2009-08-21: Hedge Maze Hesitation


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Summary: There's a gathering at the Hedge Maze.

Date: August 21, 2009

Log Title Hedge Maze Hesitation

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Hedge Maze

Within the Hedge Maze, the walls are, as one would expect, green shrubbery. Openings have been cut in the walls to allow for passage through the maze.

Even though Robyn has been at the school since April, he's never gotten around to exploring the hedge maze. With the recent rain cooling things down it's now not to hot to spend more than ten minutes outside. Dressed in a black tshirt with a white skeleton angel on the front over a white pair of jeans, Robyn just stands in the first part looking around, trying to get the courage to venture further by himself. He's a bit nervous he might get lost in here.

July noticed Robyn from afar, and decides to walk up to him, "Hey, man." says the rubber girl as she approaches her friend, "Checking out the maze?" she asks, glancing at it as well for a mmoent before looking back at her friend.

Lily spotted the pair of people at the mouth of the hedge maze as she was leaving the pool, and trotted around to join them. "Hey there. Planning on getting lost for a while, huh?"

"I'd advise you to not get lost in there," comes a slightly bored voices. It appears to be coming from a pair of jeans a red t-shirt casully strolling towards the teens as if a person were wearing them. "It's getting late and I don't quite know who has the map," he teases slightly.

A crimson glow eminates from inside the hedgemaze, accompanied by footsteps. Nothing is said hough, simply bootsteps and the glow. Brian had been navigating the hedge maze since he started attending the school. He was trying to navigate it by memory, so far he'd managed to go through most of the maze. The energy manipulator often used this to focus his mind.

Robyn smiles at July and Lily show up. "Yeah, I was thinking about it, I know it's getting dark but it's the summer right?" Gotta use up that free time while it's still there. "I haven't explored it yet just.." And before he can finish his sentance Robyn jumps at Rob's voice. "Oh man Mr. Weyrin, you startled me." He says with a smile. "I'm not trying to get lost more pondering if I want to explore?"

A crimson glow eminates from inside the hedgemaze, accompanied by footsteps. Nothing is said hough, simply bootsteps and the glow. Brian had been navigating the hedge maze since he started attending the school. He was trying to navigate it by memory, so far he'd managed to go through most of the maze. The energy manipulator often used this to focus his mind. (RE)

July blinks as she looks at rob, and then she smiles, "Hey, Mr Weyrin." she says, waving to him, "Oh, and I was thinking of following Robyn, here." she nods, before looking back at him, "I think I can keep us from being lost."

Lily grins. "I got /so/ lost in there the first dozen times I explored." She admits, rolling her eyes. She jumps a little when Mr. Weyrin speaks, but more because she had her back to him and didn't know there was anyone else there. "Oh! There's actually a map?"

Rob offers an unseen smirk. "Yes, I do that quite a lot, Robyn," he sounds amused as he stops near them. "July, Brian," he greets the other student and the X-Force member. The men then looks to Lily. "And…I don't believe I've ever seen you before, must be new. I'm Mr. Robert Weyrin. Welcome to the school. Did you just arrive recently?" he asks. "And yes. What person would build a maze without a map to go along with it?"

"Easy, one who would want to have their minds challenged, like myself." Brian comments before stepping out of the hedge maze. He wears his containment suit, seems he cannot part ways with it. The MIT accepted student looks about, not really recognizing anyone, though he only gets out every once in a while. He waves to the clothing bieng worn on Rob. "Hi."

"I don't mind you coming along July but no cheating and sticking your head up using your powers, if I do this, I want to do it the right way." Only if Robyn's been lost for over an hour or so will he want to cheat. "Minds Challenged? I was thinking more mystery and adventure sort of thing. I haven't had a chance to explore it yet Lily." He says remembering meeting her at the pool.

July laughs gently at Robyn's rules, "I can't even leave my hand at the beginning and use my arm as a lifeline?" she asks, giggling softly and shaking her head gently.

"Actually, sir, I've been here for about two years now." Lily said. "We just must not've run into each other before. I'm Lily Nichols." She grins. "And they might not make it without a map, but there's no guarantee the map won't get lost, or destroyed somehow or other."

Rob chuckles. "Yeah, Brian, that's for those going through the maze. When you build one, you make a map so as not to get lost and not screw up during the building process," he states. Lily gets an invisibly arched eyebrow. "Hm. Two years you say? Interesting…" he trails off. He'll need to recheck the student files he was pointed to.

Brian stepped out of the hedge, looking to the others. "Well, if you guys are going in there, good luck to you." He offers the group. "I'm Brian Carerra." The graduate says, looking to the students, not recognising anyone right off the bat.

Robyn looks at July and chuckles with a head shake. "If I'm going to explore it I want to do it right. Maybe I'll see if Jordan's up for it sometime and do it when it's not getting dark, ya know, if you don't want the Adventure July." Robyn says with a chuckle. "I'm Robyn Larkin." He says in response to Brian with a nod. "And if we don't make it without a map Lily, we…might manage." But there's that hint of nervousness.

July sticks her tongue out to Robyn, giggling softly, before looking back at Lily, "Maybe we should all get in there together. Who has the bread to mark our way back with bread crumbs?" she asks, grinning, "Shall we pack for a trip?"

Lily nods to Mr. Weyrin. "Yeah." Then she grins. "I'm just one of the quieter kids, is all." Less likely to call attention to herself, for good or ill. "Well, I really do recommend doing this in the daylight. It gets hard to see the turns in the dark."

Rob shrugs, stepping back as the students plan their little venture. He makes note of who's going in just incase one gets lost and he needs to go searching. Hands get stuffed in pockets and the invisible teacher keeps quiet.

The energy manipulator had already finished up his venture through the hedgemaze. The X-Force member simply makes his way towards the mansion. "You guys take care. If you see James Finnigan in there, bring his body out." His advise a total joke, but maybe someone believes it?

"Whose James Finnigan?" Robyn asks cautiously hoping that Brian is joking. "I used to be one of the quiter kids too but then I realized that most people really don't care if you don't fit in or not." Robyn admits though he does still tend to do his own thing a lot and not care what other people thing.

July blinks softly at Brian's joke, and then she giggles softly, "I'll send him your regards." she grins softly, before smiling softly and stretching her neck longer to look inside the maze past the first turn, "Ohh…" she giggles.

"Quit trying to scare the crap outta everyone." Lily says with a grin, then glances at the others. "Well, if you're going in, I can stay here to at least give you a chance of getting back out."

Rob gives a laugh to Brian's joke, shaking his head. "Yeah. You kids have fun while Summer lasts. Call if you need help."

The energy manipulator gives a wave before heading into the mansion. "James Finnigan, freshman about three years ago. One day went in, never came out." Brian smiles. "Just kidding." He adds on before heading off to the mansion.

Robyn looks around and nods with a sigh. "Maybe it is a good idea to go later when it's not getting so dark. I mean if I've never been in before maybe with light is the best." He admits with a smile. "I'll be sure to try to grab you July when I decide to go. It was nice seeing you Lily. Have a good night Mr. Weyrin, Brian." He says with a nod before wandering off in his own direction.

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