2010-12-19: Helping Hands


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Summary: Several people come to mutant town to help out with the disaster there.

Date: December 19, 2010

Log Title: Helping Hands

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town Condo Association

Even though Mutant Town Condominium Association is one of the bigger and wider buildings in Mutant Town extending ten stories. The building is a square with a whole in the middle that is home to a pool, tennis court and nice grassy area for the residents. Each Apartment. This isn't a place where you go to rent a place but purchase. It's one of the nicer places in Mutant Town, as you have to be a resident to enter it's locked building. In side the lobby are a few elevators that lead up to each floor.

Traffic through Mutant Town is still prohibited; the fight with the Gamesmen has so badly damaged the streets that it isn't safe to drive into the area. And, as the locals have come to be used to, the city's services are slow to get in to repair the damage.
The area in front of the Mutant Town Condo Association has been roped off. A water main has cracked under the area where that crater is, and it has filled with dirty, slushy water, spilling over into the street and making a rough skating rink of the whole block. Kids have been in and around the area — it's almost impossible to keep kids out — but a concerted effort by adults has prevented more than one kid from falling into the crater. He didn't drown, but it was a near thing.
Some water-shaping mutant has made a bunch of statues around the edge of the crater out of slush and ice: one of Magneto gesturing, another of Hilde holding a pick-up over her head, a third of a Transformer being pounded by spheres. Dingo. Chase. Gale. Mason Steele. Al
All of them disintegrating, now that their maker has gone home for the night.

Vinny wanders into the outter edge of the destruction and gives a low whistle as he looks around. "Crikey.. looks like I missed one banger of a party. He checks the number on the slip of paper in his pocket and then to the street number on one of the closed building. "Bugger.. looks like a Hotel for the next few days." Even in an area like Mutant town Vinny tends to stand out, though any stares from the locals simply wash over him unnoticed.

Sure it's not the safest area for a disabled man to be walking around but Quetzal doesn't let a bum leg and the need of a cane stop him from investigating the area. Besides he has Verde with him as a German Shepard to help him along, that and dogs have an excellent sense of smell and hearing. "Alright Verde, we're not officially here but I did let my superior know what I was doing, so if any officials ask, we're good." He says quietly to the dog as the two make their way past the ice sculptures. He's not dressed in his uniform but a bomber jacket over a pair of jeans to blend in a bit better. At the moment he's looking for clues, any traces of weapons, shells, things that might help him discover who might have been behind these 'games'.

Hosea broke his leg in the attack, but thanks to the technology of Xavier's, he's already into a walking cast. He's been told not to move heavy objects. However, the tall African hasn't seemed to care what people are telling him to do. He's up and on his feet, hoisting a wheel barrow full of rocks toward a dump truck. His experiences in Africa have made him a bit more suited for this work than most general passers by. He wears an old brown coat, and a pair of dusty looking blue jeans. He spots Vinney as he arrives. "Did you live heah?" he asks Vinny. "I am vedy sorry about your home," consoles the deep and thick Nigerian voice. He's rather imposing looking, muscles to the hilt, and standing a towering 6'8".

Despite being injured in his own right, and despite the general malaise that has settled in around one Connor Blake, the young man seems to have decided to make himself at least productive in the meantime. Having spent most of the day helping others with moving rubble and cleaning areas, it's been made pretty clear to those who've been around that the otherwise normal-looking young man is a mutant. If nothing else, two tons of rubble being lifted up and over, into disposal bins was more than adequate. Taking a break from it, he seems to have settled in to eat a dinner of teriyaki chicken, white rice, and some salad with some nameless-ranch-like dressing.

An old mutie woman, one giant eye in the middle of her forehead, is wheeling a food cart among the workers. "Dogs?" she asks Hosea. "You wanta dog? Burger? Good food, boy. Eat!" Plain food, actually, but the smell is enticing. She's getting interest from other workers in the area. Mostly mutants themselves, but a couple of 'norms'. Apparently, the attacks brought out the civic pride in at least some portion of the population.
A tall, skinny man, nominally human to look at, but with an odd way of moving that is just *off* enough to bother people, comes out of the Association and looks up at the shattered facade. "Where's Magneto?" he asks the air. "He promised to fix this."

Vinny looks over to Hosea as he's addressed and shakes his head a bit. "Naw mate, least not yet. Just got into town and had a place pre-paid for in that buildin' over there." He motions to the closed condo building. "Guess I'll be askin' for my deposit back and lookin' for a place somwheres else. Not a big deal I got enough to get me through a few days and do a bit'a lookin'" He looks over as the woman with the cart wanders over and moves to fish his wallet from his pocket. "Bit'a grub sounds good right about now, you want somthin' mate? I'm buyin'"

Quetzal stops walking and just stands looking around at all the damage and the people helping. Sometimes it sucks that you can't do more but he's doing what he can. "Verde..stay close but look around over there, that bit of rubble. I need another opinion." He says crouching down as the dog goes off. There's a bit of a discomfort as Verde moves further and further away from him. He looks over at the kids working and it's a mixed feeling of seeing kids so young doing the physical labor. "Verde, what do you think? They had to retreat somehow." He mutters since the dog can read his thoughts as well.

