2020-06-21: Heavy Work Load


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**Summary: Rashmi takes over the new role of leader and starts delegating. **

Date: June 21, 2020

Heavy Work Load

Rating: PG

The Future - The Underground - Mutant Base

Hidden in the maze of tunnels is the open area that the mutants have turned into their have, their home. Not wanting to risk electricity being detected down here, there are battery powered and gas powered lights leaving the place dark and damp. At least three mutants are always on guard down here at the entrance to the mutant camp and secret passwords and codes are needed to get into this room. Theres a large door with a large piece of wood barricading it as those down here dont take any chances.

It's been weird without Jericho around, there's something about the lack of presence of a 7' man that just makes an area seem empty. He died for a good cause but it still rattled Robyn a bit. At the moment he's organizing some of the weapons that are down here, taking an inventory of weapons and ammunition. He's taken over three cots as he sorts things while in his wheelchair. Since the attack is coming soon Robyn wants to try to help in every aspect he can since he's pretty sure his days of spying on the enemy via his possession are nearing an end, if not over.

One of the perks of having a somewhat liquid body is that no matter how tiny the crack, you can still pass through. And through the small ducts where disabled energy cables pass that Elastica now uses to make her way through the rooms of their hideout. Right now she arrives to the room where Robyn is checking on the guns, and a green blobby thing leaks out of one of the pipes and splashes on the floor, before reforming into her adult, green skinned form of Elastica, "Hey, Robyn? You ok, man?" she asks, sounding a bit concerned.

The sound of booted feet on dirt is heard, from farther down the tunnels. It's not long before Rashmi emerges, tired, dirty, every line on her face screaming weariness. July and Robyn's presences are noted with a small upward twitch of the lips and a short nod, but the redhead seems to prefer to keep silent, for now, merely digging through stacks of weaponry, pulling out and arranging every explosive device in the pile to look over.

Looking up over at July, Robyn gives her a confused look. "Yeah I'm fine, just a lot on my mind. Why?" Well fine as he can be right now considering the circumstances. "Just doing what I can to help out now that Jeri's no longer the big-man in charge. We can't let what he did stop at that and we gotta move forward and keep on hitting them until they can't take it anymore." He says with an afirmative nod. Then Rashmi comes in and Robyn smiles back at her, wheeling himself closer. "I've almost got the count on the weapons and ammo done. When's the last time you've taken a break Rash?"

July nods to Robyn, "Yeah, I know. We'll get it done." she then adds in her mind, 'Eventually, hopefully.' before looking at Rashmi. Normally the green rubber girl would make a comment about the other girl's looks, but she refrains to do so, as Robyn wheels himself toward her, "I came here for some more ammo for my guns, by the way. Just two clips for each gun go fast in a big battle."

"For once, I'll give you the same crap excuse everyone else gives me," Rashmi says with a snort, as a large wad of cloth is pulled from a vest pocket, spread out and explosives stacked on it. "I'll sleep when there's no more work to do. The Hunters are coming sometime soon, and the upper tunnels need trapped, all of them. If we're lucky, we'll be able to thin out the herd by a lot before we have to do any actual fighting. If we're not…" A shoulder lifts. "Better we are lucky."

Robyn points to an area where the ammunition is for July. "Just take what you -need- and use it sparingly, we don't have much left and we're gonna need it for the big fight." He says before reaching out a hand to put it on Rashmi's shoulder. "Rash…this isn't you. Talk to me like you're let me talk to you all these years. I won't force you to sleep but just…" There's a sigh and he looks down at his lap. "Just let me know what you want done after I have the weapons count." His voice sounds disappointed as he says that.

July approaches Rashmi and nods softly, "I have an idea. Give me enough plastic explosives and claymores and I'll be able to flow into the small nook and crannies of the passageways to the hideout and rig them all with the explosions, enough to do enough damage and a cave-in if needed." she says, nodding softly and smiling. But then she looks to Robyn and nods, "Yes, don't worry. I try to be as economic with the ammo as possible."

Rashmi blinks up at July for a moment, apparently needing a moment for her mind to catch up with her hears, and nods. Separating the plastique from the rest, she gathers up another bundle, topped with a piece of paper covered in lines, scribbles, and Xs. "Here's a map of the upper tunnels," she says. "The red Xs are cracks and weak points. Put the bombs in as deeply as you can; the tunnels are going to be brought down as soon as they're all in. The black ones, scrape up as much little scrap metal as you can that isn't being appropriated, put them there. Erik and Magneto could always use extra ammunition." That done, she lets her head hang, a hand coming up to rest on Robyn's. "I'll be okay, Robyn… Just… I've got a lot I'm trying not to think about. Which… y'know. Hard for *me* to do."

