2010-06-13: Hellhound


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Summary: Future Hound Heather goes to Salem Center to indulge in some greasy deliciousness, but finds something better: Some of her old schoolmates.

Date: June 13, 2010

Log Title Hellhound

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

The past affords all kinds of luxuries that the future never did. While in the future, Heather was an ambiguously aligned drifter for most of her history there, and more recently one of the Hounds of Ahab who had provided him a way to bend reality to his will, she didn't really get an opportunity to enjoy the greasy fast food provided here. She is wearing a skin-tight black suit, a headset resting on her ear and a small speaker attached to her chest. On both of her forearms, she is wearing a row of rollex watches and a single worn looking digital watch, the one that Heather has always worn with her. One her face are the markings that make it clear that she is a Hound, but to those in the past, it may not be so clear. She looks like she hasn't aged a day since her days at Xavier's. She grins at the anticipation of getting herself a nice past meal.

Maxwell is primarly shopping, he was looking for a new suit, in some new colors, wearing a fine blue suit. The younger teen does seem to enjoy his suits, and he hums somthing, prehaps a bit of classica melody, idly fingering material that's been set out on the racks of various spots. He's wandering though, enjoying some time outta the city.

Stepping out of the Grind Stone with Chloe, Connor has a paper coffee cup filled with whatever concoction he was coaxed by his friend to order. Taking a sip from it, he turns and looks at Chloe a moment, "No… I still haven't gone to see him… bad enough I'm on detention AND you convinced me to sneak out for coffee and snack. Why do I always hook up with the…" Stopping his thought as he looks at Chloe, and mumbles, "Sorry."

"The end of that sentence is obviously /cool people/," Chloe finishes, slugging back a shot of espresso and then sipping at an iced coffee. She shudders as the rush from the espresso hits. "Man that is good. And this isn't sneaking out, it's vital psychological help. Without it you'd need years of therapy."

Cloud has come into Westchester for a haircut and has decided to check out the stores while he's out here, he's dressed in pale blue jeans, a white t-shirt, black sneakers and a black baseball cap backwards, he's just come out of the barbers and is heading towards the salem center.

Heather stops. Fast food can wait. A grin creeps onto her face as she sees the faces, looking so young and fresh. She whips her head towards Chloe and Connor at first and zips over, stopping several feet away from them, her fast-world factor resting at ten. "Chloe. Volk." Her grin gets wilder, more insane looking, "You both look so /young/. Eheheheh. Look at this place. It hasn't changed at all. It's like the good old days. Listen, I have something to show you two, come with me quick." She gestures towards herself. "Here, here, I'm bored of waiting."

Maxwell feels a jacket and he lets it go and he keeps walking, coffe, he could use some good espresso, and as such he's near the group as the oddly dressed heather suddenly appears in front of the other teens. The young man in the suit tilts his head, "Vas?" he pauses and takes a look at the three.

It's the name that does it, not for recognizing Heather… back at the school, while the classes might be small, the two never met. The coffee-drink falls out of Connor's hand as the details of her attire, those marks all resolve, memories of Central Park reopening like fresh wounds. His voice trembles as he says, "Chloe… run. That… th-that's not… Heather…" Eyes blazing out as energy flares around him for a moment, and he says with a louder, and somewhat more sure voice, "Who are you here for. Who does he want…"

It's the name that does it, not for recognizing Heather… back at the school, while the classes might be small, the two never met. The coffee-drink falls out of Connor's hand as the details of her attire, those marks all resolve, memories of Central Park reopening like fresh wounds. His voice trembles as he says, "Chloe… run. That… th-that's a… she's a…" Eyes blazing out as energy flares around him for a moment, and he says with a louder, and somewhat more sure voice, "Who are you here for. Who does he want…"

Chloe blinks, her mouth dropping open. "Ohmygodmyroomiehasbeenkidnappedbyherparentsandturnedintoan /S&M exhibitionist/!" she blurts, somewhere on the verge of fastworld 1.5. "God you said they were evil but…." She shakes her head. "I never imagined anything like this!"

Cloud spots Chloe, Connor and Heather is it?, he's seen her but there havn't really talked, he crosses over to join them, wait…, what the hell is Heather wearing?, "Whoa!, leather fetish, you kept that one quiet", he's confused by Connor and Chloe's reaction, ok, not the best look but it doesn't exactly make her evil.

