindi, anyway.

Ahdi is now not quite sure what to do. Being somewhat sensative to body language he notices the basics that Fiona is seeming on guard, and the other girl has a superiority complex, though he has no word for such an attitude, "um, are much pritty too." He attempts to even out what he thinks is the problem, speaking to Fiona. He tries to think of something that might work as a complament, coming up with, "Have pritty eyes and skin much like moon." That's really the best he can do on short notice. He flickers his timid smile, hoping to stay in good graces.

Kalindi relaxes slightly as the attention is drawn away from her, but she doesn't seem particularly bothered that Fiona also receives a compliment. If anything, that seems to comfort her even more. She puts her canvas bags down and crosses her arms, though, and frowns at Fiona, "Then you mean it in what way?"

"I just meant it… in that… I don't trust you! You willingly make deals for a demon…" Fiona murmurs, "That means you could really be a threat to any of my friends!"

Ahdi speaks up even more timidly than before to Fiona, seeming a bit confused as he backs up so his back is against the base of Washington's statue, "Fiona, you make deal with demon, you say…" It isn't clear to him why Fiona would make a deal with a demon, and then get angry at Kalindi for making a deal with a demon.

"Ugh, you are such a child!" grumbles Kalindi at Fiona, shaking her head disapprovingly. "I could be a threat to anyone, yes, but so could you. You never will know when your Norg asks you to do something that, eh, is not so good for those around you." She keeps her arms crossed and scoffs, "But me, I am at least conscious of social benefit, yes? Do not feel so righteous."

"Yeah but, I didn't do it willingly…" Fiona murmurs, trailing off and looking a bit smaller than she did just a moment ago. "You're right, I guess… but still!" she shakes her head - no, they're totally different! Not the same at all!

Ahdi blinks once, the flowers and vines of his tattooed eyelid flashing, and decides to fall silent. He isn't really sure what he is supposed to do in these sorts of situations. He hasn't ever really seen an argument like this before. Reaching up he tucks free-dangling hair behind his ears and watches the two girls.

"But still what?" snaps Kalindi, "You made your agreement as I have made mine. I just choose to be okay with it instead of being a crybaby. I will work to make the world a better place." She uncrosses her arms and gestures a finger towards Fiona, "I have told you before not to cross me, though. We will still get along fine if you do not." The young woman's bag is dropped to the ground off of her shoulders, where it makes an unnervingly loud thud, suggesting the contents are extremely heavy. "So you will calm and hold your accusatory tongue. Or I will hold it for you."

Fiona glances over at Ahdi, and then back to Kalindi. She looks anything but calm, but - she's not entirely sure she wants to start a super-fight in the middle of the park in broad daylight - less with someone she doesn't know the capabilities of. "I'm not a crybaby, you're a fool! I know what kind of 'help' you'll bring to this world. I know what will happen, eventually; but right now I'll do anything I can to protect my friends. So Ahdi is off-limits from any of your contracts, okay? Any of that stuff, you go through me, or there'll be trouble!"

"Contract?" Ahdi asks, interested now. The coming fight, that isn't quite as interesting as something new to learn about, or, whatever is in Kalindi's heavy bag. He eyes the bag, but doesn't remove his back from the base of the statue.

"You think I am even interested in this man for a contract? And if anyone wants a contract with me," says Kalindi, shaking her head disapprovingly, "You will not be the person I will choose to consult with." She furrows her brows and touches one of her bracelets lightly as if the simply see if it's there. "Now as I told you, I will still your tongue!" She rushes towards Fiona in a few very quick steps, thrusting her palm out towards her abdomen.

Fiona eyes go wide as she tries to spin to the side - Kalindi just barely brushing alongside it. She's off balance now though - rocking back on one heel as she yanks out her portal keys, tossing them in the air slightly and then grabbing them with her left fist. There's a tearing sound and the smell of ozone as a rift opens up to her storage dimension, out from which, as Ahdi saw yesterday, she draws her weapons, a pair of ornate ivory wands. She grips them both in her right hand, lengthways with the tips sticking through the gaps between her fingers, and they glow. "Norgatraz, grant me POWER!" she shouts, the glow transforming into a pulsating purple energy ball about the size of a softball suspended upon the two tips of her wands.

Ahdi doesn't move a muscle, his eyes drifting back to the fight, until Fiona draws her weapons. Quiet as a ghost and faster than humanly possible, Ahdi throws himself forward. HIs right hand blurs up in an attempt to grab Fiona by the nape of the neck and pull her back while spinning her around to face the oppositi direction, just depending on if he can get hold of her. While he does this he kicks out with his left foot, aiming at Kalindi's thigh. It is clear when he moves that he wasn't bragging about being a master at martial arts, he is much faster than any human could hope to be. If his foot connects with Kalindi it would be enough force to smack a grown man's legs together and hurt him in ways better left unsaid, along with flooring him.

The call for power and the ripping of dimensions doesn't really phase Kalindi. In fact, it phases her so little that she moves to punch Fiona right in the face. At detecting the attack coming her way from Ahdi's direction, though, all she can do is thrust her hand downwards, to block the kick coming her way, using her bracelet and her ability to manipulate gold to give the block very real and very painful stopping power. "Two on one?" says Kalindi, furrowing her brow, "Fine."