Robyn reaches in to hug Rashmi the best he can and gives her a kiss on the forehead. "Okay, just don't burn…well you are gonna burn yourself out, but I am just afraid you're gonna copy what idoits Connor and I were to shut ourselves off. Any help you need, just ask." He says squeezing her shoulder before going back to the counts. "Maybe I'll see if we can as Chloe to see what she can round up, and with Magneto and Erik needing ammo, lets fine some used shells for them. They just need the metal." Use anything you can. "Thank's July, so how have you been holding up"

July smiles and nods, accepting the offered plastiques, absorbing them into her body for later use, and then she checks out the map for a moment before absorbing it too. "Alright." she says, "Yay, I'm a walking human bomb. Literally." she half-jokes, shaking her head before hugging Rashmi as well, "You're the best, girl. But you need to relax, some. You /can/ delegate some functions to other people, y'know?" she smiles, and then she looks at Robyn as she's addressed. "I've doing fine, Robyn, thanks. Being what I am allows me to shrug off physical punishment very easily, so I don't get down for long." she shakes her head softly at that, "I'm just wondering if I should go out on patrols at all, considering all my firepower come from guns with limited ammunitions."

"I am delegating," Rashmi murmurs, scrubbing at her face. "Notice I'm asking you specifically to stop going on patrols, July. For the next couple days, you stay down here. Explore every last nook, cranny, and rat-tunnel we have down here. If we have just one person who knws every inch of this place, we can work that into a tactical advantage they'll never be able to compensate for. And… don't worry, Robyn, I'm not going to shut off. Just… We'll have time to be human later. Right now we have a job to do, and hundreds to protect. Nothing, *nothing* is more important than that."

"July are you shitting me? All your firepower comes from guns? Didn't you /ever/ watch The Incredibles?" Robyn asks as he can't believe that. He shakes his head. "You're nearly indistructable now July, you can use your body as a weapon. Grab rubble on the ground, there's plenty of it, sling shot it at people. You can do so much that you're waiting your gifts on guns." Maybe it's that little bit of jealousy that's been inside Robyn for ten years, that's he's been confined to a wheelchair while he got to watch his friends group up to be on X-Force work with the X-Men while he just got to sit there and it's a very similar case now. Rashmi gets a 'look' from Robyn and he shakes his head. "That's what I said." About the being human later but then he smiles. "I do understand Rash. I really do."

Speaking of work and protecting, Volk resolves into existence in the center of the chamber, panting and going to one knee for a moment. Still reeking of sweat and guns from the Xavier's raid, the man has been busy attempting to pull in all his old caches for use with the big fight coming up. Standing up… he begins plodding over towards Robyn, and with a grunt pulls off the two large duffle bags he was hauling with him. Dropping them down he grumbles out, "Dozen more… rifles… bullets… RPG… Rounds… and… s-some *COUGH* mines." He pauses and goes for some water, taking a long pull from a canteen, "Everything but… personal stuff… is here."

July nods to Rashmi, "Sure. I'll have this place mapped in no time." she says, smiling, but then the green rubber girl looks at Robyn with an arched eyebrow. "I'm very resilient to some damage, Robyn. Not immune to everything. Fire can still kill me. Freezing me pretty much puts me out of commission. A bucket of acid is thrown on me and it's bye-bye Elastica." she says, smiling, "And yes, I watched the 'Incredibles', but here we're fighting people with super speeds, steel-hard skin, and people that can breathe fire or shoot lasers from their eyes. Shooting pebbles at them won't really help us. I'm not super-strong to lift big rocks to do any real damage to them. I /can/ act as a backup to help people get out of tight situations, but as an offensive player, I have little in the way of attacks. Sure, I could stretch my arm toward them to punch them from afar, but if they catch my arm… I'll be in a tight spot." she shrugs again as Volk makes his arrival.

Rashmi nods quietly. "Volk… Are you rested enough to do some moving for me? All these weapons, we need stashed around the tunnels. There's still Scourge's armory, but I want backups for everyone who'll need it and won't have time to get there. July…" Rashmi shakes her head, closing her eyes. "You know better than that. That's always been your biggest weakness, you know. Just.. be *smart* about what you do, and Robyn's right. You sell yourself way too short, because you can't get creative. Well… knock it off. We need you to be devious as you can be, now."

Robyn finishes writing down the numbers and then he starts looking through what Connor brought and starts writing that down too. He wheels himself over and gives the paper to Rashmi. "That's what I counted, I'm gonna head over to the other area and start counting on how much food and other supplies we have down here and in the other location. And listen to Rashmi July, she's always been the smart one." He says before pausing to pat a hand on Connor's shoulder before moving on. "Once I'm done with these counts I'll talk to you later okay Connor? I noticed something about Saturday night I wanna talk to you about." He says as he wheels himself off to do the counts.

July watches as Robyn leaves, nodding to him and then she looks back at Rashmi as she has her ass chewed a little bit, "Alright, alright." she says, nodding, "I'll do my best, chief." she says, smiling at that as she pats her belly. "I'll do my best with what I can do, ok? Just don't expect miracles." she smirks lightly.

Flopping down on one of the cots, and continuing to drink, Volk holds up five fingers at Rashmi before hanging his head a bit, panting hard and even with the balalkava, the sheen of sweat on him can be seen against his eyes.

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