2011-01-04: Here Comes Justice


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Summary: Vance aka Justice comes to the Avengers Mansion and meets Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman.

Date: January 4, 2010

Log Title: Here Comes Justice

Rating: PG

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Parlor)

The parlor of the mansion has been turned into more of a game room than anything else. There's a big screen TV on one wall, a couch in front of it as well as a few matching chairs, and shelves on either side holding movies of various genres, displaying the… diverse tastes of those within. (As a bonus, MJ's first movie 'The Amazing Lobsterman!' can be found among the DVDs there. Peter's doing, no doubt.) There is also a pool table set up behind the couch, a rack of pool cues hanging on the back wall.

New Year can many many things, for young Vance Astrovik, it means a return to his home away from home. Returning to Avengers Mansion after some time away to finish his degree, Vance enters into the mansion dressed in his costume, blue and white body suit with a long black cape. Young Justice telekinetically zips into the parlor behind him two duffle bags also carried telekinetically. He has a huge smile on his face as he enters the parlor. "Good to be home!" He is clearly excited, maybe overexcited.

Sitting on one of the couches with her legs curled up next to her and a cup of soup from a near by shop in her hands is Jessica Drew. She's dressed in a read sweater over a pair of jeans as she watches one of the new channels. Sure it's not that interesting but it's good to stay on current events. As she hears the exclimation that it's good to be home, she turns to look at the costumed man standing in the palor with her now. "Can I help you?" She asks sounding a bit cautions and unamused.

Surprised by the person in the room, "Oh sorry." His cheeks redden as he blushes from embarrassment. Moving towards Jessica, Vance lowers himself and the duffle bags to the ground, "Sorry. I always get a bit excited when I set foot in the mansion." Extending his hand, Vance offers, "Vance Astrovik or Justice when in costume."

Jessica takes Vance's hand and gives him a firm, but ladylike, shake, "Jessica Drew. Also known as Spider-Woman. The orginal Spider-Woman." She clarifies since there are three of them now. "I never really thought of his place as exciting but then I guess that's just me." She's not really the type to be overwhelmed by super hero bases and huge mansions.

"Wow. I get to meet the original. At this point, I only met Julia Carpenter and we didn't really talk much. Busy fighting Asgardians." Vance looks around the room and takes in a big inhale, "Even smells like a home." He telekinetically pulls up a chair to sit next to Jessica, "You joined while I was away. So did Robbie, who I haven't seen in awhile. Looking forward to catching up." He looks about, "From what I've heard the roster's kinda low. And still looking forward to meeting…" Vance thinks for a moment, "Keld? Is that his name?"

Jessica continues to eat her soup lunch as she listens to Vance. "Robbie…he's a character already." A low dose kinda guy to her, he's just so sporatic. "Keld's a good guy to have on your side, I don't know him to well. He's an alien." She states kind of nonchalantly. "And it smells like a home? I think I'd have to credit that to Jarvis over anyone else."

"Jarvis! I'll have to see him soon. Guy's great." As he continues to sit in the room and look around. He notes 'The Amazing Lobsterman' and telekinetically lifts in the air and reaches for it, "Wow. This movie sucked. I'll have to tell Tony to have a better selection of movies." Putting it back on the shelf, Vance leans back in his chair, "So Sam's in charge of Barnes Academy? Are we connected with that? Like unofficial teachers or something? I don't know much about that school. Would have been good to have it around when I was younger."

"I still haven't watched it." Jessica says as she has no desire to subject herself to that brain numbing stupidity. "Noone gets stains out of a costume like Jarvis." She says with a smile forming on her lips. "Yes, Sam is in charge and we're not exactly unoffical. But it's not offical either. Some of us are more involved then others, like Robbie for instance. Since I'm also with SHIELD I get pulled in to do some help there but I haven't seen Tony or Keld volunteer or help out much. It is what it is."

"Ok. Well I suppose Tony is busy with Stark Enterprises. But definitely count me in, if you need any help with the students or anything. I just got my Psychology bachelors, but I can help out with other stuff. I know what it is like to be young, inexperienced, and with powers." Vance offers as he stands up and starts to peruse the books on the shelves.

"Talk to Sam about that, I don't run Barnes." Jessica says with an amused shake of her head. "I don't run Barnes, I just help out Nick." Who doesn't even run Barnes himself. "I just know there are plenty of people to help teach combat. I think a bit of my training though would be a bit overwhelming with the students, considering how I was trained."

Telekinetically lifting himself up, Vance floats from shelf to shelf perusing the different titles, "Ok, I'll give Sam a call, then." He finally stops looking at the books and lowers himself back down, "Wow…I can only imagine SHIELD training. Must make boot camp look like a day in the park? I've never met Nick Fury, but I've heard he is very imposing. In a very drill sargeant kinda way."

"I guess it's all in how you meet Nick." Jessica and Nick Fury have a very odd relationship, not that typical of ones that most people have. "And I wasn't trained by SHIELD." She says simply. "Years ago, when my powers first came into being…no, that's not right. When I first left the High Evolutionary it was Hydra who found me and, well, I'm glad that Nick found me."

Listening intently, Vance takes mental note as he is a bit of a hero historian,"Wow. the High Evolutionary and Hydra. Wow. I guess training with them would be harder than SHIELD. I know of your encounters with the Avengers, but not much more than that. High Evolutionary and Hydra are pretty shady. Glad to see you find your way to the side of the angels." He grins

"Oh thank you for making me out to be such a lost little lamb." Jessica says a bit dryly. "There was no right side of the angels or anything. It was more the fact that HYDRA has ways. And as for the High Evolutionary, I knew him as a child. He was my father's assistant." She admits brushing her raven hair back with a finger. "I ran solo for a long time in California before becoming an Avenger."

Noting the dry tone, "Sorry. I didn't mean to imply anything. I still get 'awe-struck' from time to time meeting new teammates and learning about them." Vance telekinetically lifts the two duffle bags, "Well I better get unpacking and I want to catch up with Jarvis and some of the others." He smiles and bows his head, "It was nice meeting you, Jessica. I look forward to training with you."

"Yes I am an Avenger, but I'm also a person Vance. You don't need to treat me like I'm some movie star to be awe-struck over." Jessica says as she waves a hand at Vance. "It was a pleasure meeting you, and I look forward to seeing what you can do in teh training room." She says before going back to her regularly programed, 24 hours of news.

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