2009-04-29: Helpful Planning


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Summary: Jericho tells Christopher his ideas on how to help Wesley.

Date: April 29, 2009

Log Title Helpful Planning

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Back Yard

The Parker-Mayfair home's back yard is a bit bigger than the front yard. It also has a lot more ornamentation. The biggest 'ornamentation' is the large swimming pool. The pool is heated in winter, so that it can still be used. Next to the pool is a small gazebo containing a hot tub… with a covered walkway to the house.

It's been a few days since the discussion that Jeri had with Wesley, and he's come to a decision. However, he does need to discuss things with Christopher first. Fortunately,he has no classes today, so he's spending some relaxing time in the hot tub. There's a lot going on, between his recent rise in student appointments and danger room sessions, that he's just worn out most of the time.

Having no classes today and not working until later this evening, after doing some cleaning around the house Christopher spotted Jeri in the hottub and decided to go out and join his husband. "Hey love, how you doing today?" He asks knowing Jeri has been stressed lately. Taking off his clothes, Christopher slides in the water next to his huband to relax as well.

"Not bad. And you're just the person I wanted to talk to about something." Jeri says with a grin, moving around to put an arm over Christopher's shoulder.

Christopher slides into the arm as he raises his eyebrows at Jeri curiously. "Talk to about something?" He's not sure what it could be but he hopes that it's nothing bad. "Sure love, what's up?"

"Have you met Eddie's half-brother yet? Wesley, I mean?" He asks, snuggling up. Jeri doesn't seem upset at all, just a little on the paternal side. Which is… rather normal for him. Of all people. "I had a conversation with him the other day. Talked about ideas for the future and stuff."

"I've been meaning to but with running a squad, running the Salon and teaching classes, you know I've barely had time to spend with you." Christopher says resting his head against Jeri's chest. "How'd it go? Does he seem like a good kid?" Christopher is hopeing that it went well since they agreed that they couldn't handle another kid in the house.

"He does. He really seems like he wants to get something done properly. I don't know about his powers or anything, but… I wanna do SOMETHING to help him out. I have a few ideas, but, I don't want to do any of them without you." Jeri says with a nod. "Without your approval I mean." He nuzzles his nose down into the hair of his husband.

Christopher smiles as his hair is nuzzled and slides a hand around the back of Jeri. "Well okay, run your ideas by me. I'll probably want to meet Wesley first before deciding anything, not that I don't trust your judgement because I do, I'm just curious to meet him."

"I'm helping him work on a resume, since he IS 18 and legal to work. We just have to figure out a place for him to GET a job that will take someone with no official experience. He's got experience in maintenance and construction, but not in the proper channels. Also, he needs a place to live. I've been considering buying some rental property around here ANYWAY… since we knew that this house was going to go to Eddie when we got older… that way there could be something for Jared, too. So, perhaps a Duplex. That we could rent half of to Wesley at a low expense, because he DOES need it." Jeri explains, not bothering to really pause. Just a lot to get out.

"As crappy as a job as it would be, helping him get a retail job, or a job at a theatre or fast food? It's not a lot of money but it's experience. I would offer him a job at the salon but I don't have any open positions at the moment." Christopher saying thinking about it. "Hrm…a Duplex, that could be a good idea. Rent half out ot Wesley and then..yeah, I do like that idea. Wait, the shop next to mine, I know they're hiring a clerk. It's a small country store type, I can talk to them see if they wouldn't mind giving Wesley a chance. And I'll have to take him out clothes shopping…"

Of course, we all know that Christopher loves shopping. Jeri chuckles and nods. "And isn't there a decent sized duplex near where the shops are? Walking distance?" Jeri says, grinning slightly as things begin to fall into place. "And I'll bet they'll give him a job if you're honest about the reasons to them. He's had jobs before, but they've all been under the table."

"Oh I'm sure too. We're both store owners and chat on several occasions, and I think there is. I don't know if any are for sale but we can find out who the owner is and if they're looking to sell." Christopher says as thigns do seem to work out easily for the two but then they do work for what they get. "I still would like to talk to Wesley first and see if that's something he'd be interested in."

"Of course. I was planning on buying the duplex ANYWAY. So, I may look into those in the next day or so." Jeri says with a nod. "I know he can't live here, but I want to help him out." There's a firm nod at that as he grins slightly. "I think it'll all work out just fine.

Christopher runs his hand through Jeri's hair and leans up to kiss him. "There's nothing wrong with wanting to help out love." He says with a smile. "I feel bad we can't put him up here but both of us know we can't do that." For many reasons and also Christopher mentally can't handle a ton of kids at school and at home. Two is plently. "I think that's a splendid idea."

"Well, I'll start looking. We can at least give him a place to live. Once he gets a job, he can pay rent. A lower amount, depending on his pay rate, but we'll make it fair to him." Jeri says with a quick nod. "He's just been through a lot."

Christopher nods with a smile. "We can match his rent to whatever he's playing, not to make money off of him but more just so he knows responsiblity. Make it so he can still buy food and such. Also we should look into teaching him how to drive if he doesn't know." Christopher says as he runs his hand lightly up and down Jeri's back. "I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him so I don't know what he's been through. Let's just hope I don't have any mystery family memebers that show up."

"I know, right?" Jeri says, shaking his head. "You grew up with your family, and you never dated women, did you?" He asks, just making sure. THat was where his sneaked in on him. Eddie's, well… his dad was never a trustworthy sort. Anyone can see that.

Christopher shakes his head. "I grew up with my parents and I know I have a few cousins but I was never close with them. And I never dated any women, I would have told you that." Christopher says with a chuckle. "And I honestly don't think my parents ever cheated on eachother. You've met my family…" Christopher says as it's obvious he grew up in a very loving environment.

"Then I think you're safe." Jeri says with a firm nod. "My parents don't have any illegitimates, just the four you know." He offers, sliding around a bit to pull Christopher into his lap. "So, it's settled. You meet Wes. I buy a duplex for a rental property. Then, we see what we can do."

As he's pulled into Jeri's lap, Christopher turns so he's sitting so that he can face Jeri and put his arms around his neck. "And I'll talk to Patrica to see about getting Wesley an interview." He doesn't think it'll be that hard after all he gives the woman discounted haircuts.

"He's a little shy, but he can do basic work. Lifting. Moving. THings like that. It'll be fine." Jeri says with a nod, adjusting things around as Christopher turns to face him. He wrinkles his nose a bit as he chuckles. "Good."

"Well if he's shy working at a place with people might be good for him. And I think she'd love to have a stock boy type. It's a really cute shop, I have to pick up some more candles there." Christopher says as he leans in to kiss Jeri. "They have those cranberry scented candles that you really like."

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