2010-09-26: Hellish Danger Room Session

Players:David, Kisha, Robyn, & Star

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Summary: David runs a Hellish Danger Room session for Kisha, Robyn, and Star

Date: September 26, 2010

Log Title:Hellish Danger Room Session

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

"Hee Ya!" David, dressed in a modified New Mutants Squadron uniform, complete with trenchcoat and yellow visors, is ending his Danger Room session. The room appears to be the lobby of a bank. It seems as if an explosion has gone off. Four thugs are knocked out on the floor and David and a Quick Kick, a tall muscular Black ninja only remain. They are locked in an intense battle, but then David leaps into the air and connects with a roundhouse kick to the ninja's check. Even though it is a simulcra, an expression of pain can be seen and the simulated sound of cracking can be heard as the ninja falls back and down.

The lights dim and come up as the Danger Room session has ended. He stretches a bit and grins, "Much easier here than it was in reality." He stands up straight and suddenly a holographic image of a keyboard pops up, "Which scenario next?" He types anyway on the keyboard running through different files of various villains when a thought occurs, "Might be nice to do something with some of the students." Within the next seconds on the school's system for contacting students a message goes out, "Danger Room session in 5 minutes. Anyone who is free can join in." David waits for some students while still perusing files, "Who would be fun…"

Hearing the announcement, Robyn decided that maybe the extra practice might do him a bit of good. He's dressed in his black and green Alpha Squadron uniform and has made his way to the danger room. His dark hair hangs slightly in his face as he steps in and looks around. "Hello..sir." He says haven't met David before. "I guess I'm here for the danger room session?" There's a bit of nervousness in his voice but that's more because he doesn't know the person running the simulation or if he's gonna be the only one who volunteered.

Not normally one to intentionally seek out Danger Room sessions, the recent conversation with Jono has Star a a little more willing to go out of her way to attempt training. Therefore, when the call goes out for an open session, the girl quickly changes into her black and green Alpha Squadron uniform and makes her way there. She's just finishing looping a band around the end of her braid and flips it back over her shoulder so that her dark hair hangs down her back. She licks her lips lightly and presses her teeth into her lower lip for a moment, a small smile playing at the corners of her mouth when she sees her team mate arriving as well and murmering a soft greeting to Robyn before speaking up herself, "Yeah, um… me, too, I guess." Uncertainty hangs around her like a cloak.

While some have come through choice Kisha is here as more of a punishment. To her to place more value upon the sessions and that 'testing the durability of your uniform' is not a reasonable excuse for trying to see how well unstable molecules burn… Her own take on the Alpha Squadron uniform looks more like a long sleeved t-shirt and normal pants, with various tool belts and pockets for gear and gadgets. Plus a place to tuck her school issue smart phone on the black of her left arm for easy access. "Sorry I'm late. I had to get another costume from the machine."

As the students enter the room, David appears typing away on a holographic image of a keyboard perusing files. A hologram of Kisha, Robyn, and Star appear and words flash through the image quickly running through his file and school record. "Karbon, Psyche, and…Mother" Mother's name is said a little differently, surprised at that codename. David looks over and smiles, "Glad to see you could make it. You were one of the students I hadn't met yet." The hologram of the keyboard and of the students disappear. "Karbon, I have met. To the rest of you, I am David Alleyne, also known as Prodigy. I was running a program for myself and I thought it might be a good idea to get some time in with some of the students and what better way to get to know each other than through a training session."
The lights dim and the room goes completely black, "Oh…any questions before we start." His voice can be heard ringing in the darkness.

"Hi, nice to meet you. I'm also known as Robyn." Says the teen with a small wave in return to David's introduction. "And yes, I do have a question. What is the goal of the session?" There's usually a set goal they have to accomplish and it can be a many number of things. He smiles at Kisha and Star and can't help but be a little amused. "I guess this is turning into kinda an Alpha Squadron practice session minus Cloud, Jaidee and Moniqa."
Star doesn't seem to respond to the use of her old band nickname as a codename, well accustomed to hearing it, though not from an adult. The faintest hint of guilt, or maybe embarrasment, lingers around her for the reaction she's gotten from a few of the other students, but she just bobs her head faintly in response. She opens her mouth to ask a question, but closes it again, since Robyn asked it already, and just shakes her head. She looks over at Robyn and wrinkles her nose slightly, "And I don't know what Cloud's up to that he isn't here, either…" The imperious tone of her voice is unmistakable, though she fades into silence as the lights go out and her nerviousness spikes.