Hosea smiles as the woman offers, and Vinny offers to pay. "Dat is vedy kind," he answers. "Thank you vedy much." Hosea looks around briefly, searching for Connor, whom he knows is somewhere about. After a second, he spots him. "Ahh, he has already eaten," he says, as if anyone else would know who he is talking about. He takes a burger graciously. "Thank you miss," he says to the woman. "It is a vedy kind thing you do in making these.

Connor has been taciturn this whole time, but as the person comes out to bug for Magneto, he glances up, and says in a rather flat tone to the skinny man, "He'll get to it when he gets to it… and a pretty front to a building isn't exactly priority compared to some of the other damage out there. At least the building has running water again, right?" Chomping down some meat as he takes a breath, steaming out before he picks up a cup of hot tea and downs about half of it.

The old lady smiles and bobs her head thanks to Vinny, and she makes his money disappear. "Thankee! Thankee! Dog?" As another man approaches. "Burger?" She continues to do business, feeding a knot of workers, then pushing the cart to another knot. As she trundles along, a teen-aged version of her shows up with more meat and more buns to re-stock her. "Dog?"
The skinny man turns on Connor. "Pretty front? Pretty front! No, not pretty! Look at that!" He waves his arms at the Condo Association, and it may come clear why his movement is so odd — he has extra joints in each limb. Two 'elbows' in each arm; two 'knees' in each leg. "The whole front! Four units each floor, ten floors! Forty residents not residing!" He shakes his head mournfully. "And with that," he points to the crater and the lake of slush within, "No running water."

Vinny pays for the food and takes a burger, looks over as the man is gesturing at the building. He winces a moment as the damage is described and takes a bite from his burger with a sigh. "Yep, looks like a bit of time in a Hotel for me. Best give the folks a holla and tell'um I'm gonna be needin' a bit more cash till this gets settled out." He looks back to Hosea "So I'm a touch out of date on things, what happened here?"

Hearing the rant from the man, Quetzal whistles and Verde runs back to him and he walks over to the double jointed man and Connor. "Sir, I assure you people are doing everything they can to get the homes of those who are unfortunate enough to live her back to what they were." When he speaks it's in the same accent and tones as the double jointed man. "Magneto is just one man, and as powerful as he is, one man can only do so much. There are several people such as this young man here and that young man volunteering their time to help. I wish I could help more but it's very hard for me." HIs powers aren't that fancy and with the leg it's hard. He then looks up and starts to look at the skylines in the area trying to calculate what it would take for aerial entrances and exits.

Hosea looks back at the same building that Connor and the strange man are at, taking a bite out of his hamburger. "Evil men attacked dis place on Friday," he says. "Dey brought many weapons to kill mutants. It was vedy bad. Many people died." It's certainly the first time that Hosea has seen this type of violence in the States. Still, he seems to be taking it much better than most of the residents. Then again, he doesn't live here, and maybe he's just a little numb. "Dere was someone on da TV," he says. "He called himself Magneto. I think dey wanted to kill him da most. Dey did not."

Connor was up and looked about to say something very harsh to the multi-jointed man, but when Quetzal speaks up, he stops himself from going any further. It takes him a few moments, before he takes a deep breath, and then adds in a slightly bitter tone, "Just relying on Magneto is a crutch. If every time something happens you go running to him, then you don't end up doing anything for yourself. Yes… it'll cost money, and yeah, it'll cost time… but this is supposed to be a place where being a mutant means community and relying on that community. I don't see him here today. Instead I see you… worried about your home and the people who live there. So instead of asking what Magneto's going to do about it… ask what YOU are going to do about it." And with that he sits back down hard with his food and demonstrates how to eat angry.

The double-jointed man crosses his arms and frowns at Quetzal. "The volunteers, they are much appreciated. But where is the city? This is a hole!" Pointing to the crater. "A main water line is there! Must it flood us all? My building, it is protected from the filling of basements, because this man lives here." He pats the nearest slush sculpture, the one of Chase. It collapses under the pat. "Oops! Well. But you see? The buildings there and there and there." More pointing. "Not so lucky!"

He blinks and steps back as Connor rants at him. "I? I do! I help with moving the residents to safe apartments! I help with housing! I help with the medical care! But the Master promised, and I do not see that help!" Because, obviously, all promises should be followed through on immediately.

