2010-02-26: Heated Pool Luxuries


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Summary: Lorna, July and Robyn all decide the heated pool is a nice to place to be on a cold afternoon.

Date: February 26, 2010

Log Title Heated Pool Luxuries

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

After a couple of powdery inches of snow last night, one might assume the last thing on any New Yorker's mind was, 'Hey, I think a swim would be rather jolly good,' and for the most part that assumption would be correct. There are, however, those marginal exceptions for those blessed with access to such delights as heated pools. Still, being outside and all, the fluffy drifts of recently deposited snow that border the area make the prospect of swimming very unlikely, until you see the welcoming steam rising off the happy water. Lorna's so there, at the shallowest end on a cake step. All the magnetic mutant needs are some bubbles to make her look a little more at peace.

With classes done for now, Robyn's decided to relax with a nice swim. As soon as he gets outside he spots Lorna and gives her a wave. "Hey, mind some company?" He asks as he puts a towel over a chair and moves it close to the pool for easy, quick, access when he gets out. He takes off his shirt and jeans quickly so he's down to his Jack Skellington swim trunks and slips into the pool. "It's great having a heated pool here." He says careful not to get his hair wet incase of freezing.

July comes out wearing a brown thick coat, white shoes with a yellow shirt underneath and blue pants. The girl smiles, "Hey. I was wondering if there's room for one more?" asks the graduated girl. "The heated pool closest to where I live now is broken. Heh." she blushes a bit, and waves lightly to the two in the water already.

"Not at all," Lorna quickly replies upon being broken from her reverie by Robyn. She smiles an easy smile, one that's slightly distracted. When another voice pops up with the same question, she cants her head in its direction and chuckles. "Ha! Did I just develop people-magnetism too? Of course. More the merrier. I just finished my laps." While recalling the workout, she rolls her tired shoulders. "This place definitely has its club-member perks."

Robyn smiles at Lorna and swims out a bit so that he's shoulder deep. "I'm Robyn by the way, Robyn Larkin." He says introducing himself before July comes in and asks if there is room. Looking both lengths of the pool he looks up at July. "I dunno, it seems kind of packed in here but I think we can squeeze another in." He wants to duck under the water but keeps stopping himself before he does. "So any official date on the move out?" He then nods to Lorna. "The benefits here make it worth staying some days."

July smirks softly at Robyn's comment about the pool being packed. "Good thing I can squeeze myself through any nook and cranny, isn't it?" she asks as she pulls her shoes off, leaving them away from the pool, and then places her coat, folded, on her shoes, before running toward the pool and jumping in, clothes and everything, but then she emerges after her dive wearing a blue one-piece with a thick, wide 'x' styled in yellow on her torso. "Ah, I'm out already." she grins softly to Robyn as she brushes her hair back. "Living at ESU campus now."

"Good to meet you," Lorna says to Robyn before returning the introduction. "Lorna Dane. Howdy again, July," Her eyes swivel back to the girl, and she smiles knowingly. Despite the lack of spray in her direction, Lorna finds she's shielding herself with an arm anyway as July dives in. She doesn't interrupt their conversation, but instead begins paddling her legs under the water while she listens.

"How's it at the new campus?" Robyn asks as he has at least a year before he goes off to do the college thing. "What are you studying there?" He looks over at Lorna and smiles. "Nice to meet you Lorna or is it Ms. Dane?" He's not sure if she's an X-Men, a teacher, or both here. "This is the best way to exercise here, a heated pool."

July looks down at her swimsuit to see if she got it good this time, and she nods in satisfaction before looking back up to Robyn to address his question. "Oh, it's nice. It's a new place and all, but it's a bummer that I can't freely use my powers around like I just did here." she shrugs softly, smiling a bit, "And I'm majoring chemistry. Always wanted to do it, let's see how it'll turn out." she nods.

"Either, or," Lorna replies to Robyn. "I'll occasionally reply to 'Hey You,' but it's not particularly preferred." She winks. "Oooh, chemistry," Lorna admires, butting in with a polite and appreciative tone. "Very nice."

"Chemistry, so are you going to go all mad scientist with the bubbling jars of various chemicals and demand us to call you Dr. Elastica?" Robyn says joking around but he thinks it would be amusing. "I'll try not to call you That Green Haired Lady, unless that's one that's not particularly preferred either."

July arches one eyebrow and chuckles amused at Robyn's joke, and she splashes him once, "Yeah, right. And first thing I'll do is to make you a concoction to make you into a real frog this time, since my first batch didn't work out right." she smirks at that and winks, before looking at Lorna, "Thanks, Ms Dane."

Lorna shrugs, "I get that one a lot, too. I mean, if Lorna's too hard to remember, at least that one's more specific!" She grins wryly. "Just don't mind the rivalry between chemist students and physicist students too. It gets naughty on occasion, but it's all in good fun as to whose study is better. Or worse, as some cases may be." That grin turns wickedly mischievous for a moment.

Robyn chuckles. "Ah remind me to never drink, or eat, anything you offer me. I don't wanna go through being a frog again." Robyn didn't like that, it was too much after awhile. "I'll be looking for colleges over the summer, hopefully some kind of art school." Big surprise there.

July nods, smiling, "I heard the ESU has some good art classes, if you're interested." she shrugs lightly, and she looks down at her one-piece, and frowns a bit, focusing to change the yellow part of her outfit from an X to wavy lines on her swimsuit. "Better." she says, smiling.

Lorna eyes July's shifting bathing suit, but doesn't comment. After all, living and working in a school full of mutants leaves little room for surprise. The green headed woman rises from the pool's shallow end and steps out of it. She moves pretty quick to get her long, thick robe and pull it around her, shielding her from the sudden chill of the air. "Woo! I'm awake now!" she says with a chilly shudder. "Think it's time I get dried off and stop procrastinating against my errands."

Robyn blinks at July's change of uniform. "When did you learn to do that?" He just remembers her stretching, not being able to change what she wears. "That is something you do right? No like some weird kind of outfit?" He looks at Lorna as she gets out and winches. "I'm not looking forward to doing that soon." He says knowing that he has squad training in a bit.

July chuckles softly, "I'm getting better with my powers." she nods softly, "I have come to the conclusion that there is a lot I can do that I haven't tapped yet." she nods again, and then looks back to Robyn as Lorna steps out of the pool. "And since my uniform changes—" she's stops as she turns to look at Lorna, "Aww, out already?" she asks, grinning.

"Hey, I'm getting pruny. I gotta make sure those wrinkles don't stick," Lorna jokes with a smirk. "Good luck with your classes and such by the way. See you two around, hopefully!" The professor pulls the robe tighter, grabs her things from a bench, and scurries inside and out of the cold.

Getting out of the pool too, Robyn wraps himself in his large towel. "I gotta go too, I gotta get to practice in a bit. And nice meeting you Lorna!" Robyn says giving a wave as he turns to July. "That's really neat, I'm glad that we'll still see you around but I gotta jet." He says making a face as he picks up his clothes and heads into the school. Alpha Squadron….AHOY!

July chuckles softly, left alone to her devices in the pool. "Alright. I'll be here for a while longer." she nods softly, "See you two around, then!" she says, before starting to swim around to practice a bit.

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