Fiona is easily grabbed and spun away by Ahdi - she's not really a match for him in the physical realm, and is probably slower than Kalindi in fact - well, mostly, anyway. "Hey, what're you - put me down!" she yelps, as he treats her like a little kid, taking away her toys. Of course, she was sort of acting like one, anyway…

Ahdi is pleasantly surprised by his foot being stopped, he hadn't put hardly any force behind the kick, "If fight, do honourably with no weapon, if willno put up selves, will take." This being said, ahdi blurs into motion again, actually putting some effort into his movements. Two steps take him to the stumbling Fiona, and he attempts to pluck the wands from her hand, holding them in his left as he plants his foot, and himself back at Kalindi. He doesn't bother holding back this time, and with all the speed and strength of an ATjadni warrior he moves to face Kalindi and drops down low, sweeping his leg around in an attempt to knock her feet out from under her.

Kalindi's feet do go out from under her at the sweep, since she's taken off guard by the speed. She's encountered opponents with that kind of speed before, and it's rather hard for her to counter without her proper weapons. While she falls on her back, she pops back up to her feet almost as she hits the ground and puts up her hand. "I am not intending to fight you. I gave instructions to Fiona, and they were ignored, so I had to follow my word." She keeps her eyes on Ahdi even though what she really wants to do is rub her leg to make the pain go away.

Fiona is pretty easily overpowered by Ahdi, but doesn't really understand - looking at him as if he had somehow betrayed her. She was just about to show this little scrawny Indian girl what for! Yeah. You know. Because Kalindi is the one who is small and scrawny. "Not fair!"

Ahdi takes two quick steps back, slips Fiona's wounds into his back pocket, then folds his hands over his stomach and stares at Kalindi with dark eyes, "You are no fair match, are train to fight, have some kind power with no need wand, is no fair fight. Am Silver Wolf, is my right to judge these thing. You will no fight Fiona, have no right give her instruction in first place. If choose to try again, will force you submit to me. This is clear?" Ahdi says all of this calmly, and even with a slight appolegetic smile.

"No right to give her instructions? She was insulting me, calling my character into question, I have no right to tell her to stop?" says Kalindi, her brows furrowing. "She is challenging my honour! And I cannot stand by and allow this." She crosses her arms and looks over towards Fiona, gesturing to her. "She may speak, but she may /not/ insult me without consequence."

"Bleh!" Fiona sticks her tongue out at Kalindi, "It wasn't an insult, I was just stating the truth. You're a threat. I may be one too, but, that doesn't change it. You don't have anybody's best interests at heart but your own," shrugs the teenager, glancing over at Ahdi. She's going to have to get her wands back somehow, but, that can happen later…

Ahdi speaks to Fiona quietly without looking over, "Do no be disrespectful." Then to Kalindi he says, "Have tell you what your option is, Try hurt Fiona again, will make you submit. Is best you leave, am sorry for disrespect, she is only look out for me, am new to planet, no sure of earth way. This will be handle My way, you leave, do no try hurt Fiona, or try and be hurt." The hunter still speaks in his quiet, appolegitic tone. He has a faint, lilting accent, but it is impossible to place.

Kalindi shakes her head and snaps at Fiona, "You do not know whose best interests I hold in my heart, you cannot know and you cannot see that. We are similar, Fiona, but -you- are more a threat to your friends than I am. I am not controlled. Do not insult me by making accusations about things you cannot know. I am a Bargainer, not like you." She walks over to her bag and hefts it over her shoulders and picks up her canvas bags and says to Ahdi. "I understand that you are obligated to step in during such encounters. I do not begrudge you it. But you being so sure that you can force me to submit, would you not present to me the same disadvantages as I present to her if we should fight? I have told Fiona that we did not have to be enemies before. And now, she refutes it by dishonoring me. It is her choice. Should I dishonor you, how would you reply?"

Ahdi actuallylooks interested now, rather than appolegetic, "Are one of first human who ask." Ahdi responds to Kalindi, "Would no have fought, would have made you submit, then teach you to respect. If were elder, it would be you right to do so to Fiona, but you are no elder, also, you are too sinsative. She did no but words, and no big insult. I would no challenge unless be attack, or if be insult harshly. Am glad you understand, be well." He bows his head to Kalindi, hands still folded, "Next we meet, this will be behind us?"

"You say we don't have to be enemies, and that I'm insulting you, but you talk down to everyone even worse! 'n you're not controlled because you WILLINGLY do the same stuff that I don't want to! That's the difference." Fiona looks pretty angry, really. Her eyes are glowing! Glowing eyes are never a good thing. Obviously she can't really DO anything though… She glances to Ahdi, and then back… "I guess we're cool, for now." She sighs. Kalindi is kind of right with what she says - but Fiona really hates her little smug attitude, sooo much!

Ahdi bows his head once again to Kalindi, then steps backwards once, turns to face Fiona, and moves to slip an arm around her shoulders, "Calm youself." he tells her quietly, attempting to start walking away around the statue of George Washingtion, taking her with him.

"You say, eh, I am not worthy of your friends, from what you say. I take that as a grave insult," says Kalindi simply, shrugging at that. "And you do not understand the nature of a Bargainer, Fiona. We are different from Norgatraz, only similar in some ways. Any deal we make is through negotiations. We cannot dishonor our word." She adjusts herself and nods to Adhi and Fiona, "This will be behind us, I have no grudge against you Ahdi. But Fiona, do not insult me so gravely again." With that final word, she wanders off, still tense from her frustration. She hates Fiona's impudent attitude, sooo much!

Fiona seethes, but does gradually calm down, allowing herself to be led away from Kalindi. "Sorry Ahdi, she makes me so angry, though! I can't believe someone would just…" she sighs, shaking her head as if to clear it. "Anyway, let's get out of here."

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