Vinny looks around at the water on the street and the surrounding buildings. "Well now, mabye I can get things off to a good start. He looks to Hosea "Can you keep an eye on my bag for a minute or two? This is gonna take all the focus I got and I really don't wanna come back to find my duffle got pinched."

"Sir your hardships are something that isn't looked lightly upon." Quetzal says before looking at Connor and frowning. "Son, I understand you have had a rough day, and this his hard on everyone, especially those that live here. I don't know if you're a resident here or not but people are worried about their home. Just chastising people isn't going to make it easier on anyone." He says as he looks down at Verde and shakes his head before looking at Hosea. "I think most of us know what happened here and as for Magneto he's a strong name in the mutant community." For better and for worse. He then turns back to the double-jointed man and holds out a hand. "I'm Quetzal by the way, you weren't here the night of the attack were you?"

Hosea glances down at the duffel bag. "Certainly, sir. "I will not let anyone take it." He doesn't understand what he means by 'focus', though. "What are you going to be doing?" He takes another large bite out of the hamburger, and reaches out to put a foot on the edge of the duffel's fabric so that it can't be snatched without him being aware while he watches Vinny.

Connor almost snaps once more, but uses the food as a cover for his disdain, especially when the word 'Master' is used to describe Magneto. Instead he just digs into his rice with his breakaway chopsticks, looking down at his quickly vanishing meal. Another long drink from the hot tea, and there's a sigh that escapes, "The city is still trying to deal with the fallout from this… and people are scared right now. What videos are out there aren't very pretty… which is why I'm sure there are people refusing to come into the area." But with the way he talks, he almost makes it sound like it's his own fault.

"But the Master is not frightened! He speaks to the media! To the television people! He makes the tours through the Embassy, and the little children in their hospital beds, they smile to see him!" The double-jointed man walks in a circle, upset at the very thought of having to wait in line behind *television people*. "We are his people! We need him too!" An appeal to Quetzal. "Yes! Aye! I was here, of course! The Master, he asked for the front apartment, to prepare in, yes? It was empty." A dramatic pointing at the rubble in front of the Condo Association. "And that is the remains!"
A couple of the volunteer teams pause in their clean-up duties. It's been a long day and there's more of it to come, and if Vinny is going to do something? They'll watch. It makes for a good break.

Vinny grins a little towards Hosea "Well, gonna start by turning the bloody water off." Seeing that his bag is safe and sound he scarfs the rest of his burger down in a few bites and walks towards the crater's edge. Unless anyone moves to physically stop him he circles the crater a few times before dropping to all fours. "Alright, the water's flowin' from this direction." The tip of his bill almost grazing the pacement as he crawls in a deliberate line up the pavement, swinging his head slowly back and forth as though searching for somthing.

While talking to the double jointed man, Quetzal starts to watch Vinny out of the corner of his eye. He moves his head to Verde who shifts from a German Shepard to a platypus and starts to walk over where Vinny is. "It's good to have faith in someone Sir but at the same time, you cannot use them as a crutch. And I'm glad you were there, I'm wondering some things about the attack such as did you see how they got in and got out? Which directions?" He's not sure but any eyewitness ideas will give him a place to look. The to Connor he nods. "People are scared Son, that's why we need to figure out ways so this doesn't happen again."

Hosea continues to watch Vinny, but now hears the comment from the jointed man. "I do not know who da man Magneto is," he announces. "But he does not appear a man worthy of his station. If he is a ruler, den he should be obeyed as dat, but I think he is just a man who wants his own glory. You should not build up any man like dat, only God who gives mercy." Given the current state of Mutant Town, the term mercy might be unexpected.

If there was a fuse there… it'd be sparking and counting down… but instead the young man takes a deep breath, and exhales, closing his eyes for a moment as Connor musters himself. Finishing his meal off, he takes a breath, and the styrofoam cup, plate, and chopsticks all float up in the air in front of him. He squeezes his hand in a quick motion and all of that compresses down together into a shooter-marble sized piece of white. Plucking that from the air, he drops it more politely in the trash, "Sir… I'm sure he'll be here when he gets here… and then you can appreciate him all you like." Turning, he shoves his hands back into the pockets of the Soviet Army longcoat he's wearing as says behind Quetzal as he moves along, "They had the place staked out, and people in the crowd… despite all the security people managed, they probably had people in on the event staff to sneak things in… not that it matter now."

