2012-02-26: Here There Be Dragons


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Summary: A Dragon comes to claim Dashenka!

Date: February 26, 2012

Log Title: Here There Be Dragons

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Graymalkin Drive

This long road seems to go on forever with no houses in sight. There are large trees hanging over the road giving one a creepy and foreboding feeling as they drive or walk down the road. About two miles down the road large iron gates stand with matching iron X's on them. A bronze sign hangs next to the gates labeled "Xavier's School for the Gifted".

Black ice has started to cover the road, leaving an icy path to Xavier's this evening. The cold has increased drastically in the last few minutes as Dashkena and Taylor get closer and closer to the school. The full moon shines bright in the sky with barely a cloud in sight. A rough wind blows through the area, slamming against the sides of Dashenka's car.

Dashenka's usual method of driving (that is: Fast as humanly possible) is hindered by the weather. She's got good all weather tires on her GTO, but still, careening down Greymalkin drive at 60 MPH just isn't an option. She's been quiet for most of the drive, but she breaks it when she has to slow to a crawl of about 20 to keep them safely on the road. "It is not usual for this weather close to your school, da?" she asks her passenger, Taylor.

Taylor headshakes at Dashenka's question and says, "This is pretty weird weather I guess, yeah… I mean, I haven't been here very long…" The feline student glances out the window for a moment and says, "Sorry for making you come out here in this kind of weather…"

A shadow seems to past over the area momentarily, blocking the moon light for a moment. There's a loud sort of whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sound that can be faintly heard as the moon light is blocked out a second time, then a third time. The wind seems to get stronger, blowing from all different directions. One moment a blast of wind hits the car from the side, then the back, then the side again, then the front.

"Nyet," says the large Russian girl behind the wheel. "Is no problem. I feel better taking you home than leaving you on bus." Dashenka then swears loudly in her native Russian as the car is all but thrown about from the blasts of winds, "Chert mochu vedro der'ma lizat' synsuka!" The black ice on the road causes the car to spin out, and Dashenka barely manages to keep in control long enough to bring them to a stop on the shoulder on the road. Sure they're facing the wrong direction, but at least they didn't careen into a tree. After catching her breath, Dashenka looks over to Tayor, "Are you being okay?'

Taylor ducks their head under their arms when the vehicle starts to spin, tail floofing out. Once the vehicle is stopped, Taylor looks back up and says, "I think so, yeah… what happened there? Are you alright Dashenka? This weather is fucking insane."

BOOM! The ground shakes as the noise echos through the area, bits of asphalt and rock go flying everywhere as a large beast of a monster lands in front of the car. Great black wings flap once, sending the car back a few inches from the force of the wind before the great black dragon lets out a roar right at the car. The red eyes of the beast stare at Dashenka and Taylor.

Dashenka blinks unbelievingly at the dragon that's in front of the car. "YA ne veryu, ya vizhu eto." she mutters as she vary slowly takes off her jacket. "Taylor. Can you drive stick? I will distract the… drakon. You get home."

Taylor is clearly shocked by the appearance of the dragon, made doubly clear at the, "Holy shit!" that the teen reflexively shouts. If Tay was floofed before, the felinoid is now as puffed out as possible. "I don't know how and… I can't leave you here with a fucking dragon! We've both gotta get out of here!"

There's a inhale of breath with the dragon followed by an exhale of fire. The dragon's head sweeps back and forth, the flame shooting above the car and lighting up the road between them and the school a blaze. The heat can be felt through the car and who knows of any scorch marks or bubbled paint now is on top of the car. The pavement starts to melt a bit from the sheer heat of the flame.

The tires of the GTO blow out as the tires melt just like the pavement. Dashenka's eyes go wide when the dragon spews forth flame and she nods slowly. "Da. Runnings is a good plan. Take my coat. I will change. Can be runnings faster that way. I am hoping dragons do not like taste of bear." She take another deep breath and opens the car to leap out. Hopefully her shoes can stave off the heat long enough to get away from the melting pavement.

Taylor looks towards Dashenka with an expression of panic and the feline nods, taking Dashenka's coat. "Or ocelots…" The feline pops out of the other door and makes a pained sound while trying to escape, specially made shoes from Xavier's melting and heating the teen's feet.

The dragon pushes off the ground with it's feet and uses it's wings to get lift so she can get off the ground. The dragon flies into the air a hundred feet before dive bombing towards Dashenka, taloned claws positioned to try to grab hold and dig her up.

Well, the Dragon isn't after Taylor. That's good. It is, however, after Dashenka. that is bad. The Russian looks over her shoulder when she hears the sound of the dragon taking off and yells back, "Run, Taylor! Run!" She's far enough away from the pavement that shifting into her Bear from won't burn the pads of her feet. The shifting causes her clothes to rip apart, and her speed nearly doubles as she gets down to all fours and makes a beeline for the trees, hoping they'll hamper the dragon's flight.

Taylor runs at Dashenka's suggestion, but keeps looking back towards Dash and tries not to get too far ahead of her. "Come on, we've gotta get away from this thing!" Taylor pauses at the treeline, looking back with a panicked expression.

As Dashkena and Taylor make their way towards the tree line, the dragon pulls out of the dive and circles so she's hovering in the air facing the tree line . There's a roar or frustration followed by the sound of fire being spit out from the dragon in one long breath. She breaths at the trees, catching them on fire and trying to create an infero wall. "Dashenka, come with me if you want to be stronger."

Dashenka pulls up short from the trees that have suddenly ignited in front of her. "Nyet!" she growls at the dragon. "I will not be coming with you!" She turns to run parallel of the fire, desperately trying to find an opening in the trees.

Taylor jumps back out of the trees as they are set ablaze, seeming still rather panicked. "What is it talking about?!" The feline runs a little ways ahead of Dashenka.

For the most part the dragon seems to be ignoring Taylor, letting her run around as it once again makes a move for Dashenka. Talons aimed in front, the Dragon flies down and attempts to grab Dashkenta in it's grasp.

"I am not knowing!" replies Dashenka, sounding just as panicked as Taylor. More out of instinct than anything else, when her peripheral vision picks up the great winged beast, she gets back up on two legs and takes a swipe out of the dragon's outstretched claws.

Taylor turns back when the dragon tries to grab Dashenka, and the feline student runs towards her to try and help her evade the dragon's grasp.

The dragon swipes back at the claws, though Dashenka's claws don't do much against the scaley thick hide. After a few swats the dragon reaches forward with it's clawed feet to grab into the Polar Bear, not caring if flesh is pierced or not.

Dashenka is fighting a hopeless battle. The Dragon is far larger, far stronger, and far tougher than she is, so after a few rounds of her ineffectively scraping her claws against the hide of the dragon, she finds herself picked up. Her own hide is rather tough, so she doesn't sustain more than a deep scratch, which looks worse than it really is. "Run, Taylor!" she shouts at the felinoid. "I am thinking it only wants me!"

Taylor runs towards the dragon and growls, "I'm not going to run and let you get fucking eaten!" The feline curves around the dragon to try and leap and take a swipe at the beast's eye.

The polar bear is picked up by the shoulders and the dragon lifts Dashkena into the sky. With loud roar, directed at Dashenka, the Dragon takes off into the air and starts to lop in a circle, first gliding and then speeding up until it's a blur and then, they vanish, Dragon, Dashkena and all.

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