Kisha glances up from her cellphone, then tentatively raises her hand. "I have a question. Can we call Star something else? /Please/. I don't think I'll be able to call her that without regular breaks to stop laughing." she asks solemnly. "Oh and I am okay having my tools with me? I don't know if you're allowing items from outside in the session."

The lights come up and the once empty metallic room has now transformed itself into straight from Dante's Inferno, specifially the ninth level of hell. Each student stands on a stone platform equidistant from each other at about 3 feet from each other. Fires shoots up randomly across the space of the room and on one large platform, the mythic forms of Mephisto and Victor Von Doom stand embroiled in bitter battle. Eldritch blasts are fired as the two hellish (one literally) villains battle it out. Behind them are Cloud, Jaidee and Moniqa trapped in some sort of crystalline prison. Little demons of various sizes and shapes gather around to watch the fight. At the moment, no eyes are on the mutants, David finally speaks in soft whispery tone, "The goal is using teamwork, free your teammates from their prison, doing your past to avoid confronting Victor Von Doom or Mephisto!" He smiles, "You are all alpha squads, so work together." As the hellish scenario plays out before them he offers a piece of in
of input, "While this may appear nightmarish, always remember the safety protocols have been set and the Danger Room has taken your abilities and powers into account. So, Kisha, your tools are fine. You won't be able to disassemble or destroy the Danger Room, so feel free to use your tools. Anything you have to help yourself." At that point, three small demons about the sizes of Chucky the Doll look towards the mutants and hiss to each other in some demonic language.

Robyn looks around and evaluates the situation and looks around the room. Trying to see if there levers or anything that could be useful, something that might help them not have to jump onto each other's platform or anything. He looks to Kisha and Star and nods. "I have no clue if I can possess a demon or not, or what their mind is like, but those three are staring at us and before we engage I kinda want to get a game plan together." He knows they don't have much time but jumping in blindly won't help. He's also thinking about Star and Kisha's powers and what they can do before getting a game plan.

There's a small squeek of surprise at the change in the room and Star rolls her eyes at Kisha's request, "Like Karbon is that much better, really…" She doesn't speak loudly, but her voice is strong enough to be audible over the sounds of the illusionary hell they now find themselves in. Her eyes widen when she spots Cloud and the girl's hands ball up into fists, first anger spiking around her before it's overcome by chagrin and irritation that bait like that would be used for a training session. The reminder of there being safety protocols in effect being the main factor in helping her remember that it is just a training session, "I wonder if I could make them afraid…" She grimaces, "I'll have to get scared first, but I wonder…" Who knows if demons can be influenced by pheromones, after all? It doesn't seem that making her scared should be too difficult, though… Nerviousness already hangs around her, drifting on the air currents.

"If you're making them afraid won't this also affect me and Robyn?" Kisha wonders, glancing around for a moment and then shrugging. "No machines nearby. I say we surrender to Von Doom and convince the captives to work for him. Then we all get released without harm."

As Robyn and Kisha search for levers or machines anyway to move the platforms, they find none except, the only options being to stay on the platform or to jump. There are an array of platforms, of various sizes. Some large to fit all three. Others small to fit one of them. But it is possible to reach the largest platform following a hop scotch pattern.
The demons stop and stare and then their hissing gets louder and louDER and LOUDER! The three demons leap. One towards each Alpha squad member. More and more of the demons look about and jump about from platform to platform looking to eventually engage the mutants or cheer on their own fellow demons.
David notes the students asking about how their powers would work in this scenario against demons and whatnot "Remember what I said about the Danger Room compensating for your powers." In a surprising display of agility, David leaps from one platform to the next, leaping quickly, and appearing to leave the students behind. "My power allows me to copy the skills of another. I am copying these demons' agility. If I can, then what does that mean about you?" He kicks a demon away from them
Dr. von Doom and Mephisto are locked in their own battle and pay no heed to the students or demons, but if Kisha being observant, should note a few feet away from Dr. Doom on the edge of the large platform are some discarded Doombots. Really, even in a simulation, would the real Dr. Doom be fighting here.