( DJ (Double Joints) shakes a finger at Quetzal. "What is a crutch? He is the man who did raise the Embassy in a night. A miracle of accomplishment! And a month of work for us, after the raising, because for carpets and house linens and the feeding of the people who make papers flow." He stops to watch Vinny crawling along the pavement. "Raised in a night. I hear nothing about the flood of basements from the Embassy."
He spares another frown for Connor. "The bad people. Those Gamesmen. You speak of them." He shakes his head. "There was one in my building! Mine!" Horror. "He was shooting Magneto in the head. I see this." Points to himself. "I run, because I am not surviving a bullet. And good, because if I do not, the walls fall on me!" Discontented look. "But the walls are not up again, and they should be. We need warm rooms, not all drafts!" )

Vinny goes the whole way to the end of the block before he stops. "Ah here we go.. now let's see here." He gets up onto his knees and holds his hands up as though he was grabbing somthing. There's an odd sucking noise from the crater and then the water level drops noticably before a large bubble belchs up from the middle of it tossing water a few yards into the air. When the last of it has rained down somthing is different, the flow from the pipe has stopped. Vinny grins and gets to his feet. "Well now, wasn't sure that was actually gonna work. Now let's attend to that rather nasty bilabong.." He heads back towards the crater, looking around thoughtfully. He stops as he notices the platypus that has been following him and scratchs his head a moment. "Ok.. I get the feelin' somone is tryin' to have a bit'a fun with me."

"Actually son, it does matter now. If we can learn whatever we can now, we can make sure it doesn't happen again. You don't ever ignore just one battle." Quetzal says before raising an eyebrow at Hosea. "He is not a ruler nor a king or anything else but a man like you and I. Some look up to him and some fear him. It doesn't matter about Magneto now, what matters is the clean up if he's here or not and finding out what can be done to make sure Mutant Town stays safe. He's not here right now and you, we, cannot morn about what isn't here." He says calmly. "This man, who was shooting Magneto in the head…do you know what this man looked like? Or anything about him?" He also makes a mental note to make sure SHIELD gets supplies to Mutant town asap.
Meanwhile Verde is over there by Vinny as a Platypus himself. "What are you looking for?" The animal speaks to Vinny curious as to any leads the man might have. Then he shakes his head. "No, no, I'm not making fun just thought I might be able to help like this, but I can be another water creature if that's easier for you." Says the animal."

Hosea wasn't watching the platypus when it transformed, he was watching the water stop. "Dat is vedy impressive," says. "You are a mutant too? Dat is a great blessing, yes?" He finishes the last of his hamburger as Quetzal answers the question about who Magneto is. "Well, I do not fear a man," he says boldly. "Man can only kill da body, and my body will fade anyway. So he can do nothing to me!" he claps his hands with a single "Hah!"

"Now you sound like my uncle Yuri…" Connor says as he shakes his head and looks to the side, "Fine… three to five men on a far rooftop, watching this area from a building up that way…" Motioning towards where Hooligan had his fight, "Four in the crowd immediately where Magneto was giving his speech… or rather his robot duplicate was." Then his hand moves and he points towards where the tents had been sent up, "Three squads came out of tents set up there… most likely, I'd say someone snuck their equipment in before hand, and they dressed themselves while waiting for the Master of Magnetism to take the podium. Most were masked, and carrying firearms… submachineguns, shotguns, automatic pistols… and the shotguns were loaded with something that burned and melted people." Semi-detacted as he lists it off for anyone to hear, "Supposedly, they were all part of something called The Game. You want anything else?"

DJ startles back from the slush pond when it bloops. "What is happening? Is there another attack coming? Is there from the water trouble? I am not being good with water!" Instant panic. He back-pedals… rather slowly. The extra joints do not make his movement faster. "Where is the Master now?!"
The work teams clap when the water stops flowing. "That's doing it! Now maybe we won't have to learn to skate with wheelbarrows!" General cheering about that. The street is messy enough, and wet boots haven't improved anyone's mood. )

Vinny blinks when the Platypus talks, though he isn't really all that shocked given his own nature. He ponders another moment and then shrugs as he answers. "Had to find the valve to shut the main off, course from the looks of things it was buried under a bit of rock over there so I had to do it the hard way. Now if you'll escuse me I think I got a bit more I can do." He starts heading towards the crater again. After hearing Hosea ask if he's a mutant he pauses, looks down at himself and then back to Hosea. "You're jokin' right? How many Non-Mutant Human Platypus hybrids have you met before I came along?" He can't help but laugh as he starts to walk again. He smiles as he hears the cheering, but he's not done just yet.