Heather laughs at Connor's words and says, "Volk. Your voice. Hahahaha!" She finds it too funny, not because she thinks he's funny sounding, but because she hasn't heard Connor speak for a very long time. She glances between Chloe and Cloud and says to her 'best friend' from the past, "My parents are dead. I'm better than them." She looks between the others and sets the alarm on one of her rollexes. "Volk, master would love it very much if you came with me." She reaches quickly to try and grab him by the shirt. "You used to be such a warrior." She means 'used to be' from her perspective, of course.

Maxwell raises his brows at the fast talk, "I think that somthing is rather off here…hmm, is everything all right." the teen in the suit steps forward into the circle, "After all it looks as if things are quickly turnining into a very stressful time.

While Heather can move with the speed of time, Connor's speed is the speed of thought, some consider it equally fast… and as the grab for his shirt is made, he step-ports ten feet in front of himself, and turns around, in the middle of the street, naked fear in his eyes, "NO! GET AWAY!" Hands come, and bolts of blue-green energy fly out, grabbing two newspaper boxes. As quickly as he can, the young mutant attempts to slam them both together right where Heather is standing!

"Woah they're dead now? They weren't dead the other day," Chloe asks, taking a step back at the news. "When did they… yah know..? Did the teachers hand you a letter or something?" She frowns. "I'd have thought they'd offer grief counselling, especially if they knew you were taking it so hard."

Cloud raises an eyebrow, why is Heather calling Connor Volk?, and why is Connor shouting and using his powers!?, he starts running towards his teamate, to get him to stop before he gives them all away.

Another Heather, from the near future, appears and zips past where the previous Heather is, bringing herself out of the way and leaving two copies of Heather now. Their watches are set differently, but that seems to be the only difference between the two. "They died nearly one hundred and thirty one years ago, I am over it now," says Past Future Heather (talking from her own perspective again) dashing to try and hit him while Future Future Heather stops and seems to wait patiently, surveying the other mutants. "They're just children, remember that. They don't understand anything yet," she says to Past Future Heather.

Maxwell was just talking, at least untill there's a sudden increase in the level of violence, the teen in the suit jumps back as the newspaper bins are taken up like toys and slammed together, "Mein Gott! What are you doing!" He asks in shock as things go from teen angst to more then human in an instant. Shielding himself from metal shrapnel. Then suddenly being confronted by a multitude of the same person, there's a break in his composure, "Well fuck me…" he says as he's now agape, and spectators are probably fleeing.

Realizing his mistake and what is happening around him, Connor stares for a moment and then says to Chloe and Cloud, "Run. Just run. She's with the guy who hurt James. Who took the guys in the park and made them like her. He's called Ahab. Don't let her near you… I'm getting help." His 'tactical' brain re-engaging finally as he takes his phone out, flips to an image… and vanishes.

"Uhm…" Chloe murmurs, before taking a deep breath and sipping at her iced coffee. "This is messed up. We don't understand huh? Then explain it. Who knows if you tell me I could tell /you/. I did promise remember? Although I'm not sure I wanna end up like that. Leather… PVC… whatever that costume is it isn't my kinda thing."

Cloud falls back as the boxes smash together, "Connor!, what the hell are you doing?!", and then theres suddenly another Heather, then the warning from Connor before he disappears, then Heather talking like an insane person, at least the civillians have cleared out now, he runs over to a lampost and absorbs the metal from it, his hair, body and clothing becomes metalic, using the strength gained from the metal he pulls off the panel and begins absorbing electrcity from it.

The watch alarm on Past Future Heather goes off with a beep and she vanishes, white Future Future Heather remains, glancing between these people gathered here now that Connor has disappeared. "No wonder he is so hard to catch," she says, before looking to Chloe. "Explain what? There's not enough time. Besides, I am sure you will piece it together. Come with me. We will be best friends again," says Heather, laughing softly. She points at Cloud and says, "Dead Boy! I forget your name. It's been too long. Come with me, and I will give you a future. Do not, and you will die irrelevant and forgotten, not even a hero, just a boy who dies out of impotent ignorance. This is not a threat. This is your reality." Her time shift changes up to twenty five.

Maxwell is pushed back into a corner at the sudden and very public apperance of super powered teens, "Damnit that's what I get for going to the mall." his fists are clenched and he tries to focus, seeing who's going to attack who, and who exactly is the bad guy!

"Not enough time? Was that actually a joke? At least your sense of humour has improved over the years," Chloe replies, wincing as Cloud begins… doing whatever it is he thinks he's doing. "Come on. You know we can get you proper help if you need it. The Avengers maybe. They could fix whatever is wrong with you." The iced coffee is finished and the teenage blonde takes a few steps back. "Who is this Ahab guy Connor was talking about? Has he hurt you or sent you to the White Place? If he has you just need to say and we can find a way to fix it!"