"Kisha, the goal is -without- confronting Von Doom or Mephisto so I think doing that defeats the purpose." Robyn says before watching the demons leap from platform to platform. Instead he turns towards the demon jumping towards him and sits down on the platform so he's in the center of it. That way when he does what he's about to do, it won't cause him to fall off the platform. His eyes flash a purple glow before he passes out as he tries to possess the demon coming towards him. If successful, he'll take over the demon's mind and he'll make the bugger jump off the platform. As soon as he jumps and starts to fall, he'll let go of the possession to go back to his own body.

"Um… Probably?" Apparently Star didn't think that far ahead… When the demon jumps at her, there's a little squeek of fear and the empath tries to duck out of the way. She's obviously not that enthusiastic with the idea of actually fighting anything, and with good reason. She's no fighter. She's a bossy musician, but not a fighter. First fear fills the air around her, violet flooding her eyes before they're overwhelmed by black and anger rages around her like a storm, "You aren't real. I'm not going to let you win!" At least she's determined, anyway.

"Surrender isn't confrontation," Kisha points out calmly, pulling out a crowbar. "I presume the sections targeted towards my abilities involve those robots up there. If you can keep the demons away I'll see if I can get them online remotely, but if not I might need to make some manual repairs."

David continues leaping from platform to platform kicking and knocking various demons off of their platforms. The route he is taking seems to be the route to take to get to the largest platform where their friends are held. As Robyn attempts to possess the lower minded creature, he finds that the demon is indeed possessed and seemingly leaps to its own demise as it falls, Robyn's mind is back in his own. The demon leaping for Star misses her and clumsily falls off the platform, but more demons begin to approach and those nearest her begin to grow very angry, blindly angry and they begin fighting amongst themselves, the noises coming from their fights is nearly deafening, but clears up some more space for the mutants. The demon leaping towards Kisha is affected by the burst of anger and leaps past her towards another demon. David smiles and nods to Kisha, "That is correct." Having leapt a path for the mutants to follow, he hops back towards them, "Follow the path, I have somewhat cleared."
The demons continuing fighting each other, while David leaps back and around the Alphas to get them to follow the path he cleared. David lands directly by Star and offers in a low voice, "You're doing well, but try to focus on a calming image, almost a peaceful one." He is reminded of a similar situation where he advised a similar powered empath once.

"Mother!" Robyn says as he was about to call out Star, he'll have to help her with a code name later if she wants, "Come on! We'll follow David and all meet up. It'll be better to be together while Karbon does her thing." He says as he takes a jump across to the next platform with a bit of effort. After every platform hop though, Psyche turns to look after Star and Kisha to make sure that nothing is coming for them. If so, he plans to possess that demon so his teammate can move forward.

Star takes a deep, calming breath and does as David suggests, remembering at the last moment not to close her eyes, "I've calmed people down before you know…" Her words are easily lost in the noise of the battling demons, and she straightens her shoulders, "I'm fine." Her voice is a little stronger when she says that and she nods, jumping to follow after Robyn and now trailing calm after her.

Kisha all but ignores the demon leaping and missing her, her attention already pulled into the task at hand. Which seems to be playing around with her cellphone… "Connecting to my desktop machine okay?" she asks, mostly as a formality. Because by this point she's already logging in. "Not that it'd do much good against a Von Doom R.I. level machine. But who am I to judge…." Eventually she begins moving between platforms, far slower than the rest thanks to a combination of technical distractions & the mellowing effect Star is leaving in her wake.

As Star calms down, so do the demons around the group, between the group of mutants Star has calmed enough that they remain in place. Any not calmed and still attacking find themselves leaping to their destruction as Robyn momentarily possesses them. Demons jumping to their deaths and others in a sorta calming state have pretty much cleared the path. David continues leaping his way with the students and shouts for Star and Robyn to make it to the large platform where their friends are trapped, but also where two of the mightiest villains battle, for now still ignoring the mutants. David remains by Kisha clearing off any remaining demons and focusing, "Maybe some assistance with the doombots, may come in handy.
Once landing on the platform Star and Robyn may notice their teammates are restrained in a solid crystal cave. Their teammates make eye contact and smile and the possible rescue.