Verde shifts into a seal and follows along with Vinny. "Well if you need me to dive down there and help, I'll be happy to." Quetzal looks over and smiles at his companion before looking back over at DJ and giving him a reassuring smile. "Sir, please calm down. That man is just helping to stop the leaks. They're working hard to get things done so you can live with out the problems from this attacks." He speaks in a calming voice to try to get DJ not to panic. He looks back over at Connor and nods. "Thank you son, that information is very helpful. Anything else, it was all ground attacks correct? Nothing like from the sky or underground?" He says before looking at DJ again. "Sir, I need you to take a deep breath and tell me what you know about the man who you saw shooting at Magneto. What was his hair colour, age, any distinguishing marks? What his clothes or armour looked like, any little bit of information would help not just me but Magneto as well." Who knows if that last part is right.

Hosea watches as Vinny continues on, continuing to guard his bag. "It is important to know da weapons, dey had," he tells Quetzal as he continues to question the man. He produces from memory a remarkably good list of the weapon models and armor that he encountered personally, and the helicopters that flew overhead. Much better than most teenagers would have to offer. "Dey were well organized, too," he adds. "Dey maybe had some military training on some of dem." He knows he wasn't asked, but he's able to supply that much.

The young man lingers on the silence a bit longer as he moves over to look at the draining slushpit, and then back towards Quetzal as he replies, "No, there were helicoptors too… but Magneto was prepared for that, at least until they went down. There was some kind of invisible force dome over the area here that was keeping things from flying in and out. I saw his robot double hit it and crash down, looking a bit friend… so… now that I've answered all of this nicely, mind telling us who you work for?" Smirking a bit as he turns to face the man fully, Connors eyes glimmering blue-green, he keeps his voice as light as he can, "After all… it wouldn't be nice for anyone to make any accusations. If you've got a badge, now's the time."

"What does it matter who shot the Master? The Master did not follow him. The Master came out and he stopped the fighting, and that was important, because the fighting was the cause of the building coming down." DJ continues to back away from the slush pond, because Quetzal just isn't reassuring enough. (Never trust anyone but the Master. And complain about the Master, whenever he's not around.)
The work teams tag along to watch what Vinny is doing. He's turned off the water main! Yes! What miracle will he accomplish next? "Say, can you fix the main, dude? Like, we need water, just like the rest of the city. We just don't need to go swimming in it. Not in December, anyways."

Vinny shakes his head to the now seal Verde "Naw doubt swimin' would do much good, pipes are too small. Now you might wanna get to a bit of high ground, not sure how well this next bit is gonna work." He stops at the crater, and looks to the workers following him "Can't do anythin' with metal I'm afraid just water. You might wanna get up on some steps or somthin', gonna try and clean this up a bit so don't want anyone gettin' tripped." He plants his feet and takes a few breaths, getting himself psyched up a bit for this next part.

Quetzal closes his eyes for a second and rubs the bridge of his nose. "It matters so we can make sure that this man doesn't come back here and shoot you or Magneto or anyone else here again." He says before nodding to Hosea. "Thank you very much." Then looks over to Verde. "Remember as much as you can." He calls out to the seal as he's going to work on doing the same. To Connor he smiles and puts out a hand. "Agent Quetzal. I couldn't get here Friday night but I'm doing what I can now. And if you need proof with who I work for.." He fishes in his pocket and pulls out his identification card for working for SHIELD. "Any attack on American soil is an interest to us." If it's on mutants, humans, it doesn't matter. This just takes more interest since an Embassy, a New York Neighborhood and Mutants were attacked, not to mention the weapons and helicopters flying over restricted air space. Just a lot in regards to this is not accurate or right. "Verde!" He calls the seal. "Get back over here and let the man work, if he needs our help, I'm sure he'll let us know." He says as Verde waddles back over to him.

Hosea shivers. He doesn't handle the cold very well, and he needs something to warm him up. "I think I am going to go get some coffee from da tent over dere," he tells the others. "Dey are offering it free, it is vedy nice." He chuckles. "Not like African coffee, but I will not complain. Would anyone like some?" he asks. Still, what does he do with the duffel…

Connor takes the card and reads it for a moment, "I met one of your agents a few months back… guy in a power suit who called himself Troy." Right there, he actually takes out a freshly issued Xavier's Academy smartphone, and takes a picture of the card, and sends it someplace before he puts it away in his wallet, "I've also seen the Barnes Academy… well… at least the infirmary. But I suppose around New York, that kind of thing is bound to happen eventually."

Up in the sky, a helicopter has been circling Mutant Town. It's a news chopper from one of the networks, tasked to getting stock footage of the place and as many close-up shots of the clean-up as possible, all without the reporters within having to get their shoes dirty. It shifts off patter, suddenly, as it is forcibly moved several blocks directly east, before control of the craft is returned to its pilot.