Cloud stands up and is about to demand answers, when what Heather says catches him off guard, "What do you mean dead boy?, irrelevnt and forgotten?, what the hell are you talking about?, i'm definatly alive".

Heather laughs at Cloud's words and says, "Where I am from, you are already dead. Here's a hint: It's the future. Your future. And nobody utters your name anymore. Nobody remembers you as a hero. Or anything at all. Other than Dead Boy." She shrugs and adds, "But you may still pursue your fate. I just present to you an alternative." She looks back towards Chloe and sets one of her watches again. "Ahab is my Master. I serve him. In the future, he is a hero," she says, "But you don't understand that yet. We are here to prevent atrocity." She walks with her speedshift up to twenty five towards Chloe, stopping close, slowing down her speech to match Chloe's shift, "We don't need to fix it."

Maxwell remains in a neutral posistion, time travel hmm? Well he already knows the situation isn't normal, but as long as it's jsut talk, he stands there.

"From where I'm standing the only atrocity is your costume," Chloe says, rolling her eyes. "So I think I'll take my chances as I am thanks. You should know me well enough to know I don't really do the whole service thing. I think I'll be going now. It was nice meeting you, but I have to admit I'm going to try talk sense into you and stop you ever ending up like that."

Cloud walks over towards Chloe and Heather, "What do you mean, i die?, how?", this is the kind of information that really messes with your head, "You say this Ahab is a hero, how?"

"You know that I am not the type to serve either, Chloe," she reaches to put a hand on her 'best friend's shoulder, the wrist that has her old watch on it, the one that she wears from this time period. "You will understand someday." She glances towards Cloud and says, "I cannot tell you how you die. I am sorry. The repercussions are too grave. But Ahab is fighting for the freedom of all of us and the betterment of the country. Our future is one torn apart by war. This is your only chance to come with me, Dead Boy. And then I shall learn your name again."

"Seriously Cloud don't believe her," Chloe says, shaking her head. "This Ahab guy is the reason James is in the medbay. Sorry Heather but you're just not /you/ anymore and I'm damn well going to try stop you ending up like this. I really should get back to school now, homework to do and everything. You know how it was with last minute classwork."

Cloud is torn, he's just been told he's gonna die and this "hero" can help him, but Chloe says it's a trick, whats he supposed to do, "Chloe, i don't know what to do, i don't wanna die, and if she can help…"

"In the Future, James kills many people. James is a demon, insane, a man with nothing but hatred and wild bestial instinct. He will kill people close to you, Chloe, so many people," says Heather, flatly, "If he died now, you would count it a blessing. But that's not his fate, I suspect." She keeps her hand on Chloe's shoulder and glances to Cloud, "Do you want to come with me?"

"I don't give up on people," Chloe says, her tone as flat as Future Heathers. "Honestly Cloud it's obvious when you think about it! Only the bad guys ever try change history. Haven't you seen Back to the Future Part two?"

Cloud sighs, "Sorry Chloe, I don't wanna die," it might sound selfish, but honestly what would you do in his position, he nods at Heather, "Ok".

Heather nods at Cloud and says, "Please, come with me," she extends the hand that isn't on Chloe's shoulder to take Cloud's hand, ready to transport him back to Ahab. She almost seems to forget that she is even gripping Chloe.

"Oh come on Cloud! You're going to take her word when she hasn't given you /any/ proof/" Chloe yells, grabbing Heathers arm with her cybernetic hand, locking her fingers and twisting. In the hope it'll make her let go. "Maybe you die /because/ you went with her. You ever stop to think about that? Now let go of me damn it!"

"Chloe, i've just been told i die by a time traveler and she can help, what would you do?, i'm seventeen, i don't want to die, it's a risk i HAVE to take", Cloud takes Heather's hand, "When they've helped me i'll come back, and show you it was fine".

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" says Heather, indeed letting go of Chloe's shoulder promptly. A future version of her appears, though, and takes Cloud's hand before he takes Past Future Heather's and gives him a comforting nod before transporting him out. Past Future Heather pulls back, her old watch getting caught in Chloe's grip. It tears off and then beeps, before this Heather disappears only moments into the past to get Cloud out.

"For the love of god… I swear I'm going to strangle Cloud the next time I see him!," Chloe yells, stamping her foot and scowling at any people passing by who are foolish enough to catch her eye. "Why can I never have a nice weekend? Everything always has to go wrong." And with that she sets off on a hasty retreat towards the school, tucking the watch into her pocket for safekeeping.

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