Jumping on platform after platform, Robyn lands next to David and looks a the doombots. "Yeah, that's gotta be Karbona or you. My powers will not work on a robot." Compensated for powers or not, a bot doesn't have a mind to really affect and Robyn needs that. "Okay…trying to think of the best way to break the crystals. We can either find something to break them or maybe if we use Mephisto's or Doctors Doom's power to cause them to turn their attention over here and break them." Robyn says looking around for something that he can use as a weapon. "Karbon, how are you doing?"

Even though the Cloud in the cage isn't real, Star can't help but smile back, though there's a certain small amount of tension around her eyes that even focusing on being calm can't totaly rid her of, "Now how do we get them out of there…" She's mostly talking to herself, but she'd be willing to take suggestions. She glances over at Kisha, though a nervous look is spared Doctor Doom and Mephisto, "Not much I can do here, guys…" Not like she can affect the crystals like she can the demons, after all. She keeps trying to keep herself calm, and therefore keep the demons closest to them calm as well.
However well that works…

"I have a plan! Tampering will just trigger the self destruct, but I can use that blast through the crystal barrier," Kisha decides, having done an ultra quick power based inspection. "Or I can turn one of the weapon systems on and /maybe/ use that. But it'll take longer and be more dangerous.
Their teammates trapped in the crystal cage point about at the many rocks and stones around that may perhaps break the crystals. Broken stalactites and stalagmites have fallen from the area. The two villains continue to fight each other mercilessly.
David thinks, "Well time is always of the essence, so I say go with the first." David leaps off the last platform and onto the full one. He eyes Mephisto and Dr. Doom, "Even though they aren't really, they are still impressively frightening." He grins and kneels down by the doombots lifting one up and readily moving it into place for Kisha.
"Robyn and Star, go to your friends. Calm them and make sure they are ok and we'll get them free in a few. Kisha, tamper away."

Robyn nods to David and picks up a rock of all things. He figures he'll at least try to break the crystal holding Moniqa. "Okay guys, we're gonna be getting you out of here." Robyn says to his teammates in a reassurance to keep the calm, after all he really can't do much more to give them a peace of mind outside of words. Emotions are Star's thing.

With the final leap to the platform where their friends, and more importantly, her brother, are trapped, Star moves close to the prison and grabs a rock, "We'll have you out soon…" She hopes. The empathic teen keeps up the calming thoughts, a hint of hope entering the mix of emotions that hangs around her at the thought that this excersise might be over with soon.

Kisha drags a few robots over, one at a time. Then pulls out a couple of little devices, one for each doombot, that look like old bluetooth headsets. "You might all want to step back a bit.." she murmurs as she wires in each headset. "I have no idea how big an explosion these things will make. But it's probably not huge given the danger room settings." Wiring done she follows her own advice before typing away on her cellphone. "Now to unleash a virus attack and watch the fireworks." At which point clicks send and pulls her hands up to cover her ears.

Unleashing the doombots, both Dr. Doom and Mephisto look back in shock, "What is this?" The Latverian monarch roars out as both he and the demon lord, Mephisto fire yellow beams of eldritch energy at the young mutants, David instinctively dives and pushes both Robyn and Star out of the way of the beams and from the impending explosion. The doomboats explode, and strong enough to crack the crystalline cage while freeing their friends. Smoke from the battles and explosion fill the room, which suddenly goes black and then returns to normal.
Once again, the mutants stand in the empty metallic Danger Room. David stands up helping both Robyn and Star, "Well, excellent work! You all proved useful assisted each other, freed your teammates, and were not seen by Doom or Mephisto until the very end!" He smiles, "I'll be sure to let the faculty know and I'll meet with you guys to discuss specifics of the scenario, but again, all of you saved your teammates, so kudos!" David cybershades flash red and yello
David's cybershades flash red and yellow, "Oh wow. I…" He sighs, "Great job, guys. Unfortunately, I have something that needs my attention at the moment. But again! Great job." David moves into the Control Booth for some privacy and begins pacing back and forth while speaking to someone, apparently communicating through the cybershades.

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