The cause of this shift is Magneto. The sound was annoying him, and he's tired. It's been a long day of politicking in various quarters, and he has more to do tonight, here in Mutant Town. Reporters Go Home.
Save for the helicopter, he makes no announcements. He just starts doing, beginning with the facade of the Condo Association building. As he drops toward the street, the building seems to re-knit itself, top to bottom, and mostly soundlessly. DJ doesn't even notice; he's still staring at the slush pond, clearly worried.

There's a moment of silence as Vinny closes his eyes and spreads his arms wide. His entire body tenses as he grits his teeth and tries to envision what he's about to do. The water in the crater is the first to be affected, sloshing back and forth as though it were being pushed and pulled before finally surging out of the hole and sliding along the pavement in a small filthy wave of slush and muck only to pour down the storm drains in a steady stream. He can't make it bone dry but he's drained out more than enough that the city works crews can access the pipe unhindered. Panting and shaking visibly from the effort of trying to control water that isn't already in a lake or other large concentration he presses on. The nearby stairways are next, the water trickles upwards climbing steps and flowing from basements before gradually increasing in strength as they too flow towards any available drain. A manhole cover down the block is shot out into the air as the water flow meets a blockage in the drains but the pause is only temporary as he continues to pull the water from the surrounding area and push it through the drains away from Mutant Town. "Come'on…. come'on… you can do this…" Unfortunatly the sudden spike in magnetic fields hits him like a ton of bricks about a second later. His sensitivity to the electric fields of objects that gives him his echolocation ability maxes out as his nervous system goes haywire. Holding his head a moment he gives a pained scream and falls flat on his face out cold.

Quetzal notices Connor take a picture of his Identification and narrows his eyes at the teen. "Okay now who are you and why are you taking pictures of my ID? And I'm going to have to request your name and contract information incase there are any further questions." It's stated firmly and like he's not happy about it at all since, who the hell is this kid? When Magneto appears he looks at the DJ and nods towards Magneto. "Are you happy now?" He says as he doesn't dislike the master of magnetism but he doesn't like him either. The SHIELD agent is quite neutral actually. Then when Vinnie starts his trick he can't help but watch in awe before the mutant passes out. "Sir, you said you help with medical care." HE says to DJ. "We have to go see if he's alright." He says heading over to the unconscious Vinnie.

Hosea teleports to Vinny's side. "Sir, are you all right?" he asks. "Dis is bad, what has happened to him?" He can't see anything obviously wrong with the mutant he has just met." He looks around. "I shall go to get da medics, yes?" he says. "You stay heah with him." And with that, the tall African teleports, first to the roof of the building, landing a little awkwardly on his cast. Next he teleports to a site unseen, off to retrieve the ambulance. As for Magneto? Well, Hosea doesn't know him anyway.

Connor feels Magneto show up almost before he comes into view… Magnetism and Gravity being interrelated strangely, making him wince one eye shut for a moment. Then he passes the ID card back to Quetzal, as he replies, "I sent it to Xavier School for the gifted… I'm on the rosters there. Sorry… but people can claim to be something, even produce fake ID. If that offends you that I'd rather these people be safe, then it's a bit late for it." But then he relents and says, "Connor Blake." And he produces a student ID card from Xavier's for the SHIELD agent to look over… so long as he IS a SHIELD agent. Finally looking over his shoulder at Mags, there's a bit of a scowl and he mumble, "Right… and for his next trick… anvils."

Magneto lands and finally catches DJ's attention, who scuttles over to him. "Oh, Master! You've come! Can you…" He looks at the building, the last bits of which are swimming into place along the facade. "You have fixed us! We are very grateful to you!" One gets the impression he'd bow and scrape, too, if he thought he might get away with it.
Magneto just glares at him. "Mr. Sandusky. I have repaired the outer face of the building and the structure of all floors. You will find all appliances and lighting in working order. You will have to see to the replacement of carpets, window coverings and furniture yourself. Good day." He turns away and sweeps the area with a look, even as DJ goes back to looking disgruntled behind him, which he ignores. Seeing Vinny on the ground, he asks, "What happened here?" Connor might notice the immediate magnetic 'sensor sweep'.

Vinny lays where he fell until moved. He's still breathing, his pulse his still strong, but for the moment he's completely unresponsive. Though as the magnetic sweep goes over the area he twitches for a moment or two and then lays still again.

"Well you can expect I'll be checking up on you as well." Quetzal says in regards to Connor as he'll have someone check up with the school if he cannot. He then proceeds to check out Vinny and make sure the platypus man is alright using the first aid skills he's learned over the years. "I'm not really sure." Quetzal says as he checks the Platypus Man's pulse and breathing. "I think he might have over exerted himself but I cannot be sure." Unfortunately he's not a doctor so he can't really tell what exactly knocked the poor man out. "He was fixing the water main and then passed out."

Connor crosses his arms over his chest as he looks up towards Magneto, and cannot help but grin, "Well… since you're the only thing that's changed since he was doing what he was doing… I'd say something about you set this off. I could be wrong… that's been known to happen before around you, though." There's no sign of mirth in his eyes though as he looks towards Vinny and then sighs once, "Let me try sometihng…" And he casts out a bolt of blue-green light, encasing Vinny inside of a gravimetric field, which should buffer him somewhat from the 'sense' of Magneto.

Magneto gives Connor a narrow-eyed stare for a long moment, then nods. "As you see fit, Mr. Blake." He turns away from Vinny and Connor to look down into the crater in the street. "My assistant tells me there is… yes. A water main break down there." He reaches out with a hand and… things *writhe* down in the bottom of the hole, splashing in the little bit of water Vinny left behind, making grinding and sucking sounds. DJ squeaks and removes himself to the front doors of the rebuilt Condo Association, peering out with a mix of awe and terror.

While this is going on, and with his back to Quetzal, Magneto says, "And what might SHIELD want in Mutant Town tonight, agent? I believe that your people gave this place a thorough examination already."

Vinny remains out cold for another minute or so before he stirs and tries to sit up only to hold his head and lay back down. "Nnnggh.. bloody 'ell.. somone tell me they got the number of that bleedin' truck. Feel like I've been smacked across the bill with a brick." He looks over and sees Magneto, gripping his head again as even with the buffer he can feel the magnetic field as he mends the pipe. "Oh yeah… that would do it. Gonna need a lead helmet if this kinda thing is gonna be common."

Quetzal smiles at Vinny and nods. "Good to see you back up." He says before standing up. "There are always things that are over looked and need another viewpoint." He says to Magneto before looking down at Verde. "I have to be going now though. Have a good night and be well." He says to Vinnie, Connor and Magneto as he limps down the road with his cane.

Keeping his hand extended towards Vinny for the time being, giving him a bit of a cheery 'glow' as Magnus fixes the pipes, Connor just exhales once, "This is usually the part where you get someone telling you that all you're doing is coddling people, or setting yourself up as some kind of little tin god… so I'll skip it. I've been working out here all day… trying to make up for what happened." Walking closer to the platypus man, he says a bit more quietly, "It's not usually this bad… new guy, meet Magneto… Master of Magnetism… the new guy. Apparently, he was going to have to stay in a hotel, but once again… you've fixed the problem quite nicely."

Magneto makes a fist and things stop moving in such a disquieting fashion at the bottom of the hole. He turns toward Vinny and looks him up and down. "New guy? I take it that formal introductions have not been made. Young Mr. Blake has done his part; I will do mine. I am pleased to meet you."
He turns away from Vinny. "Mr. Blake, since you have been on site, by your own statement, perhaps you might give me an update as to the things which most require attention here at this time. I can give you ten minutes."

Vinny manages to get to his feet if the field allows and shakes his head a moment to clear it. "Nice to meet ya, name's Vincent Wilks.. Vinny for short. Looks like I got into town at a bad time." He looks around for a moment or two "Somone please tell me I didn't flood anythin' or break somthin' when I blacked out.. was tryin' to help not make it worse." If his head weren't pounding like a drum he'd be a little more enthusiastic to meet a mutant of Magneto's status, but he's still rather scatterbrained at the moment.

Connor pushes his hands into his pockets now, looking to Vinny for a moment, and then from out of one pocket comes a small packet of aspirin, and the other one a can of Dr. Pepper. Both are passed over to the platypus, "The caffiene will help… but we should get something hot into you after." With that said, he looks back up to Magnus, "Three of the surrounding buildings have flooded basements, backflow from the water main burst.. according to Mister Sandusky. After that it's power for those buildings, and then clean-up. The streets are pretty well useless for driving, which is probably why the city can't get any workers in… or it might be the excuse. The people in the Condo were moved to a hotel until you were ready to fix things… and that's about it for now. Mainly we've spent today working debris out of the way for repairs."

Magneto nods to Vinny. "Mr. Wilks." He looks to Connor for his report, but since the report says nothing about anything Vinny did, he will assume Vinny's blackout has nothing to do with his current work schedule. "I would suggest you take Mr. Blake's advice, Mr. Wilks. Sit down, rest, and eat. You look like you need all three." Then he looks toward the indicated buildings. Since Connor's field is still up around Vinny, he does another sweep, checking each building top to bottom, and repairing as he goes. It looks like he's just standing there, arms crossed, though. "Debris. I take it we have no earth nor rock shapers available."

Vinny takes the items from Connor with a smile "Thanks mate, I think if I can clear my skull I can take care of the basements. Not doubting the power of the big guy there of course.. just offerin'." He takes a bendy straw from the inside of his vest and sticks it into the can once he opens it. The bill making drinking from the can normally rather tricky. He pops the aspirin and drinks down some of the soda as he listens to what's going on. He's not willing to get too far away from connor at the moment for fear the field will drop.

Connor gives another shrug as the sweep puts a buzzing in his teeth, making him rub his jaw and close one eye once more, "No… the only one I know is Ma… Mister Steele… and he's either dead or on vacation. I'm not sure which." Pushing his hands into his pockets, he has to point a finger still at the platypus man to keep his influence on him, "No problem, friend… Let him handle it for now. It's his way of making up for everything else. He won't say it out loud, but I think he feels responsible for what happened. That's just part and parcel with being a formerly world-renowned terrorist and the only reason he's not being watched by satellite… is he'd probably be offended enough to make it crash."

"Indeed, Mr. Wilks? That will be a help. One moment, however, as part of the reason at least one of those basements is flooded is due to damaged drains." Still standing there, looking arrogant, with his arms crossed. Magneto does the pose effortlessly.
He does lay a deep frown on when Connor makes his little speech. "Mr. Blake. I am well aware of the fact that you do not approve of me, but I will thank you to reserve your comments to known facts. Speculating on my state of mind is neither factual nor a good use of your time, as I must say, you aren't very good at it." He looks back to the flooded buildings. "Also? There are several satellites which track my movements… when I let them. Currently, I am. It is sometimes extremely useful to let those persons hostile to you know exactly where you are." Chew on that, kid.

Vinny simply waits, having no idea if his powers would even work within this field and not in any hurry to leave it's protection if Magneto is gonna lower another magnetic whammy on somthing. He sips at the Dr. Pepper and just waits until things are clear. This is certainly not how he envisioned his first day in the city, but at least it's memorable.

"And it's amazing what you'll let slip when you get to monologuing." With a bit of a faint grin, and putting on as much of his still-indifferent front as possible, Connor then takes a deep breath and exhales softly, "How about this… I barely know you, and you assume you know me… I'd rather just focus on something more useful than sitting here and looking for a reason to poke you with a much deserved burning stick. I'm guessing our friend here would like to help, but so long as you're putting out enough juice to make my skull buzz this hard, I don't know what will happen if I drop my gravity field. Can you damp it down… maybe a little?"

Magneto smiles, wide and white, at Connor. "Slip? What slip? As for the magnetic field, no. I'm working on three buildings at once, and should be finished with them in another minute or so. Unless, of course, you'd rather spend the next several hours in the basement of that one," he points to the one closest to the crater, "with a jackhammer, digging out cracked pipes and putting in new ones, and then waiting another half day, minimum, for the cement to repair the floor to dry. And that's just the one building." Ice blue eyes almost glow with amusement (or annoyance?) from within the helmet. "You see, young Connor, I can concentrate on more than one useful thing at a time."

Vinny listens to the two banter back and forth and with a slurping sounds reachs the end of the can of soda. He winces a moment and looks a bit sheepish. "Sorry, don't mind me." He takes the moment to look around and spots his duffle bag, making a mental note that it's still here while he lets the pair chat unhindered.

Connor shakes his head to Vinny, "Don't mind me… this is a long-standing thing… I don't believe in Mister Magneto's methodology, and I think he's more of a threat than a help for all the good that he does. I'll assume at least for the moment he thinks me both naive and ignorant for the fact that I still have too much faith in humanity as a whole. So… any time we meet… it gets interesting. It's more fun when my friend Rashmi is around… she's a lot better at debate than I am." Sitting down next to Vinny, he continues his break, not admitting to the fact that he himself is cold, sore, and still in pain.

Magneto smirks and returns to his repairs. He finishes up and the field ceases. "The drains are fixed and the power lines have been upgraded. There is no power in the lines, so I suggest talking to the city about that. Doubtless, they turned off a transformer until repairs were accomplished in this area." He returns his attention to Vinny and, by extension, Connor. "Mr. Wilks. The Genoshan Embassy is on the next block. The hostel is up and running, and is passing out hot meals to volunteers and to the displaced. If you wish to continue volunteering, you should avail yourself of its services." He glances at Connor. "As should you, young Connor. Your rhetoric is more flaccid than is the norm; I can only assume that you do not have the energy to properly support it."

Vinny takes a breath and sighs as the pounding dulls the the removal of the magnetic field. He nods and smiles a bit "Thanks, with the drains here fixed they don't need me. I'll go take a look at the embassy and see what help i can be there if any.. the Jetlag is starting to kick in and this headache will take awhile to fade. Nice to meet you both, it's a small town so I'm sure we'll run into each other again." He moves to fetch his dufflebag and heads towards the embassy.

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